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Best Appointment/Meeting Schedulers for Coaches

If you’re a coach, mentor, or teacher who juggles multiple clients and are juggling around multiple schedules, keeping track of your appointments can be an overwhelming process. Trying to remember who is meeting with you and when can feel completely overwhelming – not to mention that it’s nearly impossible without the help of some kind of tool or system. That’s where appointment/meeting schedulers come in! 

Best Appointment/Meeting Schedulers for Coaches Meeting Schedulers

Appointment/meeting schedulers are great for any type of coaching business as they provide organization both for yourself and your customers. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the best appointment/meeting schedulers currently available on the market today. So whether you’re a professional coach looking for something easy-to-use and organized or an individual running online courses needing something versatile enough to accommodate all types of users, you’ll find what you need here!

1. HubSpot Meetings Tool 

Price: Free

The HubSpot Meetings Tool lets you sync your Google Calendar or Office 365 calendar, set your availability, and have prospects and customers book time with you. Add form fields to your meeting page to capture contact information like name, phone number, email address, and more. The meeting page can be sent as a link in an email or embedded on a website or landing page.

When they book time with you, the time is blocked off on your calendar and a confirmation email is sent to the prospect or client who booked. This simplifies the scheduling process so you can book more meetings in less time. Plus, it integrates directly with the CRM so you can keep track of your contacts and meetings. As prospects schedule meetings, HubSpot automatically creates records for new people.

2. Calendly 

  • Price: Free (Basic)
  • $8 per user/month (Essentials)
  • $12 per user/month (Pro)
  • $16 per user/ month (Teams)

The free version of Calendly allows you to connect one calendar, book unlimited meetings, create a custom Calendly link, and send out automatic email notifications and reminders to invitees who book with you.

The paid version of Calendly provides multiple meeting types like one-on-one, round-robin, collective, and group meetings. It’s great for teams and provides team pages, metrics and reporting, and administrative features to manage bookings. In addition, there are plenty of Calendly alternatives you can try and test out depending on your use case.

3. Calendar 

  • Price: Free (Basic)
  • $6/month (Standard)
  • $8/month (Pro)

Calendar is an AI-enabled digital calendar, scheduling, and time management solution for individuals and teams. It brings together your Google Calendar, iCal (Apple Calendar), and Outlook Calendar into one dashboard view that you can customize and share. 

The digital calendar syncs across devices as well as offers a virtual assistant that can learn your schedule and begin taking over meeting planning, invitations, and scheduling changes. The paid versions also add meeting transcriptions and a wide range of analytics so you can see how you spend your time in meetings and with people.

4. Booksy

  • Price: Free
  • $29.99/month (Lite)
  • $29.99/month (Pro — Limited Offer)

For businesses in the beauty and personal care industries that need to schedule several meetings and manage multiple calendars, Booksy offers an affordable scheduling app and booking solution. This app is great for small to medium size businesses looking to manage bookings, client management, inventory, and payments all from one app.

5. Setmore

  • Price: Free (Basic)
  • $9 for 3+ users/month (Pro)
  • $12 up to 2 users/month (Premium)

Setmore is a free appointment scheduling and payments platform that allows you to create a public-facing booking page. The free account supports up to 20 staff calendars and logins so your team can begin booking meetings. And you can send automatic appointment notifications to people who book time with you.

6. Square Appointments 

Price: Free

$29/month (Plus)

$69/month (Premium)

If you’re looking for a flexible booking and payment platform, Square Appointments is worth your consideration. Through Square Appointments, you can set up a free customer booking website, activate automated text and email reminders, charge cancellation fees for no-shows, and accept integrated payments from within one platform.

7. Appointlet 

  • Price: Free
  • $8/month (Premium)

This appointment booking software allows salespeople to customize their availability, create booking pages, and send them to prospects and customers. The booking page can integrate into your website, landing pages, and emails. While Appointlet does offer a paid pricing tier, the free version is free forever. It includes unlimited bookings, meeting types, and form fields.

8. CalendarHero 

  • Price: Free (Basic)
  • $8/mo (Pro)
  • $12/mo (Team)

Image Source

CalendarHero offers all the common meeting scheduler features such as scheduling links and internal group scheduling. However, its advantage is the powerful connections it has with your tech stack and its notification system and smart time settings for meeting buffers so you never run late to another meeting.

