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The Top Mindfulness coaches

Mindfulness coaches help clients gain access to a wide range of mindfulness practices and techniques to assist them in relieving stress and improving their overall quality of life. The goal of a mindfulness coach is to provide their clients with helpful tools to reduce their stress, anxiety, and depression and increase positivity. 

They help their clients reinforce a positive state of mind so they can learn how to respond to life’s challenges in a healthier, more positive way.

The Top Mindfulness Coaches mindfulness coaches

The mindfulness coach is concerned with the client’s inner well-being and happiness. A mindfulness coach can help you to cope with emotional distress, and teach you how to feel more alive, more positive, and more fulfilled.

Each mindfulness coaches, each with their unique style trying to help the clients relieve stress, practice mindfulness daily, and asked them what’s extraordinary about their coaching and what has endorsed their massive success.

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Sheri Johnson

Sheri Johnson, thinks of herself as a Midlife Midwife, and helps worn out women in their 40’s and 50’s balance their hormones, and life, holistically, so they can feel better than they did in their twenties. Her passion is to empower these women to “rebirth” themselves so they can live healthy, vibrant, and purpose-driven lives. Sheri is a nutritionist and spiritual coach offering one-to-one and group coaching programs.

The Top Mindfulness Coaches mindfulness coaches

What do you do differently or how is your coaching different from others?

In the midlife health industry, most experts focus only on the physical body.  The reason many women don’t get the results they’re seeking is that they also have either emotional or spiritual issues blocking their success. My coaching address body, mind and soul and does so using my unique habit formula.  Most programs attempt to make major changes to a client’s diet, exercise regime or life and it’s overwhelming.  I use a simple but intentional approach to developing sustainable habits that create long term, sustainable well-being.

What according to you has been the single most important thing that has contributed to your success as a coach?

My own personal growth journey and building my own ability to follow my intuition while developing group coaching programs and during one-to-one coaching sessions has been a game-changer for me.  Following a formula for coaching as I was taught, felt too prescriptive and my clients benefited much more when I allowed in space for intuition and flow.

Curt Woolford

Curt Woolford, MA, PCC is an educational psychologist, mindfulness consultant and ICF certified coach. He founded and directed the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program for Crozer Health. Curt specializes in customized mindfulness training and coaching for business, healthcare, and higher education. Curt’s approach to coaching integrates mindful awareness and mindfulness skill development.

The Top Mindfulness Coaches mindfulness coaches

What do you do differently or how is your coaching different from others?

I integrate science-based mindfulness practices with my approach to coaching, supporting transformation in individuals, leaders, teams and organizations.

What according to you has been the single most important thing that has contributed to your success as a coach?

The cornerstone of my coaching success is rooted in 30+ years of mindfulness-based practices. I integrate mindfulness mentoring into my coaching practice, empowering clients to navigate personal and professional challenges with increased awareness, resilience, and effectiveness.

Erin Lee

​​Erin Lee is Founder and Mindfulness Coach of Mindful Moments Singapore. She is a mindfulness practitioner and advocate of mindfulness as a way of life. It is her personal vision to help more and more people learn mindfulness skills and incorporate mindfulness practice into their daily lives to improve their well-being.

The Top Mindfulness Coaches mindfulness coaches

Erin is a Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher as recognized by the Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Center for Mindfulness. Erin has completed the UCSD School of Medicine’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training Intensive as well as Advanced Teacher Training Intensive for MBSR and MBCT Teachers in California. Erin is trained to teach the .b mindfulness program to teenagers and young adults as recognized by the Mindfulness in Schools Project. Erin holds a Master of Science in Studies in Mindfulness with the University of Aberdeen, UK. She is a Professional Certified Stress Management Consultant as recognized by the Institute of Motivational Living.

Diane Titterton

I first discovered the benefits of mindfulness when I was pregnant when it helped me throughout my pregnancy, with the birth and then the demands of caring for a newborn. When I returned to work I continued to use mindfulness to help whilst setting up my business and juggling work commitments with family life. I found that mindfulness gave me greater clarity and focus and helped me maintain a sense of perspective when things got tough.

The Top Mindfulness Coaches mindfulness coaches

Will George

Hello, I’m Will. As a Mindfulness Facilitator and Coach, I teach the skills of living a happier, healthier life.
I believe that well-being is a skill and I value practical, science-based tools that simply work. My courses and coaching develop the awareness and habits of mind that empower you to make meaningful change in your personal and professional life.

The Top Mindfulness Coaches mindfulness coaches

Mindfulness is a tool for attaining a sense of balance, peace and perspective in a demanding world. It’s also a way of living – waking up to your life and engaging with it fully – with focus, purpose and effectiveness.

Sandhya Krishnan

Hi, I’m Sandhya Krishnan and I’ve spent many years searching for and trying to understand the first principles that drive our behaviour, and life itself. Rather than living a life full of rules, agitation/inertia and do and don’ts, I’ve found that getting a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us, helps us create a more meaningful, happy and authentic experience for ourselves and those we are in contact with.

The Top Mindfulness Coaches mindfulness coaches

I am an ICF Certified Coach and have studied philosophy and wellness for over 17 years. I have had a rich and varied career spanning over 20 years in corporate, creative, managerial, entrepreneurial, and wellness related roles.

Toby Ouvry

I am Toby Ouvry, the founder of Integral Meditation Asia. I have 15 year experience as a coach, and also twenty five years’ experience in practising, teaching and facilitating mindfulness meditation, including five years as a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition. I specialize in 1:1 coaching, and executive mindfulness programs for sustainable high performance in the workplace and stress transformation (meaning how to avoid burnout, and transform existing negative stressors into causes of growth, creativity and innovation).

The Top Mindfulness Coaches mindfulness coaches

Melissa Maher

I hold a safe container for you to explore self-compassion as a transformative practice that clears the energetic channels for joy, clarity, and connection to flow — so your actions can be guided by love and intuition instead of fear and self-doubt.

The Top Mindfulness Coaches mindfulness coaches

Stephanie Lewis

Stress is a constant in today’s world. Like many of you, I was drawn to mindfulness at a time in my life when I was stressed and burnt out, operating on autopilot to push through, feeling like my brain was on fire. In the end, I paid for it with my health. Along the way, I quit my job, paused my career, and traveled to Asia.

The Top Mindfulness Coaches mindfulness coaches

Since then, I’ve studied a wide range of personal self-care practices, including meditation and Qigong, all while continually learning (and sometimes relearning) how to best care for myself. These practices have served me well in my career as a practicing attorney and in dealing with the challenges of life in general.


There you have it, you’ve just read about the industry’s top mindfulness coaches.

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