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27 Best Life Coach Websites
Coaching Website Blueprint

Are you a life coach thinking of setting up your website? 

Or perhaps you’re looking to improve your current website?

In either case, you’ve come to the right place.

Here I’ve put together a list of the 27 best life coach websites and analyzed why they work. 

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website

I also list out the essential things you need to have on your website and the common mistakes coaches make while setting up their coaching website.

So let’s get into it.

Chapter 1:

Your Website Essentials

Before we get into the list of the best life coach websites, it’s important to briefly touch upon some fundamentals of coaching websites.

Why is having one important?

What are the general things that your website must have?

You will get much more value when you go through the list of websites by being aware of these fundamentals.

So let’s get into it.  

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website

The Importance Of A Website

A website is the business card of the internet age.

How many times have you used the phrase “Google it”?

Searching for things online has become such a common thing that “Google” was added to the official Oxford dictionary back in 2006!

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website
change image

And the case is no different for your business.

Having a website legitimizes your business. Your website will be the center of your company’s online presence. According to a survey, 81% of people research online before making a purchase. 

And that number is ever increasing. 

And even then, almost 45% of small businesses don’t have a website!

importance of being online - start a successful online coaching business

What does that mean for you?

If you don’t have a website, you are instantly losing out on credibillity and opportunities for your coaching business.

On the flip side, having a website, immediately gives you a leg up on almost half of your competition.

Your website must instill trust & confidence in your audience

Your website attracts people and encourages them to do business with you. It brands you and what you have to offer. 

When a potential client visits your website, it must leave them with a good impression and confidence in you and your ability. 

Captivate. Engage. Activate.

The Must-Haves

Before I share detailed reviews of some of the best coach websites and why they work, here are some ‘Must Haves’ straight off the bat. 

Pay attention, this can serve as your checklist.

In fact, I’ve created a checklist which you can download at the end of this section.

Non-Technical Aspects

  1. Overall look and feel

A feel-good factor that leaves them with hope for the better – they should feel absolutely convinced that they are bringing in a good change in their lives and setting course for a bright and happy future by signing up for your program. 

Keep in mind an effective website that converts is more important than a beautiful one.

  1. Smooth User Flow

They should feel like they are in an effortless flow while they navigate through your website and can easily find what they need to and take the actions they intend to via clear call to actions (CTAs).

Their flow should not be broken by any interruptions like broken pages and links, landing in unexpected parts of your website or getting distracted.

  1. Clear Call To Actions

The call to action, also known as a CTA is a prompt that tells the person looking at your content what is the next action they should take.

According to research, 90% of the people who read your headline will read your call to action

People visiting websites are generally impatient and have short attention spans. ess than 15 seconds of attention

Once they land on your website and find your message is relevant for them, you want to capitalize on that and give them a clear answer to what to do next.

It’s important that your call to action is clear, eye-catching and they know what to expect once they click on it.

It should be clear what the next step for someone looking at your website should be.

Giving a free ebook, a checklist or something else of value in exchange for their email is a tried and testing CTA

  1. Clear Messaging

A good website should represent your core business clearly to your clients and also show how your business can benefit them.

Research shows that on average, 55% of all pageviews get less than 15 seconds of attention

You have less than 15 seconds to convey the core benefit the person visiting your website will get and keep them hooked to stay on longer.

Create content that is appealing to the audience and is sectioned by clear headers. Review your content and make sure that it doesn’t contain ambiguous language or filler words.

Now even after you have done the first step, there is a second thing to keep in mind.

Research shows that on average, people read only about 20% of the text that is on a page. This percentage increases as the number of texts decreases

This means, you need to ensure you don’t add a lot of text on your website. You cannot have walls of text on your website. Most people are not going to read it and it’s going to be a terrible user experience for them.

Keep it short, succinct and relevant to the user so you convey what they need to know even if they skim through the page.

  1. Testimonials

Testimonials are important because nothing creates credibility and trust more than the words of your peers.

It is the ultimate social proof. I can tell you from personal experience that the moment I started getting good quality testimonials it was infinitely easier for me to get clients.

Good testimonials are very specific and very clearly convey how you helped them achieve their goals.

You can even go one step beyond and get video testimonials.

According to a study, 2 out of 3 people say they’d be more likely to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video demonstrating how a business, product, or service had helped another person like them

  1. Legal Aspects

Following the advent of GDPR (which stands for General Data Protection Regulation) and other laws related to privacy, it has become essential for any website owner to stay on the right side of the law.

Not doing so can result in heavy fines and penalties.

It’s reported that since its enforcement in 2018, European authorities have imposed EUR 114 million ($126 million) in fines in the first 2.5 years.

And it is predicted that the frequency and amount of fines is going to keep increasing.

Most countries already have strict rules in their information security and cyber law, which include guidelines around privacy. And those that currently don’t are gearing towards it.

