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(+183 Subtypes) Categorized

In my over a decade of experience in the coaching industry, I have seen the coaching world truly blossom and become a dynamic and essential element in the realm of personal and professional growth. This expansion has given rise to a rich diversity of coaching types, each meticulously crafted to meet the distinct needs and situations of people seeking growth and transformation.

The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching

In this article, I delve into the exhaustive list of different coaching types developed over the course of years that have mainstreamed the coaching industry, including:

To navigate through this extensive list, use the filters below to browse through the different categories of coaching.

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The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching

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Who is a Coach

Coaches are trained professionals who specialize in helping individuals set and achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and unlock their full potential. Whether it’s career advancement, personal development, or improving relationships, I have seen that people are turning to coaches for guidance and support now more than ever.

People are constantly seeking ways to navigate through the challenges and uncertainties that life throws at them. And that’s where coaches come in. The demand for coaches has skyrocketed in recent years, reaching unprecedented levels. In fact, a simple glance into the statistics shows that a staggering 9 out of 10 coaches have reported having active clients. This is a remarkable 55% increase from just a few years ago, in 2019.

Evolution of Coaching

The coaching industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, with a particularly notable surge during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. The coaching industry has experienced a significant surge in value over the past few years.

In 2019, it was estimated to be worth $2.849 billion, but experts predict that by 2023, it will reach an impressive $15.2 billion. This exponential growth is a testament to the increasing demand for coaching services and the recognition of their value in personal and professional development.

Coaching is no longer just a luxury for the elite; it has become a necessity for anyone looking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. To cater to the varied needs of each client, coaching has branched off into numerous types.

I have compiled a list of all the different types of coaching (and subtypes) I have encountered throughout my coaching career:

Types Of Coaches
Life coaching
Spiritual coaching
Mental health coaching
Relationships coaching
Personal Development coaching
  Health and wellness coaching
Wealth coaching
Career coaching
Work and Business coaching
Skills coaching
  • Life coaching

    This category of coaches is undoubtedly one of the most popular types in coaching. Life coaches help you unplug any situation, at any phase, time and point in your life.

    No matter where you need guidance, these coaches can guide you toward your desired goal.

    The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching
    • Life coach

      This is an interesting one, a life coach is someone who literally guides you through any and all obstacles that keep you from achieving your life goal (often, even understanding what that goal could be!). A life coach works around all areas of your life, career, relationships, wealth etc., to bring about more meaning in your day to day life. A lot of people in today’s world are looking to transform their lives, being a life coach now could be the best thing you could do to help them.

    • Children’s coach

      A Children’s Coach is an instructor who teaches new skills to children and helps them gain confidence when learning. These coaches nurture children to be enthusiastic for life so that they can reach their true potential and live a life of greatness. Children can develop confidence, determination, resilience and strong emotional intelligence and this is exactly where a children’s coach can help.

    • Teens coach

      A teens coach is a person who works with adolescents in the pursuit of their goals. He/she is somebody who is a great role model, and has the skill to make a huge impact on your child’s attitude, behaviour, and outlook. It’s both timely and timeless as it points teens toward their true purpose in life while giving them tools for handling the critical issues they face daily. It takes into account recent clinical research findings, including how neuroplasticity works on the brain during adolescence and helps them become better adults.

    • College students coach

      A college student’s coach is someone who helps high school students through the recruiting process. They help to arrange visits to colleges, write letters of recommendations, and assist in any way possible regarding helping their athlete reach his or her collegiate goals. He/she will help guide you through the ever-changing college process and prepare you for success.

    • Youth Coach

      Youth coaching is the development of an individual’s athletic abilities. There are many different methods and programs to achieve this goal. Some programs focus on sport-specific activities like kicking a soccer ball or throwing a basketball, while other programs focus on training principles that apply to all sports such as speed training, agility drills, and plyometric exercises. The role of youth coaches is to deliver fun, safe and enjoyable sessions which develop the skills, fitness, knowledge of game play and leadership qualities that support ongoing player development.

    • Legacy coach

      At a certain age in life there is a powerful question that people need to address, ‘what am I leaving behind, what is my legacy?’ This right here is where a legacy coach steps in. This coach helps you define a legacy and once that’s achieved, will also help you get there. They help you remember that legacy can also be found in something you’ve created, built, etc.

    • Business leadership life coach

      A business leadership life coach is someone who helps people to improve their leadership skills, for example in the workplace or at home. Their focus is on helping you develop your personal and professional capabilities so that you can make a more positive impact on yourself, your family, friends and other people around you. The primary goal of a business leadership life coach is to make an immediate difference by helping people deal with critical issues in their lives today!

    • Executive Life coach

      An executive coach helps executives to improve their productivity and performance at work. The focus of an executive life coach is more towards improving the overall quality of life, combining success with happiness in personal lives as well. Coaching can lead to improved communication skills, reduced stress levels & better management style, increased job satisfaction and higher career potential for individuals who wish to take control over their professional lives and excel in their workplace.

    • Mid-life crisis coach

      Mid-life crises happen when we do not address the specific problems this stage presents us with. A mid-life crisis coach helps by addressing these issues directly and intelligently. This coach helps men and women transition from their life in their 20s to their life in their 40s. Which can include dealing with children leaving the home, a shift in relationship dynamics, job changes, dating after divorce or death of a spouse/partner etc.

    • Online Life coach

      An online life coach is a person who provides a number of coaching services to his/her clients through the internet. The main aim of an online life coach is to help individuals over the internet by teaching them how they can best reach their goals in life. An online-life-coach may be someone who has been specially trained or may be just an individual with experience in this field of work. This coach is a person who listens deeply and with compassion so that together we can move through what’s standing in the way of you living an authentic, true-to-you kind of life.

    • Work-life balance coach

      Work-life balance coaches work with individuals who are overworked, struggling with time management, and at risk of burnout. It’s not about focusing on the amount of work you do. It’s about how well you can fit your life into the time you have available—it’s putting your own priorities first instead of always following someone else’s agenda. These coaches help people find ways to achieve a healthy, sustainable work-life balance. They can offer practical advice on achieving that elusive goal of “balance” in their own lives and working with clients on the same issues.

    • Celebrity life coach

      A celebrity life coach is an expert in marketing, branding, and building profitable business relationships with clients — who happen to be celebrities. They are the new generation of “manager” for top tier people. Unlike traditional managers or agents who will tell their clients what to do and how to act – a celebrity life coach is very much focused on empowering their celebrity client so that together they can achieve success by working as a team.

    • Christian life coach

      Christian life coaching is not about religion or spirituality, it’s about opportunity – about doing all we were meant to do. A Christian life coach is a professional who works with people to help them activate their gifts, get unstuck from old patterns, find new purpose and direction in life, develop relationships that have the potential of changing the world, develop talents so they can put something back into the world community and live out their fullest potential.

    • Divorce Life coach

      A divorce life coach is a new type of professional providing one-on-one coaching, mediation and planning to individuals going through the stress and trauma of a divorce. These coaches are experts in the transition period of divorce. This is a time when marriages fall apart, children seek other caregivers and parents are often left alone to make some pretty difficult decisions.

    • Baby boomers coach

      A baby boomer is anyone born between 1946-1964, ranging from the ages of 57-75 years. A baby boomer coach is someone who helps these people create lives on inspired retirement. These coaches address issues like quality of life, finding a new purpose and action plan along with planning finances for retirement. A lot of baby boomers also approach a coach to help them guide to a healthier lifestyle as well.

    • Generation X coach

      A generation X (or genX) coach is a passionate, positive and inclusive community builder who’s committed to helping you navigate the challenges of your 20s, 30s and 40s by overcoming fear and finding self-confidence. To live life with more purpose than ever before – empowered by a spirit of authenticity, connection & contribution.

    • Generation Y /Millennials coach

      A generation Y coach or a millennial is one that was born in the 80s and 90s. A millennial coach will try to approach coaching in a different light than any other before him or her. They are going to be very concerned with promoting a fun and positive atmosphere for their clients, while at the same time being extremely efficient and effective in how they achieve this goal.

