Become an Amazing Manifestation Coach [2024 Edition]

All of us have dreams. Some dreams are attainable, while others are larger than life. Turning hopes and dreams into reality can be a difficult job. But this can become easier with someone to guide us along the way. This is the reason why the new trend of engaging with a manifestation coach is becoming popular.

Manifestation coaches help people realize their spiritual tools to achieve success. They pinpoint the things that hold one back and help to cut through them with a unique perspective. Manifestation coaches use methods such as the law of attraction and the power of one’s subconscious mind to help clients achieve their goals.

Do you believe in the power of the subconscious mind?

Do you think one can manifest his or her dreams by following certain steps?

Have you manifested different things and achieved them?

Do you think you can transform people’s lives through manifestation coaching?

If it’s a YES, then you are in the right place.

Today, many people are unable to identify the purpose of their lives. They are unable to have clarity in their dreams and achieve their goals. Such people look for manifestation coaches.

This article covers all that you need to know about a manifestation coach. Let’s first start by understanding manifestation coaching in detail.

What is Manifestation Coaching?

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Manifestation coaching helps people achieve their true desires. That could be anything.

  • Making more money
  • Achieving greater success
  • Discovering purpose
  • Meeting one’s soul mate
  • Deepening one’s spiritual connection
  • Upleveling one’s life

And how does manifestation coaching make this possible?

Drawing from my experience, it does so by identifying what is holding a person back from achieving his or her dream life. Then, with the help of spiritual tools and techniques, it helps the clients make their dreams a reality.

You might be wondering how manifestation coaching is different from life coaching.

Manifestation coaching is like life coaching but with a heavy focus on the Law of attraction.

If you believe in the law of attraction, you would have heard about – The Secret. The law of attraction says that you get what you long for. This is the foundation of manifestation coaching. The manifestation coaching process involves the following steps:

  • Figuring out what is stopping the client from achieving his or her dreams.
  • Helping the clients gain clarity on their true desires, hopes, and dreams.
  • Encouraging the use of the subconscious mind through tools and techniques.
  • Strengthening the clients’ belief in the energy of the universe
  • Eliminating hurdles and ambiguity from one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Solidifying the clients’ belief in the law of attraction. This is done to the point that clients no longer need a manifestation coach

What Does a Manifestation Coach Do?

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Type “manifestation coach” in Google, and it will show you many results of promising coaches. These coaches will assure you that you will get whatever you want from the universe.

Now the question arises: what do such coaches do to bring about these results?

As our analysis shows, various manifestation coaches use various strategies. Much of this depends on their past experiences and training.

Do you know one thing that such coaches have in common?

All of them have been successful in creating amazing things in their lives.

So if people ask you, – How did you do it? You must know that you have a business idea and can become one of these coaches.

Our team discovered that manifestation coaches focus on the energetics of manifesting. They ask clients what their ideal day would feel like. Then, they coach them on how to cultivate those feelings in their everyday lives.

The coaching sessions also involve meditation, visualization, and energy work. The coaches help the clients realize where their thought patterns are coming from. Based on my first-hand experience, coaches teach them how they affect the vibe that they are giving out to the world. The coaches use deep imagination. Clients work through their limiting beliefs on a subconscious level.

Such coaches use different coaching models for their sessions. Few take one-on-one coaching sessions; others coach via Skype. Some also offer video courses.

But why would someone hire a manifestation coach? Why would they not read a book or watch videos?

Well, the verbalization of thoughts and face-to-face interaction with the coach play an important role in the entire process. A book or video cannot do this. The coach can help one navigate, explore, and confirm one’s thoughts. Based on my first-hand experience, a manifestation coach acts as a catalyst so that one can achieve the most. Saying something aloud sometimes reveals so much about oneself and one’s situation.

Why Should You Become a Manifestation Coach?

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If you are a manifestation coach, you will be able to live your life the way you want. You will be living your best life and helping others to learn as well.

Based on my first-hand experience, with manifestation coaching, you will be getting paid for your personal development. You would be able to find out more about yourself and the world.

