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Coaching CRM: Gist

This blog is designed to provide an overview of the Gist coaching CRM and explain why it is an essential tool for coaches.

We will discuss the features of this CRM, how it can help coaches be more efficient and organized in their coaching practices, and more. 

Read on to know more about Gist!

Coaching CRM: Gist Gist

What is Gist?

Gist is a powerful online coaching system designed to make managing client relationships easier than ever before. With Gist, coaches can create and customize automated workflows for their clients, manage communication preferences, track progress against goals and objectives, and access insightful analytics. 

Coaches are provided with easy-to-use support and performance data that helps them build confident relationships with their clients while gaining deeper insight into their client journey. Gist includes several unique features, including scheduler integration, team management, automated content delivery, payment integrations, reporting tools, and more. 

Gist is an invaluable tool for coaches seeking to maximize efficiency in their industry.

How Gist works?

Gist is a powerful customer relations management solution designed to help coaches foster better and lasting relationships with their clients. Coaches can easily store, organize and use client data such as contacts, notes, contracts, billing information, invoices, etc. 

Additionally, Gist helps automate manual tasks like sending out reminders via email or SMS to keep the client relationship strong. Coaches can monitor progress by tracking how much time they spend on each activity to ensure their focus remains laser-sharp. It also enables connecting with current and potential clients through video calls for a more personal touch. 

Gist is an invaluable tool for coaches that want to use data-driven insights into the customer experience for maximum efficiency and success.

Key Features

Gist is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help coaches manage their businesses. Gist provides various features such as document storage, calendar integration, an intuitive user interface, automated sales workflow tracking, task automation, and lead analysis. 

Coaches can view and nurture leads as they come in, allowing them to close more deals with better insights into customers’ desired outcomes. Gist also offers integrations with popular apps like MailChimp and Salesforce, which allow the coach to easily transfer relevant data from one platform to another quickly and efficiently. 

Finally, Gist is available on mobile and desktop platforms for maximum versatility and scalability in today’s ever-changing market conditions.

Cost of Gist

Free Plan: Gist is the ultimate solution for modern coaches and consultants looking to save time while providing the best client experience. The free plan includes unlimited conversations, web, email, push notifications, and a welcome message to greet your clients with every chat. Plus, you’ll get access to our powerful features, such as saved replies, customization, meetings, and calendar integration, without breaking the bank.

The zero-dollar pricing package includes live chat support, so you can reach out for help when you need it most. Best of all, Gist has mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to take conversations on the go. 

Professional Plan: Gist is the perfect professional plan for your business. It offers many features that allow you to manage and engage customers better. For just $29 per month, Coaching CRM provides an array of features such as email forwarding, Facebook & Twitter integrations, in-app messages with a public knowledge base, automated chat triggers with lead qualification bots, shareable articles, and dashboard analytics. 

Coaching CRM also enables you to track customer satisfaction ratings & chat transcripts using Zapier integration. With Coaching CRM, streamline your customer engagement & communication process without breaking the bank!

Premium Plan: Coaches, counselors, and mentors can benefit from Gist’s robust Premium Coaching Plan. At $99 per month, the Premium Coaching Plan is the perfect choice for professionals looking for a comprehensive Coaching CRM to manage their clients. It offers 1:1 direct messaging, custom chatbots, and automated assignment rules to assign tasks to teammates and customers quickly. 

Additionally, Coaches have access to Voice & Video calls, Surveys, Product Tours, and Live View to get a sense of their customer needs even when not in session. Coaches also receive support with Real-time message sneak peek–perfect for the rapid response–as well as Conversation Statistics & Reports to monitor client progress over time. 

To top it all off, Premium Coaches receive Roles & Permissions for team accountability plus Salesforce / Hubspot integration, a support bot, and an Unbranded Messenger that helps make every conversation full of trust.


The Pros and cons of Gist are briefly described below.

  1. Helps to improve customer relationships

Gist helps businesses to improve their customer relationships in several ways. First, it provides a central location for storing customer information and interactions. This makes it easier for businesses to keep track of their customers and provide them with the best possible service. 

Additionally, Gist often includes features that help businesses automate customer interactions, which can further improve customer satisfaction.

  1. Helps businesses to increase sales

Gist can also help businesses to increase their sales. By improving customer relationships and providing a central location for customer information, Gist makes it easier for businesses to upsell and cross-sell their products and services. 

  1. Helps businesses to save time and money

Gist can also help businesses to save time and money. By automating customer interactions and providing a central location for customer information, Gist can help businesses to reduce the amount of time they spend on administrative tasks. 

Additionally, Gist often includes features that help businesses to automate repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up emails or making phone calls, which can further reduce the amount of time required to manage customer relationships.


  1. High Cost

One of the biggest disadvantages of Gist is the high cost. While the initial investment may not be too high, the monthly or yearly subscription fees can add up quickly. Additionally, you may need to pay for additional features or upgrades as your business grows.

  1. Time-Consuming

Another downside of Gist is that it can be time-consuming to set up and maintain. You will need to input all your client’s information into the system and keep it up-to-date. Additionally, you will need to spend time creating reports and analyzing data.

  1. Requires Training

Another disadvantage of Gist is that it requires training to use it effectively. You will need to learn how to input data, create reports, and interpret the data to make the most of the system. Additionally, you may need to train your staff on how to use the system.

  1. Limited Functionality

Finally, some coaching CRM systems have limited functionality and only offer basic features. If you are looking for a more comprehensive system, you may need to look elsewhere or be prepared to pay for additional features or upgrades.


Gist is an essential tool for any business, whether you’re a startup or a well-oiled machine. Implementing Gist can help save time and resources while providing valuable insights into your customers that you can use to improve your products or services. If you’re not using a Gist, we recommend checking out Gist. 

Gist offers customizable features, integrations, and automation to help small businesses get the most out of their customer relationships. Not sure if Gist is right for you? Try it free for 14 days and see for yourself!

Frequently asked questions

What is Gist used for?

Gist is a web application to help coaches and their clients manage and streamline communication. Coaches can create action plans with customized access for clients, allowing them to update progress anywhere using any device. Coaches can also assign tasks and receive automated reminders when tasks are due. 
Additionally, Gist offers analytics-driven insights which enable coaching professionals to measure engagement at a glance and learn more about client progress. Coaches can identify areas of interest or progress difficulties and take appropriate action accordingly. In this way, Gist provides a powerful tool for tracking client performance and ensuring that intentions become a reality.

Is Gist free?

Gist is a great tool for coaches looking for an all-in-one solution for managing and growing their businesses. The good news is that Gist is free to use so you can take advantage of this powerful platform no matter the size of your coaching business. 
The gist is free and provides a diverse set of features that can help you manage your client data, track progress toward goals, conduct insightful conversations with clients, customize reports, and more. In short, Gist is the perfect tool to get the most out of your coaching business – at no cost!

Who is Gist best for?

Gist is a unique platform built to help coaches and trainers excel. Developed with the idea of streamlining the entire coaching cycle, Gist provides a comprehensive suite of coaching tools – from managing client information and workflow to goal tracking, task management, and more. 
Gist can help coaches and trainers optimize their business through simple yet powerful CRM technology. Coaches looking for a comprehensive yet easy-to-use tool for managing clients and tracking progress will find Gist an invaluable resource.


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