    • Cross cultural coaching/ overseas life coaching

      It is an approach to helping people that is cross-cultural, holistic and transformative. This includes working with individuals from many different backgrounds, values and belief systems who are striving to be their best selves in a changing world. Life coaching is about both achieving a person’s goals as well as developing their self-awareness or consciousness, and greater alignment with what matters most in one’s life.

  • Spiritual coaching

    This category of coaches works with clients who are looking to connect with themselves at deeper levels. Through meditation, reiki and other spiritual practices, this niche of coaches work with clients to unearth who they truly are and discover their potential.

    The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching
    • Spiritual Coach

      Spiritual coaching is for anyone looking to go within, find a deeper meaning and purpose in life. This type of coaching can be transformative and help overcome challenges to find inner peace and balance. Using some spiritual elements, a coach helps their clients understand and find the true essence of life. With the increasingly stressful lives we lead today, a spiritual coach can help you find ways to relax and be content with yourself. This type of coaching has been growing exponentially over the years and understandably so.

    • Meditation coach

      Is a supportive and safe environment for you to learn how to meditate. For many of us, meditation practice can be challenging in the beginning because we are not used to stillness and silence. And when there’s so much noise out there, practicing silence can feel even scarier than normal. This is where your meditation coach steps in to provide you with all the support and guidance necessary for you to have a meaningful meditation practice.

    • Reiki Coach

      A Reiki coach is a person who can assist others with their Reiki practice. He/she provides support and guidance for the development of self-healing abilities. The coaching process is intended to release information and insights that make it easier for intuitive healing powers to flow through one’s own hands during sessions. A reiki coach has no power over another human being since there arises from within an individual the ability to channel his healing energy.

    • Mystic coach

      Mystic coaches are highly skilled and effective professionals who are experts at serving the spiritual needs of others. Because they create a comfortable environment in which individuals are able to explore the most challenging aspects of their lives, mystic coaches bring about dramatic results that include heightened awareness, expanded consciousness, and rapid growth. As a result, a coach-client relationship can be an extremely intense experience that produces both immediate and long-term benefits for everyone involved.

    • Zen coach

      A Zen coach is a specialist in helping people to find their own answers within themselves. They help you by asking questions that will lead you toward the answers you already know, but may be unable to express. This doesn’t mean they don’t tell you what’s wrong with your life, or how to fix it – it just means they ask questions first and offer advice after, if necessary.

    • Rebirthing coach

      A rebirthing coach is anyone who teaches the breathing technique called “rebirthing,” a method of breath control that is an integral part of dozens of controversial therapies used in conjunction with hypnosis to cure mental and physical disorders. Rebirthing Coaching is a therapeutic technique where a coach helps you to bring up, and experience your traumas that have led to poor behaviour and thought patterns.

    • Manifestation coach

      A manifestation coach is an empowering guide that helps you create the life and reality you want. A manifestation coach will help you achieve your dreams by creating a plan and supporting you through each step of the process. A manifestation coach helps their client develop the skills it takes to ask the universe for what they want and learn how to set outrageous goals that can actually become real.

    • Soul Coach

      A soul coach is someone who helps you discover your best, most authentic life. …someone who talks with you about what makes your heart sing, and then walks the path of uncovering how to make that dream come true for you. Their work and speciality lies in helping you find your  inner wisdom, helping you strengthen it, and standing by your side every step of the way as you realize your dreams into reality!

    • Inner peace coach

      An inner peace coach is an independent professional you hire to help guide and support you in your personal process. Inner peace coaches are experienced practitioners working with tools of everyday spirituality, energy medicine and human potential. They can be trusted companions for the wild ride through life as we all face challenges, opportunities, transitions and transformations. They will help you find your own purpose (the big WHY) so that YOU will have the power yourself.

  • Mental health coaching

    With increasing awareness of mental health, this niche category of coaches is rapidly growing. These coaches use various tools and techniques in order to help their clients regain, maintain and develop mental well being.

    The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching
    • Health coach

      Our mental health is extremely important in order to lead fulfilling, happy lives. A mental health coach guides you, empowers you and motivates you to achieve your desired mental well-being goal. They do so using cognitive and behavioural tools. With certain diagnosed conditions, a mental health coach can be your support system and help you achieve long-lasting results. Having sound mental health is of utmost importance and mental health is just the person you need for that.

    • End of Life Coach

      An end of life coach is a trained and experienced, professionally supervised healthcare professional that accompanies patients, families and loved ones through end-of-life care decisions in order to provide support and help make informed choices. These coaches are not physicians or nurses but rather specially trained coaches who can provide comfort, help eliminate stress and facilitate communication among all parties concerned by educating them about available treatment options.

    • Grief coach

      A grief coach is a person who has been trained to help people deal with feelings about the loss of someone special. A grief coach will not necessarily help you remember the deceased or answer questions about what happened. They can be very helpful, however, in helping you work through your feelings and get on with living again.

    • Resilience coach

      A resilience coach is a person who helps you to become more resilient. They help you to develop new psychological resources and strategies which will enable you to recover from adversity and thrive in the face of stress – whatever it may be. A resilience coach can support you through life challenges, while dealing with a serious illness, during traumatic events, etc. The main goal of a resilience coach is to improve performance under pressure/stress and to cope better with challenging situations.

    • Journaling Coach

      A journaling coach is a person who creates prompts to help you honestly examine your life, learn more about yourself and discover how to improve it. These coaches are trained, qualified professionals who help develop the right kind of habits and build new thought patterns. This coach works with you to establish clarity about what changes are desired and then designs a program that will help you create those changes.

    • Mind Adjustment coach

      A Mind Adjustment Coach is a professional who helps you change your core beliefs and remove the obstacles that are blocking your growth and preventing you from reaching your full potential. This process allows you to go beyond what’s holding you back, achieve new levels of happiness and success in life, release any self-limiting beliefs or blocks, and find the freedom to create the life you want.

    • ADHD Coach

      ADHD coaches are experts who work directly with people that have had trouble managing their ADHD symptoms to achieve goals they wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. ADHD coaching includes education about your condition, teaching you strategies for success at home or at work and helping you execute these new strategies in your everyday life.

    • Social Anxiety coach

      A social anxiety coach is someone who provides support and guidance to people with disorders that involve excessive shyness, fear of being negatively judged by others (especially in public), self-consciousness and worrying about acting in a socially unacceptable manner. The goal of a social anxiety coach is to help clients feel less anxious about their interactions with other people.

    • Trauma Coach

      A Trauma Coach is a mental health professional who specializes in coaching trauma survivors to “do the right thing” and take care of themselves in times of crisis, with an emphasis on reducing self-harm. Based on research findings that suggest that trauma survivors can’t always rely on their own decision-making processes when they are experiencing distress, a Trauma Coach helps these individuals arrive at effective behavioural choices such as seeking help or changing distressing thoughts.

    • Mindfulness coach

      Mindfulness coaches support an individual in bringing awareness to the present moment. By doing this, mindfulness coaches help their clients discover how to focus on what they’re doing in each moment. The goal is for a client’s attention to rest on whatever experience he or she will encounter without expectation that those experiences need to fit into some preconceived structure or “should” be any particular way. Clients learn how to let go of expectations about themselves and others.

    • Hypnotherapy coach

      A hypnotherapist takes a more passive role and guides the person into a hypnotic state. The hypnotherapy coach, on the other hand, takes a more active role. They consult with the client to help them develop goals that are specific and measurable so they can track their progress—a critical component of success! As you work towards these goals together, your coach will provide encouragement and support so that you can achieve maximum benefit from this process.

    • Eating disorder coach

      An eating disorder coach is a mental health professional (such as a therapist, psychologist or social worker) with additional training in the area of eating disorders. An eating disorder coach may also have personal experience with an eating disorder. Eating Disorder Coaches are there to support you on your path to recovery by providing you with accountability and encouragement while helping you develop healthy coping skills.