So, if you believe in the universe’s energy, don’t share the secret with only a few close friends. Many can benefit from your knowledge and realizations. Become a manifestation coach and transform your passion into a profession.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Manifestation Coach?

To become a manifestation coach, several key skills are essential. These include a deep understanding of the principles of manifestation, strong communication and listening skills, the ability to guide and motivate others, and a commitment to personal growth and development. Let’s dive into other crucial skills.

Using the power of the subconscious mind

The law of attraction says that our subconscious mind rules 95% of our lives. Through our practical knowledge, most of our actions are not based on logic. They are reactions to what is happening in your surroundings. Only when one understands the power of the subconscious mind can he or she apply it and make dreams come true.

Ability to apply the law of attraction

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The Law of attraction says that reality is a reflection of what we think. If we attract negativity and worry, we will get more negativity. Our investigation demonstrated that, if we are happy and satisfied, the universe will give us more opportunities to be so. Our inner vibes reflect the situations that we create for ourselves.

Manifestation coaches use the law of attraction to coach clients. But more than the definition, the application of the law is important.

The Law of attraction doesn’t mean that miracles will happen by just sitting and visualizing. When your thought process aims at something, some situations are created naturally. Our findings show that the universe gives you more challenges or opportunities to get you closer to what you are aiming for. The manifestation coach must know the right way to apply the law of attraction and other important techniques.

Deep insight into human psychology

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If you have this, you can quickly identify the pain points of the clients. To understand clients better, you must know what their common desires are. Why do they behave the way they do? What could be the cause of their constant failures? How can different personalities create problems for themselves due to their behaviors?

Our research indicates that many manifestation coaches combine neuroscience with psychology. With tools such as NLP and Hypnosis, it has become easier to dig into the subconscious mind and arrange programs.


As a coach, you must be empathetic to your clients. Put yourself in their shoes. Try to identify their pain points and feel what they are going through. Based on our observations, empathy is a very important skill that will help you build a strong connection with your clients.

Communication Skills

As a manifestation coach, you need to have excellent communication skills. Communication is very important to let the coaching sessions flow smoothly.

Communication skills do not only mean verbal and written communication; you should also be able to communicate in other ways. This includes your body language and attitude.Our analysis revealed that the way you communicate with your clients will determine how comfortable they are sharing their stories. Avoid making assumptions and being judgmental. Make the right choice of words and tone. Also, try to develop people skills so that you can handle a variety of clients.

How Do Manifestation Coaches Help Clients?

It is great that you are aspiring to become a manifestation coach.

But do you know why people hire such coaches? How would working with a manifestation coach help someone?

Let us have a look at how working with a manifestation coach benefits clients.

Setting soul-aligned goals

Not every goal that one is aiming for is soul-aligned. Sometimes we have goals just to impress society and the world. As per our expertise, manifestation coaches help clients realize the goals their soul desires. The ones who set them on fire. These are the goals that people are actually passionate about and are sent to the Earth to experience.

Reprogramming subconscious beliefs

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Manifestation coaches help clients reprogram their limiting subconscious beliefs. The coaches know that people manifest from their beliefs, not their thoughts. If one believes he or she can achieve something, then only he or she will be able to. Our analysis revealed that such coaches also use a mix of healing modalities such as journaling, affirmations, EFT tapping, etc.

Overcoming fears

Overcoming fears is very important to manifesting the kind of life that one wants to have. Manifestation coaches coach clients to face their fears rather than run away from them. Such coaches believe that something magical is waiting on the other side. These coaches help clients tackle their fears so that they can realize their true potential and capabilities.

Strengthening intuitions

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Intuitions are our guiding lights. They sometimes help us make the right decisions. If a person has been disconnected from his or her soul for a long time, it is probable that he or she has forgotten to use his or her intuitive muscles. Our analysis revealed that manifestation coaches help clients connect with their intuitions so that they can realize what step is right for their highest good.

Stepping into one’s authentic self

The universe wants us to be our authentic selves so that we can achieve our true dreams. Once we do that, we get whatever we deserve with great ease. The problem is that as we grow up, our authentic selves get influenced by the outside world—family, friends, and society. Manifestation coaches help peel back the layers and return their clients to their original selves. Their heart. Their souls.

