15 Quick Tips To Make Your Coaching Blog Stand Out [2023 Edition]

Your prospects are looking for the answers to two questions before they hire you.

  1. Are you confident about your offerings?
  2. Will they enjoy working with you?

Through your coaching blog, you can provide evidence for both.

In this digital era, the majority of your audience is accustomed to accessing services through the tap of their fingers. A solid digital presence has become inevitable.

A coaching blog is the best way through which you can assert your digital individuality. Through it, you can exhibit your proficiency to a wider range of audience.

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Not only this, a coaching blog allows you to establish thought leadership. It gives you a golden opportunity to emerge as the leader of your niche and earn credibility.

There are various other reasons because of which neglecting a coaching blog can prove suicidal. In this blog post, we will uncover them. Additionally, you will also come to know what best practices should you involve while building your coaching blog.

So, let’s begin!

Why is a coaching blog must for your coaching business?

The first impression of your coaching brand

Your coaching blog sometimes builds the first impression on your visitors. If it consists of grammatical or contextual errors or has outdated content, people will think twice before the collaboration.

Your blog can boost your SEO and build your list

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Your blog posts can earn you a higher ranking in the SERPs. All you need to do is include rich media, categories, tags, and keywords to attract traffic.

A call-to-action after each blog post that leads your visitor to a free offering or joining your email list is always a great idea. Like for instance my blog post always ends by inviting my visitors for my free Webinar.

An optimum frequency of coaching blogs attract visitors

A very general question that pops up while building coaching blogs is- “What should be the ideal monthly frequency?” HubSpot collected the data from more than 13, 500 blogs. When companies posted more than 16 blog posts per month they saw a rise of three and high times in their traffic compared to those who posted just 4 blog entries in the month.

This statistic emphasizes that if your blog has compelling content and it matches an ideal frequency, people will come back to read it.

Build credibility

Your coaching blog is the prime tool that will build your authority. When people read your blog they should realize that you have a strong command over your niche. Your blog should voice their challenges, needs and desires.

Your blog should convince your readers that you understand their problem and have a clear roadmap to overcome the same. This way you will easily earn a high credibility rate.

Build better ways of communication

Blogs are just not meant for showcasing your coaching services. They are a great way to nurture relationships. At the end of your blog posts, you can also ask your readers to provide their valuable feedback.

For instance- “Did you find these tips helpful? Comment below if you would like us to add some points that we haven’t addressed.”

The best method to showcase your commitment and passion

Building a blog means building an entire team of bloggers, editors and digital marketers. This shows how committed you are to contribute to the online community.

Additionally, your blogs reiterate the fact that you are keen to keep yourself updated with the recent trends and technologies in your niche. Not only this you are ready to share this knowledge for the growth of your community. This itself reflects your motive, though process and methodology which lures prospects towards you.

I believe till now you have pretty much realized how crucial a coaching blog is for your coaching service. Now let’s quickly move to some amazing tips to craft a phenomenal blog.

Tips for an outstanding coaching blog

First thing- know the “WHY” of your coaching blog

The first thing that you should clear before beginning your blog post is WHY you are blogging. It is extremely easy to blog for enjoyment and hit publish. If you want to go beyond to grow your business then there is much more involved.

Probably you want to grow traffic on your website. Alternatively, building thought leadership and augmenting the stream of knowledge could be your motive. You might post blogs to position yourself as an expert or build your email list. It can also be all of the above!

Whatever may be the answer to your WHY, it should be crystal-clear in your mind. You should drive your energy so that people can know, like and trust you. The reason is that people buy from people whom they know, like and trust.

Build a strategy

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A perfect strategy builds the foundation for your coaching blogs.

  • First- consider what kind of content is going to appeal to your audience.
  • Second- curate ways you will spread that content to your target audience.

While looking for what content to create you should concentrate on the pain points of your audience. You will be able to discover these by researching online communities, forums etc.