    • Stress management/relief coach

      A Stress Management/Relief Coach is someone who can help you take the next step in managing stress, resolving conflict, and having healthier relationships. These are not people who will sit down with you to talk about your problems or issues (although a Stress Relief/Management Coach might also do that). Instead they focus on helping you develop skills to handle life’s difficult situations so that you may resolve them yourself and at times, prevent them from reoccurring. They help give people the tools needed to live with more ease and peace of mind.

    • Depression coach

      A depression coach is a professional who helps adjust thoughts, emotions and behaviours. The role of the depression coach is to support you as you learn how to help yourself, so that you are able to feel better in your own life. While this work can be done with a therapist or any sort of mental health professional, some people prefer working with a trained mental health specialist whose only focus is on helping others with their mental health recovery.

    • Anxiety coach

      Anxiety coaches are individuals who provide the listener with tools and strategies for managing their anxiety disorder. They help people live a life free of excessive worry, stress, and fear. While they do not necessarily need psychological or psychiatric training, many have experience in counselling (including clinical social work and psychotherapy).

    • Emotional freedom technique (EFT) coach

      EFT is a form of energy psychology so being someone who coaches this would take some special skills and abilities. An EFT coach doesn’t just “tap” you but helps you with the psychological side of things, providing insights into your behaviours, beliefs and core problems. An Emotional Freedom Technique Coach as trained consultant of mind-body medicine. Most often EFT coaching involves supporting mindset shifts that help people turn their lives around when all other methods have failed them.

    • Cognitive behavioural coach

      Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) is a psychological framework that combines two well-established psychological approaches – CBT and coaching. Cognitive behavioural coaches are those who help individual clients overcome emotional and behavioural barriers by changing their thoughts and behaviour. In this sense it can be said that a coach will help his or her client understand how they think, why they react to situations in certain ways, and assist them in making healthy changes which will improve their overall quality of life.

    • Happiness coach

      A happiness coach easily finds solutions to problems that others find difficult or impossible. A happiness coach knows how to bring out the best in every situation in which they are placed. Happiness coaches have the ability to help others go through similar transformations by providing them with support as they learn how to change their limiting beliefs into empowering thoughts, create an attitude of gratitude for everything in their lives, acknowledge what really matters most, practice loving kindness towards themselves and everyone else.

    • Autism coach

      Coaches are trained to enhance the skills and talents of an autistic person while teaching them how to handle their condition. They practice helping an autistic individual become independent through tools such as life planning and emotional regulation. Autism coaches focus on what can be achieved rather than focusing on what cannot. Many people believe that autism is a lifelong disability; however, with proper education and guidance, many people with this disability have developed coping mechanisms that allow them function in society just like anybody else!

    • Funeral Coach

      Funeral coaching is a service of guiding people through the grieving process, and helping to prepare them for funerals. This coaching offers help with many things that need to be done during grief: making calls, writing letters, sending emails and cards; taking care of pets; cleaning out closets or drawers; selling a home or vehicle; finding new living arrangements; planning memorials and services.

  • Relationships Coaching

    This category of coaching is all about understanding and working with people. Helping people find matches, make new connections or simply better understand the people in their lives are some of the traits that these coaches are good at.

    The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching
    • Birth coach

      A birth coach is a person who helps a woman achieve her goals for her birth experience. They do this by providing physical, emotional and informational support based on the individual needs of each mother. Birth coaches understand that every time a mom gives birth is an important event in her life. They help women to feel more confident about what they want and need to have happen during their labour and birth.

    • Mixed families coach

      Mixed families coaching is an opportunity for parents, step-parents and any other caregivers in a mixed family to receive support and guidance on issues related to raising children together. The goal of this coach is to equip adults with tools and positive attitudes so that they can work cooperatively as a team rather than reactively against each other. Through this coaching process, participants begin to see themselves not as adversaries but as allies working toward common goals: the well-being of their children.

    • Ageing parents coach

      An ageing parents coach is a professional trained to help an older adult who may be becoming a burden for another family member or the community. This aging parent can usually no longer live alone and starts to require substantial assistance with personal care such as daily living, medical treatment, meals, transportation, etc. The goal of an aging parents coach is to create solutions that enable your aging parents to stay in their home for as long as possible.

    • IVF coach

      An IVF coach is a specially trained health professional who helps patients with fertility issues. They offer emotional support, teach relaxation techniques and ways to cope with stress, teach about medications and injections and how to manage anxiety. Technically speaking, they are not medical professionals (although many do have advanced degrees), so you would still be responsible for your own care in all situations. But they can help guide you through the toughest aspects of infertility treatment.

    • Pregnancy coach

      A pregnancy coach is a person who motivates and supports a woman throughout her pregnancy. A professional fitness trainer, certified athletic trainers, registered dietitians, acupuncturists and midwives are just a few examples of possible coaches. Ideally the coach is trained in prenatal exercise or has experience with pregnant women. The most important thing they have in common is that they support the mother through each trimester to create a healthy environment for her baby during foetus development.

    • Parenting coach

      A parenting coach is a professional who teaches skills and strategies for helping parents raise their children. The job of a parenting coach is to work with parents in achieving their own personal goals for raising their kids. That might mean having more fun together as a family, communicating better with one another and resolving conflicts peacefully, setting appropriate limits and boundaries so that children have enough freedom while still feeling safe and making sure important things stay on track.

    • Pre-engagement coach

      A pre-engagement coach specializes in helping engaged couples get their relationships ready for marriage. There are many facets of a relationship that need to be addressed and worked on before getting married otherwise the risk for divorce increases dramatically. The objective being that by then, you can walk into the marriage positively, with full understanding of what your partner’s needs will be during this new phase of life.

    • New marriage coach

      A new marriage coach is a licensed professional who has developed or been trained to offer coaching programs that exclusively work with married couples and their families. Their mission is to strengthen committed relationships and help couples achieve healthy, happy marriages by providing world-class training through the integration of research-based strategies from positive psychology.

    • Relationship repair coach

      A relationship repair coach is a partner of a couple who helps them to resolve conflicts, become better communicators and improve their relationship. The goal is to bring couples back together in an environment where they feel comfortable sharing their feelings with each other. The relationship coach will guide the couple on how to identify areas of improvement – so that next time around when conflict arises, they can work through it more effectively.

    • Conflict coach

      Conflict Coaching is a dialogue-based approach designed to help people who have been in conflict resolve the issues that brought them together. It provides a structured way to better understand yourself, your opponent and the sources of conflict between you. It helps find ways for everyone involved to be heard and understood. And it helps identify possible solutions.

    • Marriage coach

      A marriage coach provides non-judgmental support to help couples navigate through the bumps in their relationship. This coach helps you to identify your relationship preferences, work through conflict resolution strategies that are right for your relationship, communicate clearly with each other, rehabilitate after an affair or divorce (or separation), and manage co-parenting responsibilities when getting divorced rather than take children away from their parents unnecessarily.

    • Couples coach

      A couples coach is someone who helps partners get better at being together. This can mean improving communication skills, working on getting along more, and smoothing out bumps in the road of love and relationships. They are trained to help you improve your life and relationship using proven strategies based on modern tools and techniques.

    • Dating coach

      A dating coach is a person who helps others overcome obstacles when it comes to dating and relationships. Dating coaches act as counsellors to help singles with their inner issues that prevent them from having the success they seek in this area of their life. Dating coaches also offer insight, education and advice on how you can improve your love life.

    • Relationship coach

      A relationship coach is a person who helps people develop or improve their relationships with family, friends, partners, co-workers and even strangers. Relationship coaches help people grow in self-awareness, trust and love so they can have the most fulfilling life possible. A relationship coach will give you guidance on how to express your feelings better, show appreciation for others, what actions to take to keep the peace and not let fear influence your decisions.

    • Break-up coach

      A break-up coach is for someone who’s recently broken up with their significant other. A break-up coach is there to help you navigate the emotions of loss, a new social landscape, and all those little details that come about when you’re going through a massive life change. Coaches are trained in all kinds of mental health strategies so that they can give you the best advice, tools and techniques to break up with any person without getting hurt.

