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How to Become a Successful Focus Coach: The Ultimate Guide [2024 Edition]

A focus coach guides mentees to focus on building strengths and find solutions through positive ways.

In this digital era, you will find a lot of people whose life is adrift. They work hard with full commitment still, they need some help in improvement.

Have you come across people who are not focussed? What happens with them? Yes you are right, he or she misses great opportunities. The performance of the person starts diminishing. This happens to a lot of people, be it a student or an executive.

Are you a person who focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses?

Do you love to find solutions and not crib about problems?

Did you ever help anyone to regain the focus back? Have you helped your friends or colleagues to stay focussed?

Do you have the zeal to help people attain better focus in their lives?

Yes? Then, you are the right fit for becoming a focus coach.

But before that, you should know who is a focus coach and what role he or she plays. Be focused and check out this article.

Who is a focus coach?

A focus coach is one who guides clients’ focus on finding solutions than complaining about problems. He also focusses on the strengths of the clients rather than weaknesses. He does not divert them from their goals.

As a coach, you need to find out what is blocking the way of your clients.

Do they need someone to navigate them around those roadblocks? Yes?

Then as a focus coach, you can guide your clients to overcome challenges. You can boost the morale of your client.

Also, find out what underpins their confidence. This way as a focus coach you can help them concentrate on their goals. It can improve the performance of the people who get distracted often.

We all know how important it is to stay focussed. Energy flows where there is a proper focus.

Some of the major things which you as a focus coach can do are:

– Help in eliminating distractions for your clients

– Set up goals for your clients

– Make your clients note down the distracting thoughts

– Guide your clients to develop an interest in their task

– Share the techniques which can help in concentration like self-talk or meditation

– Motivate people not to become the slave of device

In other words, a focus coach brings people out of a difficult situation. Next, the person is motivated to move into a situation where he or she can work on their strengths. This enables people to take the required action at the right time and achieve their goals.

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How is a focus coach different from a mind coach?

The focus coach and mind coach differ in coaching techniques.

As a focus coach, you deal with the overall personality of a client. You train them to avoid distractions and complete the task. Hence, the approach is more task-oriented.

On the other hand, a mind coach makes people stay on track. This is done by changing the thought of people. Mind coaches help people calm their minds.

A focus coach helps all kinds of people who want to achieve their goals. But a mind coach is mostly concerned with people who are emotionally weak and need guidance to strengthen their mind power.

If anyone wants mental peace he or she can approach the mind coach. But if someone needs to avoid distraction and work effectively, a focus coach can prove beneficial.

So, a focus coach helps regain the focus back whereas a mind coach helps gain mental peace back.

Who are your prospective clients as a focus coach?

There are a lot of people from various areas who need the help of a focus coach.

A lot of people lack concentration and face issues in achieving the desired results. These people can be your prospective clients. The following are the groups whom you can approach:


As per research, a lot of parents are worried because of a lack of focus in their kids. They do not score well in exams and their academic performance is poor. As a coach, you can approach the parents to help weak students.

In this digital era, children have many things that can distract them like video games or cartoons. Also, many are unable to focus due to exam stress. Hence, a focus coach like you can guide them on how to develop concentration power.


The managers are always involved in multitasking. They need to concentrate more on their efforts and time to complete the task. The managers thus need training for quickly completing the task.

A focus coach can help in developing their memory and thinking skills which can improve their focus. This will improve their performance and help them excel in their career.

Depressed people

A lot of people undergo trauma. Trauma makes it difficult for them to concentrate on various things. A lot of people get distressed due to personal or professional life.

Professionally your clients may have faced a loss in the business. Personally, your clients may have faced the loss of a family member or divorce. As a coach, you can bring them back to their original pace of life. You can help them build their focus. You can become their major support system.

Beginners in career

Beginners who have recently started their professional life may find it difficult to balance personal and professional areas. At times they are unable to focus on their family.

Also, it may happen that coping with new projects in the office can be tough. In all such situations, a focus coach like you can guide them. You can develop solid action plans for them. As a coach, you can help them balance personal and professional life better.

