Top Life Coaching Niches That Can Make You Successful [2021-22]

A career as a life coach can be difficult without a life coaching niche. You may find yourself stuck and hard to succeed.

Just imagine if you are trying to please everyone, will all get pleased?

No, of course not. You will get confused as to what your strengths are.

Do you feel it as a hurdle to find a coaching niche? Why is it important to find a niche?

To make the above complexity in a simpler way, let us look at the story.

There was a client of mine who had difficulty choosing a niche. I found that he was coaching all kinds of people. However, I advised him to give his coaching business sometime.

Soon he found a niche. For this what he did? He soon identified his favorite clients. He got reviews from them. This proved useful.

How? He could now know his strengths. It was nothing but his life coaching niche. He further got reference clients too. Hence, this is the way you can market your niche and achieve success.

One more thing I would like to add here is that it is good to have expertise in a particular niche. This way you can help your clients in an effective way.

Another example is when you are diagnosed with a brain tumor. I wish you don’t. But the point is, do you visit a local physician? No. You go to a specialist who is an expert in handling such severe cases. The same applies while choosing a life coaching niche. You can give specific solutions to people.

I have written the ultimate guide to finding your coaching niche, do check it out to get all the details. This guide will help you to find your niche.

I will share what I faced at the beginning of my coaching practice.

20 potential clients had contacted me but out of them only one or two had joined my coaching program.

It was frustrating.

Soon, I took advice from an expert marketing coach. Things changed. Within a few months, I had more than 7 clients. My expert suggested me to analyze potential life coaching niches. It is not necessary that the niche which you opt for will turn fruitful. Hence, you need to go in-depth.

Let us dig in more.

What is a life coaching niche?

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What if I say, you can choose endless niche options matching with your skills and passion?

Yes, indeed you can.

The life coaching niche is focusing on specific market needs with the help of specific services. This is mixing your expertise with a specific set of market segments with whom you can relate.

When I started with the coaching business, I could have targeted a large group. For instance, I may have thought to promote my business to executives, trainers, and other coaches. But I selected to stick to only one group i.e. coaches. Why? I could easily relate to them in comparison to other groups.

You can stick to one life coaching niche and get impressive results. Also, at the same time, you do not have to settle on a niche. You can keep on changing as many times as you like.

This brings us to another question.

Why is life coaching niche important?

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Do you want to capture a large portion of the target market? Is your goal to build a coaching business that can give you revenue in 6 figures?

If yes, it is important to discover a life coaching niche.

I would always suggest people create a niche wherein you can build your own coaching practice. Why?

You have a high chance of having little or no competition. Also, you will stay focused. All you need to check is the niche that you are creating has a high demand.

Find the coaching niche and attract more people through the article 10 ways to nail down your coaching niche.

Still in doubt? Let us look at some other benefits.

  • Clarity – Choosing a life coaching niche gives you a clear idea of who you want to serve.
  • Authentic work – If you are eager to serve your client, you will work in a more authentic and profound way.
  • Develop long term coaching relationship – I had many clients who felt motivated to work with me. With my great support, they relied on me. Thus, they became my long-term clients. This is where life coaching niche turns as a boon.
  • Marketing to the right people – With time I had my own list of ideal clients. This made marketing fruitful and effective. I was addressing the right people through social campaigns and seminars.
  • Price your coaching business at a premium rate – Why you are in coaching business? The answer is simple you want to earn more. If you are the only person working in a particular niche, you can design premium packages.

What are the key points you should keep in mind while selecting a life coaching niche?

Some of my students found the niche easily. But some had to do a bit more investigation.

How to choose a life coaching niche?

For this, you need to consider below key questions.

What are you good at or passionate about?

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I had many students who had doubts in this section. They were not sure which niche interests them.

But all these doubts can get cleared later. First, all you need to do is figure out the areas which excite you. What good this will do? You will achieve a high level of satisfaction. You build the confidence to work in the chosen life coaching niche.

For example, you want to become another weight loss coach. How to set yourself apart? You need to position yourself in a much better way. How? A lady coach whom I know well have used it effectively. She had created a niche where her target market was busy women. These women wanted to lose weight without going to the gym. So, the lady coach found it interesting. She offered some unique weight loss packages.

