Top 10 Best Mental Health Coach Certifications

Are You enjoying good health and well-being that empowers your lifestyle? Well, if you are drawn to everything and enjoy working with people or want a career as a health coach.  A health coach works with individuals or groups to make health-related life changes. A life coach always helps you identify your goals, improve your lifestyle, and provide engagement. 

Top 10 Best Mental Health Coach Certifications Mental Health Coach Certifications

To start this career, a reputable life coach certification program is needed for all necessary education and essentials to earn a life coach certificate. There are several programs that offer online and in-person training for better mental health.

Best health coach certification programs focus on specific or specialized areas such as business coaching or fitness and nutrition coaching. Let’s talk about the different and top 10 Best Mental health coach certification programs and explain their details about which people have concerns.

Mental health coach certification programs significantly impact how you learn how to understand and maintain mental health by coaching performance. Coaches always help, support, and build people’s physical and psychological skills so that everything can be prepared effectively.

In Brief: Top 10 Best Mental Health Coach Certifications

What Is Mental Health Coaching?

Mental Health coaching always helps people identify their goals, assist with lifestyle changes, and provide engagement. Mental health coaching is an emerging branch of mental well-being. It not only treats mental illness but also takes a holistic approach to people dealing with depression. Anxiety and lack of motivation. Mental health coaching helps to rediscover your purpose in life. In the twenty-first century, people have signs of depression from their teenage years and carry it throughout their lives. Mental health coaching is the best way for them to identify the real reason behind their unhappiness and depression. Mental health coaching focuses on behavioral and cognitive forms of techniques. It provides mental strength and works towards emotional well-being. Some key points on which mental health coaching works include identifying purpose and mission and defining goals. Moreover, the coach learns to create a strategy to boost performance and give better results. Mental health coaching provides a proper structure, guidance, motivation, and support.

What Are the Benefits of Mental Health Coaching?

Mental health is a vast and complex topic in which different mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety are included. Human beings deserve to thrive, survive or exist. Positive mental health is essential for everyone and achieving a new level of mental empowerment is the major key benefit of a mental coach. When you get the right coach, you get higher productivity and creativity and have a more positive outlook on life. Through this, your relationship also improves with friends, families, and partners. A real and better relationship also opens the doors for new ways that lead to a better and more fulfilled life.

Top Ten Coaching Certifications for Becoming a Mental Health Coach

1. Mental Health Coach Certification – Quality Mind

ICF Quality Mind is our top pick mental health coach Certification program. It provides the most affordable, powerful, and accessible solution who wish to maximize their potential for good health, wealth, and happiness. Quality Mind is working with the collaboration of the International Coach Federation. It offers you different coaching such as Stress management coaching, Mental health coaching, Life relationship coaching, Performance coaching, career coaching certification, and professional development coaching. Quality Mind will give you benefit from the complete business package, proven program packages, and marketing tools. On doing the registration, you get a free discovery session and then enjoy the upcoming session. 

In this coaching program, candidates will be able to identify a client’s mental issues and help in creating action plans and develop accountability for positive progress and recovery. This one is good for all levels and professionals.

2. Mental Health Coach Training and Certification

The neuro-linguistic program is a mental health coach training and certification is a psychology-based program in which coaches do deeper work with clients. Well, this niche offers amazing coaching opportunities based on psychology and unlocking the subconscious mind. This Mental health coach training program focuses on the Dynamic Inner model. It describes depth coaching and transforming the deepest parts of ourselves without getting stuck or overwhelmed. This model deals with the parts of overall identity and the concept of Sigmund Freud, id, ego, and superego. In mental health coach training, you get the certification track. The following training is the part of this mental health coach certification track

  1. NLP Integrated life coach training with 170 hours
  2. ICF coach mentoring with 10 hours
  3. Master Coach training with 22 hours
  4. Mental health coach training with 40 hours.

These five certifications are the mentoring requirements for the ICF ACC and PCC credentials.

There will be 83 live training sessions. This mental health coach training and certification require $7500, which bonus is included. However, an installment plan is also available in which you pay $655 per month.

Suppose you are enrolled in our mental health coach certification track and have completed the NLP integrated life coach training in which mental health coach training cohorts are included. So if you are already a part of master coach training, then you can enroll yourself in training for $1999.

3. Certified Holistic Mental Health Coach – MHASWFL

Certified Holistic Mental Health Coach is another best mental health coach program that deals with individuals who have experienced and seeking recovery from mental health problems. Holistic Mental health coaches also deal with the families of loved ones who have struggled with these issues or been lost to suicide. Our purpose is to help the people who believe in the connection of mind and body. Learning Personal presence is the most important skill in helping others heal emotional wounds.

If you want the next training session start date, just go to nickersoninstitute.com. Join Dr. Nickerson’s certified Integrative Health Coach training program, which is one kind of accredited holistic mental health care training program. It is an expansion of present practitioner or healthcare knowledge and expertise. 

This plan has worth $3299 and requires 8-10 hours each week. With MHASWFL, you will learn the mind-body connections, motivational interviewing, natural methods for reducing depression and anxiety, grief support, attachment trauma, spiritual transformation, suicide prevention, and helping teens with depression and anxiety.

