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Best Online Life Coaching Platforms

Are you interested in taking your career, education, or life to the next level with the help of an online coaching platform? Whether you’re looking for personalized guidance and support to reach your personal, professional, or educational goals; anticipating more effective daily routines and habits; or wanting reliable resources and data-driven insights to make better decisions – online coaching can be a great way to achieve sustainable Success.

Best Online Life Coaching Platforms Coaching Platforms

In this important blog post, we will discuss some of the best online coaching platforms available today and why they are worth considering. We’ll definitely consider what services these platforms provide and how they can help you find Success on your chosen path.

Online coaching has a wide variety of benefits that appeal to people who need to plan their learning around family and work commitments – not only is it convenient, flexible and affordable, but it also offers customized learning solutions that are tailored according to individual needs. 

In this age of self-improvement and rapid digital transformation, being coached online is becoming increasingly popular. The internet has opened up a world of huge possibilities for people seeking to develop their skills in the comfort of their own homes. So whether you’re looking to level up or combat ineffective habits, read on as we uncover the best results when finding an online coach for all your needs!

7 Online Coaching Platforms

If you are searching to start an online coaching business, then you need the right platform to get going. From helping entrepreneurs launch their businesses to providing personal development coaching, there has never been a better time for coaches to benefit from the power of online tools and platforms. With so many other options available, it can be difficult for coaches and consultants to know where to start. Online coaching platforms have become an essential tool for any modern coach who wants to maximize their outreach and appeal. From personal trainers, life coaches, nutritionists, and counselors, these websites can help provide your clients with the tools needed for Success.

 Fortunately, we have put together this comprehensive guide featuring some of the best online coaching platforms that provide everything needed for any type of coaching business. Read on and discover which one is best suited for your particular situation! Whether it is remote video calls or secure online payments, today’s best online coaching platforms enable professionals in a variety of fields to offer premium services from anywhere around the globe. Here we will discuss the seven best available options that can quickly get you up and running with an online presence for your coaching business!


Thinkific offers a unique solution for coaches to extend their reach beyond their typical one-on clients. With Thinkific, coaches can create and sell online courses and memberships and even manage a coaching community. Thinkific’s features make it easy to reach a larger audience and scale up your business with minimal effort. As an added benefit, Thinkific’s intuitive user interface allows you to focus on course creation rather than on technical issues. Whether you’re new to online coaching or already have established practices in place, Thinkific may be the perfect fit to help you reach your professional goals.

Thinkific makes it a breeze to create custom learning environments tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for live or on-demand courses, Thinkific has you covered with its range of mixed media tools. Thinkific is capable of anything from video and images to text and surveys; you’re only limited by your imagination! Thinkific provides a robust and flexible platform that can easily adapt to serve any user’s goals. Thinkific is an incredibly powerful and user-friendly tool for creating courses and managing payments. Once an online course has been created with Thinkific, a professional and compelling landing page can be quickly built to promote it. Thinkific also takes care of payment processing by automating the process, saving users time and effort.

Thinkific is the perfect platform for instructors and creators looking to build their own online courses. With Thinkific, it’s easy to create a course that stands out with dozens of beautiful, customizable themes and advanced progress tracking and student engagement tools such as community forums, quizzes, assessments, and certificates. Thinkific lets you take full control of your course’s Success by offering the freedom to create standalone courses, bundles, digital downloads, or memberships on your own domain — all complete with convenient integrations for zenith efficiency.


Thinkific offers a wide range of pricing plans to suit any business type. There is no cost to get started, so you can use Thinkific’s core features for free. The Start plan costs just $99/month and includes unlimited courses, the ability to customize your domain, create one community, and live chat support. Need access to some of Thinkific’s more advanced course-building features? Try the Grow plan for only $199/month – it adds additional features like bulk student emails and bulk enrolments that make managing courses easier while removing Thinkific branding from your site. For those looking for enterprise-level scalability and customizations, Thinkific Plus is a great solution designed with those clients in mind. Keep in mind there is a 2.5 percent discount on annual payments.

Fingerprint for Success

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) is at the forefront of revolutionizing coaching, equipping human coaches with AI Coach Marlee to provide more effective and impactful results. With an evidence-based assessment that has 90 percent accuracy in predicting human behavior at work, its diagnostic tool can detect cognitive biases and blind spots, which gives the coach a more personalized approach. The fusion between individual human coaching expertise and AI-powered performance and developmental coaching gives Fingerprint for Success a competitive advantage and is a testament to its game-changing capacity in the industry. Using F4S, coaches can benefit from immense insights into their clients and ultimately be more successful in helping them reach their desired goals. Fingerprint for Success is charting new ground in the field of coaching, allowing human coaches everywhere to have greater opportunities to make meaningful changes in their clients’ lives.

