10 Best Coaching Apps in 2023

Since the pandemic, there are only a handful of things that haven’t gone online. The coaching industry is miles away from this list. Online coaching is booming as people are gradually getting more sensitized to their mental health needs. In fact, as per the International Coaching Federation, a massive 83% of the coaches have increased their use of audio-video platforms for coaching their clients. 

These audio-visual platforms are great for remote coaching sessions. However, with the emergence of coaching apps, things might have completely changed for the industry. These apps not only facilitate video and audio communication between coaches and their clients but also offer other features like scheduling, data collection and monitoring as well as smooth content sharing. There’s only one question left; what are the best coaching apps in the market? 

In this article, we shall walk you through the top 10 best coaching apps and list down their usages, functions, benefits and pricing. Since these apps cater to diverse technology needs, you’re free to choose the ‘best’ coaching app for your coaching needs. To assist you in this process, we will also list down which app is best for solo coaches, small coaching agencies and established businesses. 

These apps are important because they provide coaches with a medium to connect with their audience online. In the unusual circumstances of the pandemic, online coaching brought relief to coaches and their businesses worldwide. If you’re looking to take your coaching business to the digital world, now is the time. 

These best coaching apps will benefit your business by offering you a platform to interact with your potential clients, like-minded coaches as well as renowned coaching companies. They will also be useful in tracking client performance, storing information and sharing media digitally without any inconvenience to you or your client. In other words, they will help you build a perfectly remote dream coaching practice. 

The Top 10 best coaching apps

1. Master Coach

Created by a Singapore-based startup, the MasterCoach executive coaching app is an action-based tool aimed at combating workplace engagement challenges by boosting employee motivation and performance. 

The app’s primary usage is to provide managers with the ability to engage and coach their teams by developing a strength-based and action-focused work culture. The app functions with the idea of businesses in mind. It helps the managers to identify and utilize the strengths of their employees and make better decisions thereon. 

The MasterCoach app also boasts of the following benefits over other online coaching platforms

  1. Strength Wheel – A feature that allows a coach to send the client a strength assessment test to their mobile phone in seconds!
  2. CoachPad – The coachpad is an excellent way to keep track of client information and conversation. It also has preset coaching templates to keep conversations flowing easily. 
  3. Dashboard – Wondering how your client is doing? Keep track of their progress with the dashboard. This helps you in understanding your client’s growth and how to proceed from there.
  4. Pricing – MasterCoach charges $3.99 a month from coaches and is absolutely free of charge for clients to join. It’s a good bargain and an excellent way to start your coaching journey.

The app has very few drawbacks, number one being the unavailability of an Android version. The app is only available on the iOS platform and while an android version is under development, there is no specific release date yet. 

MasterCoach also operates through two different applications – the ‘Coach App’ and the ‘Client App. While this makes things more efficient, it also complicates the simplicity of traditional coaching. Hence, it might take some time to get used to the app. 

Overall, MasterCoach is a coach booking software and is the best solution for up and coming coaches and solopreneurs who’re looking for a modern and affordable coaching platform. 

2. Trafft

Trafft is an online scheduling software for coaches that facilitates fast and easy appointment scheduling for your business. It is extremely useful in improving the coach-client interaction rate and boosting conversions. 

Trafft is used mainly for bookings, reminders, scheduling staff activities and follow-ups. 

The following are the benefits of trafft – 

  1. Fast – Automatic payment acceptance and appointment scheduling
  2. Real-time – Notification updating you on clients’ performance
  3. Time-saving – Save tons of time by setting up reminders and follow-ups.
  4. Cost-saving – No further investment is required 
  5. No website required – Traff can create an SEO optimized  booking page which means that a website is not necessary for using trafft.

A subscription for trafft starts from $5 a month for one feature. And there’s the drawback. The app is comparatively more expensive but has a free trial model that can be tested before buying the trafft premium. It doesn’t offer an API and requires a registered account before any appointments can be made, this process is cumbersome and is not required in the competing applications. The tool is also web-supported and has no android or iOS version, limiting its reach.

Trafft is mainly used by freelancers and small businesses as a business coaching tool. These customers regularly need to schedule appointments, deadlines and follow-ups. For medium and large size enterprises, trafft is expensive and inefficient.

3. Satori

The Satori coaching software is an all-in-one client management solution. Lachlan Cotter, the CEO, and founder of the platform says that as a coach, he was inspired to help other coaches succeed by offering them a game-changer. Satori fits this description perfectly. It’s among the most popular coaching tools used by coaches worldwide. Generally, Satori has three primary functions – freeing time and energy, growing your coaching business and providing client engagement. 