Legally speaking, the following are the important:

  1. Privacy policy
  2. Cookie policy
  3. Cookie Consent
  4. Terms and Conditions
  5. Refund Policy
  6. Copyright Notice

You must ensure these are appropriately implemented and up to date.

Note: The opinions expressed here should not be taken as legal advice. The laws and policies for different places and companies are unique and often complex. Ensure you get qualified legal counsel to address all the above points for your jurisdiction.

  1. Reflect your Personality

When people connect with a business, especially for a business like coaching, they want to know who is the person behind it.

Clients will connect better when they see the face behind the business and this human connection helps you build trust with your clients. 

Your website should highlight you and get the visitor to feel like they know you and relate with you.

That doesn’t mean just go on about yourself. But give them an opportunity to find out more about you in your “About” section or page.

Effectively communicate your journey so that people who read it can connect with your story.

Technical Aspects

  1. SSL Certificate

HTTPs is that small lock sign you see on the left of your website address.

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website

This basically is the technology which ensures no hackers or any third party can spy on your users’ interaction with your website.

In today’s age, it’s become a necessity to have this set up properly. It’s better for users, and better for you to show up on Google and get discovered.

On the contrary, if you don’t have it set up or set up correctly, visitors actually end up seeing a very scary warning which will make them want to leave your website immediately.

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website

  1. Mobile Optimization

Having a mobile optimized website basically means that your website looks and functions well when people visit it from a mobile phone and provides an optimal user experience on small screens.

Desktop computers are no longer the primary way people use the internet.

More than 50% of the internet traffic comes from mobile phones and this trend is here to stay

If your website is not mobile optimized, you are immediately alienating over half of the people who are discovering you.

  1. Speed

According to studies, 40% of users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load

Beyond that, you lose 7% of users for every second your website takes to load.

Google has been using the speed at which a website loads as a ranking factor to determine where your website shows up in google search results since 2010.

why your website speed matters - start a successful online coaching business

So you need to ensure your website is blazing fast.

your coaching website - start a successful online coaching business

Chapter 2:

The 27 Best Life Coach Websites

Here’s a deep dive into some of the most successful websites to help you structure and strengthen your own. 

This list will give you detailed insights into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating your own website.

You will learn about some of the industry’s best-practices, and pick up several other tips that will help you create the website of your dreams. 

PS: Don’t miss the bonus insights!

Let’s get started!

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website

Melissa Ambrosini

‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’

Self-help Guru, Podcast Host, Author & Motivational Speaker

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


A big believer in self-love, Melissa intends to empower women in all areas of life – health, wealth & love. Bestselling author of multiple books, she also hosts a podcast and is a sought-after speaker. Melissa is a certified holistic health coach who is also trained in yoga, meditation, and Acu Energetics. She believes we create our reality moment by moment. 

Why the website works

She focuses on her brand. One glimpse at her website and it is hard to look away from her signature sunshine smile. Apart from her books, meditation, and wellness courses, she has tie-ups with several wellness products and offers a host of discounts. She also lists stellar recommendations from top names in the wellness industry whom she has also collaborated with for her podcast. 

  1. Beautifully incorporated movement in text and video making it seem interactive and welcoming
  2. Distinguished CTAs that aren’t in your face and seamlessly flow with the content. 
  3. A running meter of millions of downloads and her average rating adding social proof.
  4. Search section for different topics with clear search keywords for popular terms on the homepage
  5. Something for everybody
  6. A+ on the overall functionality

Bonus insights

  1. Detailed intro on about page – who she is, where she’s coming from, and her personal story. She makes a personal connection with impactful tell-all details
  2. She includes all her media coverage on the website
  3. Encourages podcast reviews in exchange for a free guided meditation 
  4. She has a newsletter signup section on almost all pages of the website 


Ayobami Abiodun

Life Coach & Motivational Speaker


Ayobami is a Netherlands-based practical realist who prioritizes personal development. She helps people build a plan depending on real situations they might face in life. She is also the Founder & CEO of a social enterprise focusing on gender equality. It received the Top 100 Global Meaningful Business Award (2019 – 2020). 

Why the website works

Apart from personal development, she helps her clients with public speaking and presentation, building an online business, and content & social media management. In the very first fold of her website, she offers a free assessment for users to find out if they are living a fulfilled life.

  1. Live chat feature 
  2. Short yet descriptive headlines to each section
  3. Good content flow
  4. Bonus add-ons like motivational quotes and poems
  5. FAQs section
  6. Testimonials


Gabby Bernstein

The “Spirit Junkie”

   Manifesting Coach & Author

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


With the strong mission of helping people crack open a spiritual relationship of their own understanding, Gabby believes that no matter where one is on their spiritual path, they can find a way to live in alignment with their true purpose and be a source of love and inspiration in the world.

