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Top 10 Best Depression Coach Certifications

Depression coach certificates are the best-recommended ones if you love to serve those who face mental health issues. There are different coaching certifications that you can go for. The certifications have special offers and also benefits as well.  You can get depression coaching certifications for various purposes including serving as a medical professional, helping someone close who is suffering from depression or earning through this certification.

Top 10 Best Depression Coach Certifications Depression Coach Certifications

The certification will not only help develop skills but also will help you to become a perfect depression coach. 

What is depression coaching?

The condition in which you require a professional medication or help to treat you is known as depression. There are different issues that are caused due to depression, and you can get help as they will be addressed. Depression coaching can help the patients heal. 

Depression coaches are sometimes not able to diagnose mental illness or depression until or unless they have received proper qualifications and certifications. Coaching can help all those who suffer from severe depression. Not only this, but they also help them to feel encouraged and share the issues clearly.

Top Ten Coaching Certifications for Becoming a Depression Coach

A depression coach can help you identify your goals, assist with the changes that occur in your life, and also help you by encouraging you. If you want to start your career as a depression coach, you will need to find the most suitable certificate that can help you pursue the career. 

Make sure that whatever certification you choose helps you in getting the basic education about how you can earn by serving others. Similarly, make sure to choose the certification that can easily offer you both onsite and online training. 

1. Mental Health Coach Certification – Quality Mind

The first one that we have over here is Quality Mind Global Mental Health Coach Certification. Basically, Quality Mind Global is a certification that has partnered with ICF. You can get the Mind Mentor training that will guide you and teach you skills of practice. 

After the program ends, you will be able to identify the mental issues that the person is facing. You can also help them in creating the action plans and schedules so they can get rid of the cycles in which they are surrounded. You will also be able to help the clients to develop accountability so they can get progress and recovery positively. 

Quality Mind Global is one of the fast-growing training and certification companies that will help you in treating patients. There are many organizations that offer this course with affordability and expertise. 

Below are the things that you will be able to learn through this course:

  • How depression actually occurs?
  • How to help your patients?
  • What are the issues that the patient is facing? 

2. Depression Coach Certification Training – Wassili Zafiris

The next recommended certification that you can go for is Depression Coach Certification Training by Wassili Zafiris. There are newly developed techniques that are offered in this course. These techniques are not only useful but also highly effective as compared to many other certifications that fall into the same category. 

The main aim of getting this training is to help people overcome depression. The people who undergo such training mainly focus on their own relatives, friends, beloved ones, colleagues, and even clients. This course is definitely important for those who want to help out depressed persons. In this training, you will learn about the depressive mindset. It will help you and provide a complete insight into the phases and processes of mental illness. 

Below are the things that you will be able to learn through this course:

  • A perspective about what is happiness and depression. Then knowing what person exactly knows. In this way, you will know how to heal them. 
  • You will also learn the main influence of medication. Additionally, you will also know what traditional methods you can choose at the moment to help the person.

3. Subconscious Restructuring™ Practitioner Training

Subconscious Restructuring™ Practitioner Training is professional-level training that covers many aspects in itself. For your ease, we are telling it in steps what this training includes. 

Step 1 includes the SR™ Practitioner Client Agreement:

There is an agreement with every client that takes place when they undergo Subconscious Restructuring™ Practitioner Training. They will need to read it completely. Before making an account, your client will need to agree to the terms. Because later, there are certain things that you will need to discuss openly. 

Step 2 involves Emotional and Gut Health ChecklistsEmotional Wellness Guidelines:

The first and very initial step that needs to take for a program that is meant for adults is Emotional Fitness™ Checklist Adults. There is a document that is for collecting all data and then studying it. There is a full checklist that is needed to be filled. 

Emotional Fitness™ Checklist Ages 9-17 includes the approval of the guardian of this age group. To use the course, children of age 13 and more can only use this. Then for the final data entry of the individuals and groups, there are Client Trials Forms. 

Step 3 includes SR™ Practitioner Guidelines for Adults:

In this step, there are the guidelines that are written comprising many demographics. These are written in the form of scripts that are having two designations, NOTE and SR™ PRACTITIONER. There will be three people included that will be included in the Subconscious Restructuring™ process. You will add both before and after results. As a result, you will be comfortable with all guidelines that are there. 

There is a complete course from beginning to end about how to start and how you will finish the respective task. 

4. Training the Trainer

Training the trainer is the next training that we recommend. It is basically a complete framework that trains the potential instructors or the subject matter experts who will help the people. These are usually people who are trained first, and then those people train other people in the organizations. By training others, they learn more about depression and mental states. 