Satori claims to have a lot of benefits but we will list down the ones that really make a difference –

  1. Coaching Packages & Customised Proposals – The Satoriapp offers multi-session coaching packages with pre-written agreements. But if you have a different arrangement in mind, you can tailor your own coaching package for your clients by emailing a personalized proposal. 
  2. Easy Client Enrollment – Satori eliminates the need for emails and forms by providing your client with a single link for buying coaching packages, scheduling appointments, signing agreements and making payments.
  3. Automatic Reminders – Satori conveniently reminds your client of scheduled appointments, follow-up sessions and check-in meetings.
  4. Client Dashboard and Questionnaire – This allows the client to manage their sessions, review agreements and fill in questionnaires.
  5. Business Dashboard – Get insights into sales, track your financial accounts and set up recurring billing to smoothen the payment process with the business dashboard.

Considering that Satori is an all-in-one coaching solution, their basic $33 price per month is not unwarranted. However, this makes it difficult for solo coaches and small coaching agencies to be Satori customers. It doesn’t have a free version, but you can use the free trial to see if it’s what you need.

It’s also very time-consuming to set up initially and doesn’t offer discounts on old services. You’d have to create a new offer to provide discounts, making it a multi-step process. 

Overall, Satori is among the best coaching apps and can prove useful if you can afford the time, money and energy it requires to be set up.

4. Awarenow (Profi)

Another ‘one-stop’ platform for coaches, consultants, trainers, and even therapists, Awarenow is now called ‘Profi.’

Awarenow does almost everything a comprehensive coaching app is supposed to do – scheduling sessions, managing client information, creating intake forms and hosting video sessions. It is a platform optimized for speed and discoverability and is studded with five-star reviews from its customers.

The common uses and benefits of Awarenow are as follows –

  1. Group Coaching – Coaches can easily schedule group coaching sessions with their clients.
  2. Built-in video conferencing – Profi has a built-in video conferencing feature that quickly sets up meetings. If not, the Zoom app is perfectly compatible with it.
  3. Unified Billing System – You can charge your session fees and receive payments for additional services through the unified billing system.

Profit has different pricing options, the basic Solos Standard which includes one provider and up to 25 clients is priced at $59 a month while the Solos Pro can have up to 100 clients for $99. If you’re looking for custom plans, you can go for the Teams and Corporate variants meant for medium/large coaching companies. The Solos Premium facilitates one single coach and unlimited clients for $199 a month.

The platform doesn’t have the marketplace or CRM features yet. Screen sharing for live sessions, CNAME and third-party integration and multiple calendars sync are other features that are still under development. However, the support team is reportedly excellent and can take care of your special requests. 

Overall, Profi is one of the best coaching apps with little to complain about. However, it can enhance the user experience once the developing features go live. 

5. NudgeCoach

This scalable coaching app makes it easy to customize coaching packages for your clients and keep them on track to reach their goals. You can deliver your coaching content, create simple daily trackers for your clients’ progress and engage them with personalized messages. It is suited for coaches, consultants, and creators. It is web-supported and is also available for Android and iOS. Among other features, NudgeCoach has the following benefits – 

  1. User Friendly – Customers have raved about NudgeCoach’s friendly UI multiple times. Coaches can save private notes for individual client’s, making the experience more engaging.
  2. Easy to Use – The app is simple and can be used by people from all age groups. Getting clients on board is incredibly easy and seamless.
  3. Mobile Platform – Since it is available on every mobile device, client’s find it easy to signup and communicate with the coach through NudgeCoach.
  4. Nutrition Program & Life Coaching – While the app is meant for every coach, trainer and therapist. NudgeCoach provides special features for health and life coaches. This health and life coach app can also help you create fitness plans, monitor patients and facilitate personal training.

Nudge coach doesn’t offer a free trial. However, the app has a free version! Here, you can coach up to 5 clients. A $60 a month version is available for up to 50 clients and the final $100 Scale version for up to 100 clients. A dollar per client, per month. We would say it’s an affordable platform for sure.

If you’re looking to have a more custom version, NudgeCoach can help create exactly that for you and they claim to do it within eight weeks!

NudgeCoach has barely any cons (as per the reviews) but some of them talk about features that are under development and might take some time to pop up. Customization is an issue and doesn’t allow photo sharing from the clients (yet). For beginners, it could take some time to understand and set up.

