How to get clients fast as a life coach?

It is great to know you are getting started as a life coach. Congratulations!!

It indeed is a rewarding career if done with proper planning. You can grow financially as well as professionally.

But, you may face one issue. How to get clients?

Do you know why people take the help of coaches in football or swimming?

The same is the case with other areas of life. People want more. You need to identify such people first.

But you must still think about how?

It’s weird how often people start life coaching business without a clue about how it can be set up.

Worse is when you do not find any clients. You get disappointed. Look for experts.

Do you think having a super cool website is enough? No, it is meaningless if you cannot drive traffic to it.

What if you have written an ebook but there are no buyers?

All this begins with proper communication. Also, you need to find the right tool.

So before going in-depth on finding new clients, let us first know about life coach. You can also refer to The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Life Coach to know each step to become a life coach.

Who is a life coach?

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According to me, the life coach is someone who acts as a catalyst. Do people call you to help them with career issues? Are you able to help people identify their goals? Can you boost the confidence of your clients?

Life Coach is someone completely different from a counselor or advisor. The person is completely involved in developing action plans. What kind of transition client needs? What obstacles the client is facing? How to overcome it in a simple way? For all these queries, a life coach is there.

Through the means of guidance, a life coach broadens up the mind of a person. With empowerment, a coach helps an individual, identify his or her self-worth. The next tool is the improvement. It is to make an individual achieve the goal.

It involves all aspects of an individual’s life.

I have met people who wanted to improve their family life. This is where I entered as a life coach. I was with my client in his life’s most difficult situation. I refined his approach. I helped him see things in a different manner.

Thus, my experience must have helped you understand who a life coach is. Refer to what a life coach does to know more in detail.

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Which top 5 life coaching niches are in demand by clients?

I understand how stressful it is to choose a coaching niche.

Are you tired of analyzing which niche to opt for? Are you struggling to grab people’s attention?

You will not have to do that anymore.

I have noted below the top 5 life coaching niches. These revolve around careful industry trend analysis.

1. Dating or Relationship Coaching

There are many singles around the world. They are eager to improve their relationship with their partner. Many want to choose the right mate. How to do that? Focus on all kinds of people, not only men.

Every group has a different desire. One of the coaches had expertise in how to attract a partner into one’s life. There is so much to do in this niche. Don’t you think this niche is going to stay forever? This is because humans are not going to get extinct so soon.

2. Health and Wellness Coaching

Do you know how much society is attracted to good looks? Today females want a hot bikini body. Some who are skinny may want to gain weight. Hence, this niche has turned quite profitable.

People are spending a huge amount of money to look perfect. Why can’t you become a fitness advisor in the form of a life coach?

How to deal with stress issues? This is the most common question of people. I have seen experts dealing in this and they are mere coaches. With a certificate or license, you can do wonders.

3. Career Guidance Coaching

I have found people frustrated with their current job. Many are planning to launch their new business. This will go on as competition is increasing.

My very first step as a coach is finding a purpose. Some young students did not know what their passion is. I made sure how their purpose turned into their careers. It was all about connecting the dots. Helping someone find the job they love.

4. Parenting Coaching

One of the challenges people face is to become a good parent. How to deal with the schooling of a kid?

How to control the bad behavior of kids? All these are major concerns of parents. Due to workload, they are unable to concentrate on parenting. This is where your role as a life coach comes.

5. Life Coaching in general

How to become successful as an individual? Is my life balanced? Do I need to build any interpersonal skills? For all these questions, life coaching is increasing in demand.

This has become one of the niches as people often have general questions. This niche is about how to develop a person. It is one of the most well-established niches and many coaches are entering into it. Your client base also increases with time.

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Who are your prospective clients as a life coach?

I am always excited to answer this. You know why? This is because to start a coaching business this is essential. You may feel lost if you do not know who are your prospective clients. I have listed down the ones whom you can approach:

People having trouble with achieving goals

Are you able to find people stuck in life? There are many such. Isn’t’ it? They may not need any counselor. They had enough advised. So why they need you? With your experience, you can help them out. Once they have achieved the goals, your job does not get over. As a life coach, you need to evaluate the progress.

People full of stress or anxiety

Failures of life bring stress. I had experienced it when I failed constantly in the past. It makes a person feel anxious. You as a life coach can move a person from those disheartening thoughts.