The best way is to engage directly with your target audience to understand their language and emotions. You need to get hold of the major problems that your audience is facing and then substantiate the same through your ways to overcome them.

Below are some ways to structure your content around your ideal clients:

  1. Filter all the problems that your client typically have and list them down.
  2. Think of the key terms that your client would type in the search engine to find help for their problem and write it down.
  3. Visit forums, communities and groups around your niche and look at what questions are being asked.
  4. Take valuable feedback from current clients and ask what other problems they may have.

If your blog is able to convey this to your audience then converting your prospects to high-end paying clients would become easier.

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Secondly, not just blogging but making your blogs reach the target audience is equally crucial. The next target is to look for ways to market your blogs efficiently. They should reach to those whom they are meant for. And that takes us to our next point!

Build a robust share strategy

The share-strategy is extremely important. If you don’t take effective steps here nothing would happen.

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  • SEO

Working hard on your SEO skills can be a long-winded practice. Though it is indeed valuable there are some smart ways that you should try. For instance, if you are using WordPress then the Yoast Plugin can help you get some hits via your post ranking on Google.

  • Pinterest

One of the best platforms to grow traffic. Sharing your blogs on Pinterest can give a phenomenal boost to your subscriber list and in turn generate great income. You can use tools like Tailwind to help you schedule and grow your traffic through Pinterest.

  • Social Media Platforms

Facebook still remains a great platform for marketers to gain followers through their blog posts. You can share your posts on either your own Facebook groups or other groups who might have sharing or promo threads. Facebook offers a great option to BOOST your blog post. Though it is a paid advantage it can be a nice way to augment the traffic.

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Instagram and Twitter are two other incredible platforms that even outrank Facebook in some cases. When you share your page on Facebook you don’t get much organic reach. Instagram allows you to include a link in your bio if you have 10k followers. Twitter allows you to include links, thus it can be a great match depending on your niche.

  • If you have subscriptions of sites like Yelp and Noomii, you can post your coaching blogs there.
  • If you have any existing email list them make sure to share the blog posts with them too!

NOTE: Remember to include your social media links on your blog so that others can share as well!

Take inspiration from other blog sites

Check out the most famous blogs in your niche. Browse through some of the articles to see what they are writing about. Find which topics the readers are finding the most interesting.

This will provide you with various subjects to create your own coaching blog. Along with this don’t bypass the less popular ones. They may also inspire new ideas and topics that your expertise and service can better add value.

Keep yourself updated with the recent news

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If you are primarily targeting GOOGLE then you should know that Google’s algorithm updates regularly. One of the major points to concentrate on is that Google focuses on the most recent topics. For instance, if you type Olympics, it will show you the most recent information related to it.

If you want your blog post to rank better in the SERPs then you must blog about topics that are recent and fascinating.

Suppose you are an executive coach and there are any changes in certain government laws that could directly or indirectly affect your practice. Now you should be the first one to understand the same, and make it available for your audience.

If ICF comes up with changes in some certification pattern, you as an industry expert should be active enough to let your community know the consequences through your blog post.

This will work two ways- First, it would build gather attraction from the search engines [providd you have devoted enough time on your SEO practice as well]. Second, it will let your audience understand that you are an active, committed and thoughtful leader who is actually thinking beyond just business.

Outline your blog post

The outline of a coaching blog renders the blog a perfect structure and prevents it from going off track. After selecting your blog topic to create a rough outline that would guide the flow. Take care to focus on the following points.

  1. Get an enchanting headline: Your headline acts as the bait. If your bait is good, people will bite.
  2. Short intro: Keep the introduction short and simple and focus on creating curiosity to grab the attention of the user for the rest of the content.
  3. Main content: Organize the content of your blogs with perfect subheadlines to enhance the readability.
  4. The last impression means a lot: Write an impactful conclusion with a Call-to-Action.