In short meaning, there is complete training received by the group employees. This training in both how to get specific training and then how to teach about the pieces of training to others. 

Why is it essential? Well, below are the reasons that will tell you why this training is great:

  • As a student, you will learn about new things, and you will also learn new skills
  • As a trainer, you will instruct the other batches, and you will also learn by guiding others

Firstly, many non-profit organizations and NGOs started this approach of training. But soon, many big hospitals and depression coaching institutes went for it so they could develop an awareness of mental illness. 

5. Rapid Drug-Free Depression Treatment Certification

Rapid Drug-Free Anxiety Treatment is another training that is also most preferred once. You can easily change the anxiety of your client by providing a simple coaching method. If you go for this treatment certification, you can help the clients to get over anxiety. Not only this, but they can get stress free for a lifetime. You will not be there for them for their whole life, but you will teach them how to manage anxiety for their whole life.

Why is this course important? Well, we all know that anxiety is the major issue that causes disturbance in the peace of mind of people and also creates disturbing outcomes. Due to this technique, there are current methods that are used to manage and also reduce the symptoms that are caused due to anxiety. 

You will learn the following things from this course:

  • What is the real structure of anxiety, and why does it become so high.
  • The experience that clients have faced and what are the side effects they have faced.
  • How you can measure anxiety and how you can help the client to communicate easily. 
  • Step-by-step guide of giving coaching to your clients to recover from anxiety and helping them whenever they will get anxious. 

6. Certification in Mindfulness Practice – Virtued Academy

You can also get a Certification in Mindfulness Practice. If you are looking for a full course, then IAOTH, UK also offers this course. In this course, you will learn about overcoming depression by using techniques like depression relief, social anxiety management, stress management, emotional intelligence, burnout recovery, rewiring the anxious brain relationships, anxiety management, trauma healing, resilience, and fear reduction. 

Below are the ways in which this course will help:

  • This training is best for those who do not have any prior experience in how to deal with anxiety or depression. 
  • It is also best for those who want to get training, even if they are having a busy schedule.
  • It is not only good to go but also is simple, and terminologies are very easy to understand. 

7. Mental Health Coach Training and Certification

Next, we have here for you is Mental Health Coach Training and Certification. This training is based on different parts of psychology and their training. There is a specific practice that helps in unlocking the doors that are in the subconscious part of the mind. As a professional. You will easily access those part that affects the behavior of the clients’ mind. 

As a professional or a coach, knowing the model and parts is essential as you can work deeply on transformation levels with your clients. The best part is that the process is straightforward and quite easy. Anyone can do this course. 

Below are the things that you can easily do after doing this course:

  • Firstly, you will know how to calm down your client. There are many out-of-control parts that are the main psychological stressors. So, to overcome the stress, you will learn the Inner Dynamics model.
  • Find out what is hidden in the next thing you will know. It also refers to finding the true self of the person. A person can live their whole life without knowing exactly who he is. The most unclear question is, WHO ARE YOU. The parts of this training will help you know how can you clarify the clients and enhance their sense of self-exploration. 
  • Self-sabotage is the thing that you will learn in this training. Self-sabotage is the part in which you want or need something, but something else inhibits you from doing it. It is all in your mind. It helps you get the patients about self-sabotage. If they will try to harm themselves, the other part will restrain them. 

8. Integrative Mental Health Coach Training Program – Nickerson Institute

The next course or training that you can go for is 8. Integrative Mental Health Coach Training Program by Nickerson Institute. This course is best if you are wanting any way or means so you can expand the integrative knowledge or skills related to health. Additionally, if you have any interest in holistic mental health. Then this training is going to help you a lot. 

This training is the most perfect one if you are looking for giving professional or personal development training. There are different evidence-based materials that you will get. Not only this but you will also be provided with tools and engaging activities so you can practice more.

Below are how this course can help you:

  • You can become a highly experienced professional
  • You will get on-site activities and tasks that will help you in professional life
  • Additionally, you will also know about tools and techniques that will help your patients.

9. Certified Holistic Mental Health Coach – MHASWFL

Certified Holistic Mental Health Coach is the certification in which you can align your personal mental health and wellness together with the everyday things you do. The most amazing thing that you need to know is that there is a high demand for Holistic Mental Health Coaches. You can get amazing professional experience and training with this certification. It is the most important skill that will help you heal the emotional wounds of others. 

Below are the benefits that you will get from this course:

  • You will know a lot about mind and body connections. 
  • The mind and body connections.
  • The behavioral strategies that occur cognitively.
  • Helps you take motivational interviewing.
  • The methods that will reduce anxiety and depression readily. 
  • It will also help you in getting grief support. 