Fingerprint for Success is an assessment and coaching program designed to help individuals understand their natural motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. Fingerprint for Success offers customers highly accurate, evidence-based assessments in just 15-30 minutes to accurately identify each customer’s 48 different motivators. Additionally, Fingerprint for Success offers AI-powered online coaching. Their print for Success provides goal tracking with the aid of AI Coach Marlee measuring customer progress throughout the duration selected coaching program. Fingerprint for Success can help coach coachees to take the next steps toward Success.


Fingerprint for Success’ free plan, you can compare your results with up to five people in a team. The Pro plan at only $9.60 a month offers unlimited access to all Coach Marlee programs; plus with Fingerprint for Success, you can view and compare team members and take the Fingerprint for Success assessment yearly to track progress over time. Fingerprint for Success also offers a unique, customizable organizational tier giving businesses increased control over data, membership details, and other administrative privileges. Fingerprint for Success should be considered invaluable by any organization looking to measure Success!

Paper Bell

Paper bell is a powerful and versatile program for coaches that puts the business/admin portions of management into one place. Paper bell allows you to create customizable, purchasable packages online, set your availability, and keep all your client data in an easily accessible hub. If you’re exploring Paper bell as a possible platform for your coaching business needs, Paper bell offers an incredible free trial deal – 100% of its features are available free until you get your second client. Paper bell is a great program to consider whatever your coaching business needs may be.

Paper Bell is an incredible platform that offers unique features to make sure clients get the best coaching experience possible. With Paper Bell, you have access to online payment systems, booking capabilities, contract uploads and digitized signatures via HelloSign, intake surveys for initial bookings, a centralized client dashboard, and even group coaching options. Paper Bell provides you with the perfect platform for promoting your own coaching programs with customizable landing pages. Paper bell is everything you need to make sure your clients get the service they deserve.


Paper bell’s pricing is advantageous for all kinds of businesses, whether they are just starting out or already well-established. The free version has all the features with no expiration date, making it perfect for trying Paper bell before committing financially. The paid version is $50/month, with unlimited clients and related packages and also contracts, providing businesses with hassle-free growth potential. Paper bell allows business owners to get their business journey up and running without worrying about costly subscription plans. Paper bell makes it easy to start from small and scale up as needed.


Delenta is a powerful coaching platform that helps coaches make money. From marketing and invoicing to client relationship management and more, Delenta provides coaches with the tools they need to grow their businesses. Its streamlined interface makes it easy for coaches to interact with clients through Delenta’s client-facing portal and smartphone apps. Delenta offers all the features a coach needs to maximize their Success and manage every aspect of their coaching career.Delenta offers an array of useful resources to streamline the coaching process.

 They feature an easy-to-build coach landing page, as well as multiple plans to suit teams and individual practitioners. Delenta also has apps available for both Android and iOS platforms, providing a mobile-friendly experience. Additionally, Delenta includes basic course design and creation tools, along with a range of convenient features – from email marketing software integrations and Zapier connections to appointment requests and scheduling – making Delenta an ideal platform for driving Success in any coaching business. All these benefits make Delenta the most reliable choice for coaches who want to go above and beyond to serve their clients.


Delenta offers three pricing plans: Starter, Pro, and Premium. The Starter plan starts at $19+/month per user, while the Pro plan starts at $39+/month per user, and the Premium plan starts at $59+/month per user. Delenta also offers Teams plans for all customization on request. Unsurprisingly, Delenta’s Pro and Premium plans offer a wide range of additional benefits, such as increased file-sharing capacity, a fully customizable and brandable platform, as well as access to group coaching and online digital courses. Moreover, Delenta mobile app is only available for their Proplan customers and above. If you are looking for comprehensive project management software to enhance your business operations, Delenta might be the ideal solution that fits your budget.


Quenza Coaching platform is revolutionizing the way that mental health practitioners engage with their clients. This best-in-class platform allows practitioners to do more than ever before; they can now offer clients a fully automated experience via a mobile or desktop app. It means that scheduling and follow-up tasks are completely taken care of, freeing up time for both practitioner and client to focus on what really matters – providing improved mental health support. Quenza Coaching Software makes it easy for practitioners to create highly personalized, automated experiences designed to meet individual clients’ needs quickly and easily.

Quenza securely stores all of your coaching data and makes it accessible anytime you need it. The advanced program setup and features are easy to customize, ensuring that each client gets the tailored attention they need. It has a great block builder for activities to ensure clients can execute their plans successfully; they can access this easily with the mobile app that is available. Clients trust Quenza Coaching Software to offer them the best possible support, helping them reach their goals faster and easier than ever before.