Why the website works

She is an international speaker and #1 New York Times bestselling author who offers a multitude of ways in which her audience can connect with her and begin their spiritual journey. A quick scroll through her clean yet informative website shows the readers exactly what’s on offer and what they can expect from her sessions.

  1. Exciting video montage of a live event to establish her energy
  2. Straightforward mentions of credentials & recognitions
  3. Plenty of CTAs (Call-to-Action)
  4. Different packages catering to people at different stages of the decision-making process
  5. Result-oriented language
  6. Different mediums like online courses, books, meditation sessions, mobile app & social media
  7. Clean interface for a superior user experience

Bonus insights

  1. Gabby has clearly established herself with years of experience. Don’t let this overwhelm you if you’re only just starting out
  2. Good use of social media platforms to direct more traffic and gain followers
  3. Don’t hold back when you talk about your accomplishments


Patrice Washington

“America’s Money Maven™”   
Wealth & Life Coach


A finance aficionado, driven by faith, Patrice helps her clients beyond budgeting and credit repairs. She helps her clients tap into their talents and live their lives’ purpose in abundance and prosperity. A number one bestselling author, speaker, podcaster, and personal finance expert, Patrice has worked extensively in TV and other media. She admits her approach is different and is unapologetic about it. 

Why the website works

Her approach spells class all the way. She is creating her audience, the way she sees them. Patricia believes in a well-rounded approach to creating wealth that includes work, relationships, fitness, faith and support systems. She also teaches the art of public speaking with a powerful stage presence. 

  1. Subtle yet on-point CTAs throughout
  2. Her mantra to ‘chase purpose, not money’ is reiterated as different web pages load
  3. Reaffirming client testimonials for all course categories
  4. Attractive About page with a personalized approach to storytelling 
  5. She creates an urgency for signups with limited seats on programs
  6. A separate hamburger menu with her calendar, approved photos, etc. catering especially for press and booking queries


Lindsay E. Preston

Life Coach & Mindset Expert

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


Lindsay helps feminist women accomplish their wildest dreams. A self-proclaimed neuroscience nerd with a background in psychology, her process is neuroscience-backed to attain life-long change. Her programs are designed for busy and strong women who want to lead their best lives but do not want self-development to take over their energy and resources.

Why the website works

Lindsay keeps her website simple. It gets right to the point and the heart. The design is clean and colorful. It has a certain playful quality amidst the formal details that leave the user feeling positive about her. She knows her audience and caters to them. 

  1. The website has a personal touch – she seems easily accessible and available for clients 
  2. Her process is neatly portrayed in an infographic with an established 9 month timeline
  3. She offers a free 60-minute one-on-one consult call that she promotes throughout
  4. She allows users to leave her a voicemail message – a unique feature that also points to her accessibility for busy clients
  5. The ‘Results’ page is filled with testimonials from clients she has helped 


Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher

 Prosperity Teachers & Abundance Specialists


The Proctor-Gallagher Institute focuses on the secret science of getting rich. They use decades of research, study and application to help people get in touch with themselves to understand who they are, what they’re capable of and what they want in life. Featured in the movie ‘The Secret’, they educate and empower their audience to elevate the quality of their thoughts and harmonize with the ‘Laws of the Universe’.

Why the website works

Big believers in thinking one’s way into any result one desires, they focus on the power of the mind in creating an ideal life plush with prosperity. They offer a variety of programs, masterclasses and physical tools including coins. The website is simple and directs one straight to their offerings without much ado.

  1. Crystal clear headings that get right to the point
  2. A ‘New Here’ section with free resources like an e-book and tips and tools
  3. Dedicated webpage of free content for users to make up their mind
  4. They present their rich lineage on the About Us page
  5. Certain elements of mystery and intrigue that build curiosity and direct sign-ups


David Ball

Life Mentor

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


David is a life coach who prefers to be called a Life Mentor instead. He works with men on a one-on-one mentoring basis to help them develop and improve their health and overall wellness. He majored in physical and emotional wellness and has 15+ years of experience working at a leading Australian health retreat center. He focuses his mentoring on 3 prime aspects – self, relationships and work.

Why the website works

David works on a one-on-one basis spanning from a few months to a year or so as required by clients. He caters specifically to men but has also included a woman client’s testimonial to not seem out of reach to any individual who seeks his help.  

  1. He uses quotes of statements that resound with prospective clients, tapping into their exact emotions 
  2. Dedicated “If you’re not sure” section that helps clients understand what he offers
  3. Devoid of fluff, he focuses on exactly what he offers, one on one interactions
  4. Clean and easy to navigate
  5. Call button for mobile-optimized accessibility 


Emily Jacob

Trauma Recovery Coach for Women


Emily Jacob, based in the UK, is a trained coach and a master NLP practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming). She understands the struggles of her clients in creating their healing pathways and helps them by providing a map and guiding them on their journey. A survivor herself, she understands the crippling effect of PTSD. She empowers her clients to heal their wounds and rebuild their stories to help them not just survive but thrive. 