9. SimplyBook 

  • Price: Free
  • $9.90/month (Basic)
  • $29.90/month (Standard)
  • $59.90/month (Premium)

SimplyBook is an online booking system specifically designed for service-based companies. You can integrate SimplyBook with your existing website, or you can create a custom booking page within the platform. They also have social media integrations that allow you to accept bookings directly from Facebook and Instagram.

10. Doodle 

  • Price: Free (Basic)
  • $6.95 one user/month (Starter)
  • $44.75 for 5 users/month (Team)

Create meeting polls to send to clients and prospects, suggest meeting dates and times, and allow voting on dates that work all with Doodle’s free version. While the free version might be helpful enough for most individuals, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium pricing tier to remove ads from your polls, set a deadline for the poll, and collect contact information from meeting guests.

The paid version of Doodle’s scheduling software helps you find a time to meet that works for all attendees. The meeting host suggests meeting times and invites participants to indicate their availability, then the meeting host picks a final time. When the time is finalized, a calendar event is added to the host and meeting invitees’ calendars. Plus, there’s a dashboard feature where you can manage all the meetings you have.

11. Arrangr 

  • Price: Free (Basic)
  • $3.99/month (Pro)
  • $6.99/month (Pro Plus)

Arrangr is an intelligent scheduling platform that allows users to book a meeting in under 30 seconds. In addition to helping users find the best agreed-upon time to meet, Arrangr seeks to prevent all meeting miscommunication by letting contacts determine places and ways to meet all within the platform. 

Bonus: Arrangr is a part of the HubSpot ecosystem, so you can launch and send invitations to contacts from directly within HubSpot.

12. Rally

Price: Free

Rallly (with three Ls) is an appointment scheduler with classic polling functionality where the members of your group can vote on the best times for the meeting or event. It also supports chat and messaging within the interface so that meeting attendees can discuss the best time to connect.

13. ScheduleOnce

  • Price: $Free (Solo)
  • $9 per user/month (Teams)

ScheduleOnce is a comprehensive tool that allows you to create nearly any scheduling scenario you can think of. Everything from group sessions to one-on-one calls, to in-person meetings, can be booked through ScheduleOnce. You can also directly connect ScheduleOnce with your website, email provider, and payment system.

Forget the back-and-forth and choose the meeting scheduler that makes the most sense for your situation. Using scheduling and booking software can save so much time, increasing your productivity on the tasks that actually matter.

14. Appointy 

  • Price: Free (Basic)
  • $19.99 per user/month (Growth)
  • $49.99 per user/month (Professional)
  • $79.99 per user/month (Enterprise)

If you’re running a brick-and-mortar business that needs to maintain social distancing, Appointy is the app for you. Appointy goes beyond scheduling meetings as it manages occupancy, too. Whether you need to schedule consultations, classes, or appointments, Appointy will ensure your business meets regulations with every appointment.

15. Visibook 

  • Price: Free
  • $6.99/month (Basic)
  • $13.99/month (Standard)
  • $19.99/month (Unlimited)

Appointment reminders and calendar synchronization are among the basic must-haves Visibook offers in their scheduling app, but their platform offers much more. If you accept deposits or booking fees from customers before confirming appointments, Visibook supports this feature with payment processing integration. For a more consultative approach to your meetings, you can chat with customers through email or text message and keep all that correspondence in one place.

Ready for more advanced features? Check out these paid options. Each tool includes the following features:

  • A meeting scheduling tool that can be viewed, managed and edited by multiple users and administrators
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Contact information can be gathered from those who book meetings

16. Acuity Scheduling

  • Price: $14/month for 1 calendar (Emerging)
  • $23/month for 6 calendars (Growing)
  • $45/month for 36 calendars (Powerhouse)

Acuity Scheduling makes it easy to book appointments with clients and prospects. It’s an online assistant where prospects, customers, and clients can see your real-time availability and book their own appointments. The tool allows you to send customized confirmations that reflect your branding. And appointment reminders and follow-up messages can be sent via email or text message.


Price: $10/calendar/month

Connect your Google Calendar or iCloud calendar to set your availability to create a booking grid and start booking meetings. Share the booking grid on your website, Facebook page, or via email. Add custom styling, use unlimited fields, and manage your bookings using advanced tools by employing

18. HoneyBook 

  • Price: $9/ month (Starter)
  • $34/month (Unlimited)
  • $390/year (Unlimited Annual)

HoneyBook allows you to manage bookings throughout the entire sales process. You can book initial meetings with prospects and even send proposals, contracts, and invoices when they’re ready. It helps you manage your clients and HoneyBook integrates with other tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, and more.