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Entrepreneurs have to make major business decisions. The competition is very high for them. Hence, due to stress, they can’t pay attention to key elements. A lot of entrepreneurs cannot find the root cause of the problem. They may face various challenges in terms of investment and expansion.

As a focus coach, you can help them understand where to concentrate on their business and get better results.

As a coach, you can explore your surroundings and see who needs your services.

Core traits of a focus coach

Some of the key qualities of a focus coach which you must possess are:

Presence of mind

As a good focus coach, you should understand the situation of your clients well. You need to identify the core area where your client is facing issues.

Is the client lacking concentration?

Is the client unable to make decisions due to various distractions?

Do clients have to face delays in work submission?

You can identify the reason behind a client’s lack of focus if you have a good presence of mind. As a coach, your presence of mind can help you understand your clients’ problems well and guide them to find better solutions.

Positive aura

As a focus coach, you should have the ability to influence people.

Why should people approach you? Find an answer to this question. This will help you connect better to your clients.

As a coach, have a positive aura as this will help your clients gain confidence in you. The way you conduct meetings with them can make them comfortable with you. You should not only be a coach but an influencer. This way clients can find a ray of hope towards improvement in their lives.

Communication skills

To be a great focus coach, good communication is a must. It will help you share how people can concentrate better. If your communication channel is good the results will be fruitful. It will help in engaging better with clients.

Good communication skills will guide your clients better and achieve their targets.

People skills

Do you love meeting different personalities? Yes? Great, as people skills is a very important trait for a focus coach. Meeting different people helps you understand different mindsets. This skill can help you understand your clients better. It is the trait that can make the coaching journey fun.

Motivation skills

As a coach, motivating your clients will be your daily job. If you are self-motivated, you can push others to remain motivated. It becomes easy for you to handle people. This also means an expert coach is optimistic about his or her attitude. This keeps the spirits of your clients also high.

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Effective feedback

Clients will stay accountable if you can give effective feedback. An expert focus coach gives the right feedback at the right time. It creates a good impact on the client. For example, if your client gets distracted often you need to pinpoint it so that he is better focussed next time.

Creative skills

An expert focus coach keeps trying new techniques. You can derive new ways to make people stay focussed on their work. You never know which idea can give great results. Hence, as a coach creativity is of utmost importance.

Questioning ability

You can know more about your client by asking them the right questions. It connects you well with your clients. It will give insight into who your clients are and what they need. Gaining such information can help you in guiding them well.

Check the above traits and see which traits you need to add to your list.

Benefits of having a good focus coach

The main benefit of a focus coach is that people are very likely to see quick results. They can achieve instant and positive outcomes. The focus coach is the one who makes clients participate and learn. Clients adopt new habits more easily when they are actively engaged in the learning process.

A focus coach can teach both at an individual or organizational level.

The benefits of focus coach for an individual includes;

– An individual can improve its performance, targets, and goals.

– An individual would love to have more personal learning and development.

– An individual would be able to identify solutions for specific work-related issues.

– There will be high ownership and responsibility.

– An individual would develop self-awareness.

– There will be a high improvement in specific skills or behavior.

– An individual can clarify his roles and objectives in detail.

– An individual can get opportunities to correct behavior/performance difficulties.

Along with this, below are benefits of focus coach at an organization level:

– A focus coach can make full use of the organization’s team.

– The focus coach demonstrates the commitment to achieve organizational goals.

– Focus coaches can improve organizational performance/productivity.

– He/she can develop creativity, learning, and knowledge at an organizational level.

– A focus coach can motivate people working in an organization.

– He/she facilitates the adoption of a new culture/management style in an organization.

– Focus coaches can improve relationships between people, colleagues, and departments.

A focus coach will work with you to reframe your attitude and to expand your thinking. A lot of the challenges people face each day are based on the limitations and fears they place on themselves. Thus with focus coaching, there can be a lot of inspiration to focus better and perform.

Digital marketing strategies for a focus coach – get clients fast

As a coach, you may find various competitors in the coaching stream. If you want to get clients fast, you must have an edge over others.

