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The Top lead Coaches

A lead coach is a head coach who is responsible for the development and tactical direction of a team or organization’s coaching staff. They are usually the most experienced coach on the staff and often have a great deal of knowledge about the game. The lead coach typically works with the other coaches to develop game plans and strategies, and they are also responsible for scouting opponents and managing player personnel.

The Top lead Coaches lead coach

Each lead coach, with their unique style, tries to help the clients and asked them what’s extraordinary about their coaching and what has endorsed their massive success.

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Dr. Karen Morley

Dr Karen Morley helps leaders get more impact with less effort. The global pandemic has increased the burdens on high achieving leaders, and her focus is on helping leaders to reset the way they work. She helps leaders to challenge overwork, rediscover their purpose, and rebalance their life to beat chronic stress and burnout.

The Top lead Coaches lead coach

Pooja Morey

Having represented the Maharashtra women’s football team several times at the National level, Pooja brings a wealth of experience in women’s and girls football. She has been an athlete all her life and has played football at city, district, state and national competitions. At Footie First, Pooja leads our Girls Football program helping talented and strong daughters to find and own their rightful place on the football field.

The Top lead Coaches lead coach

Radha Mehrotra

I started my career in the corporate where I spent over a decade as a Learning & Development Leader during which, I trained & coached thousands of people in various industries and professional levels on Leadership, Personality, Behavior & more. Post which, I moved and decided to work as an Independent Consultant before I finally took the plunge and became a full-time entrepreneur.

The Top lead Coaches lead coach

Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore, founder and principal coach of Lead the Way Coach, LLC, brings over twenty years’ experience of being a successful entrepreneur, teacher, and mentor to support you in discovering your direction in your personal or business life. Lead the Way Coach offers whole life, leadership, and business coaching.

The Top lead Coaches lead coach

He is passionate about helping you get “un-stuck,” helping you get traction, working together to discover solutions, and developing methods for phenomenal success.

Taylor Riches

Taylor is a Lead Intake Coordinator and Research Assistant here at BALANCE. She has just recently graduated from Adelphi University with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology while minoring in Business and taking courses that focus on child and family studies. Over the course of her college career, she has done her own research project based on bilingual language processing and how it affects the person’s English.

The Top lead Coaches lead coach

Taylor enjoys learning about different aspects of mental health and wants to pursue a higher-level degree in order to help patients. She has an extreme interest in eating disorder recovery and wanting to help as many people as possible. She has volunteered her time for organizations like the National Eating Disorder Association and the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.


There you have it, you’ve just read about the industry’s top lead coach.

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It’s massively inspiring to see top coaches achieving so much; living a life of abundance and freedom while making a positive contribution in the lives of countless people. 

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