    • Intimacy coach

      Intimacy Coaching is simply helping individuals, couples, and groups with strategies and tools to create closer connections-whether it be in the area of relationships/marriage, sexual/sexuality issues (including fetishes), open relationships, polyamory, kink, singles/dating scene and more!

    • Online dating coach

      A dating coach can be an individual who can help you find love by helping you find your own inner self. He or she will not only teach you how to effectively use the online dating sites, but he or she will also equip and empower you with various strategies on how to make yourself more desirable to others so that people won’t need to advertise themselves because they are already wanted.

    • Sex coach

      A sex coach provides you with a non-judgemental and comfortable platform to discuss any issues and stigmas around sex. These coaches can help you work with any problems you have related to performance anxiety, sexual health, expressing desire and affection, sometimes even addressing any traumatic experiences. Sex coaching can include some form of educational component, like your partner’s anatomy or getting information about the science behind satisfaction.

  • Personal Development Coaching

    This category of coaching has grown exponentially in the past decade. It is similar to life coaching in the sense that it helps clients overcome obstacles that could be their own shortcomings and achieve whatever they desire. 

    The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching
    • Focus Coach

      Focus coaches are individuals who help people focus on what they need to do to be successful. Their job is not to give you objectives or tasks, but rather to ask you the right questions that will lead you towards your own discoveries in life, and your own methods of achieving these goals.

    • Laser Coach

      A laser coach is an expert in achieving a specific goal. Laser Coaching is about setting goals and making sure that they matter. The process of overcoming your challenges starts with identifying what really matters to you and who will be affected by these changes in your life. A laser focuses on one thing rather than everything around it and so should your goals.

    • Self-discovery coach

      A self-discovery coach is someone who helps you discover your potential. Or at least, a good couple of aspects about yourself. Things that are important to have in place in order for you to succeed. Think of it as a tool to get everything out of you in the best possible way.

    • Targeted behavioural coach

      A targeted behavioural coach is a person who has studied the science and theory of behaviour change and can apply it to your business. They understand which techniques work in what contexts, when people are likely to respond, how best to communicate with them about doing something new and crucially how to adapt all this for different audiences (different types of customers, staff, distributors etc).

    • Somatic coach

      Somatic Coaching offers a pathway to self-awareness, transformation and change that is embodied and authentic. It helps you get in touch with your physical experiences, and addresses how we can heal from the inside out. Essentially Somatic Coaches are experts at helping people connect mind, body and spirit using their own natural instincts for healing.

    • Law of attraction coach

      A law of attraction coach helps you see that your life can change for the better with a little effort on your part. Law of attraction coaches teach principles and techniques designed to help you bring more peacefulness, joy and abundance into your life. A true Law of Attraction coach will show you how to use manifesting techniques for a higher cause and not just for greed.

    • Performance coach

      Performance coaching is a process whereby an individual identifies their performance goals and objectives, and then operates within the parameters of that goal or objective using self-driven instruction, training programs or a combination of both in order to achieve success. These coaches help individuals and teams identify, understand, overcome and/or bypass barriers or limitations which are holding them back from becoming their best.

    • High potential/Empowerment coach

      An empowerment coach is someone who helps others on their journey toward personal growth and development. An empowerment coach works with people who are passionate about improving themselves; those who have an active interest in establishing goals for a better life but need help making sure these are met along the way. They are primarily focused on the self, with a mission to help others create long-lasting positive change in themselves and their environment.

    • Dream coach

      A Dream Coach is someone who truly gets you & supports you in living your dreams. They’re the ones who see beyond your flaws and celebrate what really matters to you. These coaches help you find meaning to life, identify and bring clarity to your dreams and overcome obstacles that keep you from achieving all you dreamt of.

    • Co-dependency coach

      The objective of a co-dependency coach is to help individuals recognize and apply the knowledge of how the rules of relationships operate. Coaches guide clients through the process of changing old patterns so that co-dependence may be eliminated, or at least reduced. The method has proven very successful in helping many people gain an increased level of emotional health and happiness.

    • Personal Development Coach

      Personal development works on identifying your own strengths and weaknesses and harnessing those for your own betterment and growth. A personal development coach uses tools, techniques to help you find your desires, goals and then achieve them. These coaches help their clients build confidence and step out of their comfort zones to overcome obstacles that keep them from getting what they want. With everything changing continuously, we need to also keep evolving and here is where a personal development coach can be extremely helpful.

    • Confidence coach

      A confidence coach is a leader who utilizes psychology and personal excellence to help people develop, create prosperity in their lives, and improve the quality of relationships they have. Confidence coaches also help individuals tap into the power that is within them which allows them to achieve things they thought were not possible for themselves. These coaches work on increasing their self-esteem to live the lives they want and be successful.

    • Accountability coach

      The Accountability Coach is a person in your life who keeps you on track with the commitments and promises you’ve made, both to yourself and others. Reminds you (through habit tracking) when and how often you make promises. Points out when you’re not living up to your commitments. Encourages (or supports) excellence in all areas of your life—health, fitness, relationships, spirituality, work/career, finances, etc.

    • Intuitive coach

      An intuitive coach is a coach that works with you to understand your intuition, and improve how you access it. This helps you recognise what your intuition is trying to tell you about any given situation, how best to make use of the information and insights gained from this, and in turn helps you take steps towards creating the life or doing the work that will satisfy these desires.

    • High performance coach

      High Performance Coach (HPC) maximizes their client’s potential and makes them an absolute force to be reckoned with. They understand how to safely push people’s limits both mentally and physically to improve their life in all facets: from physical well-being, increasing speed, explosiveness or flexibility through various systems of body-mind training modalities with a vast array of knowledge.

    • Transition coach

      A transition coach helps you make the leap from any stage of life or career to your next stage, and is usually an in-between step for a professional who has been self-employed, changing careers completely, or out of work. Their job is usually described as guiding you through the process of change by working with you on all aspects of your life: emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, career and so forth.

    • Clarity coach

      A Clarity Coach is a life-long companion for you to support you in the realization of your dreams. These coaches help you identify and overcome the obstacles between where you are now, and where you want to be. Together, they help define your goals with clarity; formulate actionable steps towards making those goals a reality; nurture your motivation when it wavers; and celebrate your success along the way.

    • Success coach

      Success coaches help people to achieve their goals. Success Coaching is a results-oriented process that helps clients identify and reach for their personal goals, overcome obstacles, maximize strengths, and reduce weaknesses. Their primary goal is to focus solely on helping others improve their performance in specific areas of expertise or activities.

    • Goal attainment coach

      A Goal Attainment Coach can help us pick one thing at a time – up to ten if necessary – and work toward it so that each goal is achieved. The purpose of goal attainment coaching is for the client to be able to attain desired results that may not have been previously possible. These coaches will help you experience long term behavioural changes that makes achieving your goals not just a possibility but also a reality!

    • Talent coach

      Talent coaches work directly with talent to help them improve in areas such as: attitude, voice, appearance or anything else that makes up their unique value. A talent coach assists talent with every facet of the talent profession, helping them to develop & manage their brand and maximizing their potential so that the organization/individual can reach their full potential professionally.

    • Success coach

      A success coach helps you clear away all those excuses so you can achieve the results you have always wanted; they help you see what others may not be able to see about yourself or your business. They help keep your eye on the prize so that nothing gets in the way of reaching your goals! This coach doesn’t teach new information. They provide support and guidance in applying what you already know, so that it will work for you.

    • Lifestyle coach

      A lifestyle coach is a professional who is trained to identify and help others implement specific changes in thinking, feeling, and behaviour that will enable them to lead healthier lives.” Lifestyle coaches work with clients to facilitate behavioural change in areas such as exercise habits, mental health, nutrition, weight loss efforts, stress management and more.

    • Time-management coach

      Time management coaches help others discover and implement useful methods of organizing, managing and tracking time so that the most important tasks are done on time. They do this by teaching proven, effective strategies such as prioritizing, setting goals and creating action plans. As an added bonus, time-management systems also often result in increased productivity – which can be extremely valuable for any business owner hoping to expand his sales or revenues.