Why the website works

It can be difficult for survivors of rape and sexual abuse to seek help, Emily speaks to her audience in a manner that strikes a chord. The website is created with extreme thought and care for her clients. Anonymity is a promise she makes and keeps not just for clients but site visitors as well. 

  1. ‘Hide this site’ button on the website points to her expertise. A quick button that directs the site to your browser’s default homepage is a brilliant stroke for users who might need privacy from prying eyes around them
  2. The cookie preference notification uses three different options, a rare sight on websites, for Accept all, Functional only and View preferences
  3. Change oriented content written in a language that builds a rapport with users
  4. The user interface allows for exploring the website. She embeds information on different pages that lets interested users dig in deeper. Like her Vision on the Press & Praise page and the Get Urgent Help section listed at the bottom that also has a video for friends/family on how they can help 
  5. A whole section dedicated to Books that might help
  6. The most prominent CTA which gets the ball rolling is the Book a call button on top of the page


Katrine Van Wyk

Consultant & Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


Katrine is a health coach based in Oslo, Norway, who has worked with The Well in New York as their Lead Health Coach. An ex-model, she has a deep understanding of how we look at and treat our bodies while leading busy lives. She helps clients nourish and heal their bodies. Katrine offers a wide range of services apart from which she also develops juices for The Juicery’s locations worldwide.

Why the website works

Katrine offers one-on-one coaching, group events, and other sessions that include cooking and yoga classes. She also consults with restaurants to help them add healthy options to their menu apart from which Katrine has written 3 healthy recipe books which she lists on her website. 

  1. A quick introductory letter that reels in interested clients and helps weed out low converting leads 
  2. Detailed user interface flow of services
  3. Relevant CTAs
  4. Bold choice to leave all the content on the homepage which might drive up the Dwell Time (time a user spends on a webpage) which may affect her google page ranking and SEO
  5. Great use of resources like past work, books on sale, testimonials and press mentions 

Bonus Insight

While this approach may work for her, it might not work for you. What this means is that she has spent time understanding her audience and honed her content and website to suit her undertakings. 


Cortney McDermott

Coach, Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


A neuroscience geek, she uses brain-body science to elevate human potential. She believes in the power of leading with intuition. She is a life strategist who helps people without being preachy. She helps her clients attain sustainable success and find confidence by tapping into their true inner selves. She is known for her creative and innovative approach apart from her infectious energy.

Why the website works

Cortney has worked with some of the top leaders across industries. Her brand value is reflected in her website’s homepage. A word of praise from an advisor to President Obama? That’s hitting right out of the park when it comes to credibility and recognition. The rest of the website reflects her strong and accomplished media presence too.

  1. A well-rounded slider in the first scroll – covers a free meditation, about her and a testimonial
  2. The star page is highlighted with a box and reads ‘Work with me’. It displays all her programs and is welcoming to the press and collaborators 
  3. Great use of videos around the website 

Bonus insight

Cortney has secured her content from plagiarism very well. You cannot select text on the website and if you try to take a screenshot, the website gives you a warning alert. 

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


Ciara Foy

The Change Champion”

Nutritionist & Life Coach

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


A nutritionist based in Toronto, Canada, who caters to the health plight of a modern-day hustler. Ciara (pronounced Keera) helps her clients lead a healthy lifestyle by helping them manage an internal shift fueled by self-care. Her clientele around the world benefits from her corporate experience that propels her approach. Her expertise is food and nutrition.

Why the website works

She specializes in regulating hormones with good gut health. She helps women with PCOS, thyroid and weight issues. She stresses the importance of consistency over perfection. She has also written a book on how food empowers one’s being. Her website directs one to evaluate their current lifestyle and eating habits and take measures to improve their overall wellbeing. 

  1. Action-oriented content
  2. An extremely detailed application to work with her for those keenly interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle
  3. A dedicated page of recognition in the press works great for establishing her thriving presence
  4. Hover movement for critical CTAs
  5. Detailed podcast page with description and summary of each episode
  6. A comprehensive one-page sister website for her bestselling program ‘The Hormone Solution’

Bonus insight 

Having a sister website for your bestselling program is a good way to devote energy and resources towards expanding the program. It gives you room to tweak and course-correct based on response. 


Mark Groves

The ‘Human Connection Specialist’

Founder of Create The Love, Connection & Communication Coach


Mark Grove, along with his team of experts, runs Create The Love which specializes in love and relationships with a focus on self-love and designing one’s life by doing the required work. They help the healing of those with heartache, recovering from breakups and those trying to break unhealthy dating patterns. They also have an interesting card deck of dating questions with expert remarks.