Overall, NudgeCoach deserves a spot on the best coaching app list and should be among the top choices for health, fitness and life coaches. 

6. Pluma

The Pluma coaching platform supports both web and mobile devices and is a little different from the other platforms on this list. It is a ‘leadership’ app developed by the Pluma Skillsoft Company. It is generally meant for bigger organizations where every team member is given a Pluma account to be customised according to their personalities.

You can launch multiple accounts and activate coaching in groups. Every participant is allowed personal interaction with their coach through video sessions and unlimited messaging. Coaches can also track transparency through Pluma’s Enterprise Dashboard to monitor the participation, satisfaction and engagement of the users.

Little is known about the app’s pros and cons owing to fewer Pluma coaching reviews. However, the app has the following benefits to speak of –

  1. Provides world-class resources – Find the best microlearning content from experts at Harvard Business Review, Fastcompany, Inc., etc.
  2. Engagement Tracking – The user is free to track coaching engagements, outcomes and even satisfaction after coaching sessions through the dashboard.

One of the biggest cons of the application is how little is known about it in the public sphere. To check pricing and customizations, you can request a demo here

7. Ascend

Ascend is a popular quoting online coaching platform. It helps coaches build estimates and send proposal quotes to their clients. Coaches can also distribute these estimates through integrations with other third-party applications. Rightfully listed as one of the best coaching apps, Ascend helps you manage cost. To elaborate, the following are the benefits of the Ascend application – 

  1. Easy to use, simple and flexible interface – This allows different types of configuration to be built quickly.
  2. Cost-effective – Plan target margins by making provisions for labour rates, material and services costs.
  3. Price comparison – Ascend not only allows you to send and prepare price proposals, but also helps the coach in comparing old sell rates and future quoting efforts.
  4. Third-party integrations and Audit trials.

As of now, no significant disadvantages can be found in the reviews of this business coaching tool. The pricing starts at $25 a month per feature and the coaching platform app can be used by all kinds of professionals including freelancers, small, medium and large corporations.

8. SimplePractice

A scheduling software for coaches, SimplePractice is available on both Android and iPhone mobile devices.  This software started out as a leading app for solopreneurs and slowly began to add features to accommodate smaller organisations. SimplePractice, as is implied by the name, has a simple interface. SimplePractice has the following benefits that a coach can look forward to –

  1. Custom Coaching Programs – SimplePractice allows clients to fill up custom documents and forms, make payments online and communicate through messaging.
  2. Availability Information – Coaches can set up their availability for coaching sessions by keeping the intake form available at only certain times.
  3. Client Screen – This allows you to see the client’s contact information, dues, previous notes and comments and upcoming sessions. It helps you keep track of their progress seamlessly.

However, with these pros come some cons. The app doesn’t allow partial payments at the client portal and these payments have to be made in person. The billing has been reported as ‘complex’ and ‘confusing’ by several users and a recurring issue has been the unavailability of the support team through phone calls. Instead, online support is the only option available that doesn’t cater to urgent enquiries.

SimplePractice has no free versions but offers a brief free trial period. There are two paid plans; the Essentials plan for $39 per month and the Professional Plan for $59 a month. An additional feature called Telehealth (used by clinicians) is also available for an extra $10 per month.

9. CoachAccountable

CoachAccountable is a client management software that facilitates the easier delivery of coaching programs. It allows the coach and their clients to communicate through comments, notes, worksheets and follow-through sessions. It also enables online bookings through appointments during calendar breaks. With these features, CoachAccountable also provides the following benefits – 

  1. Preloaded Coaching Resources – CoachAccountable is a generous web platform that provides the coach with certain preloaded resources. This includes complimentary worksheets, session note templates and courses.
  2. GDPR Compliant – CoachAccountable is completely compliant with the GDPR guidelines. It boasts of having a ‘human and approachable’ privacy policy that doesn’t involve any data theft. 
  3. Data Deletion – CoachAccountable allows you to get your data out of its system quickly and also provides you client history in a portable and concise format to keep with your client or yourself.
  4. API and Zapier Integration.

The prices for CoachAccountable start at $20 a month with a 30 day free trial period. The paid packages can be broadly divided into two types – Single Coach Plans and Team Edition Plans. The former is in the price range of $20-$250 a month from 2 clients up to 50 clients. The latter is in the price range of $200-$700 a month from 20-100 clients. Depending upon how you use it, the platform offers both affordable & expensive options.

The platform also has certain cons that have been neatly specified in the next few sentences. CoachAccountable has a difficult to navigate design structure, overwhelming functionalities which are not meant for small coaching agents and an outdated user interface.

