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10 Best CRM for Life Coaches

Life coaching is a career that has seen incredible growth in recent years, and as its popularity continues to expand, so too do the technology solutions available to life coaches. From collecting client information to automating processes and streamlining communication, having the right customer relationship management (CRM) platform can make the difference between just getting by and achieving greater success. 

10 Best CRM for Life Coaches CRM for Life Coaches

Overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending choices? To help you choose the best CRM for life coaching, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be 10 of the top life coach CRMs on the market. We’ve sourced reviews from tech experts and researched customer feedback on pricing, convenience, user experience, value for money, and additional features – all so you can make an informed decision with your unique business needs in mind.

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    What Is CRM for life Coaches 

    CRM, or customer relationship management, is a powerful tool for life coaches. Through CRM, life coaches can streamline their business operations to optimize their time and create more successful coaching experiences for their clients. CRM for Life Coaches helps them leverage technology to organize contacts, schedule appointments, and capture customer feedback easily and efficiently. By giving them insights into their client’s needs, the best CRM for Life Coaches ensures that life coaches have all of the resources they need at hand to provide quality advice and mentoring. Best of all, CRM for Life Coaches makes it easier than ever before to stay on top of client relationships, automate processes, and increase overall productivity.

    A CRM tailored for life coaches can provide an organized workspace in which to store all client information, manage free sessions and consultations, track progress, send emails or messages with reminders or updates on goals, schedule appointments and manage the bill. Additionally, with easy access to call notes and automated reports of client progress, life coaches will have a meaningful way to track clients’ progress over time. For busy life coaches who need a bit of help staying organized and tracking their clients’ progress, the right CRM can be an invaluable tool.

    What are the benefits of CRMs for life coaches 

    CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Software) are invaluable tools for life coaches looking to grow their businesses and build meaningful relationships with their clients. CRMs offer various services that help keep track of interactions between coaches and clients and often provide automated follow-up with emails and reminders. Additionally, many CRMs provide the ability to store client notes, create task lists for each individual customer, set invoices and payment schedules, and send reports on key performance metrics that can all help coaches stay organized and keep clients engaged for longer. For any life coach thinking about how to better manage customer relationships, investing in a CRM is the most beneficial decision.

    A CRM specifically designed for life coaching allows practitioners to stay organized with their contact information, manage appointments and schedules, create efficient automated messaging campaigns, store client information securely, and track relationships to nurture potential leads. CRMs are also able to help reduce manual data entry and help life coaches maximize their time while building strong relationships with clients. When leveraged properly, CRMs have the potential to revolutionize the way life coaches operate and streamline their processes. With the right CRM in place, life coaches can confidently take on all kinds of clients knowing they will have the tools to handle it efficiently.

    Best CRM For life Coaches Platforms Available

    Finding the right CRM platform to best suit your life coaching needs can be difficult. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from that offer features that focus on your individual business – like contact and client management, scheduling, appointment calendar tracking, and more. Some platforms even include tools for marketing, sales automation, and email campaigns. Every platform is slightly different so it’s important to look at reviews and try out demos before committing so you can determine which tool best fits your requirements and will allow you to maximize your workflows. With many diverse CRM systems specifically designed for life coaches available, anyone interested in providing clients with support will have an excellent choice of options at their disposal. Below are the top 10 best CRMs for life coaches 

    1. HoneyBook

    HoneyBook is an easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) software specifically designed for life coaches. It helps streamline their operations by helping them manage their contacts, bookings, and payments all from one place. With its assortment of customizable features and automatic integrations, coaches can easily keep track of their clients reputations with the help of advanced contact tracking and powerful promotion tools that give them a greater presence in their field of coaching.  Furthermore, it allows coaches to create engaging invoices with client billing information on one page so they get paid faster. HoneyBook lets life coaches work smarter, not harder so they can focus on what matters most: delivering value and being impactful.

    2. Profit

    Profit CRM is a specially designed Customer Relationship Management tool specifically for life coaches. It offers intuitive, modern tools to streamline the customer relationship process by allowing coaches to manage customer relationships and contacts in one simple, centralized platform. Profit CRM’s features are rich and include bulk emailing, customer reminders, scheduled emails, automated task reminders, and more. Additionally, life coach customers will appreciate the platform’s intuitive workflow that simplifies the interaction between a life coach and customer with an intuitive UI as well as powerful AI algorithms which ensures every customer interaction is tracked in real-time and corresponding insights are provided. Profit CRM provides all the necessary tools to help life coaches focus on what they do best and ultimately build deeper relationships with their customers.

    3. Hubspot CRM

    HubSpot CRM is designed to provide tailored solutions to life coaches who are on the path to continual improvement. With features such as organized customer contact information, free client-engagement tools, and easy forecasting capabilities, HubSpot CRM helps life coaches with their day-to-day operations and long-term growth objectives. It allows them to stay focused on providing value to their clients without losing sight of ensuring a successful future for their business. By leveraging HubSpot CRM for life coaches, you can view data about the various stages of your lead’s and customers’ life cycles in order to create exceptional service experiences and increased retention rates.

    4. Paperbell

    Paperbell CRM for life coaches offers a streamlined and efficient platform for professionals in the life coaching field. It is an incredibly powerful tool that allows coaches to automate, collaborate and coordinate with team members, clients and prospects in one hub — meaning more time can be allocated to bring meaningful change to those looking for guidance. Paperbell CRM has a range of features designed specifically with life coaches in mind, from client onboarding to tracking performance metrics. With these functionalities, Paperbell CRM helps life coaches manage their business operations and enhance customer relationships by offering a tailor-made customer experience.

