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Top 10 Best Interview Coach certifications

A job interview is a crucial part of life for most people. Usually, they hire someone to polish their skills and give themselves an edge over the competition. 

As an Interview Coach, you can help people learn various strategies. Such strategies are useful for successful interviews. 

Top 10 Best Interview Coach certifications Interview Coach Certifications

Here, you may require certifications to show your clients your credibility. It is because certificates act as a powerful tool to increase your overall value. 

In this article, I will compile a list of well-known certifications for interview coaches. Read on for further details about these certifications. 

In Brief : Top 10 Best Interview Coach Certifications

What is Interview coaching and what does an interview coach do?

Interview coaching is about training people to get all those skills and techniques required for a successful interview. You will identify the aspects you need to improve and develop those skills. It can improve your chances of getting more job opportunities.

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An interview coach helps those who are not confident enough about their interview skills. They provide them with practical tools to ace every kind of interview. They not only depend on skill transference and building. But also train their clients about mindset management.

An interview coach has the experience of settling the salary negotiation services. They know about the Q&A sessions run while the interviews and help their clients to prepare according to them. The crucial part is to make your client realize they are worthy enough to nail an interview.

What are the benefits of Interview coaching certification programs?

The primary benefit of the interview coaching certificate program is that you will get all the expertise you need to teach your clients. You can teach them a better way to interview and influence job offers. The certificate will help you to master this critically important skill. Moreover, it will help you present your qualification in front of your clients, and they can trust you for their purpose. 

Top 10 coaching certificates for becoming an Interview coach

I have given a list of 10 top coaching certificates for becoming an Interview coach. These courses will help you learn the skills and knowledge needed to teach your clients. Keep on scrolling to learn more about these interview certifications. 

1. Interviewing Talent for Startups

EdApp introduced a free course known as Interview Talent for Startups. This course depends on five mini-lessons. That covers the Profiling Talent for a Startup, Types of Interviews, Types of Interview Questions, Mitigating Bias with Structured Interviews, and Parts of an Interview. 

You will enjoy studying it because this comprehensive course is explained in a detailed, engaging, and effective manner. This course is available online and provides you the flexibility to complete it anytime you want. You can review, practice, and read it as many times as you need. 

After completing this course, you can teach your clients the basic rules. So, they can successfully pass their interviews at hundreds of companies. There are no specific requirements for this course, as you only have to be willing to learn new techniques. 

2. Effective Communication

While interview coaching, the essential part is to improve your client’s communication skills. Effective communication plays a vital role in delivering impact on the interviewee. 

EdApp offers a free course on Effective Communication. That course will provide all the concepts necessary to communicate effectively in an interview. It includes training in verbal, nonverbal, and tactical communication techniques. You will also learn how to apply these skills to your clients. 

So be ready to prepare yourself first for an interview to get hired for training your clients. Learn about putting impressive answers and professional and confident body language. It will also include how to be concise and clear in your speaking. 

During an interview, you have to feel confident and assured about yourself. This course will explain the focus technique. That enables you to be mentally present to connect with your interviewer.

3. Finders Keepers: How to Interview and Hire Well

Business training offers an Interviewing skills training course. It is available in two formats: half-day and full-day training courses. The purpose of this course is to train the interviewers about successfully interviewing the potential candidates by asking some thoughtful questions. The course will teach you through practice by doing mock interviews. 

These days, not only the job seekers need training, but the hiring managers can also make some mistakes. Hiring the candidate can make or break your company’s reputation. For that purpose, it is necessary to know the impact of hiring the best applicants. Through this course, you can produce a step-by-step tutorial for interviewing by asking the right questions. 

The success of this course is because of some fundamental principles:

The first thing is their transparency, as they are clear about their information. That makes a difference between working with the right clients and not just with any client. They innovate their programs by responding to emerging needs in the marketplace. They understand the principle of flexibility and constantly improve their objectives. The prices of this course depend on the time and complexity required to deliver the program 

4. Interviewing Skills Training for Managers

The Interviewing Skills online course is another training program for the managers that helps them increase their confidence during the recruitment process. 

The course explains the strategies for organizational analysis to identify where the recruit will fit. Besides that, you can be a professional in writing job descriptions and developing interview assessment templates. The highlight point of this course is that it also helps prepare insightful interview questions. Such questions are good for learning about the candidate’s traits. 

That professionally developed course has been accredited by CPD. You will have the facility to access it online and complete your assessment without any time limits. The approximate duration is around 3 hours. You will get the certificate on the next working day after its completion. 