MHASWFL provides three types of membership that will list your practice on our directory.

  1. Professional level Intern Membership – $50/year

This membership provides the opportunity for students and Interns in which they promote news and events of interest on the MHA Website

  1. Corporate Level Membership – $500/year

In this membership, a three-month promotion plan is included, and one free workplace workshop is included.

  1. professional Level Membership – $100/year

This membership promotes news and events of interest on the MHA website and other social networking sites in which all the current information about mental health news is included.

4. Mental Health Coach Certification 

Global Institute for Coaches & Entrepreneurs is a passionate organization of passionate men and women who have a desire to change the world. The purpose is to certify one million change agents all around the world through extensive coaching and education programs. According to WHO, one in four people suffers from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders.  In life coach and mental health certification, you will learn life coaching and mental health. With Global Institute for coaches & entrepreneurs provide three ways to get certified as a mental health coach. 

The global institute for coaches & Entrepreneurs has become the place of refuge for healing leaders. They are helping hundreds of people all around the world. Lakendra Smalley is the CEO of this mental health coaching certification program which was founded in 2011. She teaches about how to use life coaching principles and methodology to build the heart of their platform centered. We learn here how life coaching improves your health and well-being emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. She offers 2-day intensive life coach certification and mental health certification in three ways.

Three Ways to Get Certified with Global Institute for coaches and entrepreneurs.


It is a one-day life coach certification for mental health and is valid for students

2-In-1 virtual

 It is a two-day life coach PreReq + Mental health certification. It is for new students

2-in-1 in person

2-day life coach preReq + mental health certification. 

5. Mental Health Coach – Light University

Light University is one of the leading Christian institutions which offers educational opportunities for individuals interested in Christian counseling and ministry. This University offers various types of mental health coach certifications. SPLC under light University, which offers Christian life coaching certification programs. It motivates the students as servant leaders who want to guide others and play a productive role in the community.  

Light University’s Christian life coaching certification programs emphasize on Christian worldview and principles with coaching materials and professional practice. It offers different advanced certifications and diplomas that make a leader.

Light University is a 2022 Dare2Care Global Church and Mental Health Initiative in which 750 churches are engaged and trained 7500 Mental Health Coach First Responders program. 

In this certified mental health coach program, you apply for a full-tuition scholarship, get approval, and get free access to the program. On completing successfully, you become a certified mental health coach and help others. This first responder training provides you with three on-demand courses

a) Foundations of Mental Health coaching In this program, you learn about mental health coaching, the effective helper, faith and spirituality, personal development, dealing with seductive and depressive people and crisis intervention like trauma and abuse, and conducting a suicide intervention.

b) Mental Health Coaching Skills

In the second course, you learn coaching skills in which seven skills are learned for successful coaching, about small groups and spiritual teams in church-based counseling.

c)Mental and Behavioral Health Disorders

In the third course, you learn about mental illness and character disorders like depression and their challenges such as anxiety, bipolar and spectrum mood disorders, eating disorders, treatment of PTSD vs Complex Trauma, and psychiatric care and medication.

6. Certified Mental Wellness Coach – Aventis Wellness

Aventis Wellness offers a qualified mental wellness coach program in which you learn how to use a variety of psychological interventions and skills to support others who are suffering from anxiety and depression. Not only this, being a mental health coach, you also work with other healthcare professionals like cognitive behavioral therapists, counselors, employment advisors, and psychotherapists. With the Aventis Wellness coach certification program, you earn an industry-recognized certification and credential, new tools and techniques to uncover the client’s core belief system.

Aventis Wellness is an evidence-based employee Assistance program and counseling provider program that offers coaching services in full confidentiality. They are providing a healthier and more engaged workforce by providing workforce and well-being solutions. Aventis offers three different learning institutes.

  1. Aventis Graduate School

This one offers a graduate diploma and master’s degree in counseling, psychotherapy, psychology, organizational psychology, and mental health.

  1. Aventis learning group

This learning group is an award-winning corporate training provider with an extensive suite of corporate workshops, certification, and customized training courses.

  1. Aventis Advanced Analytics

This one is an advanced robotic process automation system in which Data analysis and Re-engineering are included. Aventis Wellness is upfront and transparent with the fee structures and packages. It provides EAP services to businesses and organizations across the region, such as webinars, podcasts, microlearning, and AI-powered mental wellness chatbots. Bespoke Workspace Wellness program helps to build a resilient and happy workforce. This program focuses on 8 dimensions of wellness such as emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual, intellectual, financial, social, and occupational.

7. Integrative Mental Health Coach Training Program

Nickerson Institute offers two kinds of programs: an Integrative health coaching program and a Corporate Integrative Health Coach Training Program.

The integrative health coaching program

It focuses on training to help in the healing of mental, emotional, and physical illnesses. It is based on the biopsychosocial model of care, which is based on the evidence-based aspects of mindfulness, cognitive techniques, neuroscience, health psychology, positive psychology, and behavioral nutrition. In this intensive course, healing aspects of spirituality and the power of perception are taught. It is 200 hours of the mental health coaching program with the certification designation “Registered health Coach.” Dr. Wendy Nickerson is the instructor of this training session. You pay $3799 US in a single payment or in the installment plan.