    • Transformational coach

      A transformational coach is a person who teaches their clients to do the work that matters, towards a goal that excites them. They are so incredibly passionate about what they do and this helps them guide you through everything. Transformational coaches support the client in finding their own answers and take on a facilitative role in transforming the client’s life.

    • Women empowerment coach

      A woman empowerment coach gently guides women into finding their own unique voices through embracing their flaws and overcoming any obstacles that have been blocking them from doing so. They help women see the world through different lenses and reflect on how they define themselves and what kind of roles they want to play in life.

    • Life purpose coach

      Life purpose coaches help people discover their life purpose and bring it to fruition. They are experts at teaching clients how to find deep fulfilment in the midst of uncertainty and chaos. A coach helps you identify who you really are, what unique gifts you have to offer, what your values are, and where your heart is leading you. Then they teach ways for you to take action on this newly uncovered knowledge.

    • Solution focused coaching

      Solution focused coaching is an innovative approach to help people resolve their current difficulties and achieve their life goals. It goes beyond traditional ‘problem solving’ approaches, because it explores what solutions already exist within the client – so that together they can discover fresh possibilities for moving forward in a more positive way.

    • Extreme self-care/self-love coach

      A Self Care Coach is a coach that helps people who want to learn how to take care of themselves. I help people find ways to relax, organize their time and energy, feel better emotionally and reduce stress so they can have a happier life! This coach supports individuals in building their confidence, self-acceptance and self-esteem.

    • Public relations coach

      A public relations coach is a person who helps an organization or individual get noticed. A public relations coach can help you create a strategic plan for how you will communicate with customers, clients, media – anyone interested in learning more about what you do. Having a PR strategy is essential because any publicity effort needs focus and direction to be most effective.

    • Image coach

      An image coach is a trained professional who helps people of all ages reframe their self-image in order to become more confident in themselves and more effective at communicating what they truly want. When clients work with an image coach, they gain access to extensive knowledge about personal style, visual communication, first impressions and how these elements can be used together to improve their overall effectiveness.

    • Motivation coach

      A motivation coach is someone who helps you to refocus, retool and get back on track when what you’re doing isn’t working. They will help re-motivate you by providing an outside voice that asks pertinent questions to get your mind working towards your goals again. Motivation coaches can be helpful when you feel like you’ve hit a plateau and need that push.

    • Passion coach

      A passion coach helps you translate your passion—your innate desire to do something meaningful, important and enjoyable—into a viable career. This is something we all need help doing at some point in our lives. This coach basically uses your own gifts, passions to create the life you want.

    • Self-esteem coach

      A self-esteem coach works with people who are unable to realize their goals, stuck in an unsatisfying pattern or simply unhappy. They can’t seem to break through the barriers that keep them where they are. By working together, we will discover and explore what is holding them back from fulfilling their dreams, how to create change and ultimately find joy.

    • Self-talk coach

      A Self-talk coach is someone who understands how to encourage and inspire a person. This person coaches you or teaches you strategies, techniques, and tools that will help you with your self-talk so that you can achieve the highest levels of success, confidence, happiness and peace. It’s not about changing who you are as a person, but rather about paying attention to what you say to yourself, so that you can discover thoughts that hold back progress in life.

    • Emotional intelligence coach

      Emotional Intelligence coaching is one of the most powerful ways to begin the journey of becoming a better leader. An EQ Coach can help you identify and develop focus on areas where your development is needed. They do this by working with you on an individual basis using a combination of; coaching, mentoring, and training and other tools to coach you towards creating successful results for yourself and your team or organization.

    • Change management coach

      Change management coach is a person who helps organizations to successfully manage the change in your environment. This coach guides clients through change and help you figure out how to make it work with your own situation. Change management coaches are also used when new policies are put into place, meaning everyone has to adapt accordingly – again, a coach can be there to help people get through these transitions smoothly.

  • Health and Wellness Coaching

    A lot of people now are beginning to give more importance to health, they want to get fitter and eat healthily. This category of coaches helps you achieve just that. From guiding you to achieve your physical goals to establishing healthy habits, these coaches do just about everything for your health and well-being.

    The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching
    • Sports coach

      Coaching is the process where a sports expert helps other people to improve their performance. This person uses his/her experience and knowledge to make sure that the athlete develops in the correct way, usually with goal-oriented methods. Most coaches have learned in both practical and academic environments regardless of whether they are employed by a club or central organisation.

    • Fitness coach

      A fitness coach is someone who helps you to achieve your goals, whatever they are. A lot of people have a health & fitness goal, they think that losing weight or getting more toned are examples of this. A good coach has many years of working out under their belt as well as plenty of practical experience coaching people and reading their minds to know what they’re capable of before even starting them off on something too hard for them.

    • Strength and conditioning coach

      A strength and conditioning coach is a professional who develops, monitors, and evaluates the physical condition of athletes. He or she assists in planning, organizing, directing, supervising and evaluating the physical training program for each sport with that sport’s team. Their job is to help players achieve their fullest potential by improving their abilities in these areas: strength, speed/power endurance (fitness), cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, agility/mobility and accuracy.

    • Vegan fitness coach

      Vegan fitness coaches are knowledgeable about the many facets that make up non-animal based nutrition, supplementation, exercise program design and lifestyle. Like other health care professionals they have strong analytical skills, problem solving abilities and creativity to help clients achieve their goals as well as assisting them in an independent learning process so they may continue to progress without the need for continued guidance from a coach.

    • Yoga coach

      Yoga coaching is a relationship between one or more people in which yoga is used as a support for respite, self-discovery and sustainable change. The aim of the yoga coach is to provide insight into the mind/body connection and how we can use it as a tool for our journey through life. It can be seen as a holistic platform that supports all stages of growth from infancy through to old age; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

    • Sleep coach

      A sleep coach is a physical therapist who specialises in the assessment and management of any breathing or movement disorder affecting your quality of sleep. Sleep Coaches help people solve their sleep problems. They teach people how to improve their sleep habits and monitor where you’re at with your current sleep & health goals throughout the process.

    • Sober coach

      A person professionally trained and certified in alcohol abuse prevention related training methods which include ethics, communication skills, motivation/self-control, critical thinking/problem solving techniques and group dynamics exercises designed for those working with people interested in sobriety or recovery from addiction.

    • Paleo coach

      A paleo health coach is someone who helps people make healthy lifestyle choices in the areas of nutrition and fitness. Paleo health coaching is different from regular health coaching because it’s aimed at those pursuing a Paleo diet or Lifestyle to achieve optimal functioning. Unlike other diets for weight loss or disease management, paleo removes all foods that are detrimental to our health (including grains) which allows individuals to determine how best they can live.

    • Recovery and prevention coach

      An R&P Coach is a grounded, reliable person who works with others to build the skills and create the safe space necessary to move forward in life. Someone who can help you recover from your past experiences and help prevent future ones from developing. They are trauma informed, they believe in your strength and resilience, they believe that you CAN do this!

    • Chronic Illness recovery coach

      A chronic illness recovery coach is a professional who assists clients with overcoming multiple health challenges through integrating holistic and lifestyle coaching. A chronic illness recovery coach helps clients develop supportive habits, feelings of self-worth, hope for the future, and an understanding about their physical and emotional challenges.

    • Diet coach

      A diet coach is a health professional who works on a contractual basis to guide clients through the process of weight loss or maintenance. The diet coach guides clients toward developing healthy eating habits and changing behaviours that lead to weight gain. The primary goal of the diet coach is to help clients lose or maintain their body weight at an ideal level.

    • Health recovery coach

      Health recovery coaches have a unique set of personal and professional skills and experiences that make them ideally suited to support people in achieving their health goals. Health recovery coaching is an innovative, evidence-based practice for helping individuals who want to achieve greater well-being following illness, injury or trauma. As a holistic approach, health recovery coaching helps clients build on their strengths and identify barriers to reaching their full potential.