Losing passion

A client once told me that he has lost passion. He could not do the business with the same zeal as he used to do before. I helped him identify the issues. Being a life coach it was my duty. I gave him solutions.

Thus, your prospective client can be the one who has lost all hope from life. They are the ones who do not want to go back to their past.

Unclear vision

Confused people, yes these are the ones whom you can help. For example, a person has completed education. But does not know which career to opt for.

Vision is there but no planning

If someone has the issue of creating plans, you can help them as a coach. Why? You do not want the person to fail although having great ideas. Do you? Thus, your proven strategies can help them out.

People in major transitions stage

Do you like to help people who are changing jobs? Are you looking to guide someone moving to a new place? As a life coach, you can guide them. Make their transitions easy.

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Do you need a certification for becoming a life coach?

A simple answer is No.

Unlike mental health counselors, life coaches are not regulated by any government organization. A life coach doesn’t need to pass any licensing exam. When life coach treats mental health conditions they may need licensing. In other cases, it is not needed.

But still, you can get the certificate and credentials as a life coach.

I suggested many of them and here are the reasons why:

Certification involves professional training

It is good you have a gift for working with people. Still, you must know the specific skill set that defines life coaching. It would turn your gift into an uncommon tool that changes people’s lives.

Associate with other life coaches

Certification by a good organization will allow you to meet other coaches.

From all these relationships will come more opportunities to network. Even you can build your business than most people can achieve otherwise.

Your personal development

A good life coaching institute asks its students to work on themselves.

Mentor new life coaches

Several life coach trainers make great mentors. Certification can help you to mentor other new life coaches.

A credential could be security

Although the life coaching industry is not regulated, it can be someday. What will happen in such a case? This is the time when coaches get a chance to achieve a state license.

Added credentials never hurt

Certification as a life coach is more than enough to give you the skills to practice. Having an added credential is good for you. It looks good behind your name. It could only help your professional credibility and never hurt it.

The pulse of the industry

Certified coaches are members of credential organizations. Also, they stay in the loop with best practices, the latest research, and industry updates.

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How Much Do Life Coaches Make?

Life coaches are the one who helps clients to meet goals and have success.

Life coaching is a new profession that requires a broad skill set. You as a life coach may need expertise. This includes fields of psychology, sociology, management or counseling. You have to work with individuals and organizations.

You help clients to identify and achieve personal or professional goals. The relationship is completely supportive and flexible. You could get a certification as a Certified Life Coach or CLC.

Why I am mentioning all this? It is because while you are doing so much you need to know how much you can earn.

The average income for a life coach is around $22.43 per hour.

Entry-level salaries are a bit low for life coaches. With less than a year of experience, you could expect to earn $25,000 to $40,000 per year. This would increase to the $50,000 to $60,000 range after a few years.

Peak earning potential comes after some eight to 10 years of experience with a maximum in the range of $80,000. There is a small percentage of life coaches who have taken a more entrepreneurial approach and are earning very well over $200,000 based on their reputations and supplementary income.

In terms of billing and payment, you can be flexible. Many works on an hourly rate that could start as low as $10 per hour. Leading coaches bill well over more than $100 per hour. While some are on a fixed salary with coaching or counseling organizations. It is also possible to get overtime and bonuses based on the volume of work, several clients or even milestones achieved.

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Top Strategies to get coaching clients fast

So here comes the question which few of my clients have asked.

How to get clients for life coaching?

Top business and career coaches have applied various strategies to get clients.

It is not easy to get clients from the ground level. You have to have a unique selling proposition. Apart from that smart marketing and sales strategies are a must. I often suggest developing networking skills, social proof, and more.

However, the most essential thing is you have to attract clientele. But you don’t want to accept just any kind. You want the types of clients that match your niche. You target the ones who will benefit most from your services.

What can you do to attract the clients effectively and quickly?

Remember every life coach started with something innovative. They were at the same step as you are. Hence, below are some tried and tested strategies to gain coaching clients.

First concentrate on helping

Find all ways to help as many people as you can. Speak to groups. Deliver webinars and seminars. Give anyone 5-15 minutes of your time to answer the questions.

The more you help people, the more you’ll be able to get recognized as a valuable resource. Now once you’ve established yourself as a valuable resource, you could be very selective on who you take on as a paying client.

