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We Build World-Class Credibility, Solid Financial Foundations and Freedom, To All Coaches On A Mission To Leave A Lasting Contribution

We Build Your Coaching Business

Our Coach Accelerator program is designed to work with you to build your entire business from the ground up. Identifying a profitable niche, building your coaching website, creating an online client generating funnel, you’ll be working with your very own team to craft, launch and succeed with your coaching business.

Become A Multi Category International Best Selling Author

We design and execute guaranteed best selling author campaigns, where if we fail to reach a best seller status in at least 1 category we don’t charge you a penny. Due to this we only select few authors a year to work closely with to design and launch their book campaigns.

We Build Your Following

Using our own following we promote your business. We have 200,000 followers across 5 linked in groups, a 300,000 person mailing list, and a Facebook following of 3.6 million people.

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How To Turn Your Coaching Into An Inspirational Business?

7 Figure Case Studies

Chris Howard is one of the most prominent figures in personality development. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and a leader in Neuro-Linguistic Programme (NLP). He uses his techniques and profits to empower people in developing nations to create wealth.

Legendary Living is a platform Chris uses to help individuals from varied backgrounds reclaim their life and their purpose in meaningful ways. So what’s he doing teaming up with Sai Blackbyrn?

Check out Legendary Living Platform.

Check out Chris’ Facebook Page.

Chris Howard

CEO, Chris Howard Training

Patrick Powers’ niche is in the subject of lead-generation, marketing, copywriting, entrepreneurship, and success, making him one of Europe’s most successful speakers. He founded a community for entrepreneurs in London in 2009 which has become the biggest business meetups in Europe today.

Check out some of the events that Patrick runs:

Entrepreneurs in London – Meetup

Patrick Powers

5 -6 Figure Case Studies

Tolu Fabgola is at the helm of Career Transitioners, a company that helps mid-career professionals work on their skills to develop their career, providing certified courses as well. Career Transitioners takes its experience from coaching and training professionals like Tolu, who has an experience of over 12 years in skill assessment based training and development company. The coaching experience helps clients choose the right program for them, making it a unique service.

Check out Tolu’s website (Career Transitioners) here

Tolu Fabgola

Business Analyst, SQS Group


Would You Like To Learn
How To Turn Your Coaching Into An Inspirational Business?

About Me

I’m Sai Blackbyrn, better known as “The Coach’s Mentor.” I help Coaches like you establish their business online. My system is simple: close more clients at higher fees. You can take advantage of technology, and use it as a catalyst to grow your coaching business in a matter of weeks; not months, not years. It’s easier than you think.