10. Depression Counsellor Diploma Course – Centre of Excellence

Last but not the least, we have here is Depression Counsellor Diploma Course that will give you knowledge, so that will help you begin a career and even do counseling for depression. It is best as it covers 5 distinct areas of depression, including how depression is caused, what are its types, the medications, and the best therapies. 

It will not only cover the cures to depression, but it will also include the study of how depression is caused and what emotional changes occur in your patient. Moreover, you will also know in dept about diseases and illnesses that are caused due by depression. You will also know the risk factors and how they change your sleep patterns. 

Below are the benefits that you will get due to this course:

  • It will cover other factors that lead to depression. 
  • It will cover the study on how to help the patient recover from any personal issues or life traumas.

What are the career prospects of someone with a depression coach certification?

Depression coaches are not very much in the industry of health. But still, there are many career prospects that you can get through certification of depression coaching:

  • You will learn about Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder, which is basically clinical depression. 
  • The certification will help you learn about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chronic or acute anxiety, and even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 
  • You can help those to recover who have unresolved problems from past traumas. 
  • You can go into the field of treating people with mental disorders like Schizoaffective Disorder or Schizophrenia. 
  • Additionally, you can help those who are facing personality or behavioral disorders like Schizoid, Paranoid, and Schizotypal.
  • You can further do NLP masters or become NLP Health Certified practitioners. 
  • As a practitioner, you can further go with practicing:

Doctors, therapists, Coaches, psychiatrists, specialist nurses, and psychologists.

Skills needed for becoming a depression coach:

Before becoming a professional depression coach, you will need to focus on your skills. Below are the skills that you must focus on before becoming a depression coach:

  • The first thing and most important skill to learn are that you must know how to value yourself. You must try to treat yourself nicely and know to give yourself respect first. 
  • The next skill is taking care of your physical appearance and body. It will make you take care of yourself in a lot of ways and prevent yourself from self-injury.
  • Try to practice the skill of being positive. This can easily happen if you surround yourself with positive people. 
  • Time management is another skill to learn. You must know to give yourself more time.
  • The next skill that is worthy is that you must know how you can deal with depression and stress. 
  • We are always busy thinking about something. You must know the skill about how you can make your mind relaxed and quiet. So you can avoid overthinking.

Questions to consider when looking for a depression coaching certification

Before enrolling in any type of depression coaching certification, you must ask different questions. Below are the questions that are needed to be asked:

  • What are the main issues that you are facing, and how you will manage them?
  • Do you have any similar certifications before?
  • What type of training or education do you have, and how it will help you get specific certification?
  • How much experience will you get through depression coaching?
  • What will be the length of sessions that you will be offered?


There are many institutes that offer depression coach certifications. But before going for any certification, you must make yourself mentally prepared to face any circumstance. Among all life coach certification programs, the best is where you will be offered a well-rounded curriculum that will also cover all ins and outs of depression or mental health coaching. International Coach Federation (ICF) also offers the best coaching. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of getting a depression coach certification?

Life coaching can assist with a variety of future-oriented outcomes. These could be about the client’s job, relationships, life/work balance, or general happiness.
You will get:
1.Increased self-assurance
2.Enhanced communication abilities
3.Improved working team effectiveness
4.Home time management has improved.
5.Better work performance in terms of efficiency
6.Physical and emotional well-being have improved
7.Better balance of time spent at work versus time spent at home
8.Increased productivity as a result of improved work performance
9.Relationships have improved (more cooperation, less conflict, etc

How much does a depression coach certification cost?

The majority of life coaches bill by the hour, with rates ranging from almost $50 to $500 per hour. The cost varies depending on what type of coaching, with business coaching being the most expensive. The cost of personal coaching varies according to the coach’s expertise and reputation.
Personal life coaching typically costs $75 to $200 for every hour, including an average price of $120 per hour. Many coaches offer monthly packages, such as $300 for four 30-minute sessions. A more long-term option could be $2000 for eight 90-minute sessions. A good mentor working in a corporate setting, on the other hand, may charge between $750 and $1000 per month.

How do you choose the right depression coach certification for you and your needs?

Below are the things that you must know how you will choose the perfect depression coach certification:
1.Is it according to the goals that you have set for the future?
2.The next thing is, does it has a scope?
3.Will it also help in personal development?
4.Is the course offered on an affordable budget?
5.Do the time and criteria suits you?
6.What are the future degrees or certifications you can go for?

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