Become the Best Law of Attraction Coach [2023 Edition]

Law of attraction – one of the most fascinating laws of the universe. Some believe it and others don’t.

Today more and more people have become aware of the law of attraction. They now know that they can get what they want from the universe. What they don’t know is the HOW part.

This is the reason that the demand of the law of attraction coaches is rising. Law of attraction coaches guide people to achieve their dreams by using their subconscious minds. They coach people with visualization exercises and manifestation techniques. These help clients to transform their dreams into reality.

Are you a firm believer in the law of attraction?

Have you realized the power of your subconscious mind?

Can you help others with your own life experiences?

Do you discuss the universe’s energy and manifestation techniques with your friends? Do they benefit from your advice/suggestions?


Then why not become a law of attraction coach and share this secret with the world. Becoming a law of attraction coach will also help in your personal development. You can assist in transforming the lives of others and get paid in return!

This article includes everything that you need to know about the law of attraction coaches. Let’s first understand the law in detail.

What Is the Law of Attraction?

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The Law of attraction is one of the most famous of the 12 universal laws. In simple words, the law of attraction is the ability to attract in our lives whatever we focus on.

The Law of attraction uses the power of minds to convert our thoughts into reality. All thoughts turn into reality eventually. If one dwells more on negativity, more negative thoughts will come. If one is positive and dedicated to a goal, he/she will find massive actions to reach the goal.

The law of attraction is one of the biggest mysteries. Many people are unaware of how this law works in day-to-day lives and affects human existence. Every second we act as human magnets. We send out thoughts and emotions and attract back more of what we send out.

Many of us are blind to the potential that we have. Unknowingly, many send the wrong emotions and thoughts and in return attract more negativity.

After the discovery of the law of attraction, one can become the creator of his/her future. It is difficult and takes time to have a firm belief in this law. But, once one knows how to apply it, the universe gifts him/her by fulfilling all the desires.

How Does the Law of Attraction Works?

There are 7 principals of the law of attraction. Let’s have a look at each of them.


Our conscious and subconscious choices create the present moments. By using manifesting techniques we can make our real dreams come true.


We attract the same vibration that we give out to the world. Our souls work like magnets. If we give out positive vibes, we get those in return and vice versa.

Pure Desire

Many times what we desire is not the actual voice of our hearts and souls. Our true desires get influenced by the outer world. This includes influence from our family, friends, society, etc.

We achieve the best outcomes when we realize our actual desires. Free of fear and doubt.

Focus with confidence

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One should be confident that he/she deserves what he/she aims for. Desperation leads to paradoxes. These, in turn, attract desperate events.

Right action

If you treat others nicely, you will get the same in return. If you will focus on other’s destruction, again, you will get the same, sooner or later.


It is important to express gratitude to what you have in life. The more gratitude one feels the more situations to be grateful for will appear.


We all influence our surroundings in some or the other way. The influence can be good or bad. Our influence determines the kind of people we meet. Positive energy spreads and becomes systemic. Our influence to a great degree determines our kind of connections.

How Can the Law of Attraction (LOA) Improve One’s Life?

People who know the secret of LOA and apply them, speak about it like it is some type of magic. And, it is indeed. People have experienced that miracles happen when you intensely long for something. You may not have the capability. Situations may be against you. But if you believe that you will achieve your desire, you do. The universe makes ways for you. As it is said – Universe always falls in life with a stubborn heart!

There are some amazing ways in which practicing LOA changes life:

  • One no longer simply reacts to the circumstances that people create round. He/she starts creating what he/she truly desires out of conscious or subconscious choice.
  • One starts thinking differently. Confidence and spirits are always high. One response differently to negativity and criticism. All together he/she creates less negative/critical situations.
  • A habit develops to focus on what one wants rather than what one doesn’t wants. In this way, the person constantly attracts more of what he/she wants.

Benefits of Practicing the Law of Attraction

There are some great benefits to practicing LOC.

Attract more money

Most people want more money in their lives. The problem is that they are completely unaware of the limiting beliefs that they have around. They may be looking for a better job but at the same time may underestimate their skills and worth. So, they are unable to reach a job with a higher package.

Practicing the law of attraction removes all kinds of self-doubts. One knows that no matter what, they will get what they are after. If it’s money, then ways will emerge to make more money.

Attract satisfying relationships

LOA makes one a better person who is admired by all. This happens because people who practice LOA are clear in their thoughts and confidence. They believe that they are bound to get what they want and are hardly negative in their words and opinions.

Such optimistic, confident, and energetic people are loved by all. People enjoy their company and they get the love and relationships that they desire.

