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How to Become a Successful Marriage Coach

Marriage coaches have seen a surge in demand as the divorce rate has significantly gone up.

In fact, you will find various couples around you who are on the verge of breakups.

Do you feel for them? Do you think you can help them to be together?

Can you rebuild the marriages around you?

Yes? Then you can be a successful marriage coach.

But are you worried and thinking about how to start?

How to get clients for your venture?

How to market and be successful?

Is being a marriage coach profitable?

Don’t worry. I can understand your situation and can very well relate to it.

Let me share my coaching journey. I am sure you will find a lot of tips and suggestions from my experience.

So, let’s start with the first question.

In Brief : How To Become A Successful Marriage Coach

Top Skills To Be A Successful Marriage Coach

Who Are Your Prospective Clients As A Marriage Coach?

Top Strategies To Get Coaching Clients Fast As A Marriage Coach

  • Marriage Coaching Blogs – Blogs are a powerful tool to establish relationships with prospective clients by addressing issues between couples and providing practical tips for resolution.
  • YouTube Channel – Creating a marriage coaching YouTube channel allows for visual presentation of tips on various marriage problems, attracting a broader audience through engaging videos.
  • Podcast – Similar to blogs and YouTube, starting a marriage coaching podcast offers a platform to provide valuable tips and advice on daily issues, building trust with the audience and fostering long-term client relationships.
  • E-Book On Marriage Coaching – Sharing an E-Book on signs of marriage issues leading to divorce and ways to save the marriage serves as a tool to connect with people, gather feedback, and build a client database.
  • Facebook Group Or Any Online Community – Forming online communities, like Facebook groups, allows couples facing similar issues to come together, where a coach can offer free tips and additional paid membership programs, utilizing tried and tested strategies.

Who is a marriage coach?

Marriage is the most wonderful and challenging relationship one can have.

Couples learning to build and maintain a satisfying marriage faces unique challenges. These challenges lead to friction in marriages.

Who can help them resolve these frictions?

Marriage coaches, you are right.

They are experts who recognize the hardships of the relationship and helps mend the issues.

People want to resolve marital issues. But they might not be able to resolve on their own.

So for this task, a ‘marriage coach’ plays an important role.

Marriage coaching discovers the power of goodwill in marriages. It creates action, and action brings change.

As a marriage coach identify the area where people are stuck in their marriages. Guide your clients and help them solve their marital problems.

People often have questions like-

How can the marital issues be solved?

How to have a peaceful and happy married life?

As a marriage coach, you should be ready to answer these questions.

I have seen couples facing issues in the marriage. What are they doing wrong? They cannot objectively see the issues. They blame each other instead of finding the root cause.

Do you think you can help such couples?

You can give postmarital coaching to couples. This can substantially reduce marital problems.

Can a coach save marriages?

I believe at times saving a marriage is not that easy. But clarifying the issues in between the couples can definitely help save marriages.

A marriage coach can alter negative thinking. It is all about untangling the knots in marital life.

You can help couples develop strong, healthy and vibrant relationships. But make sure you don’t focus only on creating intimacy among couples.

This point leads us to the next question.

How a marriage coach is different from an intimacy coach?

The intimacy coach helps people fulfill emotional as well as physical needs. Have you seen someone in discomfort while coming close to his or her partner?

In such a situation the intimacy coach helps you to feel safe and comfortable while being close to your partner.

On the other hand, the marriage coach guides the couple to understand each other. There are questions which marriage coach solves like:

How to develop effective communication with your partner?

What makes your relationship strong?

The marriage coach works for the betterment of the couple in marriage. They deal with building a partnership among couples. Intimacy is one of the issues which the marriage coaches solve.

Hence, an intimacy coach helps a person who may not be in a marital relationship. But the marriage coach works specifically with married couples.

Top Skills to be a successful marriage coach

By now you know who is a marriage coach.

Are you in a fix and thinking about how to get success in it?

How to get potential clients as a marriage coach?