Why the website works

Create the love offers courses, webinars, podcasts, videos, events and retreats apart from their signature dating question cards. Their courses also accommodate hearing and visually impaired with audio downloads and closed captioning on videos apart from transcripts. 

  1. The large font makes the website copy look neat and attractive
  2. Bold color palette and good use of design elements
  3. Quiz lead form
  4. Inclusive and accessible content
  5. Every section has a CTA

Bonus insight

Developing your personal brand when you run a team lead venture can be beneficial. Mark Groves has a well-designed personal website, he’s taken great care to let it reflect his personality and style. It allows your clients to get to know you better and helps establish more meaningful connections. 

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


Connor Beaton

Founder of Man Talks Coach & Speaker

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


Connor primarily helps men unlearn ‘strength through suppression’. His training in Jungian psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy informs his approach. He helps people break their patterns of self-sabotage with shadow work, realize their full potential, find fulfillment and to live their best lives. 

Why the website works

His endeavor, Man Talks, trains men to sharpen their skills and knowledge of self-leadership while working alongside a community of other like-minded men. The outdoor retreat has a team of coaches and therapists that facilitate activities and dialogue along with guest chats from experts in fitness, relationships, sexual health, psychology, financial wellness, spirituality and more. 

  1. Action-oriented relatable content presented with storytelling
  2. Checklists with favorable use of icons and FAQs
  3. Attractive animated CTAs
  4. Outdoor imagery that complements the programs on offer
  5. Compelling use of statistics


Brené Brown

The ‘Human Connection Specialist’

Founder of Create The Love, Connection & Communication Coach


A research professor at the University of Houston, where Dr. Brené Brown holds the Huffington Foundation – Brené Brown Endowed Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work. She spent years researching courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy. She breaks down a complicated understanding of these important feelings and presents them in an unambiguous and easily accessible manner that people can understand and apply to improve their lives. She leads the popular Dare to Lead program with her motto ‘Courage over comfort’.      

Why the website works

Author of 5 #1 New York Times bestselling books, she has a filmed lecture on Netflix and her video is one of the top 5 most viewed TED talks in the world. Her website offers a host of mediums like videos, podcasts, books, audio, guides, tools and articles along with the support of facilitators. 

  1. The vast repository of resources are broken down into steps with experiential methodology and learning 
  2. Comprehensive website with tons to keep one busy for hours 
  3. Personal touches throughout the website like a  letter recommending the order of books, personal timeline, etc.
  4. With so much to offer, the sliding banners are a great way to direct users to important pages
  5. Well optimized for mobile devices
  6. Represents and caters to her large following beautifully


Harjot Mann

Leadership & Mindset Coach

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


A qualified medical doctor, she left her stressful practice to pursue a more fulfilling career in coaching. She now consults with driven entrepreneurs to lead their lives and businesses to success. She believes the quality of emotions and a shift in perspective can help overcome difficult times and steer one towards fulfillment and prosperity. 

Why the website works

Harjot offers group sessions, workshops and one-on-one coaching. She assists women in activating and mastering their innate leadership skills to thrive in business and life. Her approach is goal-oriented. She helps her clients strategize and develop action plans for success. 

  1. Use of pleasing pastels intermixed with bold gold
  2. Dedicated testimonials page
  3. A clean and wholesome approach
  4. Relatable content


Alexandra Jamieson

The ‘Creatrix Coach’

Leadership Coach

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


The wellness expert behind Super Size Me (an Oscar-nominated documentary), is a New York Times bestselling author of 5 books who has been interviewed by Oprah. She helps creative women struggling with imposter syndrome connect with their strengths and desires to put their very best forward, make more money and take control of their lives with shining excellence. 

Why the website works

Alexandra offers a 6-month exclusive program of private coaching for an ‘elite creatrix’. She uses relatable long-form copy targeting her specific audience. She also does radio shows for Her Rules Radio on iTunes. The shows with guest collaborations are up on her website with a description and highlights of each episode.

  1. She uses a proprietary term to brand her unique program & approach
  2. Conversational language that engages the reader
  3. A separate page on values to connect with women entrepreneurs and creatives
  4. Contrasting colors and an inviting collage greets the user on the first page
  5. The radio show offers a learning opportunity for interested clients


ES Life Coach

Life Coach for Younger, Middle & Older Adults

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


The brainchild of 3 individuals, namely Elizabeth, Rica, and Chris; ES Life Coach is based on their proprietary ES Approach – Enlightening Spirits, Engaging Services, Embodying Strength, Empowering Self and Providing Emotional Support to their clients, thereby empowering them to help themselves improve their quality of life, and maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Why the website works

The ES Life Coach Team project themselves as wearing several hats – Educators, Researchers & Public Speakers; Enablers; Advocates & Activists; Brokers & Coordinators; and Mediators & Negotiators. Each of these roles is clearly elaborated upon on their website. 

