30 secrets to building a thriving coaching practice

Coaching practice is an art and science that requires creativity and techniques to help people attain better lives. It is an eternal path that facilitates people to take a journey of change for the better. By now, you know that coaching cannot be just a hobby if you want to make it a living. You need to think like an entrepreneur to take your passion for coaching to the next level. In today’s digital world, it requires a mindset shift to make your coaching practice successful globally.

We all are a bit clueless when we want to make our passion into a successful venture, right? I was also a bit puzzled when I started my journey of coaching practice, so I totally understand it. Personally, and professionally, my biggest strength is to be an inquisitive learner that helps me to explore and learn new things. Eventually, it helps me to implement new strategies to bring the biggest impact on my life. This learning quest acted as a catalyst to grow my coaching practice program from day one.

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The coaching industry is rapidly growing and evolving every day so, it’s difficult to give any proprietary system that can help you to achieve your success. I believe that there cannot be a foolproof system that can work for everyone and so I will share my coaching practice secrets that I have gathered over the years. These secrets constantly tinker my personal and professional goals while maintaining the roots of my practice. I can guarantee that as soon as you implement these secrets; you will observe positive developments in your coaching practice. So, let’s start it without wasting any time, shall we?

Discover the core of your business

Goals and vision are the core of any business, these are the most fundamental and vital aspects for the existence and character of any business professional and brand. Take out some time and find out answers to these questions-

What goals do you want to achieve by being a coach? What is your vision for your venture? What forced you to take your coaching passion to the next level? These questions will help you to carve your path to success.

Make a plan

After you get the clarity of your goals and vision, you need to choke out a plan to achieve them. Without a plan, it’s easy to get distracted and frustrated. I know it as I have been there. How will you achieve your business goals? How do you want to set up your coaching practice either via online or face to face?

Set up your income goals for the first six months and what all steps you will take to achieve it. Find out what will work best for you to fit your business in your life.

Find your niche

In this competitive world, it is very important and critical to find your coaching niche. Many coaches have struggled to get this right. So, once you figure out your niche as per your interest and passion then you can kickstart your dream venture and be successful. Read about different (career, skill, health, business, life, etc.) types of coaching and see which niche matches your skill set, interests, and passion. Niche will give an identity to your coaching practice and make you stand out in the crowd.

Market Research

Before you establish your services, you need to study the market and do extensive research to know whether there is a demand for your niche or not. Once your niche is backed by substantial analysis then you will be able to launch your services and this, in turn, will help you to earn crazy revenue from your coaching practice.

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Figure out your prospective clients

You will encounter different types of customers (young and old, women and men, local and international, online and offline, etc.) while doing research for your niche. Clients are king of any business so, it’s very crucial and takes a lot of time and patience to find out your target audience. Patience and research play an important part to picture your dream clients and after that is sorted you can market your coaching practice through different sources to reach your clients.

Craft a complete coaching practice program

Draft a comprehensive program as per your skill and interests of your clients. A fantastic transformative program will help you to structure your coaching practice and will guide you to provide an everlasting experience to your first set of prospective clients. “The first experience is the best and last experience”, have you heard this phrase? This holds true for almost all the experiences so, brainstorm and create an awesome program.

Go Digital

In this digital age, it’s paramount to have an amazing and unique website for your coaching practice venture. Make an impressive online presence by connecting social media platform pages (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) to your website that will help you to brand you and your venture. Digital presence is the life of any big or small business. You can reach out to both local and international customers through online medium.

Package your program

After your coaching practice is set, you can kickstart by offering your services for free or at a promotional price for a limited time to build a strong customer base. Promote your offers regularly on your website and social media platforms. You can design your coaching packages and have few options for clients. Packages can be session wise or month wise. Check your time schedule and accordingly plan your packages.

Promote your brand

As an entrepreneur, you have to constantly market your services offline and online to reach out to your target audience. In this digital era, you have many platforms which can help you to network and connect to your clients. You should be up for marketing and leave no stone unturned to promote your brand.

Be Consistent

I have adopted below ideas one at a time in my coaching practice career with utmost consistency which showed remarkable improvement in my revenue. You can pick one or two ideas at a time to get started-

Email marketing- Share coaching tips and hacks in the form of short articles or blogs with your email subscribers to keep them glued to your services.

Social media platforms- Create your brand page on different social media platforms and build followers through consistent and regular posts in the form of articles, blogs, videos, campaigns, etc. Webinars, online workshops and networking can also grow your brand.

YouTube channel- Start a vlog to feature short informative videos which will help you to build a relationship with your audience.

Online Community- You can build an online community on social media platforms by creating groups for your brand. You can get both 1-on-1 and online clients by attracting people to your tribe.

Follow the above marketing strategies one by one and then add new ones when others are put in place.

Know your competitors

In this competitive world, it’s super important to know your competitors. Neither stress out nor try to copy your competitors. You learn a lot from your competitor’s strategies, skills, tools, and techniques that can guide you to grow your coaching practice. Healthy competition leads to innovation and helps us to push our limits for higher goals.

Make your training super interactive

Make sure your coaching practice is fun, engaging and interactive as this triggers interest in people and eventually compels them to achieve desired results. All world class coaches fill their live events with interactive activities and exercises which helps them to capture their audience attention. This, in turn, leads to mindset shifts in people which is the ultimate goal.

Be precise in your coaching style

As a coach, you have to be specific in your coaching approach. Clients can understand and implement your tips only if your program is organized and distinct. Being vague and unspecific can create confusion for your clients and that in turn will lead to a negative impact on results. Organized and specific coaching practice approach can boost your client’s base. So try it out today.