What skills are needed to become a marriage coach?

Let me share some of the important ones. These are the skills that I have learned with time.

You need to restore the relationships between couples using those skills.

1. Modify the thought process of your clients

Most of the time, couples become competitors instead of being a team.

Let me explain this with an example. Harry and Rose are couples. They see each other as an opponent instead of partners or teammates. What do you think they are doing?

They are creating a win-lose situation. Isn’t it?

In such a case nobody wins.

Do you think, the situation would be different if they see each other as partners?

They will have similar family goals. They will think alike about their children, finances, and all kinds of happiness.

How can you reframe their contradictory thoughts as a coach?

Make them understand that they have to work as a team and not as individuals. They can have personal goals but need to work on a common platform for family goals.

All the family matters will be shared by both equally instead of putting everything on one person.

Do you believe in this concept?

If yes, you can use it as your coaching tool. It makes the couple realize that they are not wrong but need to be on the same page.

The positive thought process can bring a positive change in relationships.

2. Build effective communication with your clients

How couples develop intimacy and love?

Once they know each other well. Right?

But for this, they need to speak with each other.

As a marriage coach, you can ask the couple to ask questions to each other. This is where communication begins.

Do you have the skills to encourage couples to communicate?

You need to plan for that and develop certain strategies. You can form some questions which the couple can ask.

Healthy communication can resolve the biggest issues. It gives clarity in a relationship and helps couples to understand each other.

3. Be a problem solver as a marriage coach

Every marriage has problems. The list is never-ending.

As a marriage coach, you should have the ability to solve them.

How can you solve those problems?

Initially, you need to ask a couple of questions to your clients.

Are you aware of those questions?

Just have a look.

What triggered your partner to file the divorce?

Why is your partner not happy with you?

These questions can help to get an insight into real problems and give a prospective solution.

Once you know the answers, start thinking about the solutions. How can you make a couple think in a positive manner? What can bring them closer? You need to solve it in a creative way.

I try to understand what problems clients are facing- is it a financial issue or anything related to children?

Know the issues in detail. This is how you can gain success in solving marital issues.

You need to know the root cause of the problem to find a perfect solution.

4. Teaching skills are important for marriage coaches

You may think coaching does not need teaching. But here it does. During your initial coaching sessions, you need to train couples.

How they should express their emotions?

What kind of speaking and listening abilities are required?

For instance, you have to make the couple practice active listening techniques. This is done in the first two to three sessions. Soon, couples will be proficient in it.

Don’t you feel this will help them in future sessions? Of course, it will. They will have a better understanding of each other.

I keep guiding my clients. This is the way they learn how to communicate.

As a marriage coach, you have to teach a lot to your clients.

5. Teach the art to control

I have seen couples moving in the wrong direction. They behave differently. Communication is also affected.

What can you do as a marriage coach?

You need to stop the improper behavior. It is the skill that you may have to apply often.

For example, one of your clients is very loud and shouts a lot on his wife but in reality, he wants to stay calm. How can his wife help him in keeping calm?

How can the wife tackle these situations? How can your client control his anger and be a better husband? This is where your coaching skills can prove beneficial.

How to turn the client’s negative behavior into positive? How to help them control the arguments? You need to identify and prepare couples for such situations.

Teach your clients the art of control i.e. the art to control negative emotions.

You can counsel your clients, coach them to meditate. They can also journal their thoughts which can help them to release their emotions through it.

6. Develop plans as per your clients

I have seen that guiding individuals is a simple task compared to couples or a group of people.

Do you know why?

This is because, in couples, both have to agree for the same plan.

Hence, as a coach, you should form action plans including both husband and wife. This will result in getting high success.

For example, Rose is angry because her husband Harry is always late. They discuss how to solve the issue. Although, they may agree at some point, as a coach you need to ask certain questions, like what if Harry is still late? How will Rose manage if their plan fails?

You need to understand what kind of couples you are dealing with. This will help you to design plans which are effective.