  1. The use of calming colors and big fonts to better cater to their desired demographic
  2. Clean layout for easy navigation and content consumption
  3. Clear yet concise explanation of the services on offer
  4. Conversational language throughout the website to make the reader feel engaged



Coaching Aging Adults

Coaching for Seniors


With over three decades of experience in mental health, Karen, the Founder of Coaching Aging Adults, is a Clinical Psychologist who utilizes holistic thinking in an integrated approach to treat the mental and emotional effects of aging. Karen is dedicated to developing hope and purpose for her clients’ future.

Why the website works

Karen builds an instant emotional connection with the reader by immediately diving into a conversational narrative that touches on the common concerns that her target demographic might have. The website strikes a fine balance between action and compassion, by punctuating relatable content with CTAs where needed.

  1. The website is easy to navigate, with clear tabs and expanded lists
  2. Big and bold fonts are used to make it easy to read for the target demographic
  3. Projects a sense of community by offering opportunities to work together
  4. Offers clients different engagement options depending on what they’re looking for
  5. Keeps the experience engaging and interactive by providing a free personality quiz
  6. Offers a free toolkit upon subscribing to the email list, which helps in getting more subscriptions


Dr. Bill Thomas

Changing Aging

A publishing platform challenging conventional views on aging

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


Founded by Dr. Bill Thomas and Kavan Peterson, Changing Aging is a multi-blog platform that aims to challenge the conventional views on aging. They believe that aging is a strength, rich in developmental potential and growth. They also encourage submissions from members of their online community.  

Why the website works

This website comes across as a breath of fresh air because it is very clear about its focused purpose and leans right into it from the get-go. It is a platform that publishes articles by various writers and experts and lays them all out in an organized and easy-to-navigate manner.

  1. Focused approach and objective
  2. No clutter on the homepage
  3. Content is categorized in a way that makes it easy to access & understand
  4. Aesthetically appealing layout with large and bright fonts
  5. Convenient “Search” option which can lead the user directly to a specific article


Krista Demcher

Career Coach for Entrepreneurs


Krista Demcher believes that finding your purpose has everything to do with finding & enhancing your unique skills. Founder of the ACORN Method, and a business coach with 8 years of experience as a clinical counselor and 11 years in building a social selling business from the ground up, she helps those looking for a way to end their career confusion and move forward with confidence and clarity toward the business of their dreams.

Why the website works

From the first moment a reader lands on the website, they are confronted with a question that encourages them to think & retrospect. This is the hook that immediately engages the reader and piques their curiosity. The language on the website is highly conversational and free-flowing, while also being punctuated with actionable CTAs that prompt the reader into taking action.

  1. Clean layout with a good balance between text and images
  2. Explains thoughts and concepts in clear bullet points
  3. Uses a question-answer format of communication to keep the reader curious & engaged
  4. Has a proprietary system (the ACORN Method) – which lends credibility to her expertise
  5. Gives 4 distinct program options for different goals
  6. Offers a free 15-page guide as a sneak peek into the ACORN Method 


Jenny Logullo

Gen Z Career Coach

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


Jenny Logullo is a writer, marketer, and career coach who works to inspire and equip young job seekers with the skills & confidence they need to go after the unthinkable or explore an unconventional career path. She is the founder of Workplace Worth Academy, her signature coaching program that guides clients on how to seize the right opportunities that align with their lifestyle and goals. 

Why the website works

The website offers a heartening glimpse into Jenny’s personal experiences, challenges and triumphs, which makes it feel relatable to the reader, and immediately transports them to a mental space that feels safe & comfortable. Her course offerings are clear and to the point, which portrays a sense of confidence on her behalf.

  1. A visually energetic website, with inspired use of fonts, colors, and images
  2. Opens up about her personal journey to inspire confidence and a sense of camaraderie
  3. Offers an option for 1:1 coaching for a truly personalized experience
  4. Gives out 2 free toolkits that act as an appetizer and leave the user wanting more
  5. Forms & CTAs are well-placed and do not interfere with the browsing experience 


Stephanie Heath

Career Life Coach


Right off the bat, Stephanie comes across as a focused individual with a clear offering to her readers. She focuses on helping her clients achieve their career aspirations, and all her programs are built around acquiring the skills and mindset that are required to land a job you will love and successfully negotiate a salary that best reflects your talents.