    • Natural health coach

      A natural health coach is a person who supports individuals in improving or maintaining wellness. The role of the natural health coach is to support and empower clients rather than diagnose or prescribe alternatives for dis-ease. These coaches are self-taught, self-guided and some take workshops to deepen their knowledge base on holistic living, nutrition and preventative health care strategies.

    • Nutritional coach

      A nutritional coach will help you make the right choices when it comes to eating real food and incorporating exercise into your daily routine in ways that are manageable and sustainable for the long term. This coach is there to motivate, educate, inspire and encourage you when challenges along the way arise.

    • Raw food transition coach

      A raw food transition coach helps you change your eating habits to incorporate more living foods. These coaches assist you in overcoming any challenges that may arise from making the switch to eating more green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Their mission is to make the journey as easy as possible for you by helping you to prepare tasty recipes at home, plan cleansing fasts and detoxifying programs, and educate yourself on how to live healthier.

    • Vegan health coach

      Vegan health coaches help people from all over the world who are seeking to live a healthy and balanced life through a plant based diet. Whatever your reason for looking into becoming healthier (whether that be losing weight, eliminating disease symptoms or simply learning how to get started on a new way of living), you will find support, motivation and education in the form of easy recipes, videos and much more when working with a vegan health coach.

    • Weight loss coach

      Weight loss coaches are people who are experts in both losing weight and in coaching other people through their weight loss journey. A good weight loss coach will be able to help you reach your goals by providing powerful tools, motivation, encouragement and support – all key ingredients to a successful weight loss journey.

    • Addictions recovery coach

      A recovery coach helps individuals and couples restore their health as recovering addicts. The recovery coaching philosophy is to treat the individual holistically, including all aspects of his or her life such as work, school, family and relationships. A recovery coach can help you set realistic goals and rewards you with praise when he sees your hard work paying off.

    • Health coach

      A health coach is a professional who has knowledge of healthy living and gives advice on how to live a healthier life. A health coach will identify your goals and advise you on the changes that must be made to achieve them. If necessary, they will also create a custom-made plan for you that has been designed to fit into your lifestyle. Health coaches can help clients with both small and large problems.

    • Wellness coach

      A Wellness Coach could be anyone that influences health or well-being – from nutritionists to psychologists, personal trainers to yoga teachers, and more. They are all specially trained in helping others improve their lifestyle through effective coaching strategies. A wellness coach will help develop healthy habits that become second nature over time, such as changing from an unhealthy diet to a balanced one, getting regular exercise and stress management techniques.

  • Wealth Coaching

    A lot of people have issues using their money well when it comes to budgeting, investing and all things related to finance. These coaches are experts who study markets to help people manage their finances better. It can be quite a lucrative career option if you have a proper business and set-up in place.

    The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching
    • Wealth Coach

      A wealth coach is someone helping you find ways to resolve financial issues like investing, budgeting and planning expenses. These coaches help their clients unlock their potential to become successful. Money management, creating financial plans that align with life goals are some of the basic things that a wealth coach can help you with. Organizing your personal wealth is important and a wealth coach can be your perfect mentor for this.

    • Budget coach

      A budget coach helps you analyse your finances and gives tips on how to become financially independent (or at least self-sufficient). The main goal is to facilitate your way to financial freedom! This coach teaches you how to spend less than you earn by investing and saving money in yourself instead of upgrading your lifestyle with stuff you don’t need.

    • Retirement coach

      A retirement coach can help you plan for a happy, healthy and prosperous second act. Working with a well-qualified retirement coach helps you prepare to live life on your terms during this second phase of life. The coaching process is tailored to your individual needs; therefore it may be as short or as long as you want it to be. Some retirement coaches also help smoothen the transition process into retirement.

    • Debt Management coach

      A debt management coach is someone with expertise in the field of credit, banking and consumer law. They help you to manage your debt – whether it’s in relation to your home loan or credit cards. They will also negotiate with creditors on your behalf. And they’ll give you advice about which debts are the most urgent and need attention first. These coaches can sometimes also advise on what steps to take next for best results.

    • Financial recovery coach

      A financial recovery coach is a person who helps you take the correct steps and use all of your resources to completely recover from debt. A financial recovery coach will help you understand how to pay off credit cards, pay off student loans, create an emergency fund, get out of debt, or build wealth through real estate investing.

    • Prosperity coach

      A prosperity coach will identify the exact goals YOU want to achieve in your life and business. Then they will help you use proven processes so that you can achieve them faster than ever before! This coach will also strengthen specific areas of self-defence against money blocks, limiting beliefs and fears so that you feel safe creating new levels of success in all aspects of your life.

  • Career Coaching

    This is a niche of coaching that helps people get on to a career path of their choosing. These are experienced coaches who can guide you right from the process of finding a job that you desire to equipping you with everything you need to nail the interview.

    The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching
    • Job search coach

      Job Search Coaching is a hybrid between a traditional resume writing service and career coaching. Job search coaching goes beyond the creation of your resume, it offers ongoing guidance from an experienced professional that will help you develop effective strategies for finding and getting the job you want. A coach builds confidence, gives direction and holds you accountable to your goals.

    • Resume coach

      A resume coach is a professional who guides job seekers to write better resumes and cover letters, manage interview anxiety, navigate the various stages of the employment process (from researching companies to negotiating salary) and achieve their career goals.

    • Interview coach

      An interview coach is someone who will help you prepare for a job interview and provide advice on how to best present yourself during the actual interview. An interview coach will not critique your resume or cover letter, but rather teach you how to make positive responses in terms of body language, eye contact, verbal communication skills, etc.

    • Career transition coach

      A career transition coach is a professional who helps individuals during a planned or unplanned career transition. A career transition coach also provides resources and information to help the client determine what opportunities are available, how to pursue these opportunities and how to effectively communicate about the services offered.

    • Career coach

      A career coach is a professional who helps individuals or groups make decisions about their careers. Career coaching services help you create a plan that will allow you to move in the direction of your choice, take advantage of opportunities as they arise and find fulfilment on the job.

  • Work and Business Coaching

    One of the most sought out niches of coaching. For working professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners, this category of coaches have got it all. Most of these coaches have some prior experience in their fields of expertise, making them more understanding towards the needs of their clients.

    The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching
    • Team coach

      A team coach is a guide to the team’s success. A good team coach will make sure all members are aware of the goals, understands that each member has his/her role in achieving these goals and knows exactly what he/she must do in order to contribute to the attainment of said goals. A team coach can provide guidance and mentorship that will help the tribe lead more effectively, in turn, helping the overall performance of the entire business.

    • Book coach

      A book coach is someone who believes in your ability to write a book. They’ll give you the support and encouragement you need to reach your goal of writing an amazing book that will build your business, bring in new clients or help others along their way. The coach may also help you with editing, marketing and promotion of your business books once it’s written.

    • LinkedIn coach

      A Linkedin coach is a person who has mastered the art of getting people to connect with them through a highly structured and organized professional social network. They primarily help others in their strategy as well as execution of that strategy on Linkedin using a variety of tactics such as prospecting, relationship-development, brand building, reputation management, and sales development.

    • Instructional coach

      An instructional coach is someone who helps teachers grow and develop as educators. Instructional coaching uses both learning science theories and research to create an environment of professional growth for teachers. The ultimate goal of instructional coaching is to improve student achievement by improving teacher performance in the classroom through continuous learning.

    • Coach trainer

      A coach trainer is a person who specializes in providing training for coaches. These coaches assist professional or aspiring coaches to improve their coaching technique and skills by providing an opportunity for self-analysis, personal reflection and feedback from the trainer as well as other participants.

    • Travel coach

      A travel coach is a professional guide whom you can trust. A travel coach will provide you with the answers, secrets and insider tips of traveling that will help you to succeed in your trip without any problem and stress. These coaches are experts who can guide you through the process of booking your trip. They know all the best deals, where to stay, what to do around town, and they have a special discount for readers in select destinations.