7. Develop observation skills as a marriage coach

A marriage coach needs to observe how the couple is behaving. What is their body language? The couple should be made aware of what is hampering the coaching sessions. This mostly happens in face to face coaching.

For instance, Rose is eager to implement the plan but Harry raises his eyebrows. As a coach, you need to ask Harry why he reacted differently?

Here you are trying to help Rose in observing the body language of Harry. This results in understanding between the couple. They open up instead of behaving differently.

Most of the time couples forget to observe their partner’s behavior. Observation plays a key role in building strong relationships.

8. Create a relapse plan as a marriage coach

It happens that the best action plans may fail. Do you think the couple will always follow what they have agreed upon? No. They may forget at times.

The marriage coach, therefore, checks how couples can come back on track. How to make them forget their old behavior? Why is it tough to change the behavior but not impossible? This process of explanation will lead to better outcomes.

I suggest, create a relapse plan.

What is that? If plan A fails how to move to plan B.

For example, Harry and Rose decide an action plan on how to spend quality time. But what if someday Rose is not ready as she has to submit the project the next day?

How they can handle the situation? This is a relapse plan which marriage coach needs to plan.

A relapse plan can minimize misunderstandings between couples and therefore reduce marital issues.

I have discussed quite a few skills that you can work on to be a successful marriage coach.

Who are your prospective clients as a marriage coach?

I would ask you to find out answers for two questions while choosing your clients:

Whom do you want to help?

Why do you want to help them?

Once you know the answers you can identify your prospective clients. I have discussed different clients whom you can target as a marriage coach.

1. Marriage coaches can help couples to save breakups

Most of the time you may find couples are eager to separate. For example, you may meet a lady who would say she is not getting along well with her partner.

They both are living different lives. They have decided to stay away from each other. You as a marriage coach can help them repair it.

2. Marriage coaches can help women to find the right match

Females who are facing violence in their marriage or those looking for a spouse can approach a marriage coach. As a coach, you can guide them to take the right decision.

3. Couples having stressful times in marriage can approach a marriage coach

These are the clients who do not want a divorce but want to overcome the issues. For instance, they are unable to give time to each other.

Couples who face any issue in marriage would need a coach. For such couples, a couple’s marriage coach is there to guide.

4. Marriage coaches can help transgender couples

They may require premarital coaching sessions. How to behave like a normal couple? How they can plan for children? What all things can affect their relationships post marriage?

A marriage coach can guide them to have a normal married life.

Now you know who are your prospective clients. You can explore your coaching skills with different clients.

Do you need certification to be a marriage coach?

You may find it time-consuming to be certified as a marriage coach. Do you want to get clients on board soon? If yes, then certification can help you.

You will get training in different coaching techniques and skills. Also, you will learn behavioral psychology. Thus, while dealing with couples it may prove beneficial.

How will the clients judge you?

Based on your certification and skills, they will feel you are committed to mentor as a coach.

You will learn effective teaching skills and gain credibility.

Other reasons why you should opt for certification:

People or couples become more comfortable with the coach who is highly qualified and certified.

A certified coach is considered to be the first choice among couples.

A certified marriage coach will have more experience and knowledge for a happily married life.

Even though certification may look credible and professional, you can start marriage coaching without it.

If you have passion and interest in this field then don’t think much and take your next step.

How much can you earn as a marriage coach?

Many factors determine the earnings after becoming a marriage coach.

What are they?

• How much do you charge per hour, per session, or group session?

• Where is your coaching business located?

• What specialties do you have? You can charge high fees in case having some extraordinary skills.

• What experience do you have as a marriage coach?

• How many clients do you have? It is a simple calculation which means more clients you generate more income you will earn.

• Is it your own business or someone has hired you as an employee?

• What is the other source of income for you?

Now comes the main question as to how much can a marriage coach earn?

As mentioned above it depends on different factors. You may find your answer in it. But I have some basic figures for you.

