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The Top Focus Coaches

What if you could increase your productivity by simply focusing on one task at a time? Believe it or not, there are techniques that can help you focus and be more productive. And one of the best tools for this is a focus coach. 

A focus coach is someone who helps you stay on track and limits distractions.

The Top Focus Coaches Focus Coach

They keep you accountable and make sure you’re making progress on your tasks. Working with a focus coach can be an extremely effective way to boost your productivity and get things done.

Each focus coach with their custom style trying to help their clients gain success in all forms, and asked them what’s unique about their coaching and what has endorsed their massive success.

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Les Hewitt

With more than 30 years experience, Les Hewitt understands the real world of business and the struggle to stay focused. In his early career, Les became the #1 salesperson in the country for a large international network marketing company, winning every award in the business. His organization has created and delivered more than 900 workshops and training programs that have been utilized by thousands of executives, managers and sales leaders.

The Top Focus Coaches Focus Coach

Les is also the founder of The Power of Focus Leadership Training Program, a unique focusing system for business leaders who want greater profits, less stress and more time off.

Hillary Hutchinson

I believe in being happy. Because we spend so much of our lives working for money in order to live, I believe it is crucial that we love and find meaning in what we do for a living. Happiness is an earned by-product of that quest.

The Top Focus Coaches Focus Coach

Jane McMaster

I am a personal coach specializing in attention and focus. I work with career professionals and graduate students struggling with the day-to-day challenges of ADHD and executive function issues. I received my coach training from the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), the only comprehensive ADHD Coach Training Program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation.

The Top Focus Coaches Focus Coach

ADDCA’s programs require months of rigorous training and practice under the supervision of leaders in the field of ADHD coaching.

Michelle Buzgon

For those of you visiting this corner of the world for the first time, let me introduce myself. I’m Michelle and my most prominent roles at the moment are as coach to clients who constantly blow me away, daughter to two of the most generous people I know, wife to a man whose heart touches mine, and mom to two equally sweet, amazing boys, each with a unique set of gifts.

The Top Focus Coaches Focus Coach

I once put my career on hold to deal with the special challenges my family faced after the birth of my first son. Now I’m bringing what I’ve learned to those who face transitions and challenges of their own. I know, without a doubt, that I can give more to others when I give generously to myself. I encourage the individuals and families I work with to discover that, too.

Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking

Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking is a Speaker, Coach, and Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience helping people create and achieve their goals. She’s developed unique systems to help her clients get a grip on their time and step up to the next level in their life or business.

The Top Focus Coaches Focus Coach


There you have it, you’ve just read about the industry’s top focus coaches.

What has been your biggest takeaway from this?

Let me know in the comment section below.

It’s massively inspiring to see these coaches achieving so much; living a life of abundance and freedom while making a positive contribution in the lives of countless people. 

Although apart from getting inspired by them, there is 1 more valuable takeaway you can gain if you simply observe each of these successful coaches.

And this is the secret to unlocking exponential income from your coaching — to treat it as a business.

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