Intuitive knowledge of handling difficult situations

Practicing the law of traction gives you the knowledge and power to overcome challenges and hurdles. It builds a belief that these are part of your journey and are taking you closer to your dreams. Thus one doesn’t get stress out or lose hope in difficult situations. Instead, he/she deals with the situation sportingly and confidently moves on towards the destination.

What is a Law of Attraction Coach?

You might be thinking about how do someone coach for the law of attraction. Well, it is not difficult. As I said, not everyone knows how to unlock the secrets of the universe. There are few people who have done it. They know that the law of attraction is no more a mystery but a very effective technique. The technique to shape our lives the way we want and to create our destinies.

Such people take an initiative to coach others to realize the same.

But, how is the law of attraction coaches different from life coaches?

They differ because the Law of attraction coaches have a stronger focus on the profound effect one’s feelings and thoughts create in his/her life.

The Law of attraction coaches helps clients to manage their vibrational energy. They help clients to exercise their power to create what they want by using the full potential of their subconscious mind.

The Law of attraction coaches helps clients to embrace habits to improve manifesting skills. They help clients to release limiting beliefs and other forms of resistance. They keep reminding the clients that they are creating their world and whatever they want is completely within reach.

Why Do People Hire a Law of Attraction Coach?

Learning to practice LOA is not difficult but it takes time. Also, some people start to expect immediate results after they begin practicing LOA. When they don’t receive immediate results they start doubting which minimizes the law’s effect.

Having a law of attraction coach to guide and stay beside can be a solution. Law of attraction coaches knows methods and techniques that help in realizing and using the law in the best way.

Even if some people have good lives, they feel that something is missing. The Law of attraction coaches helps clients to realize that missing part. Sometimes we are so busy in our lives that we miss out on our true desires.

Law of attraction coaches believes that “where the thought goes, energy flows.” Anyone who wants to identify their true deep hopes and desires and achieve them can benefit from the services of such coaches.

What Do People Consider While Hiring a Law of Attraction Coach?

Most people look for the following traits before hiring the law of attraction coaches.

A natural connection

Not all coaches can build a strong connection with their clients. Only a few coaches can do that. Only when the clients feel that it is easy to build a connection with the coach, they will hire you.

It is not difficult for them to identify so. The first meeting would say a lot about you and your coaching process.

Try to know your prospect well in the first discussion. Don’t directly jump on your coaching packages and offerings. This will make you look more like a salesperson rather than a coach.

Talk and try to understand the values, beliefs, and objectives of the client. Try to understand the personality and habits of the client by listening carefully to what and how he/she speaks. In the end, your clients should have the feeling that no one else but you can be the best fit.

Good listening skills

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People look for the law of attraction coaches who are good listeners. Good listeners focus on understanding the problems and aims of their clients rather than posing their assumptions. Every client is unique and to understand his/her situation, listening is important. People love to spend time with the ones who hear and understand them.

Non-judgemental but still challenging

Your clients are looking for coaches who can be challenging yet non-judgemental. Good law of attraction coaches helps clients to unlock their full potential by challenging them. They coach them to shed their doubts and fear and tackle situations with courage.

At the same time, such a law of attraction coaches doesn’t judge their clients. They are empathetic and understand that man is the creation of circumstances. Rather than questioning or reminding clients about their past mistakes, they focus on the present. They build action plans to reach the client’s goals with manifesting techniques and visualization exercises.

One who makes others feel safe

It is not easy for everyone to vent out their deepest thoughts and feelings. It takes time and courage. People can put their hearts out only where they feel comfortable and safe. Make sure that your coaching sessions have an atmosphere where people feel comfortable. Everything from the place to the coach’s approach determines how comfortable clients will be.


Many clients look for specialized law of attraction coaches in the fields that matter to them. Some may look for a coach who can help them with achieving career goals while others may want to achieve relationship goals.

Certain clients also look for certified law of attraction coaches. Training and certifications are an important parameter which determines the credibility of coaches. But they aren’t always a necessity.


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Your experience matters. The client’s testimonies can have a strong impact on your new prospects. If you are a newbie, don’t worry much. Everyone who is up on the ladder was also a beginner someday. Try to crack your ideal clients fast and then it will go smoothly.

Strategies that a Law of Attraction Coach Must Know

As a law of attraction coach, you must know how to make the law of attraction work for your clients.

Let’s discuss some of the strategies that you can coach your client with.


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The first thing that one should do in the morning is to visualize. One must visualize how he/she wants the day to look like.

