The 5 Simple Steps for a Great Coaching Intake Form [2022 Edition]

 Sai Blackbyrn/ 4th January 2022

One of the most important elements of a coaching relationship is the coaching intake form. Why? It’s the first tool that can summarise the first coaching session and can record what coach and coachee have agreed upon.

I am sure as a coach, you must have come across the above coaching tool and the benefits. If not, then I have penned down all the information about the coaching intake form that can help you in your coaching business.

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What Is the Coaching Intake Form?

A coaching intake form is a document that gives detailed information about the clients. In the form, clients fill out their personal information with all their expectations and goals. Also, clients mention the kind of services they need.

Clients can be given the form before the coaching session begins as this will help you know your clients better. Hence, before finalizing the contract agreements the coaching intake form is a must. With the form, you can design the training sessions. The information in form can help in customizing coaching products and services as per your clients.

A coaching intake form is a base for planning the coaching packages for your clients. It is useful for addressing the client’s needs. The important thing is the client should mention as much detail as they can in the intake form. This helps in conducting better coaching sessions.

The form contains basic fields like name, email, and phone number. But it goes more in-depth. It gives insights on questions like:

What are the likes and dislikes of clients?

Which things are the clients expecting from the coaching training?

Why is the client looking for a coach?

These questions give clear insights about your clients and can save you time. Also, you can gather critical information from your clients. It will benefit you in planning productive discussions with your clients.

How to Create a Coaching Intake Form?

The process of creating a coaching intake form is simple. The important thing is that a coach must have expertise in creating it. He or she should know what data one should gather from the clients.

The coaching intake form has different sections. The first section deals with client information. It will contain the name, date of birth, and the gender of the client. Next in the data, there is detail about the client’s residence and business. You must get all the contact details of the client. This includes electronic mail addresses. You can get an idea about where the client stays for conducting follow-up sessions. The second section has a pre-coaching questionnaire. It is for knowing in depth about the client.

The form should have a confidentiality agreement. It is for indicating that the information of the client will be used for coaching only. It will not be shared with the third party.

Here are the steps which you must follow:

Step 1: Select a coaching intake form tool

Various tools are available online for creating coaching intake forms. Select one of them as per your requirements.

It is good to choose a cost-effective one. Also, you must be able to use it with ease.

There are various options like Wufoo and Google forms for creating the form. You can share these forms on social media, blogs, or websites.

If your coaching business is new, Wufoo is the tool that you can try. It is flexible and easy to use.

A lot of coaches prefer Google Forms because it is free. Also, you can use it with your Google Drive documents and files.

Step 2: Understand the right time to use the form

A coaching intake form comes handy in a variety of situations. Hence, before applying the coaching products, check out when you need the form.

Targeting the prospect

A lot of coaches indeed spend a lot of time understanding the needs of prospective clients. A coaching intake form can be helpful in this case. It helps you in gathering useful details about prospects. This can help you determine a lead in a few steps. You can match the leads with the type of coaching they need.

Onboarding of the client

There are cases where the information collected from prospects is enough. But in other cases, you may have to use the coaching intake form during client interaction.

Here you will have to go deeper into your client’s needs. As a coach, you must find out about their goals and gather all the details in person.

An in-depth coaching intake form proves useful and helpful for coaching sessions.

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Step 3: Choose the right kind of questions

As a coach, you can create more than one form. But before that, you need to check out different kinds of questions. Find out the questions to ask clients while preparing the coaching intake form.

The questions will vary depending upon the kind of coaching you provide.

Step 4: Add basic elements in the form

You can add other information apart from questions in the coaching intake form.

For instance, you can add:

Add logo and company name for recognizing your coaching brand as one of the marketing strategies.

Brief instructions on the reason behind asking the questions to the client.

Instructions to fill out the form.

Mention your contact information at the bottom of a coaching intake form. This is so that clients can do the follow-up or contact you when needed.

Add a note on what the client can expect through your coaching. You can also write about coaching training time.

The form should be created so that clients do not feel overwhelmed. They should manage to fill up the form in less time.

But the above elements can help in growing your coaching business. The clients will trust your credibility. This strategy is a part of the secret of the coaching business. It can help with better client interaction.

