How to Select the Best Coaching Training Program [2023 Edition]

Coaching training is a developmental process where highly experienced coaches train existing and new coaches. It acts as a roadmap for coaches.

Today if you plan to be a coach, you can start coaching business without any hurdles. In case you are passionate but don’t know how to start then you can enroll for a coaching training program.

Are you confused about training programs and what coaching programs to choose from? Then check out my article.

All coaching training programs are not similar. They vary according to the institute’s format. But, the issue is that one is not aware of what kind of training is meaningful.

You need to do your research before taking up any coaching program. Below are some important coaching training questions often asked:

What is the difference between various coaching training programs?

Does an experienced coach need coaching training? Is it okay if you take training from books or webinar?

Which coaching training is expensive and which not? Why are some programs expensive?

How much coaching training is appropriate?

It is obvious you cannot choose one. It is tough to select a particular coaching training program. I will discuss the best practices according to my experiences.

It is a must to integrate various coaching skills into your leadership style. As a coach, you may have knowledge about how to coach but lack certain essential skills. Coaching training helps you enhance those skills.

It is an important step to upscale your coaching business. If you are ready to invest the time then enroll for coaching training. But select the course after proper analysis.

Although you may feel that research requires a lot of time. But, the end results are great.

What is coaching training?

Coaching training is a development technique used for existing coaches or new coaches. An expert coach helps coaches develop their skills and achieve business goals.

An expert coach designs a proper training program to understand their coachees’ personal and professional goals.

An expert coach can help in providing direction to ease performance improvement. Hence, to give that support, coaching training is a must.

There is various coaching definition. But here are a few from the current leading writers and experts that reflect my thinking:

Gallway.T, 1986 quoted ‘It is helping them learn rather than teaching them’.

Whitmore.J, 2002 quoted ‘Unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance’.

Coaching training is to impart information and/or instructions to the coaches. This leads to improving the recipient’s performance.

Training is to help people meet the required level of knowledge or skill. It is an organized activity to train new and old coaches.

The coaching training puts emphasis on the trainer to ask questions to his trainees. This is to take responsibility and have a sense of awareness. Also, with this, they can think about various options.

Training focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future in a simple way.

Teaching someone and helping them learn has a lot of differences. The coaching training is helping the individual improve their performance. In other words, helping people learn basic skill sets.

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Importance of coaching training to be a successful coach

A lot of people want to become a successful coach but you can not achieve by watching a few videos. For that, you need to get proper skills that come with effective coaching training.

Will you go to a doctor who has never done surgery? Of course not. You will go to an expert or someone who has done the surgery.

Your clients will expect the same from you once you take up coaching. They will trust you depending upon whether you have the right kind of coaching training.

To give assurance to the client, you need to take up coaching training. It includes both theoretical and practical applications. You can build credibility after the program.

Are you passionate to help people to achieve their goals? Are you a problem solver? Do people come to you for resolving their personal or professional problems? Do you connect to people easily?

If yes, then believe me that you are going to become a great coach. All you need is proper coaching training. So, let’s see the importance of coaching training to achieve the desired success:

Coaching training shapes your career

You become an effective leader and create more impact on people. People identify you as a coach once you have got the right skills. Your skills get enhanced with the proper coaching training.

As a coach, you can use the skills in your professional as well as personal life.

To become a professional coach, having logical thinking is crucial. Coaching training involves the same and achieves your respective goals. It consists of different exercises that boost up your logical skills.

It uses real-time examples to make you understand the different situations of clients. You learn to observe the behavior of people and identify ways to solve problems.

Master the art of making better decisions through training

Coaching training can result in acquiring skills related to decision-making. How? You as a coach will have to function at a high level of emotional intelligence.

As a coach, you need to develop a perspective about people and situations. Live examples in the training can help you take better decisions.

Learn to embrace the changes through the steps of coaching training

When you become a coach, things will change. You are on your own and there is nobody to spoon feed you. This is the major change and soon you will find many new things.

Coaching training lets you understand various changes. You learn to embrace the changes around you. These are essential for becoming a successful coach.

Develop the skill of finding solutions to the toughest problems

Many a time you will face issues in your coaching role. Sometimes you may take wrong decisions and fall in a situation where you cannot come out. In this scenario, coaching training may prove helpful.

It teaches you various innovative solutions through classroom and online sessions. Many successful coaches have also faced such problems. You may have clients sharing problems that you have never heard about.

As a coach, you may feel stressed or incapable to find solutions, but with proper coaching training, you can handle such situations.