How can you achieve it? What are the marketing strategies which can attract your clients?

The best way is to get your hold on different digital marketing strategies. Here are some of the major ones which you can try.

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Build a website

The website is the most essential element of efficient marketing. You must apply new ways to drive traffic towards your website. It includes designing the website in the best possible way by using SEO. Also, the content of the website should be impressive and engaging.

Create LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are the best way to meet new people. As a coach, you can get connected with them and share your thoughts. These are the people who can either spread your message or approach you as a client.

Also, LinkedIn groups are useful to promote your content. Before sharing any link, you can add some points of discussion. LinkedIn is also used to build new contacts and this can help you gain more clients.

Video tutorials on YouTube

As a coach, you can use YouTube to teach people the importance of focus coaching. The idea is to create meaningful videos so that people can connect with it. It may take some time in the beginning but eventually, you can get good reach.

As a coach, you have to ensure that the content and video quality is good. Also, you must create more value through your video. It is about getting new clients and not generating profit.

As a coach, you can market your coaching business online by connecting with well-known bloggers. This can be an effective way to get clients. You may have something in common with other bloggers. If their subject is related to the work you do then it is good to collaborate.

As a coach, you can become a guest blogger where you can publish your blogs as this can bring traffic to your website.

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Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is beneficial as these are more target based. For example, you can advertise depending upon the behavior or interest of people. You can also use location as another option. This strategy can help you increase the reach of your Facebook page in a particular area. It also boosts brand awareness.

Use tools like Quora

Quora is a site where a lot of people post questions from different fields. As a coach, you can share answers on coaching related questions along with links to your programs. It can help you connect with a large number of people. This way a lot of people can connect with you for your programs.

Offer an Email newsletter

This can help you create an impression in the market. You can get email addresses of potential clients. This way you can stay in touch with them. Also, the best part is you are offering free information. Hence, they will be interested to know more about your sessions. There are high chances that they may approach you for guidance.

Create focus coaching podcasts

Coaching podcasts help you gain clients from those who love podcasts. As a coach, you have to create audio files on focus coaching. Next, you can publish it on various podcast directories. Today podcasting is in trend. It can help you create a good market base for your coaching niche.

As a coach, you have to keep yourself updated with changes in digital marketing and new trends. This will help you connect with your clients from different platforms.

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How much can a focus coach earn?

The earnings of a focus coach depend on the following factors:

– Market trends

– Area or group of people

– Skills and overall experience

– Scope of work

– Type of coaching model implemented by a focus coach

– Traveling expenses

– Additional expenses

You can earn between $2k-$10k on average. A lot of expert focus coaches charge $2,500 for a half-day session, plus travel costs.

Why so much difference in prices?

This is because there is no specific figure. Right now no proper standard price is followed.

Some coaches run their business to keep themselves busy. Some of them are doing it for extra income. You can even work with big companies to earn good revenue. It depends on how you want to work and with whom.

There are different kinds of coaching models that you can adopt. You can charge according to the model which you have opted for.

For instance,

Hourly sessions – $350- $500

Three-hour package – $850-$1000

Four-hour sessions per week – $2000-$4000

Online coaching – One to one zoom/skype sessions and you select any of the rates from above.

In case you are giving extra support, the rates can differ. This may include:

– Off-hours support

– Ebooks, audio recordings and video materials

– Email support

– Webinars and workshops etc.

Hence, you can earn well depending upon the above factors.

To summarize, focus coaching is a new niche. This is the area where you need to make clients more aware of its importance. It may take some time to grow your business. But with the above strategies, you can become an expert and create your market niche.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a focus coach?

A focus coach guides mentees to focus on building strengths and find solutions through positive ways.

What does a focus coach do?

A focus coach deals with the overall personality of a client. He/she trains them to avoid distractions and complete the task.

How to become a successful focus coach?

Some of the key qualities of a focus coach which you must possess are:
Presence Of Mind
Positive Aura
Communication Skills
People Skills
Motivation Skills

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