Why the website works

Her website is concise and to the point, and after just a brief introductory statement, it dives right into the courses on offer, with a short introduction to each course. There are minimal tabs, which enhances the overall browsing experience, and doesn’t overwhelm the reader with the problem of “too much choice”

  1. Very result-oriented language focusing on what exactly the user can expect to gain
  2. Programs on offer are clearly explained, without being too sales-y 
  3. A separate tab for “Results” gives instant validation and makes the reader feel confident
  4. Programs are further divided into 2 simple categories, making it easy to decide
  5. Shares her personal experiences to come across as relatable & empathetic 


Domonique Worship

Career & Leadership Development Coach

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


Domonique Worship is a coach, consultant, trainer and speaker, who helps individuals and organizations take their visions to the next level. She believes that passion, purpose and realized potential create meaning, fulfillment and impact in our work lives. She takes a holistic approach to leadership development coaching and is inspired by her values for connection, service and impact.

Why the website works

The website is immediately pleasing to the eye, and the messaging exudes a sense of positive reinforcement, support, and empathy. She states her beliefs, values and purpose clearly and concisely, before going on to present the benefits that her clients can expect to gain from her programs.

  1. Easy to navigate, with a clean and attractive layout
  2. A tab dedicated to client feedback inspires confidence in the reader
  3. Offers program options for specific goals & needs
  4. Provides a clear insight into her personal experiences and inspirations
  5. Uses the homepage effectively to showcase the benefits one can expect from her programs


Melissa Carvalho

Career Coach


Melissa calls herself “Your ultimate cheerleader when it comes to all things career and growth”. She is a former Recruiter & HR Professional with a passion to guide her clients through career challenges, and help them achieve ultimate success and growth. She helps her clients figure out exactly “what’s next” in their career path, and provides them with the tools for long-term success.

Why the website works

The website puts forward a clear and specific purpose – helping people advance their careers in the best way possible. It contains links to various resources that help the reader in their pursuit of career success. 

  1. Website content is concise and to-the-point
  2. Course offerings are clear and targeted
  3. Separate tab for podcasts which gives users access to another medium of content consumption
  4. Links to relevant blogs & articles throughout the homepage
  5. Free toolkits and blueprints to entice readers to sign up for the full program


Pamella Pritchard

Career & Mindset Coach

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


With a decade of experience working in Recruitment, Human Resources, Account Management and Sales, Pamella is a career coach who firmly believes that a person’s intangible qualities, like confidence, presence and purpose, are as important as one’s qualifications in landing them the job they desire. 

Why the website works

Everything from the name, to the actual content on the website clearly indicates what the website is about. The messaging is targeted to a specific audience and addresses some common concerns that such an audience may have.

  1. A short explainer video on the homepage
  2. Offers free webinars to build trust & confidence
  3. Gives away a free guide upon subscription
  4. The purpose is singular, focused and comes through in every element of the website
  5. Has several blogs on relevant topics


Julia Toothacre

Career Coach & Strategist


The mastermind behind the Ride The Tide Collective, Julia Toothacre is a career coach whose goal is to equip ambitious corporate professionals to strategize and take action to advance their careers. She has extensive experience working in higher education, coaching, and creating career programs, and uses that experience to create a career management and advancement program for her clients.

Why the website works

Julia says that the name of the company represents the ride we all take through the tides of life, the ups and the downs, and getting safely to shore. The language on the website is very action-oriented and inspires the reader to be energetic and agile in the way they think.

  1. Very clear and precise objective
  2. Targeted towards a specific audience
  3. Actionable content shared through podcasts
  4. Free guides and quizzes to whet the appetite of the reader
  5. Shares insights into her own life journey & experiences



Interracial Relationship Coach

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


When Brittany married her Indian husband, Joel, and looked for advice on how to make the best of an interracial relationship, she found that there was a dearth of information on the subject. That’s when The Almost Indian Wife was born. Through the website, she shares her own journey with others, and coaches women and couples looking to thrive in their interracial families.

Why the website works

Because it stemmed from a personal need that was very close to her heart, the niche that Brittany has chosen is quite unique and personal in nature. Her website dives into the history of herself and her family, before going on to explain how she uses her experience to help others.

  1. Unique niche and specific purpose 
  2. A story-telling narrative that immediately engages the reader
  3. Offers a free 30-minute call to encourage users to take that first step
  4. Gives out other small freebies to keep users interested
  5. A comprehensive blog section that covers diverse topics like in-laws, families, recipes, and more


  • 1 Bonus! Hey, you made it this far and deserve a little something extra!

Sam Burgess

Business & Life Coach


Certified NLP practitioner, life coach, marketing consultant and business mentor, Sam supports anxious entrepreneurs with marketing strategies and personal guidance to beat overwhelming stress and self-doubt. She helps her clients live life to the fullest on their own terms with holistic methods (Emotional Freedom Tapping and Thought Field Therapy) and energy psychology apart from learning from her own personal experience. 

Why the website works

Sam offers several programs and gets that message across from the get-go. She has dedicated services pages that help prospective clients understand clearly what she’s offering. Her overall content is conversational and non-pushy. Including the CTAs that rest at the end sections available for action should one need them without being loud or intrusive. 