Build the skills to get phenomenal outcomes through the process of training

As per my experience coaches join coaching training programs for some purpose. So, do you think without proper skills you can reach your goals?

Coaching training helps you learn proper skills for getting the outcomes you have desired. This works both ways, whether you are working with clients or planning to grow your business.

Become proficient and earn a high income after training

Coaching training helps you to increase your income. As per my research, a coach can earn at most $500 per hour after their coaching training. The training develops skills and makes coaches proficient in their coaching field.

You can become an esteemed professional. With proper training, you can turn out to be an expert coach. As per research, coaching training is essential for other experienced coaches too.

If you are stagnant in your practice, coaching training helps you grow and learn new skills.

Is coaching training program different from the curriculum program?

You must have heard about various curriculum programs. You may think these are enough for coaching. But these are the courses which you study at University.

Curriculum programs give a basic idea of coaching and are different from coaching programs. These do not teach you elements of coaching in-depth.

With coaching training programs, you can achieve great results. These programs are in-depth and include real-life examples. You develop new skills and techniques to handle different issues of your clients.

You can network with experienced and new coaches to establish your business.

Coaching training leads to other complementary skills too. People join coaching training programs to learn new techniques and tools. Some people want to add something new to their coaching practice.

As a coach, you can join a coaching program to add some complementary tools. This you can do so with your existing work.

Features of top coaching training programs

Every coaching program emphasizes the benefits which they can provide. They show their plus points. Hence, it is tough for you to select the best one.

It is like comparing an Apple iPhone with another Apple iPhone. Thus, I would like to help you out with your doubts.

Below are some features of top coaching training programs that I have compiled for you.

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Top coaching training programs develop real skills

This means you need to find out the best coaching training in the industry that involves real skills. Real skills like good listening, empathizing, networking are the core of coaching practice.

As a coach, you need to tap these skills to grow.

There are several coaches for whom coaching training can mean something different. This is because not all think alike. You need to, thus, select a training program that matches your skills and teach you new real skills.

Best training programs have coaching association accreditation

There are high possibilities that any person can start his or her training program. But, it may or may not have an affiliation. You may get certificates that are not approved.

There are high chances of you getting cheated. This is because coaching does not fall under any regulations.

It is better to choose the training programs which have coaching associations accreditation. For example, the International Coach Federation is the most authorized one.

It is the largest association providing logical validation of any coaching training programs. In case you are going for non-affiliated programs, then take the review from old students.

Good training programs consists of values and purpose

As per my experience, good coaching training programs have good purpose and values. These training programs match the needs and the basic values of the coaches.

For instance, you may have specific values about any culture. As a coach, you need to choose the programs which follow those particular values. This is because once you complete the program, you will be able to connect with the audience.

Top programs have basic and specialization programs

Most of the top coaching programs have basic and advance courses. If you are new to the coaching business then join basic courses. This can help you identify your strengths.

Later you can decide on what kind of specialization you want to choose. This can guide you in selecting the appropriate niche training programs.

Hence, first, you must look for practical coaching training. It will help you develop skill sets and better coaching approaches. Once you know the basics, you can deal with all kinds of people.

Best coaching training programs help you network and market your business

You need to learn not only coaching skills but how to sell it well. There are various coaching training programs that promise to teach you marketing skills. They will tell you how to coach and sell.

It is good to first get trained with the best coaching training program. You get an advantage of networking and marketing. This helps you grow your coaching business fast.

Good training programs provide coaching certification

Join a coaching program that provides certification. Certification will give credibility to your coaching business. It will help you get the client fast and establish your business.

Top programs are also available online

Most of the top coaching training programs are online. You should check if the program has information and resources online. Online coaching training is convenient and time-saving.

But, before going for online coaching sessions, research well about the program.

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Top coaching training schools that can help you to be a successful coach

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

The founder of iPEC is Bruce D Schneider. The institute offers certification in 3 fields. They are Core Energy coaching, Energy Leadership, and Cor.E Dynamics. It has ICF, BCC, ACTP, SHRM, and HRCI accreditation.

The institute provides various coaching specializations. You can also develop a niche and do your branding. You will have a mentor to support. Once done the demand for your coaching will increase.

Coach Training Alliance

Coach Training Alliance has ICF and ACSTH accreditation. It gives coaching training in various areas. This includes personal coaching, life coaching, and professional level coaching.

As a coach, you can gain good skills to have a profitable coaching business.

Co-Active Training Institute

The Co-Active Training Institute follows the paradigm of leadership development. This helps to empower humanity in the journey of consciousness. It has ICF, ACE, HRPA accreditation.

