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Top 10 Best Lifestyle Coach Certifications

Do you aspire to help people gain direction in their lives? If yes, then you need to be a lifestyle coach and undertake a lifestyle coach certification. A lifestyle coach is a certified individual who works with people to improve both personal and professional aspects of their lives. These aspects range from careers, finance, and business to relationships, health, fitness, lifestyle, etc.

Top 10 Best Lifestyle Coach Certifications Lifestyle Coach Certifications

The lifestyle coach certification is a document indicating that you have completed a lifestyle coach training program and are certified to work as a lifestyle coach. These certifications are accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF) and help the students gain knowledge and hands-on experience relevant to coaching.

In Brief : Top 10 Best Lifestyle Coach Certifications

What Is Lifestyle Coaching?

Lifestyle coaching is a wellness profession that focuses on improving the physical and mental aspects of a person’s well-being. A lifestyle coach considers the person’s viewpoint, skills, strengths, and abilities and then provides a practical solution that helps overcome hurdles. Lifestyle coaching helps improve a person’s private and public life and makes them succeed in their life.

What Are the Benefits of Lifestyle Coaching?

Lifestyle coaching has a litany of benefits for a person. It not only focuses on surface-level issues but digs out the root cause of the deeply ingrained issues and provides a practical solution. Some of the top-notch benefits of lifestyle coaching are:

1. Provides Clarity and Direction  

The biggest benefit of lifestyle coaching is that it provides direction in your life. Many people are unaware of themselves and do not understand their life purpose. Due to this reason, they go through an existential crisis and fall into a vicious cycle of self-questioning. 

A lifestyle coach helps such individuals gain clarity by uncovering their hidden talents and potential skills. They seek answers to who you are and what you want in life. By listening to your viewpoints, a lifestyle coach works to provide clarity to your thoughts and helps you understand your purpose.

2. Helps In Goal Setting  

Setting goals on New Year’s Eve is the number one resolution for many people worldwide. However, many people stop seeking them as it becomes exhausting and unattainable. A lifestyle coach helps individuals set goals by understanding their needs, wants, and desires. 

Sometimes, people fail to achieve goals simply because they do not have a solid plan. A lifestyle coach puts forth a realistic and concise plan that helps achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

3. Provide Honest Feedback

Lifestyle coaches are like guardian angels who provide unsolicited advice without judgment. Many people feel optimistic after listening to the feedback and opinions of the lifestyle coaches. The lifestyle coaches cheer you on every little progress you make, keep you motivated and remind you of your goals if you sidestep on the journey.

4. Improves Relationships  

Relationships are an essential and integral part of an individual’s life. Sometimes, lack of trust, misunderstanding, and distance weaken the relationships and damage the bond. A lifestyle coach fosters healthy relationships by providing valuable advice and tips to regain bonding and improve communication in a relationship.

Many people fail to reach their goals due to swaying away from their purpose. Lifestyle coaches help their clients to stay on track by holding them accountable. Accountability is essential to achieving goals and aims in life. By saying your goals out loud to the coach, you are solidifying your desire to achieve them and hold yourself accountable.

Top Ten Coaching Certifications for Becoming a Lifestyle Coach

If helping people and guiding them in their lives inspires you, then you must undertake a professional coaching certification. Listed below are the top ten lifestyle coaching certifications that you can get to become a professional and successful lifestyle coach:

1. Become A Lifestyle Coach – NASM

Starting the list with the best certifications available in a bundle form -NASM Lifestyle Coach Bundle comprising Weight Loss Specialization and Certified Nutrition Coach courses. The best aspect of this Lifestyle Coach Bundle is that you gain expertise and knowledge on nutrition as well as weight loss and fitness. 

The NASM Weight Loss Specialization (NASM-WLS) focuses on understanding the core fitness needs of the clients and the various strategies and techniques you can learn to help them get to their desired weight. You will learn the physiology and psychology of weight loss and understand change management.

After undertaking this course, you will be able to design unique exercises and offer personalized weight loss tips, and coach your clients in everything they need to know to achieve their fitness goals.

The NASM Certified Nutrition Coach course (NASM-CNC) focuses on imparting knowledge about all things nutrition. You will learn the science of carbs, proteins, and carbohydrates and how they can be optimized according to the client’s needs. 