The main point here is to have a mix of skills, profitability, and less competition.

Your unique skills

I helped one student to identify his unique experiences. This is something that others cannot replicate easily. How the experience set him apart from the other coach? What skills did he gain during the whole experience? How he could use those skills to motivate others?

I also asked him to note down the points where people compliment him. This is how he came to know where his expertise is.

Know your areas where your knowledge is high

You can have knowledge of various subjects such as website designing, cooking or preparing presentations. But the point is what you know about the field which others don’t.

As a coach, you should know different types of coaching styles and models that can work for you.

How do you want to work?

It is an important question which you should identify. Do you want to work with millennials or old adults? What kind of office space do you like? While having clarity on this, you can choose the right life coaching niche. Apart from that, you can attract perfect clients.

Do not use vague life coaching niches

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I have seen people making the mistake of using vague names for their niche. For instance, helping people to achieve their goals sounds fancy but confusing. Do you want to help people who may be stuck in a career or in life?

A perfect life coaching niche may look like below:

Coaching ordinary people to find their talent and become extraordinary artists.

Do you need certification to choose a life coaching niche?

It is not necessary, but it is still a good option. Why?

Here are the reasons:

  1. Leads to professional training – There are people who have the gift of coaching people. But with a certificate, you can turn the gift into a unique tool. Using this tool, you can change the lives of many.
  2. Personal development- Although you have selected a life coaching niche, you may lack certain skills. With certificate programs your personal development takes place. You build more confidence. I had experienced this while practising as a coach and marketing my life coaching niche.
  3. Credentials are earned – People trust credentialed coaches because of their certificates. Certificates help to brand your coaching practices.

However, your potential clients will not bother about your certificates. Many skilled coaches such as Tony Robbins didn’t go to coach certification school.

Thus, it depends on you. How do you want to go ahead? If you have chosen a life coaching niche but lack knowledge, it is good to get some training and certificate. But do not spend a huge amount of time on that. One can go for such programs to develop interpersonal skills. All you need to check is do not spend too much money. You can utilize the resources elsewhere.

I was a savvy coach. To make it clear, I used to invest with proper intentions. Also, I focused on growing my expertise as a life coach rather than getting unnecessary credentials.

You can join renowned institutes such as the International Coach Federation or the International Institute of Coaching. After getting trained here, you can set yourself apart from the competition.

There are additional certifications too. These are for individual niches. You can use it to develop your coaching career in niches like yoga and meditation, nutrition and personal training. I have also seen coaches joining neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Hence, certification is good to distinguish yourself.

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How much can you earn after finding your niche as a coach?

You may have questions like:

Will I earn more if I find a life coaching niche?

How much can I earn on average?

For this, I want to say that there are many coaches who are earning around $160 per hour. Veteran coaches can earn $600 per hour. This is possible. Here I can explain to you through some calculations. On average, you can get 6 to 6.5 clients per week after working on a specific niche. With limited clients, you can handle each one of them. You can give incredible advice and service. What else? This is the best time to increase your charges. Your average annual income can range from $55k to $116k.

According to the report shared by the International Coach Federation, life coaches charge $300. This is based on their training and experience. Forbes has suggested that coaches working with executives can earn $500 per hour.

I always believe that the fees of your coaching business depend upon the niche you choose. There is more food for you in the form of income if you are a big fish in a small pond. You have a high chance of earning a six-figure income.

Check out 20 most effective coaching techniques that can help you to grow your business.

Top life coaching niches that are in demand?

I heard someone saying that if you find people complaining, that is where your niche lies. It simply means there are numerous problems and thus, various profitable coaching niches. You can choose any.

Let us note down a few important ones.

Helping people to become fit

I would say this as a fitness coaching niche. Can you solve the health problems of people? Do you know new ways to help people stay fit?

Imagine you are helping a manager quit smoking as it has become a hindrance to his career growth. This can earn you a good income.

Personal Development

It is a life coaching niche that is going to stay forever. Isn’t it priceless to guide someone to become a better human? You need to find who is looking to improve.

I have seen how coaches get success while helping people overcome their inner problems like anxiety or feeling of loneliness.


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You can work with parents who are anxious about their kids’ growth. I have seen coaches inspiring parents to deal with issues related to their children.