  1. Clean and clutter-free layout with pleasing fonts and style
  2. She offers free resources and tools
  3. Including Google reviews adds more credibility
  4. Comprehensive details on the services offered like what to expect, who the course is for, etc. is a great asset for higher conversions
  5. The personal images used have an unstaged, real and in the moment quality that set her apart


Jessica Drucker

Author, Radical Change & Expat Life Coach

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


Jessica Drucker is a life coach who helps people who want to move abroad and enjoy new adventures. She uses her unique Five Freedoms Framework as a tool to analyze and strategize the kind of life her clients dream about abroad. She works with those looking to make a life-changing change and become a digital nomad, a minimalist, recover from a loss, switch careers or completely change the course of their lives. 

Why the website works

A certified coach and serial expat with a Masters degree in Media & Culture Studies, Jessica resists the obvious temptation to display her travel pictures on the website. She builds intrigue with incidents from her experiences at tempting locations and focuses on the lessons she has to offer. 

  1. Action-oriented homepage with a call to action on book purchase, email signup with vital considerations for moving abroad, etc.
  2. Her podcast collaborations with interesting expats is hard to pass. She provides a detailed written intro of her guests and the transcript from the episode – a plus point to reach audiences who may not have time to listen to the whole episode


Chapter 3:

The Biggest Takeaways

As a coach, you want to make a positive impact in people’s lives and also in the world at large. 

But getting your message across tastefully and impactfully can often be challenging even for the best of us. 

The websites featured in this article can inspire you to take the leap and craft your online identity with passion and purpose. 

Browse through them at leisure, if you haven’t already, and pay attention to the smallest details. 

You never know when inspiration will strike!

I know that was a long read, so here’s a quick refresher summary on the dos and don’ts when it comes to creating your own coaching website. 

27 Best Life Coach Websites + Coaching Website Blueprint life coach website


  1. Do share photos and stories of yourself – this makes you come across as relatable, and inspires comfort & confidence
  1. Do include something for free – it can be a simple toolkit, guide, or planner, for example
  1. Do consider posting a short explainer video on your homepage – video content is automatically more engaging
  1. Do be clear & concise when you are explaining the benefits of your program – people like to see what they’re getting
  1. Do avoid clutter when you list out your programs – clear offerings reflect clarity of thought
  1. Do keep in mind that nobody likes a hard-sell – avoid too many CTAs across your website

For more tips on getting your marketing right, read this detailed guide.


  1. Don’t get stuck on perfection.

“Perfectionism is a lost cause. Focus your energy on being the best you can be.”
– Domonique Bertolucci

I have seen a lot of coaches getting stuck on trying to get everything on their website perfect. 

The perfect design, the perfect colours, the perfect logo, text, marketing video, etc.

You don’t need a perfect website, you need an effective one

  1. Don’t forget to check all the linked pages. Do a customer journey run through. Make sure all the buttons are working
  1. Don’t leave faulty media on your website. Make sure the images load and the videos play
  1. Don’t mix up social media icons. I came across a very popular website that posted its Instagram handle under Twitter’s logo
  1. Don’t have inactive CTAs or lead forms, it’s what website nightmares are made of. Imagine running ads and spending a bunch of money but getting no leads.
  1. Don’t forget to proofread. Content riddled with grammar and spelling errors is a big NO-NO.
  1. Don’t forget to place your logo on the website’s favicon. Favicons are the tiny logos on a browser’s tab. If you’re using a platform like WordPress to develop your website, it will use the WordPress favicon by default.
  1. Don’t use too many different fonts. It’s distracting and does nothing for aesthetics.


Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of what makes a successful website, go ahead and begin crafting your unique & vibrant online identity!

Click here if you would like to dive a little deeper and read more on the topic.

Your website is working even when you are not!

Do share your experience of setting up a website. What hurdles did you face? 

I still have nightmares about inactive CTAs. Did you make a horrific mistake you’re not proud of?

Any ideas you’re particularly proud of? 

Let me know in the comments below.

I just want to leave you with 1 important thing: 

Having an effective website is just one piece of the puzzle for running a successful coaching business.

There are many other important things that need to work together to make it work.

Learn the different things necessary to create and run a successful online coaching business through my highest-rated courses for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Should Be Included In A Life Coach Website?

A simple website which is user-friendly is better than a flashy one. Systematically arrange your website so that the client can easily see about the services that you offer apart from testimonials of previous clients with clear call to actions.

What makes a good coaching website?

Detailed intro on about page, distinguished CTAs, and search section for different topics with clear search keywords for popular terms on the homepage makes a good coaching website.

How do I create a life coaching website?

Pick a domain, map out your content, create search pages and pitch your opening statement while adding social proof to support your claims.


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