    • Professional empowerment coach

      Empowerment coaches are professionals who guide you to make decisions that will drastically improve your mental, emotional and physical health. They harness the power of positive thinking in order to help you achieve your goals by using thought, behavioural and motivational techniques. Empowerment coaching is a holistic approach which uses self-empowerment tools and techniques for mind-set transformation.

    • Innovation coach

      An innovation coach is a mentor who can help you think differently about your product or service. A change agent who helps you get past the corporate roadblocks to bring out the creative ideas and possibilities in every business. An innovator who helps the best of today’s businesses become even better tomorrow, faster than their competitors.

    • CEO Coach

      A CEO Coach is a professional business adviser who helps CEOs, presidents and other top executives develop the skills that enable them to be more effective in their jobs. A good CEO Coach gives you perspective on what is happening inside your company and helps identify roadblocks which can prevent growth and success. He or she approaches challenges with objectivity and asks questions that will help improve both management performance and productivity.

    • Start-up entrepreneur coach

      Start-up entrepreneur coaches are professionals working with early- stage entrepreneurs, providing advice and practical support to help them launch their businesses. These coaches offer coaching services in areas such as business planning, marketing, product development, finance management and personal development. They use a collaborative approach based on trust and positive regard for the clients’ abilities.

    • Workplace coach

      A workplace coach is a professional counsellor who works with people on their own time and in their place of employment to help them become more effective at work. A workplace coach helps an individual, team or organization to reach its goals through internal change.

    • Productivity coach

      A productivity coach is a person who helps you identify the behaviours and thinking patterns that make it difficult for you to be your most productive self. You’ll learn how to overcome any personal challenges that are holding you back from reaching your full productivity potential.

    • Personal branding coach

      A personal branding coach is someone who helps you develop the positive traits (e.g., manners, confidence, social skills) and behaviours that will make you more successful in your work and life…and it’s also someone who helps you to transform yourself into a marketable brand. A personal branding coach teaches you how to build good things about yourself and your life.

    • Customer service coach

      A customer service coach provides on-site assistance to a company or organization, guiding front line customer support staff through performance management activities, in order to ensure that customers receive the very best service. These activities can range from providing holistic coaching and mentoring for individual employees to working with their colleagues (or teams) to improve operations, systems and service delivery over a wide variety of business functions including sales, marketing and product development.

    • Organisational coach

      An organizational coach is a business or management professional who uses coaching techniques to help an organization achieve its full potential. They do this by helping individual leaders and teams become aware of their habits and patterns, understand the impact those habits are having on people’s lives, workplaces, and the overall organization – in turn allowing them to consciously choose how they would like to move forward.

    • Entrepreneur coach

      An entrepreneur coach is someone who is qualified and specially trained to help an entrepreneur with his business. An entrepreneur coach understands the time-frame of a new venture and uses that information to come up with plans for the success of that enterprise. This coach draws on skills, experience and wisdom together with knowledge gained from their own entrepreneurial training to provide you with just the right amount of support that your business needs in order to exist into its potential.

    • Marketing coach

      A marketing coach helps you focus your efforts on the right activities to grow your business. These coaches show you how to use your limited resources most effectively, prioritize and plan, and work with you to drive performance towards key targets. This is done in a way that’s collaborative, supportive and easy-going – so working with a marketing coach is like having an experienced business partner who helps you reach your goals faster.

    • Online marketing coach

      An online marketing coach is someone who can give you a fresh perspective on your business and suggest ways to improve it. They are also able to offer advice on anything from building traffic, increasing sales and conversions, to refining your brand message. The best thing about an online marketing coach is that they do not charge by the hour but rather for specific projects or milestones.

    • Strategic coach

      A strategic coach is an individual who helps business owners develop and execute their strategies. Strategic coaches help you to see the big picture of your business strategy; they also help you determine which aspects of your strategy need the most attention. Once you make those determinations, a strategic coach will provide guidance and structure for implementing your plan.

    • Executive leadership coach

      An executive leadership coach is a person who guides executives through the challenges faced at the top of corporate organizations. Coaches’ help leaders develop skills to deal with many layers of responsibility, as well as lead teams and manage their performance. Coaches help their clients make changes that transform business performance by: addressing rapid growth challenges; identifying, creating and retaining the right talent for change initiatives; clarifying vision and strategy.

    • Executive career coach

      An executive career coach is someone who helps you with your professional and personal development. A life/career coach has expertise in setting goals, creating a vision for the future and guiding clients toward achieving their desired outcomes. An executive coach brings skills to help each client achieve specific, measurable results in his or her career through goal-oriented planning, coaching and consulting.

    • Executive business coach

      An executive business coach is a full-time professional who helps individuals and organisations solve problems, make changes, develop people and manage performance. The focus of growth or development is usually on the individual’s leadership skills in order to enhance their effectiveness. Coaches have usually gained a wide range of experience in both business and coaching practice before entering the world of business coaching.

    • Transaction coach

      Transaction coaching supports people through complex transactions by providing information and counselling to enable informed decision making. It is a concept based upon the process of buying and selling–a process that can be applied to almost all types of business endeavours.

    • Corporate coach

      A corporate coach is an individual who goes deep within a corporation to provide specific, confidential strategic advice to key individuals and leadership teams. The core purpose of corporate coaching is to create new opportunities for the corporation at hand, through exploring alternative ways of doing business that more effectively serve customer needs and markets.

    • Real estate coach

      A RE Coach will teach you how to develop and sustain the habits, strategies, skills and mindsets that ensure your success as a real estate investor. They do not just teach you what to do or show you where to find deals but they also encourage you to create your own opportunities for buying real estate. A coach is there for support through all the down times and points out things that we may miss because of our inexperience in this field.

    • Sales coach

      Sales Coaching is a discipline that helps salespeople to improve results. Sales Coaches have the training, tools and experience to guide you effectively during your journey as an aspiring or experienced professional in sales. They can help you build the skills necessary to achieve greater success in all areas of your career by leveraging proven strategies and implementing practical solutions focused on generating measurable results for yourself, your company, and ultimately increasing our economy’s growth.

    • Small business coach

      A Small Business Coach works with people desiring independence through ownership; those who would like more free time, income and creativity; those wanting to enjoy the feeling of being their own boss but are afraid they cannot do it…or may already be managing one or more businesses and just want some expert advice on how to improve results…from where they are right now.

    • Employee coach

      An employee coach is a person who works with individuals or teams to ensure that they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their goals. Employee coaches help people to set, analyse and meet personal objectives. They also work on organizational development, business improvement projects and dispute resolution.

    • Newly assigned leader coaching

      Newly assigned leader Coaching provides grounds to build a leader’s self-awareness, emotional intelligence, improve decision-making skills and interpersonal relationships. These coaches help transition into new positions and cultures that challenge an individual’s thinking and behaviours so the leaders can continue to grow and develop to their fullest.

    • Redundancy coach/Outplacement coach

      A redundancy coach is a person who assists an employee or prospective employee through the process of finding a new job after they have been made redundant. These coaches work in this area because they are familiar with all the aspects of the job search and can guide you through from start to finish if you need that help.

    • Mergers and Acquisitions coach

      An M&A coach is an executive who has acquired a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience in the services and products related to mergers and acquisitions.  They provide support to clients by guiding and advising them through every step of the process: pre-deal preparation; negotiations; due diligence (including financial statement analysis); contract negotiations & drafting; post-merger integration planning; valuation analysis; strategic after deal advice (retention management); cash flow fore-casting ; as well as unplanned situations.

    • Leadership coach

      A Leadership Coach is a professional who helps you improve your leadership abilities. The coaching process may include helping you identify your strengths, weaknesses and goals as well as identifying areas that require development. A good leadership coach actively helps you to develop skills by guiding your thinking or showing you tools and then demonstrating and explaining them in action.

    • Executive coach

      Executive coaching is an umbrella term for a variety of practices used to assist leaders in achieving their full potential. A coach focuses on helping executives advance professionally, improve skill sets, and discover untapped leadership resources within themselves.

