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The Top Intimacy Coaches

Intimacy coaches are individuals who help people to find the perfect emotions in their relationship intimation. Unlike a sex coach, who focuses on the physical side of a relationship intimation, an intimacy coach analyses the emotional side of intimate acts. 

They help in finding the real problems behind the lack of emotional spark during intimate acts and bring out the solutions to those problems from their experience and knowledge. 

The Top Intimacy Coaches Intimacy Coaches

Each Intimacy coach with their custom style trying to help their clients gain success in all forms, and asked them what’s unique about their coaching and what has endorsed their massive success.

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Pallavi Barnwal

I began my journey as a sexuality educator after working for a decade as a management consultant. The inspiration behind taking this leap of faith was the glaring lack of awareness, education, and support around intimacy and sexuality. My main goal, back then and now, is to help couples or individuals shed their sexual shame, understand, embrace, and find joy in their sexuality.

The Top Intimacy Coaches Intimacy Coaches

Sexuality is interwoven with the relationship – with self and the partner and I help couples navigate the challenges facing their relationships, past trauma, family history, and equip them with relationship awareness tools and skills to experience better intimacy with their partner. In half a decade of practice, I have conducted more than a thousand hours in intimacy coaching sessions and coached hundreds of couples to their satisfaction.

Charlene Dougla

I’m an experienced sex therapy counsellor and relationship coach based in London and have successfully worked with many couples over the years. I strongly believe that intimacy is a key part of a healthy life. Every hug, kiss, or touch triggers an emotional connection and strengthens relationships.

The Top Intimacy Coaches Intimacy Coaches

Sex can be so much more than just a physical act. Do you notice that when you’re having sex, you’re not ‘in your body’ but ‘in your head’? Worrying about whether your partner is enjoying having sex with you, will they think that you’re not putting in much effort or that you’re taking ‘too long’ to orgasm? There are so many exciting ingredients needed to have a fulfilling sexual relationship – trust, clear communication, honesty, excitement…the list goes on…Feeling valued is also so important. Yes, it’s about physical pleasure at times, but it’s the deep connections we make not just with our partner, but with our own bodies too – that’s where the real intimacy lies!


Was the concept of desire, sexual satisfaction or self- pleasure part of your Sex Ed class?

Growing up in the UK, my so called Sex-Ed class consisted of a plethora of vague, confusing and often flawed messages about contraception, STI’s and intercourse. 

The Top Intimacy Coaches Intimacy Coaches

I entered the dating world with hangups about my body and the daunting prospect of trying to appear sexually confident. I felt awkward, insecure and utterly unprepared. 

I was having sex but I wasn’t having healthy, satifying or deeply pleasurable sexual experiences. Determined to demystify the world of sex, I set off on a quest to explore what sexuality could be outside the confines of British moral and cultural sexual norms. This lifelong study eventually led me to becoming a Doctor of Human Sexuality. I am Tantra, kink, poly, LGBTQ+, sex work friendly and trauma-informed. 

My practice welcomes couples and individuals (men, women, and non-binary clients) of all sexual preferences and orientations.

Dr Angela Tan

I envision a platform where individuals and couples can work through their intimacy issues in one empowering space.

The platform is ARAS.

The Top Intimacy Coaches Intimacy Coaches

Nathalie Sommer

Hi, I’m Nathalie Sommer, a Certified Relationship & Intimacy Coach and Transformation Coach & Soul Guide. I teach and counsel internationally to help individuals and couples to unlock negative blocks and patterns in relationships. I’m here to give you the codes to help experience deeper emotional connections, confidence and sensual pleasure in yourself and with others.

The Top Intimacy Coaches Intimacy Coaches


There you have it, you’ve just read about the industry’s top Intimacy coach.

What has been your biggest takeaway from this?

Let me know in the comment section below.

It’s massively inspiring to see these coaches achieving so much; living a life of abundance and freedom while making a positive contribution in the lives of countless people. 

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