Uncovering blind spots

Sometimes people are so busy with their lives that they miss things. Manifestation coaches help clients identify easier ways of doing things. As per our expertise, they make people realize how hard they have worked to create things that have simple alternatives. Sometimes people just need a new perspective with fresh eyes.

Overcoming self-doubts

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Do you know what prevents us from manifesting the life we want the most?

It is ‘Self-doubt.’

Self-doubt is the main limiting factor that stops one from achieving his or her dreams. Manifestation coaching can greatly help someone who is stuck in this pattern. It teaches people to bust through all their self-doubts.

Building accountability to one’s goals

Based on our observations, manifestation coaches help people to be accountable for their goals. Committing to a coach means committing to one’s goals. Dedicating time to one’s dreams and goals can prove truly transformative.

Unlocking one’s true potential

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There is a wealth of potential buried within people. They just fail to realize it. Manifestation coaches help unleash one’s potential. They help clients crack open. They remove the things that have been weighing their clients down through their coaching sessions. They make their clients realize that they are meant for more.

7 Simple Steps of the Manifestation Process

Different coaches have different processes and approaches. But there are some common points that you can make in your process. These will help you coach your clients better.

Getting Clarity on goals

If one doesn’t know what exactly one wants, he or she will not be able to make it happen. To manifest something, one must be aware of his or her true desires.

Ask your clients to be specific about their desires. Ask them to list 20–25 things that they desire. This list can be changed tomorrow. Tell your clients not to be judgmental and limit their desires. This causes hurdles in manifestation.

Asking the universe

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Once your clients have the list, tell them to ask the universe for their desires. Once the universe is clear on what you want, it can help you. When you don’t ask, the universe still tries to help you, but it keeps guessing at your actual desires.

Our analysis revealed that there are various ways in which one can ask the universe. These include meditation, visualization, and even writing a letter to the universe. Ask your clients to write a letter to the universe daily to amplify their desires and make them clearer and clearer.

Working towards the goals

Manifesting means co-creating with the universe. One’s actions towards his or her goals take him or her closer to their dreams. Extensive research has consistently shown that asking your clients to write down three actions that they can take to come closer to their goals. Help them figure it out as a coach. Set examples to inspire the clients to take actions that others in similar situations have taken. Build a sense of accountability in your clients eyes for their actions.

Trusting the universe

Things don’t happen all of a sudden. It takes time. If your client is doubting the manifestation process and wondering why it is not working, then he or she is telling the universe to prove that manifesting doesn’t work. As a result, the law of attraction will send the client experiences that keep him or her stuck.

Leading experts in the field agree that coaching your clients to trust the process and believe in the energy of the universe. Ask the clients to believe that they are reaching closer and closer to their dreams each day and that the universe is doing awesome things to support them.

Receiving and acknowledging what one gets

The Law of attraction says that the universe tries hard to give us what we demand from it. But sometimes we miss the signs. When one starts acknowledging the signs that the universe gives, it starts giving more.

Ask your clients to maintain the evidence in the journal at the end of the day. This will help in acknowledging the signs that the universe is giving to bring one closer to their dreams.

For someone who is trapped in debt, the sign could be:

  • A call from the credit card company for better options.
  • An opportunity to earn a side income
  • An event to try one’s luck in the lucky draw!
  • It could even be an inspiring quote on Facebook.

Keeping the vibration high

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According to the Law of Attraction, you receive vibes that you give out. Our vibrations are forms of radio signals that we give to the universe. It, in turn, provides us with similar vibrations. This means that if you are happy and positive, there will be more situations around you that keep you happy.

Ask your clients to spend 15–20 minutes daily on things that make them happy. This could be anything from watching YouTube videos to meditating. Coach them on how to stay happy and thankful.

Clearing resistance

If your client is unable to manifest what he or she wants, the probability is that there is resistance in the process. Your client may experience this resistance in one of many forms: anxiety, fear, frustration, regret, etc.