Corporate Integrative Health Coach Training Program

This one is a holistic approach that creates a company culture with employee psychological and emotional wellness. The above-mentioned integrative health coaching training program is an extensive logical initiative for mental health. This one facilitates the behavioral patterns of the human mind, body, and spirit. There are many reports that show it has a great contribution to stress management, overall mental health, quality of life, etc. Well, Nickerson Institute gives individual and organizational benefits. You can choose whatever you want.

On the individual level, it creates self-awareness, improves mind and body spirit health, decreases stress and anxiety, improves cognitive functioning, increases longevity, and better life-work balance. At the Organizational level, it improves productivity, increases psychological safety, improves morale and communication skills, and more corporate engagement with the community.

8. Workplace Mental Health Coach Training Course

Behavioral Coaching Institute offers different diplomas, and master coaching training programs are included. Organizations put their workers first and expand the list of options. This institute is totally a safe place in which people can be open about their fears, loneliness, stress, and pressure. High-performance behavioral coaching falls under the umbrella of behavioral health and performance enhancement with unique insights into the brain-mind, body connection, and physical health. There is a safe heaven behavioral model which provides a safe environment and protects from outside dangers.

With this mental health coach training program, you learn neuro behavioral coaching in which some core workplaces are addressed, such as a sense of purpose and attachment, being encouraged to excel and find your place, a sense of appreciation and recognition, and much more.

This institute has been working for the last 25 years in the development and delivery of workplace, behavioral, and performance coach training courses where the connection between brain and body is understood.

9. The Mental Health Coach: Mental Health First Aid Courses

The Mental Health coach website provides different mental health first aid courses. There are four categories; Mental health first aid course (in person), mental health first aid online, Youth Mental Health First Aid Course, and Mental Health First Aid Refresher. These are evidence-based programs designed to build skills in mental health. 

This is developed by MHFA Australia. The world is full of myths, stigma, and misunderstandings where a range of learning opportunities are available to help simplify things for you. You find whatever you want; we offer services that increase knowledge and support and create cultures and enable peak performance.

This mental health first aid online training program requires$199-279. We make sure to work with one or more clients or colleagues who are experiencing mental health issues. Yes, we are providing a 100 % focused and productive environment for our customers. The fees vary for every course, such as refresher pays $209-$229, and youth pays $339. 

In this mental health coaching program, personal, relationship, bespoke, conflict management, and leading mental health coaching programs are included. Just click on the link and register yourself. This one is the best opportunity for those who live in Australia.

10. Behavioral Health Coaching Program

Ginger Training Institute offers a behavioral health coaching program. It provides the members with access to vital mental health support through a multi-collaborative care model. All behavioral coaches, therapists, and psychiatrists provide comprehensive care and treatment. Moreover, Ginger is devoted to equity, inclusion, and belonging and is integrated into all aspects of the training program. It deals with the LGBTQ+, racial trauma, veterans, and economically disadvantaged groups.

Ginger Training Institute’s behavioral health coaching program provides immersive training activities and prepares students to get a certificate in behavioral health coaching. This course is all about learning evidence-based test practices and wellness coaching. This program is rooted in the headspace health values of integrity, equity, and transparency for every human being.

There will be live education and training sessions, weekly practice coaching, and a skills development program with 4000 hours of experience.

Skills needed for becoming a mental health coach

In a mental health coach, some skills must be present. The very first one is active listening by truly solves the issue. The second is continuous listening, in which a wellness coach is required to know about effective wellness perspectives, ancient wisdom, etc. Updating the skills and ability to stay focused is a very important skill in health and wellness coaching. The fourth skill is that a coach should have a holistic view of health that concentrate on all areas of wellness. Empathy 

is a necessary skill and priority in health and wellness coaching. All these skills are much needed for becoming a mental health coach.

Questions to consider when looking for a mental health coaching certification

If you have decided to excel in a mental health coaching career, it is better to consider the following questions:

Can you work passionately with mental health patients? It requires greater coaching skills and patience as health outcomes are often slower. What are the best institutes for mental health coaching certification? What is the scope of the mental health coaching certification? It will help you set some goals for your professional life.


Today, we are in dire need to get solutions for mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. Moreover, most people want to get mental health coach certifications and want to help others. Therefore, we described the top 10 Best mental health coach certification programs which are providing the best services.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the benefits of getting a mental health coach certification

Mental health coach certification empowers your clients to make the most out of therapy and counseling. You can show that you understand their health issues and convince them easily and then seek help for further treatment.

2. How much does a mental health coach certification cost

Different mental health coach certification programs charge differently. Most of them have ranged from $600-$1000. The cost of the mental health coach certification depends on the duration of the program.

3. How do you choose the right mental health coach certification for you and your needs?

In this article, we talked about the top 10 mental health coach certifications, explored these, and got them according to your needs. Hopefully, you will get the best among these courses.


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