10. CoachVantage

Last on our list of best coaching apps, is the ultimate solo-coaching solution; CoachVantage. It functions as an excellent scheduling software for coaches by facilitating online coaching over Zoom/Skype. It’s an easy-to-use, simple web-based platform that helps coaches interact with their clients freely. This coaching software provides the following benefits – 

  1. Client Information Management – A one-stop solution for managing client information, CoachVantage allows you to keep track of the client’s profile, coaching engagement, session notes and invoices.
  2. Simple Scheduling – This allows you to create events, set up an availability calendar and publish it online. It helps the clients in self-booking and automated payments. 
  3. Client Portal – The client portal provides your client with a professional onboarding experience once they’ve signed up for your coaching program. This gives them automatic access to your coaching resources after payment.
  4. Fast payment – CoachVantage allows you to send one-click payment invoices that can be used for both recurring and single payments. 

The price for CoachVantage starts at $29 (called the Clarity plan)  and goes up to $49 (for the Aha! Plan) and $250 for the Team Plan. 

It is used by all sorts of organizations – solo coaches, coaching teams and coaching organizations. However, it is ideally suited for solo coaches who’re looking for an easy to use coaching tool. 

There are no provisions for a legally binding contract and it is not possible to customize preset forms. Group programs and monthly subscription functions are not available (yet). Online one-to-one coaching is also not a feature. However, constant up-gradation is a common characteristic of CoachVantage and the arrival of such features is under-development. 

How Business Coaching Apps Make Your Jobs Easier?

Business coaching apps make your jobs easier by taking over mundane tasks like scheduling appointments, storing client information, sending invoices and receiving payment. Some other benefits are listed down below – 

  1. Greater organizational ability
  2. Tracking client progress and capabilities
  3. Enhanced engagement and communication
  4. Easy and fast payment processing
  5. Automatic reminders for sessions, follow-ups and check-ins
  6. Group sessions and messaging functions
  7. Facilitates interactive digital learning through blogs, books, videos and podcasts
  8. Performance evaluation 
  9. Remote and convenient coaching services
  10. Client history availability through client portals

What are the Features of Business Coaching Applications?

The following are the most common features of Business Coaching Applications –  

  1. Client management – Helps manage client interactions by storing information and tracking activities that can help them reach their coaching goals.
  2. Time-saving – Delegates all scheduling and organizing tasks and leaves you with more time to focus on coaching.
  3. Greater engagement – Allows digital sharing, video conferencing and provides automated comments to boost client engagement and confidence.
  4. Appointment scheduling – Schedules sessions, appointments and check-ins immediately and sends notifications. No more forgetting things.
  5. Progress tracking – Monitors a client’s performance since onboarding, analyses growth and helps plan future courses of action.
  6. Goal setting – Creates periodic objectives that can help keep the clients motivated and sharp.
  7. Billing and invoicing – Simple, one-click digital payments through PayPal or other payment methods.
  8. Real-time reporting – Be informed of your clients’ needs immediately and deliver to the best of your ability.
  9. Historical reporting – Keep track of your past coaching projects and monitor changes to know how far you’ve come.
  10. Calendar Management – This allows you to provide auto booking by getting your calendar synced with your coaching application.

What actions can be taken with Business Coaching Applications?

The actions that can be taken with business coaching applications are listed below –

  1. Organizing meetings and follow-ups
  2. Developing complete coaching programs
  3. Increasing Client Engagement
  4. Real-time action and goal tracking
  5. Making payments
  6. Online coaching
  7. Progress tracking
  8. Sending automated reminders and notifications
  9. Performing strength tests
  10. Auto-booking and calendar syncing

Can Statistics and Reports be Created with Business Coaching Applications?

Yes,  statistics and reports can be created with Business Coaching Applications like NudgeCoach, CoachPlan, Satori and CoachVantage among others. These apps help you keep track of your client’s progress by monitoring their activities and identifying stronger/weaker areas. This is done by saving the client’s information, their communication, actions taken by them and results of attempted questionnaires.

It is especially useful for long-term clients who aim to develop a healthier lifestyle or business clients building their companies from the ground up. The coach can see and monitor their client’s development since their onboarding process and can plan future coaching sessions accordingly. This feature also ensures that the client gains some value-knowledge from the coaching experience. 

Overall, coaching applications are a huge game changer and with the sudden surge in the demand for online coaching, it’s not an opportunity you should pass on.

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