19. Bookeo Appointments

  • Price: $14.95 per user/month (Solo)
  • $29.95 per user/month (Small)
  • $39.95 per user /month (Standard)
  • $79.95 per user/month (Large)

If you’re looking for a tool that provides appointment setting and advanced tracking for how your meeting contacts move through the sales pipeline, Bookeo Appointments is the tool for you. This platform automatically updates your schedule in real-time for optimal booking and integrates directly with HubSpot to keep your contact list up-to-date based on booking reservations.

20. Bookafy 

  • Price: $9/month (Pro)
  • $13/month (Pro+)
  • Custom Plans for Enterprise

Bookafy is an appointment scheduling tool for meetings, calls, sales demonstrations, and service appointments. Onboarding on Bookafy is easy as it allows a simple, one-time setup.

With Bookafy, you can generate a meeting link for various meeting tools ranging from Zoom, GoToMeeting, and more. Bookafy’s skill-based scheduling feature makes it easier to prioritize and schedule your meetings.

21. Chili Piper

  • Price: $15 per user/month (Instant Booker)
  • $25 per user/month (Handoff)
  • $30 per user/month (Form Concierge)

Chili Piper is a meeting lifecycle automation platform that helps sales teams connect with buyers throughout the customer lifecycle. Chili Piper does a couple of things well: scheduling multi-person meetings at once and sending email times via email. 

Now, we know we mentioned that back-and-forth emails to schedule meetings aren’t the most efficient, but Chili Piper’s scheduling widget is the exception to this rule. Rather than sending your prospect to a landing page with your calendar, you can place convenient buttons at the end of an email to get a meeting booked in one click.

22. AppointmentCore 


  • Professional version for $87 per month
  • Team version for $47 per month
  • Personal version for $27 per month

AppointmentCore allows you to automate your online coaching business’ appointment scheduling tasks for your Google, Outlook, and Infusionsoft (now Keap) calendars. You can set time slots for your appointments and your clients will be able to select the time slot that suits them best.

Key features:

  • You can quickly view appointments from the dashboard calendar.
  • It offers integration with a number of platforms including Zoom, WebEx, Google, and Outlook.
  • AppointmentCore only shows available time slots to your clients.


Price: Free lets your clients book appointments directly through email using an embedded schedule. It’s an ideal tool for online coaches who use Google Calendar and Infusionsoft (now Keap) to manage their scheduling tasks.

Key features:

  • Automatic notifications will alert all parties whenever an appointment is scheduled or rescheduled.
  • Your clients can book appointments directly through their email inbox without having to visit your website or create an account.
  • to support integration with several apps including UberConference, Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and WebEx.
  • It continually monitors your availability and works with your client to book a commonly available time slot.

24. Pick

Price: $9 per month

Pick is a simple and easy-to-use scheduling solution that lets you create a customized URL extension such as It can help online coaches quickly set up their availability so clients can pick a time for the meeting that suits them best.

Key features:

  • You can quickly set up your availability and preferences as well as add multiple calendars.
  • Pick compares the calendars of all parties to come up with a time that works best for you and your clients.
  • Automatic booking allows all participants to be notified of scheduled meetings via email.
  • It supports integration with Office 365 and Gmail.



  • It has a free version
  • Individual version for $8 per month
  • Team version for $12 per month is a smart appointment bookings app that compares all of your calendars to identify the best times for you to meet your clients. It is an AI-based solution that allows online coaches to offer personalized experiences to their customers.

Key features:

  • confirms the meeting details with you before communicating with your clients, giving you complete control.
  • You’ll be able to customize based on several factors like your availability and how should follow up with your clients.
  • Meetings can be scheduled with a single email whereas handles the follow-up tasks so you can focus on delivering your online coaching services.
  • It integrates with Office 365, Outlook, and Google.

26. WhenAvailable  


  • It has a free version
  • OneTime Premium version for $10 per poll
  • Premium version for $38 per year

WhenAvailable is a simple scheduling tool that lets you book group meetings. It’s our recommended solution for online coaches who want to schedule virtual and on-site events such as board meetings or a pick-up basketball game.

Key features:

  • People can mark their availability on the calendar for the proposed dates.
  • WhenAvailable helps you figure out the time that best suits all parties involved.
  • You’ll be able to import Google Calendar and Contact as well as chat with your clients.

27. NeedtoMeet  


  • It has a free 14-day trial and a standard free version
  • Advanced version for $12 per year per user
  • Premium version for $19 per year per user

NeedtoMeet is a meeting scheduling tool that allows you to quickly find a time that suits all parties. It allows online coaches to book appointments with groups by sharing their availability.