One to one life coaching session

A faster way to get clients for life coaching is to speak one-to-one or in-person. How is this possible? You can opt for local speaking or networking. The reason? Your client will pay attention when you speak to them face-to-face.

The conversation becomes deep and engaging. Your client may feel important. The connection grows. This is a great technique to drive new potential clients.

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Choose the right questions and ask the clients

Are you educating your potential clients as to why they should approach you?

When you have found the potential clients, next is asking the right questions. Check out 12 Life Coaching Questions to Ask Your Clients (And Why They Work) to know more about your clients.

The power of your life coaching partnership will come with managing your client’s expectations. You can ask them things such as:

What is the biggest obstacle in your life to reach your goal?

Which of all the steps you have taken in the past to achieve it?

Why this goal is so important for you?

After you get the answers, put them together. You can now offer a proper solution. Why? This is because you are aware of what your potential client needs.

For example, if a client informs you that he is eager to lose 10lbs.

You should not immediately tell that you can help him out. You may lose the personal connection.

Instead, find out things like:

Why does he want to lose the weight?

Why it is so much important to him?

Next, you can educate the person with health and wellness tips. But make it more personal. Like you can say ‘I know your purpose to lose weight is to look good in your cousin’s wedding.’ You can even add that not just for the wedding but you can help him out get a permanent change.

Do you feel the difference? This is how you can achieve more clients.

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Use Video marketing as a tool

You do not have to create a fancy video. All it requires is an effective body language. How you can set yourself apart? How much authentic information you can provide? For example, feature yourself in a video. This can lead to credibility in your coaching practice.

A short video showing potential clients can create a great impact. Those who find the benefit through video will resonate with others. After the video, you can ask viewers to leave the comment or questions. For video sharing, Youtube and Vimeo are highly used tools.

Do read the article on how to promote your life coaching business to know all the marketing tips and tricks to take your business to the next level.

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Network with your competitors

It is not wrong to connect with other coaches. I did it often to get new clients. I had joined a local networking group. I know that one is not an expert in all coaching niches.

With the right connections, we could start referring clients to each other. This is because what you love they may loathe.

Make a quick list

Think about an old friend from your last job or someone in your neighbor. Do they need coaching?

I recommend you to make three lists:

  • People who you know
  • People who you feel you need to meet
  • People you think should know you

The first one is simple. But the last two may seem hectic. You may find it hard to approach. But, I would suggest you push yourself out of your comfort zone. What worst can happen? They may say no. But, the best thing is you can improve their lives.

Spend time where your potential clients are and enroll them

I got this idea from one of my friends named Stephen. What I found useful? You need to spend a good amount of time where your potential customers are hanging out. What next?

You need to strike up a conversation. Like you can visit a cafe. There you find a manager and can start asking him a question like does he have any important dream? If he answers yes, you can ask more. You can tell the manager how you can help him.

This can work at any event. It is so obvious. Stay ready for such opportunities.

Also, check out strategies to attract clients to your coaching practice to upscale your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do life coaches get clients?

Life coaches can find clients online, through workshops or through their friends and families. For this, life coaches have to have a strong marketing plan. This typically consists of promoting themselves on social media, making sure their own individual webpage has more than just information about what they do, but also what they provide people.

How do I get coaching clients fast?

You can get coaches to invite you to do a free call or meeting by strategically reaching out to them. To find these potential leads, start by seeing who’s mentioned in your industry’s trade publications. Use online search to find featured articles in publications like Entrepreneur and Harvard Business Review. Then, to turn the article into an actionable list of names, use LinkedIn to search for the author by name or company.

How much do life coaches make per client ?

It is fair to say that on average, some charge $30 an hour for their sessions, so it could be assumed they would charge $150 per client. Some coaches may only charge $100 per client for their services. Since life coaching is more of a profession than a service, it is difficult to find the average pay per client.

How do coaches find clients?

There are a number of ways coaches can find clients, and it varies depending on the type of service. Those coaching in the fitness and health field may consider working with clubs and gyms to provide services and represent their company. Those who work with more business-minded clients may find that networking is their most effective strategy, or that attending conferences and trade shows is most effective.

Do you need a certification for becoming a life coach?

A certification is not required to become a life coach but having one does show potential clients that you know what you are doing. Learning how to become a life coach is just one of the many paths for an ambitious individual.



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