If you manage the recruitment process for your workplace, this course is for you. After this course, you can also work as an interview coach for the people of recruitment or HR departments. 

5. Behavioral Interviewing Skills: Hire Right

The Global Training Consultants offers a Behavioral Interviewing Skills course to hire the right candidate. This course is to help Supervisors, Hiring Managers, Team Leaders, and Recruitment and Human Resources Professionals.

As we have discussed earlier, firm success depends on the team or the people who work there. So, hiring is always an important aspect of the business. You can become the best interviewer or hiring manager by asking relevant questions and assuring the alignment of aspirants with the competencies required.

By learning this course, you can increase the rate of success as a hiring manager by selecting the right candidate for the job. You will practice behavioral interviews to improve your hiring decisions. The interview questions will become easier for you by following the STAR formula. The course will explain the time-saving approach that will assist you in many aspects. Also, learn to deal with your candidate and make a smooth structure to follow for an interview. 

6. Interviewing and Resume Writing in English – University of Maryland (Coursera)

Here comes another course on Interviewing and Resume Writing in English by the University of Maryland. It is an online course with a 7-month training. 

Every company asks for your Resume or Cv before calling you for an interview. The interview is done for shortlisted candidates. However, to get shortlisted by the company, you have to send them an attractive Resume. 

This specialized course will help you develop good communication skills and strategies. Having advanced communication and writing skills will benefit you in every aspect. With this course, you can help your candidates for a successful job search before preparing for an interview. It is better to do self-research and a job of interest. It will also help you understand how to strengthen your interview skills by recognizing what hiring managers are looking for. 

With this information, you can prepare a resume or cover letter and the types of questions they can ask. The key benefit of this course is improving verbal and nonverbal communication skills. There are five modules of this specialization. That includes Interview Research and Preparation, Successful Interviewing, Advanced Interviewing Techniques, Writing Winning Resumes, and How To Land the Job You Want (Capstone Project). 

By learning these courses, you will get the position to find jobs that best complement your strengths and skills. Moreover, you will gain the strategies and language needed to perform well in an interview, identify the hiring manager’s purpose behind the questions, learn to answer those questions in different formats, and prepare for, execute, and succeed in a job search in the English-speaking world.

7. Preparation for Job Interviews – Coursera project network

I have discovered another free guided project by Coursera about the Preparation for job interviews. Before applying for this course, you need to go through these courses: Job Search Communication Tools Departure & Personal Statements OR Accomplishment STAR Technique for Job Interviews. I have mentioned the STAR technique course in <chapter 9> 

In this course, you will prepare about 5 Different types of job interviews, the most common interview questions, and best practices before the job interview.

Now you can easily prepare strategic interview questions to ask the hiring manager at the end of the interview. It will help you decide if the position for which you are applying is a good fit for you or not. Students from the North American region are the best for this job. 

8. Lesson | Get Ready for the Interview – Georgia Institute of Technology (coursera)

I am presenting another course on getting ready for an Interview by Coursera. That is a short course for beginners who want to practice and prepare themselves for an interview. 

This online course will provide flexible deadlines and require approximately one hour to complete. It includes a short video of four minutes explaining the first impression of the body language. Then comes three reading materials for ten minutes each. They include Get Ready for the Interview, Learning Objectives, and Practice Body Language. Lastly, you can have a practice test to check your knowledge. 

Now enroll yourself and get access to lectures and assignments. In audit mode, you will get most course materials for free. To get the graded assignments and Certificate, purchase the Certificate experience during or after your audit.

9. Accomplishment STAR Techniques for Job Interviews – Coursera Project Network

Here comes a free guided project of accomplishing the STAR Technique for Job Interviews using job descriptions. You will know about those areas that make a poor Accomplishment STAR Statement. This one-hour course can give you success in dealing with interviews. 

The STAR Technique plays a significant role and passes the competition by explaining the levels of problem-solving, team building, and leadership skills. You do not need to have any prior experience for this course. 

You can develop and polish your listening, Communication, Self-representation, Job Readiness, and Business Writing Skills. Now access this guided project through your desktop and follow the instructions. You can learn in a split-screen environment, which can be beginner-friendly. 

10. Advanced Interviewing Techniques – University of Maryland (coursera)

The Advanced Interviewing Techniques is the third part of your Interviewing and Resume Writing (Discussed in chapter 6). The detail of this course explains how important it is to be up to date with the interviewing strategies. 