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Step 5: Discuss the coaching intake form

As a coach, you need to determine what the client is looking for. Hence, it is important for discussion with the client. What are the plans of the client and how can you help?

It will help you in understanding the client’s current situation.

The form also helps in disclosing the beliefs of a client. You come to know their concerns and vision. This you can get through the answers mentioned in the form.

As a coach, you must know how to convert coaching intake form into leads. You can share it through various channels and get clients.

You can also convert your contact form into a coaching intake form. Different businesses do this for knowing about the client’s requirements.

Also, when people visit your website, they will need to fill only one form. You can design the form keeping in mind the prospects.

Use the coaching intake form during the appointment with your clients. This would help you in saving time as well as getting details of your clients.

Different Types of Coaching Intake Form

As a coach, you can build the coaching intake forms with ease. There are different types of coaching intake forms. Select the one that fits your coaching requirements.

Academic Success Coaching Intake Form

It is used at academic boot camps and seminars. It has four sections. The first one consists of the participant’s personal information.

The second section asks the academic background information of the clients.

The third section is an optional one. It is for the clients who have disabilities and diagnosis from a physician.

The last section is for the coach. Here, you can state what program will be suitable for your client. It is based on the details given by your client.

Career Coaching Intake Form

Career coaching programs are designed for students and individuals having major career plans. They aim to have sturdy and effective career goals. In this case, the client has to choose how he or she would be completing the program. The options are call-ins, in person, or through online chat. This is mentioned in the coaching intake form.

The sections in the form are categorized as below:

Professional self-discovery

The topic deals with determining the client’s uniqueness among others. It also shows the client’s career goals.

Evaluating resume

It focuses on the target audiences of the client’s resume. Also, the emphasis is on the role of clients in the industry. There are questions about how they can apply for their roles.

Interview preparation

The questions revolve around how the client prepares for his job interview. It helps them in cracking the interview. This helps the person in getting the target company of his or her choice.

In addition to that, the client can also write comments about himself or herself. He or she should mention suggestions for the coach. This can work as a guide for coaches in preparing a customized program for the clients. The coach will know which coaching tool will prove beneficial.

Life Coach Strategy Intake Form

A professional life coach should identify what he or she can give clients. The life coach provides a program matching the issues of clients in their lives. The life coaching product includes the coaching strategy intake form. It is for finding the client’s contact information and the client’s life story. You get the client’s contact details through it. It also helps in knowing the client’s goal.

With the form, there is an agreement attached. It is to inform the client about programs under coaching training. Also, it is for sharing the terms and conditions of the coach. In the end, you can mention the disclaimer. The signature of the client and the coach is done for finalizing the agreement.

Dietary Coaching Intake Form

Health is crucial for achieving success. A lot of people look for health coaches for improving their life. Dietary coaches help people in different ways. They provide diet charts and schedules. A dietary coaching intake form is similar to a survey questionnaire. It is the appropriate document helpful in strategizing diet programs. It consists of questions that relate to eating habits. The clients answer questions regarding food preferences and medical conditions. Also, it includes a question on patterns of working and sleeping. A coach should find out all the activities of the client through this form.

Fertility Coaching Intake Form

Women planning to conceive a baby are the users of this form. Hence, it should consist of all the basic details of the clients. There are questions about medical diagnosis and women’s habits. You can also ask reasons for the appointment, and medicines prescribed.

The fertility coaching intake form is also called the reproductive health information form. The coach here clarifies if the statements in the form are true or not. It can help the coach in giving the right training.

This form also has a disclosure statement and a treatment consent section.

Financial Coaching Intake Form

Financial coaches commonly work with business-minded individuals. These clients have a desire of being successful in their chosen business field. Coaches acquire clients’ information, financial background, and other identities of their clients. The form also mentions the problems of the client and their financial achievements. There are questions regarding the financial goals of the client.

Marriage Coaching Intake Form

Marriage coaches guide the couples on relationship and marriage issues. The coach through interaction recognizes the areas that need to be resolved. A marriage coaching intake form is helpful for coaches. It is used for designing plans for the clients. They use it for building strategies. The questions in the form are based on the history of the family. Also, there are questions on different issues of couples and also details about couples. You must also add a confidentiality agreement and disclaimer in the end for the data privacy of your clients.

