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The Top Anxiety Coaches Anxiety coaches  / 10th February 2022

An anxiety coach is an individual who helps others overcome anxiety. An anxiety coach will typically have personal experience with anxiety and/or panic attacks and understand the feelings and thoughts that are associated with experiencing anxiety. 

An anxiety coach is a therapist who specializes in anxiety management. When anxiety interferes with your day-to-day functioning, you can seek the help of an anxiety coach. It is important to understand that anxiety is not a mental illness but rather a natural reaction to stress. With the help of the anxiety coach, you can learn how to manage stress and anxiety, and how to overcome life’s challenges.

The Top Anxiety Coaches Anxiety coaches

Each anxiety coaches, each with their excellent style trying to help the clients on coping up with anxiety and stress disorder, and asked them what’s extraordinary about their coaching and what has endorsed their massive success.

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Sandy Woznicki

I’m Sandy, your Stress and Anxiety Coach. I know what it’s like to go from being my own worst critic to my own best cheerleader, and the immense relief, satisfaction and fulfillment that comes with it. We think we need to be hard on ourselves to push ourselves to be better, and it’s the root of so much of our stress and anxiety. Let me show you a better way. I guide ambitious women and leaders to stop feeling like every day is a stress-filled grind so they can thrive as the happiest version of themselves.

The Top Anxiety Coaches Anxiety coaches

Bibinaz Onsori

On the outside, I had it all and was living my best life. Living in places like London, Italy and Vancouver and working as an Interior Designer for some of the most luxurious brands in the world. On the inside, I was battling an extreme phobia of disease and cancer, also known as hypochondria/carcinophobia. I visited many therapists / coaches around the world. Wherever I moved, I had a coach or therapist.

The Top Anxiety Coaches Anxiety coaches

I would join seminars, self-help courses and anything that I could get my hands on to remove the blockage that was stopping me from moving forward and living my life. I read one book after another, hoping to get one step closer to peace. Peace in my mind, my body, and my soul is what I longed for.

Raquel Martos

I’m an international mindset and anxiety coach for millennials. I’m here to support you to find freedom from your anxiety so you can achieve your highest potential in life and business. As a certified EFT practitioner, NLP Elite Life Coach, soon-to-be hypnotherapist, and a certified as an Emotional Resolution (EmRes) practitioner, I use a range of tools and alternative healing modalities to help you navigate emotions that are getting in the way. Especially anxiety.

The Top Anxiety Coaches Anxiety coaches

Sally O’Hara

Hi, my name is Sally O’Hara. The Anxiety Coach. For many years, I have been around friends and family who have suffered from OCD, panic attacks, GAD, agoraphobia and Pure O, unaware that they are all symptoms of anxiety. I have been on quite a journey trying to discover why my loved ones had these symptoms and tried to find a way to support them.

The Top Anxiety Coaches Anxiety coaches

I have researched the Mental Health Charities who advised CBT or hypnosis, neither of which provided a solution and were often completely counter-productive. Medication seemed to help initially but only for a short period of time, then the anxiety symptoms would return.

Karmel Nair

Karmel is a Certified Life Coach, Psychotherapist and a Published Author (of 52 books by Harper Collins globally). Before being a Life Coach, Karmel worked in the capacity of a Celebrity Tarot Reader and Counselor to her large clientele which is spread out globally. With her books reaching out to a million people every year since 2015 until her most recent release of Tarot Predictions 2019 in 11 countries like US, UK, Canada, India, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and others, Karmel continues to be a global figure in giving hope a direction to people at a metaphysical level.

The Top Anxiety Coaches Anxiety coaches

Before Tarot, she worked in a media house and as a successful RJ with leading radio stations. When Tarot happened, it opened up a new world of experience and discovery. Karmel went on to become one of the leading Tarot readers in India and also did television shows.

Kerry Gooden

The STILL Method is a complete system to reduce anxiety. It uses a step-by-step system to understand and manage anxiety, improve low self-esteem and gain resilience.

The Top Anxiety Coaches Anxiety coaches

Helen Spielman

Helen Spielman is an acclaimed performance anxiety coach who has an international clientele and presents workshops for a diverse population of stage performers. She is on the faculty of Wildacres Flute Retreat and the University of North Carolina Wellness Center where she teaches musicians, speakers, dancers, actors, business professionals, and athletes to perform with confidence, concentration, and consistency.

The Top Anxiety Coaches Anxiety coaches

Ms. Spielman has 30 years of experience in the fields of education, public speaking, and flute teaching, and is a nationally certified grief counselor. In July 2010 she was appointed as a Fulbright Senior Specialist.

Eryl McCaffrey

Helping you move from anxiety to peace, with simple mindfulness practices, empowering talks and inspiring articles. If you’re anxious, stressed and overwhelmed you are in the right place! I’m an experienced Anxiety Coach, Yoga Teacher, Mental Health Speaker and Writer.​ ​ My passion for mindfulness and mental health comes from my own journey with chronic depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

The Top Anxiety Coaches Anxiety coaches

Mindfulness tools like yoga, meditation and journaling have SAVED MY LIFE! I share these practices with you, because you deserve to feel better, too. You don’t have to go it alone…so don’t. ​ Work with me in a 1:1 Coaching Session, join my Anxiety Program, sign-up for a Yoga Class, read a powerful article and more. Let’s get you moving from panic to peace today.

Shirley Billson

My name is Shirley Billson. I’m now known as The Menopause Anxiety Freedom Coach. I’d like to say I planned it, but honestly, I stumbled into it. It was only when I got to the end of my menopausal anxiety nightmare, that I made any connection between the dramas I had been experiencing and the change in my hormones.

The Top Anxiety Coaches Anxiety coaches

Lee R. Jackson

So glad you decided to stop by for a visit. I’m an inspirational writer, speaker, anxiety coach, and mindset mentor. My passion and purpose is to inspire others to become the best version of themselves, and boldly live the life that they were meant to live: a life full of joy and infinite possibilities.

The Top Anxiety Coaches Anxiety coaches


There you have it, you’ve just read about the industry’s top anxiety coaches.

What has been your biggest takeaway from this?

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It’s massively inspiring to see these coaches achieving so much; living a life of abundance and freedom while making a positive contribution in the lives of countless people. 

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