After taking this course, you can design unique dietary and personalized nutritional plans. You will also understand the importance of various nutrients and foods and design plans that suit the clients’ dietary habits.

The NASM Certified Nutrition Coach course is available online. It will provide a digital textbook, detailed infographics, and high-quality videos to help you become a certified Lifestyle Coach.

2. Lifestyle Coach Training – Association of Diabetes Care

The Lifestyle Coach Training by the Association of Diabetes Care (ADCES) is approved by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The certification is available on both online and on-site platforms. 

By undertaking this certification, you will learn about the National Diabetes Prevention Program and the lifestyle coach’s responsibilities to help individuals stay on the right track to eating healthy. 

You can also provide key insights and help your clients delay pre-diabetes. If you choose the live course, you will get two days of training under the mentorship of the ADCES Master trainer in either English or Spanish. 

In addition, you will get a comprehensive overview of the CDC curriculum, hands-on practice on motivational interviewing, complimentary access to the fundamentals of diabetes course, and many more exciting benefits. After the completion of certification, you will be able to display ADCES Lifestyle Coach PreventT2 Lifestyle Change Program badge. 

If you choose the online platform, you will gain access to five weeks of online training in the comfort of your home. If you are a health practitioner, nurse, physician, or dietitian, you will get additional 12 CMEs.

3. Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist Certificate

If you wish to become a lifestyle coach specializing in the weight management program and wellness, then the NESTA Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist Certification is the best for you. This is a 100% online course with self-paced study criteria allowing you to take this comfort whenever you want.

By taking this course, you will understand the various strategies to manage weight and the link between stress and weight effectively. You will also be able to help clients utilize the proper techniques to achieve their desired weight and fitness level. 

After the course completion, you will get a digital certificate immediately and a paper certificate within 2 to 3 weeks after the exam. The best aspect of this certification is that it is available for lifetime learning.

4. Lifestyle and Wellness Health Coach Certificate

If you are a regulated health professional or hold a health diploma, then the York U Lifestyle and Wellness Health Coach Certificate is vital for you. This course exclusively teaches you how to do proper health coaching to promote health and wellness management. 

You will also gain insights into stress management, nutritional information, behavior change management and help foster healthy relationships. The best aspect of this course is that you will get both theoretical and practical knowledge. 

You can practice your skills by engaging with patient actors through role-playing in a simulated environment. After completing this program, you will get a Coaching Therapeutic Intervention – Fundamental Skills credential and Motivational Interviewing – Fundamental Skills credential.

5. Lifestyle Coach Training – UTMB Health

The best lifestyle coaching certification for Texas residents is the Lifestyle Coach Training by UTMB Health. In this program, you will learn about the National DPP lifestyle change program and get direct training by DTTAC Master Trainer Select. 

You will also be guided by other experienced coaches to participate in interactive sessions and indulge in practical training. This is a three-day distance learning course covering 12 hours that will enable you to polish your leadership skills and become an effective lifestyle coach.

6. Lifestyle Wellness Coaching (LWC.S.CRT)

Those looking to become professional wellness coaches should enroll in the Lifestyle Wellness Coaching program by Sinclair College. This course provides a theoretical framework of all things wellness coaches need to know to demonstrate effective coaching. 

By taking this course, you would learn the basics of effective communication and understand behavioral change management and the psychological and social factors that affect health. After completing this course, you would be able to demonstrate wellness techniques that would prevent relapse and keep the clients from swerving from their journey.

7. Behavior Change and Lifestyle Coaching – UCSD Extension

This course by UCSD is a game-changer for individuals looking to learn various lifestyle coaching techniques. Aspiring lifestyle coaches will learn professional communication techniques, rapport building, behavioral change, goal-setting, and critical aspects. The mode of this course is online and does not require any textbook material.

8. Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Budding nutrition and lifestyle coaches should enroll in the CI Level 4 (UK) Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching. This is a 10-months long course that is internationally recognized and accredited Ofqual regulated course. 

There are many perks of enrolling in this course as the individual would get access to 12-month dietary analysis software, 7 Day Healthy Meal plan eBook, and Coaching Skills for Everyday Life course. The course comprises theoretical and practical curricula, including workshops, Q & A sessions, tutorials, and online lectures. 