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Be an outstanding teacher

An exceptional teacher goes an extra mile to mentor, inspire, educate, influence, share and encourage their clients. Be that excellent teacher and take the extra step to coach your clients on life hardships and failures, bring change in their mindset so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

Always be primed up

Structure your coaching practice plan in detail and always be prepared for any unforeseen encounters. Make sure you are well prepared before each session as this will provide a sense of fulfillment for your clients. Prepare a list of items, activities, results, and outcomes of your session as this will give perfect direction to your session and help your clients to gain maximum.

Inspire your clients

Be an inspiration for your clients and motivate them to push their limits to achieve their objectives. Challenge your clients regularly so that they are infused with a sense of exhilaration which can change their life for better. Reward your clients after they achieve the set goals as this will compel them to work harder and reach their goals faster. Set a benchmark and inculcate strong values in your clients.

Be a good listener

Empathize and show interest towards your client’s queries, problems, situations which can help clients to build confidence and faith in you. Avoid distractions, don’t interrupt and change the subject as these things will create a gap in communication. Instead, pay attention to the discussion and listen effectively as this will help you to provide the best solutions to the client.

Have a positive mindset

Mindset plays a key role in understanding your client’s situation. A positive mindset will always help you to uplift and motivate your clients. Don’t ever think to humiliate or threaten your client to achieve short terms goals as these negative tools will not go a long way and eventually backfire in the long run. Be positive and have faith in your coaching practice as this will create magic for you and your clients.

Know your clients and maintain records

Successful coaches know their client’s strengths and weaknesses, personal and professional background, failures and successes, likes and dislikes and every detailed information as these intricate facts will help you to understand your clients effectively. This will help you cater to their problems as per their overall background.

Be an inquisitive learner

An inquisitive mind will help you to be updated with current tools and techniques which can break the monotony of your coaching practice program. Be a voracious reader and learn from different sources to be relevant. Upskill yourself constantly to be on top of your game. Be open to new ideas that can create magic for your program. Invest time and money to train and upgrade your skills.

Strategic Innovation

In this fast-paced world it is vital to innovate new strategies, techniques, tools for your coaching practice as it adds value to your services and act as a catalyst for your business growth. With innovations, you can develop customer value and this can help you to track the success of your clients. Grow your client’s potential through innovation in your teaching methodologies.

Effective communication skill

Communication plays a key role in coaching practice as that is the medium to build relationships with your clients. Verbal communication should be clear and concise, nonverbal communication like body language, eye contact, tone of voice, hand gestures paint the message that you share with your clients. So, verbal and nonverbal both are very important to build a strong connection with your clients.

Time management

Efficient time management can ensure success in your personal and professional world. Track your time and do time audits regularly to evaluate your time spent on productive and unproductive tasks. This will help you to prioritize important tasks and maximize productivity to achieve long term goals. Create a daily plan, maintain a to-do list and done list, put a time limit on tasks, determine your desired results before each coaching practice session and see the difference in your productivity level.

High-performance association

Collaborate with high performing coaches as this will give you a wider reach and help you to develop and grow your network. Strong and long collaborations require commitment and trust. So, go ahead and show your commitment to your competitors as this can lead to long term association and a win-win situation for all.

Do regular evaluations

Genuine feedbacks will always help you and your clients to grow respectively. Take feedback from your clients constantly as this helps you to know your shortcomings and implement new strategies to get desired results for your coaching practice program. Make sure you give feedback to your clients too, as this will help them to picture their problems correctly and help them to evaluate their performance for personal and professional growth.

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Record your sessions

Session recordings give insight about how each session is conducted and also helps you to find out any loophole in the session. Recordings give you a visual picture of your coaching practice which can help you to develop the weak areas of the session and the clients. You can analyze the session as a whole to make it world-class. It gives close examination of techniques and tools that works best for your clients.

Be an example

In the coaching industry, you have to set yourself as a role model to your clients. To be an example for the world your actions should be consistent with words. Show accountability, be respectful, inspire others, be confident and trustworthy, show commitment and determination these are few traits to set yourself as an example. Above characteristics will help your clients to believe in your coaching practice and that will guide them to achieve their goals.

Learn to delegate

Do you have too much to work? Then learn to delegate your work, find like-minded people and form a team who can work for you. By effective delegation of work, you can actually deliver more sessions and expand your coaching practice. Identify the right people, choose the right task for them, give all the information and support required for the work, evaluate and give feedback after completion. This way you can create a strong team and go a long way to achieve your goals.

Commitment to your craft

Keep your determination and commitment strong in the path of coaching practice as these traits will take you to the peak of your journey. Commitment keeps you grounded and compels you to do better every day. Stay focused and passionate about your practice in this world of sparkly objects. Don’t be distracted with millions of ideas and opportunities as this will kill your focus towards your craft.

Remain humble and grateful

Be modest and grateful to people on your way to coaching practice success. Appreciate and compliment people around, recognize limitations and work on it, celebrate the accomplishments, be patient, show gratitude and create a deep relationship with God. Being humble and grateful surrounds you with optimism, excitement, enthusiasm, and happiness that can take your coaching skill to the peak.

To sum it all, successful coaches play magical roles to achieve outstanding results for their clients and are considered to be the backbone of the journey for personal and professional development. I hope my coaching practice secrets bring all the required developments for your success story. You can delve deeper into the above topics and research what works best for you.


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