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Should You Have A Coaching Niche?

I Also Met An Orangutan!

…who proceeded to rob me :'(

Hello there you beautiful people!! How is it going??

If you remember, in my last article, I mentioned that I was enjoying a safari in the beautiful forests of Bogor, Indonesia…in fact I still am!!

Being lost in the beautiful greenery of that place was so unreal, I thought I was teleported to an alternate universe!!

Anyway….I made a new friend!!

coaching niche

This cute thing is an orangutan named Ray.

So while travelling through the beautiful forests of Bogor our guide took us round a corner and introduced us to Ray.

Usually orangutans tend to be a little hostile but Ray was super friendly (that all changed later on…..sigh… I’ll get to that L ).

He played along with us and even allowed us to click a few pics!!

coaching niche you know what an orangutan crotch looks like!!!

It’s hairy and brownish!!!

Yes yes… you are welcome 😀

So anyway…after flashing us spectacularly and playing around with us, the sneaky bastard even managed to steal my water bottle and run away!!

“Got conned by an ape”…. Yup… that won’t look good on a resume!!

Anyways while I was recuperating from the fact that I just got robbed by an ape my guide informed me that orangutans are one of the most endangered animals in the world.

Which didn’t really surprise me because we humans have a history of destroying things that we don’t understand..right?

He told me that at present there are only two kinds of orangutans present. One that lives in Indonesia and one that lives in Malaysia.


The next part is what got my brain running and gave me the inspiration to write this article.

You see as it turns out..orangutans are quite the draw!!

Meaning.. that there are thousands of people…wildlife enthusiasts, documentary makes, scientists, ape lovers etc. who come to places like Bogor just to look at or study orangutans!

So one of the reasons why Bogor gets so many visitors is because it is one of the very few homes that these wonderful apes have left!

Or to put it in simpler terms…

Many people come to Bogor or Borneo because they specialize in the fact that they have orangutans!

They are the masters of that particular niche!!

coaching niche

Now to answer the question that I raised in my last article…

How do you start?

As a coach or an online marketer ..whatever it maybe….how do you start?


Find Your Niche.

I will give you another example as to why finding your niche is important.

Imagine a guy, say his name is John.

Now John is a smoker and he wants to quit smoking.

He comes to know about two coaches who are both good.

One is a normal coach but the other is a coach who specializes in curing addictions.

Now tell me… Which coach will John choose?

Obviously the later one because that person is someone who specializes in a field that John is interested in!

You see why choosing a specific and laser targeted niche is so essential?

Or as it is called in the industry..the “micro-niche”.

When you are starting off as a coach it’s EXTREMELY advisable that you start with your own micro-niche.

Your field is dating? Then specialize in helping middle aged men who have just gotten out of a divorce and are looking to get back in the “field”.

Your field is weight loss? Specialize in helping 50+ overweight women who are looking to lose weight because they are scared of dying of a heart disease.

When you have a laser targeted group of people whom you can help with your product, then you will start getting an extremely loyal and faithful clientele who will end up becoming like an extended family to you!

But you don’t want to just help a select group of people?

You want to help as many people as you possibly can?

You want to expand and not just limit yourself to a restricted field?

Oohh I like that!!

You can expand later on..nobody is stopping you.

This method that I just gave you right now will help you get that start.

What you do after that is entirely upto you!

Don’t believe me?

Ever heard of a certain someone named Tony Robbins?

The man who is only one of the greatest coach of our times?

He started off as a phobia coach… and now he is teaching the US Military Force on how to shoot better by changing their mindset.

That guy expanded pretty well now didn’t he?

So for now…don’t waste anytime!!!

There ain’t no time like the present time :D.

Do some introspection and see which niche you can choose which will allow you to give as much value as possible.

After you have done that…you shall take the next step with me in the next article…

Until next time!!

This Sai Blackbyrn signing off!!!

PS: Ray, the “friendly” orangutan drank all the water from my bottle while looking at me straight in the eyes…


And I have proof!!

Check it out here..

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