Key features:

  • You can schedule meetings and invite guests through NeedToMeet or by sending emails.
  • NeedtoMeet sends you an email notification when attendees respond to your invites.
  • You’ll be able to plan meetings on the web, on your smartphone, or by using its Microsoft Outlook plug-in.

28. Paperbell 

First thing first: our scheduling software lets you customize your calendar based on your availability. Rather than present your schedule as a free-for-all for perspectives, you make the rules.

If you don’t work a traditional nine-to-five and want to offer extended (or reduced!) hours, Paperbell has you covered.

Paperbell 1

This approach to scheduling is a win-win as you set your own hours while also empowering clients to book online during times that make sense for them. The ability to see a variety of appointment options gives your clients a sense of freedom and flexibility.

Another bonus of Paperbell is that your clients can schedule multiple sessions at once. Rather than force clients to manually schedule or email you for a follow-up appointment, they can pick and choose their respective dates over weeks or months. 

This also means that clients can schedule their own ongoing weekly or monthly appointments. Whether you’re on a super-consistent schedule or your hours vary month-to-month, our custom of time-blocking is that you can repeat week-to-week or edit as needed. 

30. Acuity 

Like most scheduling software for coaches, Acuity offers a basic calendar view and scheduling page for clients to see your availability in real-time. Features such as notes and intake forms upon booking are a nice touch for gathering essential information and avoiding needless back-and-forth before your initial appointment. 

Acuity does have somewhat of a learning curve for those looking to set up client scheduling ASAP, though.

31. ScheduleOnce 

Another self-serve appointment solution, ScheduleOnce is notable for its wide range of integrations and customization features. For example, users can use unique branding on their scheduling pages so they’re more personable and colorful. Advanced appointment routing is ideal for teams juggling offering a variety of appointment types.

However, ScheduleOnce might offer a bit too much for a single coach. Based on its pricing and range of upgrades, the platform isn’t really intended for individuals and is best suited for larger teams.

32. is a minimalist scheduling solution that emphasizes ease of use.

The tool showcases availability and offers an option to suggest an alternative appointment time if there’s nothing available. In addition to instant integrations with Gmail and Office 365, offers custom branding for your scheduling link (“”). 

At a glance, the scheduler can be a bit clunky if you have a wide availability (see above). Although it’s not exactly visually striking, it gets the job done if you’re concerned with scheduling and only scheduling. 

33. Doodle 

Doodle is perhaps best known as an internal meeting solution, allowing companies to organize meetings via polls rather than email back and forth to fight over the best time to get together. 

Even so, the platform also doubles as potential scheduling software for coaches and other individual businesses. 

Scheduling one-on-one meetings is straightforward as Doodle’s interface indicates available times and grays out anything that’s no good. Like many tools noted on our list, however, Doodle is yet another tool that seems better suited for teams based on its pricing, integrations, and features.

34. Schedulista 

Schedulista is a sleek scheduling solution that’s arguably better suited for brick-and-mortar business owners (think: salons, medical practices) versus coaches. Features such as intake forms, document uploads, and questionnaires further drive this point home.

That said, the platform’s calendar integration is solid and it all looks fantastic via mobile.

35. is yet another scheduling tool that integrates with your email calendar and offers shared scheduling links for clients. 

The gray, list-heavy interface might look a bit old-school and isn’t exactly eye-popping. However, is a good, basic solution for coaches on a tight budget.

36. LinkedIn

Many people overlook the new user interface on LinkedIn. But make no mistake: LinkedIn possesses a powerful way to track and set reminders, take notes on key individual clients, observe daily actions, and stay current on those clients, their representative companies, and their brands. Under every person’s profile, you can take client notes. – John O’Connor, Career Pro Inc. 

37. Basecamp

We use vCita to schedule client appointments: An easy-to-use pop-up opens when they go to your website. It’s simple, and clients love it. However, my favorite tool for client management is Basecamp

You can add your client notes to it and then add any other team members to contribute. For us, it is our writers, proofreaders, coaches, and admin staff. There is never any confusion about who is doing what or when. – Erin Kennedy, Professional Resume Services, Inc. 