As per my research and experience, the average salary of a marriage coach is $68,000. a well-known website suggests that the earning of a marriage coach is $35.29 per hour.

Yearly a marriage coach can earn $24,544 to $211,764. Some other factors which determine the earnings are state and tenure.

These figures are for people who are working as a coach in some firm.

But if you are having a marriage coaching business, how much can you earn?

You need to determine your fees while opening a coaching business. It is seen that coaches having high experience have hefty fees. On the other hand, start-ups charge nominal or low fees.

I would suggest not to charge too low while starting the business. Why? You may end up earning low. Also, people may not trust your skills.

Hence, I keep a smaller number of clients and charge more. These clients stay with me for a longer time.

Many coaches charge fees as per the session or the coaching package. You can do so for better marketing. You may have clients who may sign up for each session. Many clients would go for a whole package.

Have a look at your overall expense and then plan the package.

You can earn six-figure income too if you place your business well.

Your income may vary widely. A marriage coach can earn best if choices made are specific.

Top Strategies to get coaching clients fast as a marriage coach

People may search for help related to issues in marriage. At that time, you need to see that your content is visible on various search engines.

What are the ways in which marriage coaching can turn effective?

You can begin with:

Marriage coaching blogs

As per my experience, blogs create relationships with your prospective clients.

You can write about issues between couples and marriages.

Also, give tips to solve them. Check out 15 quick tips to make your coaching blog stand out.

YouTube channel

You can also create your marriage coaching channel. You can discuss tips on dealing with different marriage problems.

Visual display of your content through videos can attract more clients.


It is similar to a blog or YouTube channel.

Here you can start a podcast giving tips to married couples or people getting married.

Advise them on their daily issues.

This way they will trust you and often look for your opinion. With time you can make them your long-term clients.

E-Book on marriage coaching

This is the tool that you can share with people whom you know.

Write about what are the top 5 signs which show marriage may lead to divorce. To continue the E-Book you can add ways to save the marriage.

You may get feedback or inquiry for help.

You can start building your client database.

Facebook Group or any online community

As a coach, you can form such groups to bring couples having similar issues in one place.

You can give them free tips along with paid membership programs.

The above strategies are tried and tested by me.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Marriage coach?

Marriage coaching is a type of coaching specifically designed to help couples strengthen and improve their relationship. There is no universal definition of marriage coaching, as it can vary based on the coach and couple’s approach. However, in general, marriage coaching is a collaborative process that helps couples strengthen and improve their relationship.

What do you need to be a marriage coach?

The most important qualification is that you have strong communication and relationship skills. It’s also helpful to have experience in counseling or therapy. Many coaches complete an accredited certification program, which teaches the basics of coaching, relationship assessment, and intervention techniques.

Can I be a marriage coach?

Yes, anyone can become a marriage coach. Marriage coaching is a relatively new profession that helps couples improve their relationship. A marriage coach typically works with couples to help them identify and resolve conflicts, improve communication, and create a stronger bond.

How do I become a successful marriage coach?

There are no specific ways to become a successful marriage coach, but most coaches have some training or experience in counseling or therapy. Many coaches also have backgrounds in relationship education or mediation. Some programs that offer certification in marriage coaching include the Gottman Institute and the International Coach Federation.

How much does a marriage coach make?

Marriage coaches typically charge around $150 per hour, though rates vary depending on the coach’s experience and location.

How is a marriage coach different from an intimacy coach?

A marriage coach helps couples improve their communication and resolve conflicts, while an intimacy coach helps individuals improve their sexual relationship.There is no strict certification process to become a marriage coach, as the main focus of the job is to help couples improve their communication and resolve conflicts. Intimacy coaching, on the other hand, does require certification from an accredited institution. This is because the focus of this type of coaching is typically on improving sexual relationships.

Do you need certification to be a marriage coach?

There are no official certifications required to be a marriage coach, but some coaches may have certificates in related fields such as counseling or psychology. However, it is important to have knowledge and experience in working with couples if you want to become a marriage coach.


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