Numerous studies have conclusively demonstrated that telling your clients that it is completely normal to have resistance. All they have to do is try to clear these factors that cause resistance. Each time they feel that there is a form of resistance, they should breathe and relax. They should once again build trust and confidence in the game of the universe and restart.

How to Become a Manifestation Coach?

Becoming a manifestation coach requires a combination of knowledge, skills, and personal development. This guide offers a roadmap for aspiring manifestation coaches, including gaining a deep understanding of manifestation principles, honing communication skills, and fostering ongoing self-growth and mastery of manifestation techniques.

Gather knowledge and develop skills

If you have personally experienced the power of the manifestation process, then that’s great. Now you need to train yourself as a professional. Only then will you be able to prove your worth to people.

This starts with knowing more about the subconscious mind. Learn manifestation methods. Collect stories.

Credible studies consistently indicate that developing the coaching skills and qualities of a successful coach can help you improve your coaching practices. Do some market research and see what strategies other coaches are applying.

Find your target audience

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Who do you want to coach? Which age group? Any specific domain? Working professionals or youths? Individuals or groups?

Trusted experts in the field affirm that fixing one’s target audience is a very important step. I suggest keeping your set specific in the beginning, at least. Gradually, as you proceed, you can consider expanding your services to other sets of audiences as well. You can also refer to this ultimate guide to find your coaching niche.

Build a coaching business plan

A coaching business plan and coaching philosophy are vital for a strong process. Drawing from my experience, the coaching business plan helps to build the foundation of our coaching journey. Learn the top ways to build a coaching business plan.

Coaching philosophy, on the other hand, determines your core values, principles, and objectives. It helps you differentiate yourself from the rest of the coaches. In this way, you can prove yourself unique among the rest of the coaches on the market.

Create a buzz

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Validate your coaching process and approach with the help of some beta testers. These can be your friends and family members. Then, start creating buzz about your manifestation coaching business via online and offline platforms.

Take advantage of social media marketing. Join workshops and seminars. You can also go for online courses and video marketing.

Effective Coaching Sessions

Conducting effective coaching sessions is not easy. It is an art that you need to learn. Here are some effective tips to conduct sessions effectively: Ask great coaching questions to understand the clients better. In the end, ask them if they have friends who would also like to join. This will help you build a solid referral system.

Analyze your performance

Keep reflecting and analyzing your performance. As you proceed, your coaching process and approach will demand change. Have some tweaks in your strategies whenever you feel like it.

Don’t forget, you are a manifestation coach! You have to be a model for others. Our team discovered that you just communicate all your dreams with the universe and then see how you create lots of stories to inspire your clients. 🙂


In conclusion, becoming an amazing manifestation coach is a journey that requires a combination of knowledge, skills, and personal growth. By gaining a deep understanding of manifestation principles and honing communication and coaching skills, one can effectively guide clients toward manifesting their desires. Building a strong client base and fostering ongoing self-development are also crucial elements of becoming a successful manifestation coach

Continuous learning, staying updated with the latest techniques, and maintaining a strong commitment to personal growth are vital for providing exceptional coaching experiences. With dedication and passion, aspiring manifestation coaches can make a profound impact on the lives of their clients, helping them unlock their manifestation potential and create the lives they truly desire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a manifestation coach?

Manifestation coaches help people to realize their spiritual tools to achieve success. They pinpoint the things that hold one back and help to cut it with a unique perspective.

What Is A Manifestation Coach?

Manifestation coaches use ways such as the law of attraction and power of one’s subconscious mind to help the clients achieve their goals.

What skills do you need to become a manifestation coach?

These skills are needed to become a manifestation coach:
1. Using the power of the subconscious mind
2. Ability to apply the law of attraction
3. Deep insight into human psychology
4. Empathy
5. Communication skills

How do you become a manifesting coach?

To become a manifestation coach, you need to:
1. Gather knowledge and develop skills
2. Find your target audience
3. Build a coaching business plan
4. Create a buzz
5. Take effective coaching sessions
6. Analyze your performance

How does the 369 manifest method work?

The 369 method entails writing down what you wish to manifest three times in the morning, six times during the day, and nine times in the evening.


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