The institute provides coaching training in various niche. You can join and leverage your career.

Coach U

Coach U offers leading global coaching training programs. The programs teach coaching skills, helps to build a coaching practice. It also develops a strong foundation and helps you learn to coach. It has ICF accreditation.

How much can you earn as a coach after coaching training?

Are you expecting high earnings after your coaching training?

I want to let you know that you cannot expect overnight earnings in coaching. You need to be cautious while choosing a training program. Many such programs give a mere promise of getting a six-figure revenue.

It is not possible in the first year after the completion of the program. You must know that earning high requires experience. Still, the question remains the same. What is the earning of a coach after coaching training?

The earnings are between 25,000 to 35,000 USD for the first two years. Once you have completed five years, the average income can be between $35,000 to $75,000.

It depends upon various factors like your coaching is full or part-time. Also, what kind of specialized coaching you are providing and whom you are targeting.

The earnings depend from person to person. It may happen that a spiritual coach can also earn higher than an executive coach. Earnings of self-employed may differ from those who are working for companies.

Tips to select a coaching training program

Are you still in the research phase and thinking about which training to opt for? it is a tough task to move from research to enrolling yourself for one of these programs.

So, before you decide on any coaching training program do ask the below questions-

What do you want to do after completing the coaching course?

You can select the program later but first, find out why you are thinking about coaching training. The important factor is how your future life will look like post-training.

Are you planning to work as an entrepreneur? Do you want to work online? Are you keen on personal development? Do you want to build a coaching environment?

Coaching training is the foundation of all the above questions. But first, you need your version of life goals.

Once you find the answers to the above, the decision to choose the program is easy. You will know what the outcome is once the coaching training program gets over.

What, and how will you pursue the coaching training?

Next, decide what and how you want to take up coaching training. Decide your niche and select a course. Check if the program will give basic training or is offering more than that?

As a coach, you can learn trans-formative coaching skills through training. This is to motivate your clients and change their lives.

Also, check the medium of the course. Do you want an online or offline course? Can you join any webinar? Is there a classroom training? Is it a mixture of both?

Select the coaching training programs which match your needs.

What support will you get from the coaching schools?

You need to find out how the school will support you after completing the program. You need to have the proper know-how and get the resources. This is because if you are stuck, these sources can help you.

Find out how the training school will support you to establish your coaching venture. Any professional coach needs them even if they are a great coach.

What is the background of the coaching school?

You need to find out the track record of the schools providing coaching training. How many successful graduates are there and what are they doing now?

It does not need to be a high portfolio. But it should help the graduates get name and fame in the future.

Is the investment worth it?

You may feel the prices of the programs are so high. One program would be cheaper and another bit expensive.

Why so? There are various things included in such programs. These courses have accreditation, mentors, lessons on business development, books, and other resources. Hence, the price of the program touches $15000.

There are various webinars to find out why coaching training is the right investment. Above are some points to give you clarity. It is to empower you for taking proper coaching training before starting coaching as a practice.

As a coach, you already have different skills and talents. But these skills can be further enhanced with the right coaching training. These programs help you take your coaching business to the next level.

To wrap up, here are the biggest reasons why coaching training is essential for you:

You can garner more opportunities as well as the respect of people. It would be easier for you to establish yourself, as you will know the tips and tricks of the coaching business.

In case you face any challenges, your resources from the training will be there to rescue you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is coaching training?

Coaching Training is a program to help you unlock your potential, to help you get the things you want in life. This is a program to help you change the course of your life.

What is coach specific training?

It is the process of creating a specific plan to improve the performance of every coach within an organization. The specific training of a coach is generally set up with a coach-specific plan (CSP) for every coach. It focuses on the methods of coaching.

What is the best coaching Accreditation?

The best coaching accreditation is the one which gives you credibility in the industry. Always make sure you go for the top coaching accreditations. Also make sure the accreditation can be used world wide. You won’t make a sale if you don’t have credibility. A good coaching accreditation can be used world wide and will help you make more money.

Is the coaching training program different from the curriculum program?

No. Both programs have the same curriculum, but the coaching program is more flexible and has more feedback. You can ask us questions before, during and after your training. The program helps you to ask questions, apply the knowledge and see the results quickly while the curriculum program’s pace is much faster.

How much can you earn as a coach after coaching training?

You will be surprised to know that successful coaches earn between $50,000 to $250,000 per month. The sky’s the limit, if you have a great track record. But before getting into the coaching business, spend time to understand the business, then move on to training.

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