Coach your client to build a clear and vibrant image of everything. Guide your clients to see themselves strong and happy. Coach them to visualize to be in a good mood all day. Tell them to do the best to get rid of a negative feeling.

Focus on goals

Wring down what one wants to achieve, helps in staying focused. Coach your clients to write what they want from the universe. Not all desires have to be big. Good relations with a colleague is also an important desire if it adds value to someone’s life.

Saying affirmations

Coach your clients to say their affirmations aloud. Before leaving the house they can stand in front of their mirrors and say their affirmations aloud.

The affirmations must be clear and straightforward.

A simple line – “Today is going to be a great day”- can help one to remain positive.

Your clients can record a positive message and hear the recordings while commuting. Such positive messages help in creating positive vibes.

Reading materials on the law of attraction

Reading materials on the law of attraction helps in improving the practice. The Law of attraction coaches must provide clients with resources and coaching tools. Materials and audio/video recordings can help clients to understand better and apply the practice.


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Meditation helps in accessing one’s center of energy. Meditation relaxes the body and soul. Meditation helps in developing intuition and connecting with one’s true desires.

Coach your clients, effective meditation techniques so that they feel energized and full of joy and peace.

Caring about oneself

If one wants to have a good day, taking care of one’s body and mind is vital. Guide your clients to have nutritious food and fruits.

Tell them to have positive conversations with the colleagues. Ask them to do their visualization for a few minutes whenever they get time. This will take them one step closer to their goals. Also, it will help them to remain energetic for the rest of the day.

Tell your clients to do small acts of kindness. This contributes to creating positive vibes. These acts can be anything.

Holding the door for someone.

Giving the seat on the bus to a stranger.

Or appreciating a colleague for his/her small achievement in the office.

Reflecting on progress

Reflect on what acts did you do during the day that made you the happiest. This helps one to stay focus on the goals that he/she wants to attract in his/her life.

At first, it may feel like the law of attraction is not working. It will take some time for your clients to bear the fruits. All that one needs to do is to remain persistent and positive.

Maintain a gratitude journal

Ask your clients to maintain a gratitude general. Tell them to records the progress in the journal. This was will help them to attract even better days in the coming week. Tell them to write at least five things that they are grateful for. They should do this as the last thing before going to bed.

How Should You Start Your Law of Attraction Coaching Business?

It is the right time to start your law of attraction coaching business. Below are a few steps to help you out.

Develop skills and knowledge

Spend some time learning more about the law of attraction and other techniques. Read related topics like neurolinguistics and hypnotherapy. Develop coaching skills and try to be on par with the current coaching trends.

Fix your target audience

Fix the set of audience that you want to coach. Your selection should be based on past experience. Here are some tips to find your target audience.

Create a coaching business plan

Create a solid coaching business plan that has your strategies and goals. Keep updating your plan as you proceed. Choose a coaching model that will suit you and your clients the most.

Also, create a coaching philosophy that outlines your values, beliefs, and objectives.

Market your coaching services

Market your coaching services through online and offline channels. Most law of attraction coaches chooses Linkedin Marketing and Facebook marketing. You can also try email marketing, video series, and newsletters.

Conduct effective coaching sessions

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Conduct effective coaching sessions and try to get more clients through referrals.

Keep improving

There is always scope for improvement. Keep increasing your knowledge bank and learning from experiences. Have a picture of your ideal prospects in your mind and make efforts to convert them into clients.

Do you need coaching certificates?

Currently, the US coaching industry is not well-regulated. Thus coaching certificates are not yet a necessity. But, some people still look for hiring certified law of attraction coaches.

Why does this happen?

The reason behind this is that certifications lend credibility to a coach. People believe that certified coaches receive professional training. They gain strong skills and pass challenging assessments during their certification course. As a result, their coaching process is much more efficient than others.

So, do you need coaching certifications?

The choice completely rests upon you. I believe that though certifications may provide an extra edge, they aren’t always a necessity. After all, you will get clients based on your skills, experience, and uniqueness. Thre are many law of attraction coaches who do have certificates but are unable to build a good coaching business.

Still, if you want to get certified, go for one of the top institutes for coaching certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Law of Attraction?

The Law of attraction is one of the most famous of the 12 universal laws. In simple words, the law of attraction is the ability to attract in our lives whatever we focus on.

Why do people hire a law of Attraction Coach?

Anyone who wants to identify their true deep hopes and desires and achieve them can benefit from the services of such coaches.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

According to the law of attraction, your thoughts hold the power to manifest your desires in reality. For example, if you think positively and visualize yourself with enough money to live comfortably, you will attract opportunities that can make these desires a reality.

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