Here you are a support network between parents and children. What more interesting than motivating parents to take care of themselves.


Are you eager to help clients overcome issues related to sexual expression? It is all about advising people to embrace vulnerability. People are still not easily revealing their feelings. As a coach, you can let people come out of the cocoon and express themselves.


It is a kind of life coaching niche wherein you deal with deep-rooted beliefs of people. Do you feel people are moving towards negativity? If yes, your role as a spiritual coach can work wonders.

How beneficial it is? You can transform the lives of people and help them live a life of gratitude.


Are you inclined towards forming strategies and make more effective leaders?

Leadership coaching is a niche wherein you can show your expertise. For example, you can remove the roadblocks that come in the way of the leader.


Do you want to help people move forward in life? Have you experienced a breakup and let people know how to come out of it? This life coaching niche is all about boosting the confidence of people after divorce.


There is no doubt people want to improve their dating lives. What you should focus on?

You need to look for all kinds of groups. I feel male needs different coaching compare to female. You can use various mediums to make people create meaningful connections.

Finding purpose or passion

This is a trending life coaching niche. Also, it can turn out beneficial. How? People always want to get paid for something which they enjoy or love.

Hence, this niche is interesting as you can translate their dreams into a career. You are showing them how to find a purpose in life. It is making them build passion. I believe it is a profitable niche to opt for.


Do you find people having a major shift in their personal life? Are you eager to help them? If you are an expert in teaching people how to adapt to changes, the transitional coaching niche is for you.

I had clients who had difficulty when they became working parents. There are many in this transition phase. Hence, it is the growing life coaching niche.

How can life coaching niche make you successful?

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Initially, I was worried that the life coaching niche may narrow down the clients. But things turned opposite. How it showed me success?

  • Shaped up my coaching business
  • I could identify my target market
  • I realized how a niche can help you in creating a unique selling proposition. Many clients recommended me to their colleagues and relatives.
  • Next, you get a chance to build your reputation. I could attract clients.

This is the magic of choosing a life coaching niche.

Do you think targeting everyone can earn you more? No. You will not get a thriving coaching business. People always ask me which area am I an expert in. Thus, with a niche, you will not have to run here and there. You can focus on a specific niche and save your time.

I will share with you another example.

One of the coaches I know worked in the dating niche. He was working in collaboration with a coaching company. What he did to grow business? He ended up targeting everyone in the dating niche. It included men, women and gay people.

The situations became tough in the long run.


It cost him a lot of money in terms of marketing, getting conversions and engaging with partners. There were not huge sales too.

GOD, he had done a big blunder. There was also little money left with him.

So what he could have done differently?

It was selecting a life coaching niche. Do not worry I helped him in drilling down the niche. With time his business got stabilized.

You must have got an idea how without a niche you can face problems.

Let us go back to the above story when the niche was finalized.

I suggested him, to focus on the people who fall under the age group of 20 to 25 looking for partners. Further, the branding was done according to the niche. The packages were formed to meet the needs of the target audience.

Soon everything fell in place.

What was the ultimate result? He began making $10,000 in a few months.

Once you do the niching, it would take less time to grow your business.

Another best part is you will face less competition.

Apart from that, the amount you spend on advertising gives you a great return on investment (ROI).

For example, with the life coaching niche, your Facebook ads are targeted towards a specific group. This improves the performance of your ads as it gets a better response.

Instead of targeting more people, you are focusing on a few. You are paying less but earning more. This is where niche makes sense.

Also, the conversion rate in the above scenario was 75% higher than the previous one.

I want to highlight the fact that for you as a coaching niche may look narrow. But for the client it is appealing.

Life coaching niche leads to business development.

Yes, this is true. I found it in my case. When I was planning to opt for joint ventures, my coaching niche helped. How?

Many were interested to work with me as I was doing sharp targeting. For them, my coaching business looked well defined. It was followed by co-promotions. Thus, I conducted more webinars.

What next? My business flourished. My students shared the success story of my work. This is how niching led to word of mouth marketing. I didn’t have to push my services to people. All happened automatically.

Check 10 lessons to be a successful life coach and apply it to your business to be successful.

To keep it simple, the life coaching niche defines your unique selling proposition. Once you do that the opportunities will come on its own.



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