38. Coaches Console 

There are a lot of tools out there that coaches can use for managing clients and keeping up with scheduling, but I personally love The Coaches Console. It is a “one-stop-shop” solution, especially for coaches who are just starting. You may house your website there, manage your calendar and email list, and it even provides a shopping cart. I highly recommend it for new coaches just starting. – Kitty Boitnott, Boitnott Coaching, LLC/Teachers in Transition 

39. CoachAccountable

For client management, I rely on CoachAccountable for tracking coaching sessions, paperwork, communications, and programs. I also use it to manage coaching groups and classes. Although it includes a scheduling component, I find that Acuity offers me more options. The combination of these two tools packs a powerful and systematized punch. – Cheryl Lynch Simpson, Executive Resume Rescue 

40. Google Drive

We don’t use any coach-specific software or apps. We keep a simple system using a combination of Google Drive, Dropbox, and Calendly. These programs seamlessly integrate and enable our clients to access the drives remotely or on their smartphones. – Kelly Meerbott, You: Loud & Clear 

41.  Squarespace Scheduling

Squarespace Scheduling is a cloud-based appointment scheduling application for managing business appointments online. All three of its online appointment-scheduling packages are free of charge during the seven-day trial period. Despite the paid nature of the software, those in the service industry will have a hard time finding a better solution.

  • Unlimited appointments
  • Excellent user interface
  • Easy to change appointments on the fly

42. 10to8  

10to8 is an online booking application with a unique instant chat feature. It can be integrated with more than 5,000 apps and program suites, including Office 365, Google Calendar, Zoom, Slack, Stripe, PayPal, and Xero. Not all of these integrations are available with the 10to8 free plan, but it still earns a place on our free appointment scheduling software list because of its versatility.

  • Excellent for small businesses
  • Recurring appointments
  • Numerous software integrations

43. MeetFox 

MeetFox is the best free booking software for managing meetings and appointments online. It has an easy-to-use dashboard that enables you to customize booking options. There are lots of features available with the free version, but the more comprehensive solutions come with its paid models.

  • Accept Stripe payments from clients
  • Create customized emails
  • Live chat support

44. EssentialPIM 

EssentialPIM is just what the doctor ordered if you want to take care of online appointment scheduling for free. The app combines appointment scheduling with a password manager and CRM features. While many basic features are available with the free plan, it is the paid plans that truly unlock this software’s potential.

  • Unlimited bookings and services across all plans
  • Excellent CRM platform
  • Integration with external calendars available across all plans

45. EngageBay

EngageBay is so much more than simple appointment booking software. The fact that it offers a whole suite of CRM, outreach, and marketing tools is a significant benefit to those needing these additional services, as everything is combined in one tool.

  • Unlimited bookings and services across all plans
  • Excellent CRM platform
  • Integration with external calendars available across all plans


Life coaching can be a powerful tool for personal growth and development. It can help people gain clarity on their goals and dreams, identify blocks that are preventing them from achieving their goals, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles. 

With the right guidance, support, and accountability, life coaching can open the door to a more fulfilling and successful life. By understanding and embracing the benefits of life coaching, individuals can start on the path to a brighter future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the benefits of Appointment/Meeting Schedulers for Coaches?

Coaches who use the best appointment/meeting schedulers can benefit from a range of advantages. These schedulers allow coaches to quickly create and manage multiple appointments with clients, set reminders and notifications, track attendance and keep notes. They also reduce the amount of time spent on scheduling tasks from days to minutes, freeing up more time for coaching activities. 

Additionally, these schedulers provide flexibility in managing hour blocks for different needs at different times. Furthermore, these applications offer feedback options to get insights into customer satisfaction levels and identify areas of improvement. 

All in all, the best appointment/meeting schedulers provide many benefits to coaches looking to save time, gain insights, and increase their efficiency while scheduling client meetings and appointments.

2. Which are the Best Appointment/Meeting Schedulers for Coaches?

For coaches looking for the best appointment and meeting schedulers, there are many options available. When making a choice, it’s important to consider factors such as cost, convenience, support, and ease of use. 

For example, Calendly is an excellent scheduler that allows coaches to easily create and send booking links or embed their schedulers into websites or emails. It also supports integrations with other popular tools like Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar. 

Another great option is Zoom Scheduler which has built-in tools that make it easy to schedule calls and meetings without ever leaving the platform or creating profiles on third-party websites. This can be especially useful if your coaching practice uses Zoom for video conferencing. 

Finally, Appointlet offers advanced features such as approval workflows and payment processing that can automate the entire process from initial inquiry to a confirmed appointment. 

Whatever tool you ultimately decide on, remember to check features carefully – that is the key to finding the best appointment/meeting scheduler for your coaching business!