By the end of this diploma, individuals would be able to learn the secret to longevity, create personalized meal plans, and understand the pros and cons of various dietary trends. The lifestyle coaches would be able to demonstrate professional coaching skills and create personalized meal plans.

Furthermore, individuals would get a free practitioner toolkit containing client’s questionnaire, assessment tools and consultation sheet.

9. DPP, Lifestyle Coach Training – State of Wellness

If you are a professional lifestyle coach and want direct mentorship from CDC trainers, then enroll in the DPP Lifestyle Coach Training program. This course is 100% online, and you would get pre and post-learning training evaluations. You would also get technical assistance post-training. In addition, you would also get 12 education credits for CHES and ACSM credentials.

10. Lifestyle Coaching – Center for Health Evangelism

Lifestyle Coaching by the Center for Health Evangelism is a six-month advanced course that will enable you to understand and run a successful health ministry. By taking this course, you would learn the essential aspects of entrepreneurship, understand the core health basics, and be able to coach your clients towards better health.

What Are the Career Prospects of Someone with A Lifestyle Coach Certification?

Lifestyle coaching is a diverse field as it covers personal and professional aspects of an individual’s life. After completing a lifestyle coaching certification, individuals can start working in the niche they like. If you like business and want to coach people on business and entrepreneurship, you can become a Business, Management, or Financial Coach.

If you like health and fitness, you can become a Wellness Coach, Fitness and Nutrition Coach. If you want to motivate your clients, you can become a Leadership Coach or a Career Coach. If you like helping people overcome hurdles in their personal lives, then you can become a Relationship Coach

In short, there are numerous fields for lifestyle coaches, and they can master more than one niche by undertaking a course in that respective field.

Skills Needed for Becoming A Lifestyle Coach

Becoming a lifestyle coach means putting yourself in your client’s shoes. It is essential to have the following skills to become a professional and ethical lifestyle coach.

Being a coach means listening more than speaking. Active listening allows coaches to listen to their clients’ viewpoints, concerns, and any potential issues they are facing. By doing so, coaches can form an effective solution to solving their concerns and helping them gain clarity.

Curiosity is an essential skill for lifestyle coaches to have. Being curious about your clients would allow you to know who they are and what they do. The more inquisitive you will be, the more you will be able to understand your clients.

Good communication skills go a long way in building rapport and trust. Clients can belong to diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and personalities. Communicating, not just talking to your clients, helps create a partnership where you and your client can collaborate to overcome the problems. Following up on your clients after the appointments do wonders for the client’s well-being.

Questions to Consider When Looking for A Lifestyle Coaching Certification

With so many lifestyle coach training programs available these days, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Before registering for a lifestyle coaching certification, it is essential to consider the following questions. If you find the answers to these questions satisfactory, then make up your mind regarding the particular course.

How long and how many aspiring lifestyle coaches have you trained?

This shows the credibility of the training institute. This way, you can identify that the institute is well established and the program they are offering is up to the mark. 

What resources and tools are available for graduates?

After you complete the certification, you need certain resources and tools that would help you in your coaching business. It is essential to know whether you will have access to them after completing the course. 

Is this course accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)?

All certified lifestyle coach courses are regulated by the International Coaching Federation which looks over these programs. Ensure that the program you are willing to enroll in is certified. 

What is the background of your trainers?

You don’t want to get training from someone who lacks the necessary skills and experience. It is vital to find out who the trainers are, what they do and how long have they been teaching these programs. 

What is the structure of your course?

This helps you identify what topics you will be covering, which assessments you will be giving and what subject areas will you be focusing on. 

Does your institute provide marketing support? 

Marketing is really essential for lifestyle coach startups. After you complete the course, need ample marketing and support to gain clients. Find out what whether the institute would help you in future endeavors.


A lifestyle coach is a certified individual who helps people gain clarity and direction in their personal and professional lives. They help their clients in decision making, goal setting and fostering healthy relationships. Aspiring lifestyle coaches need to undertake a lifestyle coach certification accredited by the International Coach Federation to start practicing officially. The top ten lifestyle coach certifications mentioned above will help individuals become a professional lifestyle coach. Lifestyle coaching is a lucrative and the most in-demand career for people interested in health and well-being. It is vital to partake in a lifestyle coaching certification before starting practicing officially.

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