    • Business coach

      Business coaching is an ongoing process of assisting you to grow personally and professionally. Business or career coaching can help you take charge of your own success by improving communication, time management, productivity, performance, team-work and leadership skills. A business coach will work with you to define goals and develop strategies to achieve them. They draw from their own extensive experience in a wide variety of settings as well as proven methodologies to assist their clients in achieving personal and professional fulfilment.

    • Start-up business coaching

      Start up business coaching is a no-nonsense, effective method for turning your great idea into a profitable venture. You can think of start-up business coaching as an action oriented approach to idea development and implementation. It helps you develop your concept without thinking too much about what comes after building and launching your site or product. In other words, this is not about hype, buzz, or copy writing but instead gets straight down to business with real life examples that could make anyone’s dreams come true.

    • Management coaching

      Management coaching is one of the fastest growing development practices in business. It has been defined as a diagnostic process that helps leaders to bring out the very best in themselves and their organisations, enabling them to reach full potential. A management coach helps you: build the skills, knowledge, and behaviours required for personal effectiveness at work; overcome problems and frictions that are getting in your way; effectively manage your own career.

    • Staff coaching

      Staff coaching is a powerful way to develop and deepen your workplace relationships. It is a process that builds on the strengths and resolves the challenges of our staff, so they can be successful in their unique roles. It’s a way to keep them energized and engaged. Coaching provides intentional and regular interactions with feedback, support and development activities to accelerate personal success, adaptability to change, growth in capabilities, and achievement of goals.

    • Interview coaching

      Interview coaching is about preparing yourself for what you will face when it comes to interviewing with an employer. Interview coaching helps you prepare for all aspects of the interview process including behavioural interviewing, case interviews, and panel interviews – both hypothetical and non-hypothetical questions that may be asked during the hiring process.

  • Skills Coaching

    This is a very specific niche of coaching where coaches help their clients hone a specific skill set that can help them grow at whatever it is that they choose. More and more are people are seeking the help of skills coaches to set them apart and overcome obstacles keeping them from achieving their highest goals

    The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching
    • Skills coach

      A skill is something you can get better at, literally your ability to do something well. Everyone has skills that can be used to enrich their lives. We may, although need help discovering where they lie or develop specific skills to get better at what we are doing. Here is where a skills coach can help you. It could be developing your PR skills to get better at a job you’re doing or reconnect with your creative passions. A skills coach has specific tools, techniques to guide you towards your ambition.

    • Language Coach

      A language coach is a teacher who teaches the skills of communication in the target language (TL) rather than teaching vocabulary or grammar. The goal of coaching is to improve students’ ability to express themselves using commonly used words and phrases as they would be naturally spoken. Coaches focus on giving students practical applications for language that they will use while speaking. This method differs from traditional methods which may use prepared sentences, dialogues, drills, rote memorization and translation into English.

    • Storytelling Coach

      A storytelling coach is an experienced storyteller who listens carefully to a speaker’s story, works with the speaker on strengthening it and then ultimately serves as an advocate for the strength of that story within the speaker’s organization. Coaching focuses on content and structure; not delivery or style. A good coach doesn’t tell you how to say something, but helps you find your own way of saying it better.

    • Communication skills Coach

      A communication skills coach helps individuals become highly effective communicators, enabling them to advance their career prospects and ultimately achieve success within all parts of their life. These coaches provide clients with the unique opportunity to develop their self-confidence, leadership abilities, emotional intelligence, negotiation skills and influence people through simulated real-life business situations with our experienced team of coaches.

    • Creativity coach

      A creativity coach is someone who helps you unlock or discover your inner creative self in ways you may not have considered. The process can be anything from writing and rewriting your creative goals to help you achieve them to helping you express your emotions through art to letting go of the things that are keeping you stuck creatively. Creative coaching is all about getting connected with your unique essence of personal power, your highest vision, purpose and values. Then finding ways to make that a reality – living it, expressing it and sharing it.

    • Public speaking coach

      A public speaking coach is a person who helps you overcome your fear of public speaking. He/she helps you become clear on the message you want to communicate, how to generate that message, and–most importantly–how to project it effectively. A typical session involves analysis of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses as a speaker, followed by structured practice that builds confidence and competence.

    • Negotiation coach

      A negotiation coach helps you improve your ability to negotiate effectively by providing practical information and exercises that enable you to develop the skill set necessary to succeed in any situation. Negotiation coaches work with you to develop your personal style, strategy, and tactics, helping you prepare for tough negotiations.

    • Grant writing coach

      Grant writing coaching is an online process that helps you to complete your grant proposal strategically and effectively, while gaining valuable feedback on your efforts. Grant writing coaching is the practice of working with grant-writers to improve their ability to produce high-quality proposals that are most likely to be funded.

    • Speaker coach

      A speaker coach is an individual who helps speakers to be the best they can be. This includes helping them with speaking technique, with public speaking skills and even how to handle nerves. They work for clients who need more than just a great speech – they also want to be effective communicators.

    • Social skills coach

      A social skills coach is a professional who helps people develop the social and communication skills they need in order to achieve their goals. Some of these goals may include successful job interviews, friendships, etc. The coach provides concrete tools for learning new behaviours that can help the client succeed in nearly every area of life. Examples of these tools include: how to start and maintain conversations with others; how to ask for what you want directly rather than whining about not getting your way; effective negotiating skills; workplace etiquette, etc.

    • Blogging coach

      A blogging coach is a person with the skills and experience to teach you how to grow your blog. A blogging coach isn’t a teacher who pushes you to learn how to blog and then tells you what to do, it’s an empowering mentor who gives you the tools and inspiration to become your own creative, self-reliant blogger.

    • Pitch coach

      The role of a pitch coach is to guide you in how to speak as effectively as possible for an audience, based on their experience. They are skilled listeners who will provide feedback on both the content and delivery of your message. The advice they offer is designed to help improve your understanding of what works well so that you can apply it when you have to give a formal speech or presentation.

    • Writing coach

      A writing coach does not write your book for you, but rather assists you in doing so. Most often this takes place online via email. Professional writers work from a template (which may be customized for each client) and provide feedback on topics such as plotting, character development, dialogue, pacing and much more. This is done by conducting a series of exercises throughout the process. The goal of a writing coach is to teach writers how to improve their style, increase sales, and become professionals.


In conclusion, coaching encompasses a diverse range of approaches and techniques aimed at supporting individuals in their personal and professional development. The ten types of coaching discussed provide valuable frameworks for addressing specific areas of growth and achieving desired outcomes. 

Whether it is life coaching, career coaching, or executive coaching, each type offers unique perspectives and methodologies to empower individuals, enhance their self-awareness, and unlock their potential. By leveraging the power of coaching, individuals can gain clarity, set meaningful goals, overcome obstacles, and cultivate the necessary skills and mindset for success. 

Although many of the topics I cover may not be explored in depth in real-world contexts, I have made an honest effort to clarify them as best I can.

So there you have it, the biggest, baddest types of coaches list ever!

Which type of coaching is most congruent with who you are as a person?

When you do find your calling, you will discover that all the greatness that you have envisioned for yourself has become a reality.

Now I want to hear from you.

What do you think of this list?

Which coach do you want to be?

Did I miss any?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Types Of Coaching?

Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Mental Health Coaching, Relationships Coaching, Personal Development Coaching,  Health And Wellness Coaching, Wealth Coaching, Career Coaching, Work And Business Coaching and Skills Coaching are the ten major types of coaching.

What Are The 4 Main Coaching Styles?

Democratic, autocratic, laissez-faire, and holistic are the four main coaching styles.

What Are The 5C Coaching?

These 5 C’s – Curiosity, Communication, Care, Courage, and Commitment – can be used to arrange a single coaching session or a series of coaching sessions in which time is spent focused on each “C.”

What Are Coaching Techniques?

Coaching techniques are the methods and strategies you employ to assist clients, team members, and mentees in developing new abilities and achieving their objectives.

The 10 Types of Coaching (+183 Subtypes) Categorized types of coaching

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