Parent Coaching Intake Form

Parents face a lot of issues concerning their children. Hence, there is a need for hiring parent coaches. Coaches use parent coaching intake forms for gathering all the information about parents. The form consists of gathering details about the parent’s background and their issues. The form contains a relational information section. This is where different questions are asked. For instance, what are their goals and what they want from coaching?

The above-mentioned coaching intake forms provide in-depth information about clients. Hence, it is one of the great coaching products for a coach. The important thing is keeping the details of the client confidential. It is best to use the information during the coaching training.

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What Are Pre-coaching Questionnaires in Coaching Intake Form?

The coaching intake form has a section called as a pre-coaching questionnaire. It is like the survey document which is given to the clients. For the initial conversation, this works as a base. It helps in knowing about the client and gathering information in different ways. The questionnaire works in your favor. It is like noting down the information about a client and using it later.

The pre-coaching questionnaires work in below ways.

Collect information about your clients. This includes their strengths, weaknesses, goals, passion, interests, and more.

You can identify what the client is looking for through the form. You can ask points like why they need a coach or what is their purpose of getting a coach?

The questionnaires also focus on their major requirements and problems of the client.

You can provide this questionnaire once you know that a person needs your help. If you know the client is right for coaching, you can use the question-answer technique.

After the pre-coaching conversation, you can let them work on the questionnaires. As a coach, it is useful to ask questions which can stimulate the mind of your clients. You must make them aware of the whole purpose of coaching. These questionnaires are more about the areas where they want help. They work as the base for initial sessions with your clients.

Clients should complete the form before the coaching program starts. Why? This is because it gives time for clients to find the answers on their own. They can, later on, give comprehensive responses. It also means you are giving them a push to go ahead in life.

Indeed, clients do not reveal everything through the questionnaire. Hence, you may not get accurate answers or pictures. For example, you can know about their dreams. But what issues they are facing in achieving it is what you need to ask them. For exploring their responses, the pre-coaching questionnaires should have appropriate questions. You must frame them in a manner that they give you a good base.

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How Important Is a Coaching Intake Form?

There are various benefits of using coaching intake forms. But the major ones are as below.

Helps in asking the right questions

The form helps in asking the right questions to your clients. As a coach, you can also ask critical questions and save yourself time.

Shows your expertise and skills

If your form is well prepared, you’ll make the best impression in front of your clients. It will show your expertise and professionalism.

Guides in getting the correct leads

As a coach, ask valid questions to your clients. This will help you figure out bad-fit clients before they can use too much space in your inbox.

Helps in building a client’s focus

The form can help your clients to think about their real goals. This would also reveal whether they’re ready for your help.

Makes the proposal quick and smooth

The form helps in sales proposals and contracts to finish in less time. Coaches use thorough details from prospects in coaching training.

Helps in keeping records in auto mode

The forms help in customer relationship management entry which is very much important. During form integration, you can input clients’ data directly into your system.

Guides in streamlining the coaching work

Coaching intake forms streamline the coaching work. Hence, you do not have to look for material again and again. The form does most of the work.

Increases your revenue

The coaching intake forms help you in seeking clients fast. It thus increases your income and client base.

Helps in customizing coaching packages

It is important to see the trends as what clients write in the form. For instance, what kind of services or specifications they prefer. A coach can adapt the trends and customize the coaching packages.

Lastly, the coaching intake form is a very simple tool. You cannot imagine the far-reaching effects of it on your coaching business. If it is implemented in the right way, you can get great results.

A coach must indeed take time to discuss with the clients about their needs. But with your right service and tools, you may require less time in convincing clients. You can utilize the time in building your marketing strategies.

A lot of coaches waste time on the wrong prospects. They keep on looking for missing information or materials from clients. It delays the coaching process. Also, the coaching training results are not achieved right as coaches spend more time on administrative tasks.

Thankfully, a coaching intake form can make your work smooth. It can help in reducing the burden. On top of it, you can give a client a good coaching experience. So, try using the form at the right time with the right questions. It will bring you success in your coaching business.

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