Usually, people do not know about the advancement in the interview system and fail their job interviews. Learn the strategies for communicating your knowledge, skills, and abilities to pass the competitive or behavioral interviews. 

You can identify what the hiring organization wants by using behavioral interviewing techniques. Develop an optimal approach for answering the shortcomings question and recognize why a hiring organization asks these questions. Also, learn to ask questions to determine how well an organization fits your competencies, strengths, career goals, and salary objectives. You can also learn the best way to perform well in telephonic interviews. 

You can complete this online course in approximately 21 hours and apply for financial aid if you cannot afford the enrollment fee, which is around 50 Dollars.

What are the career prospects for someone with an Interview coaching certificate?

Interview coaching is a vast field with reputable career prospects. An interview coach can pursue their career as an interviewer, interviewee trainer, or HR professional. They can provide services like Leadership development, Interview preparation, and Resume writing. You can have your own business or can take your start by joining different platforms offering these services. 

How to become a certified Interview coach?

You have to fulfil some requirements to become a certified interview coach: 

  1. First of all, complete your training of 125/100 hours at a reputable training program or institute. Having a degree or professional certification is necessary. 
  2. Go through some of the mentoring processes by passing assessments and doing rehearsals to master new skills. Learn about having excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills and a commitment to lifelong learning with a desire to help others succeed.
  3. Then complete your certification course by clearing your exams. 
  4. Start your career as an interview coach by training people and convincing them that they can do the job.

Questions to consider when looking for an Interview coaching certification

While looking for an interview coaching certification, you evaluate over a dozen interview coaching programs before making the top choices. 

Questions can be:

  • What is the cost of each program?
  • What is the qualification of their staff?
  • What are the customer reviews about the program?
  • What are the areas of expertise of each program?

These are some basic questions you can consider before selecting a training program for certifications.

Is it necessary to obtain an Interview certification for practicing as an Interview coach?

Yes, an Interview certification is necessary to practice as an Interview coach. Usually, when someone wants to hire you, they will want to see your certifications. Without that, they can doubt your credibility, experience, or qualification. If you invest in some authorized certified program, it will help you promote yourself. 

You will learn to develop a personalized training program by understanding what your client is looking for. Moreover, it will provide you with tips and tricks to deal with them. Through different sessions during training, you can develop an encouraging and supportive attitude to motivate your clients to win a job. 


Here I am done with the detailed discussion about interview coaches and the best certifications for them. Such coaches are not only the need of job seekers; hiring managers also need the training to fulfill their job requirements. This whole field has significant concerns with HR management. So, the recruitment of skilled employees can be done professionally. You can choose any training course to understand the basics in detail. 

I hope that you will like this article and get the required pieces of information. If you have any further queries, you can comment down below. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Interview coaching?

Interview coaching is about helping job seekers grasp the art of interviewing. In some coaching sessions, you will practice common interview questions, polishing presentations, and public speaking skills. That will help you to become an impressive candidate. 

2. What are the benefits of Interview coaching certification programs?

The interview coaching certification program will benefit you in many ways. They will typically get the years of experience of professionals who know about the recruitment process. Certified training programs help them get insider knowledge of what hiring managers are looking for. Moreover, you will get up to date on the latest interview trends. A certificate will highlight your strengths and achievements. 

3. How to become a certified Interview coach?

If you want to become an aspiring professional certified career coach, follow the following process. It is a process of a few months, a maximum of 6 months. However, fulfill a few requirements for that. The requirements are:

Complete your coaching training 
Must undergo 125/100 hours of coaching training. Whether physical or online. 

Complete Mentoring Process
 There is a requirement of undergoing 10 hours of mentoring and mastering new skills with rehearsals.

Complete your coaching experience 
Pass out all the exams and get some coaching experience. You can charge free in the beginning and then start charging per session. 

Once you meet all these requirements, you are ready to start your career.

4. Is it necessary to obtain an Interview certification for practicing as an Interview coach?

Yes, it is necessary to obtain an Interview certification to practice as an Interview coach. A coach must be equipped with some skills to coach an interviewee. He has to develop an encouraging and supportive attitude. A certificate provides coaches with an interview prep guide to help their clients. You will get the motivational component to pass to your clients to win job offers. It will also help you in dealing with different mentalities. 

Moreover, when someone hires you, they can ask for your experience and certifications. So, it is better to go through some specified interview coaching certifications.


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