Quenza Coaching Software is an excellent way to manage client data and provide the best services. However, with the starter plan of $29/month, its limitations become more evident. Although it offers unlimited program creation and customizable forms, storage space can be slim if you have a lot of content within your date. This means that upgrading to either the $89/month or $149/month plan could benefit you greatly through its increased storage space, as well as additional client limits unsupported by the starter plan.


Kajabi is the perfect platform for knowledge entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses quickly and easily. Kajabi offers an all-in-one solution that allows users to effortlessly build, market, and sell courses, membership sites, coaching programs, and more without needing to learn code or worry about broken integrations due to plugins. Kajabi’s coaching software helps entrepreneurs stay organized, reduce manual labor and create more personalized experiences for their customers. Kajabi offers everyone the chance to live life on their own terms with a successful online business that meets their needs.

Kajabi is a complete coaching software for entrepreneurs and business owners, providing amazing functionalities such as funnel building and email marketing tools. Kajabi also has unlimited video hosting with the ability to create and design courses from start to finish. Ultimately Kajabi Coaching Software provides everything you need to manage and market your business in one simple platform.


Kajabi is the gold standard for online course platforms, and in 2021 it upgraded with a new Coaching feature to maximize teaching effectiveness. With Kajabi you can easily create, market, and launch online courses from one all-in-one platform without the hassle of juggling multiple providers. Kajabi also offers pricing that suits any budget – from as little as $119/month to up to $319/month (billed annually). That’s not all; Kajabi also offers a 30-day free trial, so you can also try it before you buy. Kajabi is the ideal choice for business owners who are serious about monetizing their expertise and growing their businesses.

Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach is an innovative personalization tool for coaches that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to construct their own coaching app. With Nudge, you can create an online course or program tailored to your individual preferences with minimal upfront effort. Unfortunately, booking features are not natively integrated into the app, but users can easily integrate it with popular booking tools like Calendly for a complete package. Whether you’re a budding coach or an experienced mentor, Nudge Coach is the ideal solution for customizing and disseminating any kind of course material.

Nudge is an innovative personalization tool for coaches that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to construct their own coaching app. With Nudge, you can create an online course or program tailored to your individual preferences with minimal upfront effort. Unfortunately, booking features are not natively integrated into the app, but users can easily integrate it with popular booking tools like Calendly for a complete package. Whether you’re a budding coach or an experienced mentor, Nudge Coach is the ideal solution for customizing and disseminating any kind of course material.


Nudge Coach is the ideal app for coaches and consultants managing their businesses. With a reasonable yet comprehensive three-tier pricing structure, there’s something to fit every budget. The basic plan is free for up to five clients, while the Grow plan provides access to up to 50 clients at just $60/month, paid monthly. For larger coaching businesses and those who require advanced features such as data exports and multiple accounts, Nudge Coach’s Scale plan boasts support for up to 100 clients at an unbeatable $100/month. And if you’re looking for total brand control, they even offer white-label plans starting from just $600/month.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive, personalized, and affordable online coaching platform, we recommend checking out our top three picks. All of these platforms offer different features to meet your specific needs. But ultimately, the best online coaching platform for you is the one that fits both your budget and your learning style. So take some time to explore each option and see which one is right for you. And if you need any help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always happy to help! We hope this blog post will be definitely helpful. For further blogs, please keep visiting our website.

Frequently asked questions

Which platform is best for online coaching?

Kajabi is one of the best solutions for marketing funnels today, boasting a host of features, including its popular Nudge Coach interface, which helps course creators quickly create and build their courses from one convenient platform. With Kajabi, course creators can leverage a range of powerful features, such as dedicated landing pages with streamlined forms to capture leads and nurture potential customers. Kajabi also provides countless tools to track metrics and measure Success, helping marketers to understand the journey their customers take while they’re engaging with their brand. Kajabi is the ultimate online course platform that makes marketing funnels more efficient and effective than ever before!

How do I create an online coaching platform?

The answer is straightforward and simple: by taking the necessary steps. Although there are various types of coaching models, the same eight steps can help to establish a successful online coaching business. These steps include sharpening one’s coaching skills, drafting a business plan, planning the actual program, building one’s brand, and setting up the online coaching service. All these elements are essential for any aspiring coach to have in place before plunging into its execution; hence it is highly recommended that planning must be done in advance so as to ensure Success for your online business.

What software do online coaches use?

Online coaches have numerous software options at their disposal to maximize results for their clients. With the right combination of essentials, online coaches can effectively host sessions with clients wherever they are in the world and be highly organized while doing it. Investing in a quality set of software products becomes invaluable when it’s time to manage a large number of clients and foster strong relationships with them every step of the way. HoneyBook, Delenta, and Simply. Coach is the most used software.

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