    5. Keap CRM

    Keap CRM is the ideal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for life coaches. It offers you an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that helps to manage daily activities and shines a light on client relationships so that you can focus on what’s important: giving your clients their best life coaching experience. It allows you to track the whole process, from organizing your contacts and opportunities to forecasting and reporting. With Keap CRM, life coaches will have everything they need to turn their leads into long-term relationships with clients who are truly engaged in their sessions.

    6. Delenta

    Delenta CRM for Life Coaches is an incredibly useful tool for today’s life coach. It helps simplify the task of tracking and organizing client relationships, projects, assignments, tasks, discussions, and more. With Delenta’s automated reminders and notifications, you’ll never miss a meeting or deadline with your clients again. Not only does it lets you monitor long-term performance but also set goals in real time. From easy data entry to large database management, Delenta CRM gives life coaches a comprehensive solution to grow their business and provide excellent service to clients.

    7. Zoho CRM

    As life coaches, it is essential for you to stay organized and have access to a proper customer relationship management system. Zoho CRM can provide a great solution! It offers an array of features tailored to helping life coaching organizations build successful relationships with their clients, including automated contact reminders, task lists, and detailed customer insights. In addition, it has customization tools to give your clients the best customer experience while seamlessly managing day-to-day operational tasks. And its comprehensive tracking features allow you to track trends in client communication and responses. So with Zoho CRM as your right-hand man, you can make sure that absolutely no customer service opportunity falls through the cracks!

    8. EngageBay

    EngageBay CRM is the perfect tool for helping any life coaching professional optimize their business. This comprehensive CRM goes beyond basic contact management, offering detailed automation and organization capabilities that help streamline the process of managing contacts and appointments. With robust features like task reminders, drip marketing campaigns, and even automated scheduling functions based on client preferences, EngageBay helps coaches more easily keep up with all their clients’ personalized needs. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to use so anyone can get started right away. If you’re in the life coaching industry, start optimizing your business today with EngageBay’s advanced CRM system.

    9. ActiveCampaign

    ActiveCampaign CRM offers an efficient way to improve how you do business by managing clients, providing automated marketing services, and giving the ability to provide better support. With features such as tagging, segmenting, and tailored communication strategies, this specialized platform caters specifically to the needs of life coaches. From creating forms and landing pages quickly and easily to recording notes that transfer from contact profiles, ActiveCampaign CRM creates everything needed in a professional environment. You can also take advantage of its email marketing capabilities that allow newsletters and other communications to be sent promptly with customizable templates. No matter what level of experience a life coach has with technology or CRM in general, ActiveCampaign CRM is the perfect solution for high-end client management services.

    10. Gist

    Gist CRM is an invaluable resource for life coaches looking to elevate their practice. It is the perfect tool to streamline office tasks, manage client relationships, and automate workflow. This comprehensive CRM software allows you to tailor each client experience, so that critical information like contact details, payment history, and notes are easily accessible and organized. Through its custom modules and integrations, Gist CRM helps you gain better control over your practice by providing open communication channels with your clients as well as effective appointment booking and reminders. Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned veteran of life coaching, Gist’s robust features can help you elevate your operations and master the art of managing long-term client relationships.


    In conclusion, there are various CRMs available for life coaches to help them build relationships with their clients, manage their clientele more efficiently, and improve their businesses. Out of the many options available, the 10 best CRM for Life Coaches provides a comprehensive list of features that cater specifically to the needs of life coaches. They offer different tools and functions such as online scheduling, lead generation tools, streamlined communication tools, and partnership marketing solutions. Each product must be researched thoroughly to make sure that it meets the specific needs of a coach’s business – be it personal or professional. With that being said, the right CRM can prove invaluable for any life coach’s operations by streamlining processes and improving service delivery.

    Frequently asked questions

    1. How to choose the best CRM for you

    When it comes to CRMs for life coaches, it pays to research and compares the available options carefully. Not every CRM will provide the same set of features and functions, so look into which one offers the ability to easily add contacts, organize your database, follow up with customers, and more. Consider how user-friendly the platform is and whether there are tutorials or help desk services to assist when setup or other issues arise. Moreover, scrutinize price points since they can vary drastically between similar products. Taking the time to find a quality solution and uncover awesome support will be worth it in the long run!

    2. How to get started with your new CRM

    Getting started with your new CRM for Life Coaches is easier than you might think. A CRM is an essential tool for any life coach or mentor, as it allows you to manage client relationships, schedule appointments, and track progress. A few simple steps can help ensure that your transition to a new CRM is successful. First, decide how you want to use the CRM – whether it’s building a contact database or managing projects. Next, create a data entry system if you don’t already have one by designating fields in model forms that are easy to complete. Finally, establish the frequency with which you want to update and refresh data in your system. Successfully implementing a CRM will help you keep track of clients and maximize efficiency in your daily life coaching practices.

    3. The cost of CRMs and whether they are worth the investment

    Investing in a CRM for life coaches is becoming more and more common due to the cost-effectiveness of the product. Although there may initially be high investments, overall the efficiency provided by modern CRMs can be seen as quite profitable. By having customer, sales, and contact data organized in one place, life coaches can provide faster customer support and track sales performance. This saves plenty of time and effort in the long run, allowing life coaches to focus their energy on providing quality services to their clients. Additionally, modern CRMs come with plenty of security and privacy features that protect the sensitive digital information of both the clients and the business itself.  Overall, investing in a modern CRM for life coaches is a wise decision that pays off in the long term.