Share your personal experiences and self-help coaching techniques on your coaching blog

You need to provide your blog post with an emotional touch to be able to connect with your audience. Sharing your personal experiences can be a great way of doing so. This can also include success stories which depict how your expertise helped people bring in the transformation.

If the content resonates well with your prospects then there are high chances that you can convert them into paying clients.

Sharing tips and techniques that can enable your audience to take some steps on their own to find a solution is another great way. This will increase the awareness of you and your coaching business. It will also help you to establish yourself as an authority in your coaching business.

While sharing your personal stuff, keep one thing in mind- Avoid being boasting or sounding pushy. Your readers are smart. They will themselves come to know what value you have added in the past and what benefits you can bring to them. You need to convey your proficiency naturally and then leave it on your readers to gauge.

Write evergreen content on your coaching blog

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Evergreen content means one that will remain fresh long after its publication date also. Yes, you should have bog post that covers the recent coaching trends and news as discussed above but at the same time, you should also have certain blogs which keep on adding value to the readers or long.

This way you can recycle and promote the blog post again and likely achieve the same success ratio.

Some examples of evergreen content can be:

  • Beginner’s guide…
  • How to…
  • Top tips to…
  • Questions and answers…
  • Best practices…

Encourage and engage comments on your coaching blog

At the end of the coaching blog, you should encourage your readers to share their feedback as a comment. Thereafter provide quick and meaningful response in the comments.

For instance, if someone praises you for your points, thank him/her wholeheartedly for devoting time to read and mention how valuable it means for you.

If someone is not happy or want you to make some additions, let them know that you respect their viewpoint and would accommodate the same.

This way the audience would be more excited to come to you. The reason is that people just don’t want to read but they want to be heard too. If they feel that they are being heard, they would come back with their suggestions in future.

Add attention-grabbing media to your coaching blog

Long blog posts will definitely rank good as SEO practices can be incorporated thoroughly. Also, they would act as a perfect dish with all the ingredients at the same place so that your readers don’t need to struggle.

Now, the problem comes when your blog is a plain content stuffed page with no grabbing elements to break the monotony. Yes, distraction some time is important to get the attention back (Think deeply ;)).

This is why you need rich media on your blog. Yes, it will contribute to the SEO as well but a greater purpose is to please your readers with visuals. Infographics, GIFs, short videos, images- add the cherry on the cake. If your blog is devoid of these, you are at great risk, my dear!

Give a shot to guest-blog posts

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Considering inviting guests to post content on your blog is not a bad idea. You can even collaborate with some influencers in your niche and request them to post for your blog. This way you can attract their audience base to increase your own email list.

This way you can also nurture your relationships with other influencers and contributors. Networking has great power that you can leverage for yourself. Take care to avoid connecting with direct competitors.

Stay connected

You should actively maintain the presence on your blog and be fast in responding to the queries and questions of your readers. Value the feedback of your readers and imbibe the new learnings and insights. This will help you to improvise your content, make it more customer-oriented and in turn fetch you more clients.

Build confidence in your expertise

Your blogs should work as a sample for your readers to see what they will achieve is they worked with you one on one. You need to convince your move from visiting your blog to hiring you. One way can be to break your blogs into specific lessons. This way you can showcase your expertise.

Additionally, you can also mention how your past clients achieved success through your teachings. Thus the goal is two-fold. Firstly you are proving what you are talking about. Secondly, you are making the readers more familiar with your working methodology as well as building social proof.

You are a coach with a blog, not a blogger who sometimes coaches

Yes, Blogging is important but let not your coaching business take a backseat to the blog. If you will blog too often then this would make your audience comfortable with your content. They will forget all about coaching and your coaching services.

You need to consistently remind your readers that you can work one-on-one with them for extra support. So your blog act as just the path to take your readers to the last mile- one-to-one coaching session.

Whenever your blog, always remind your audience about the services you offer. Take care to craft that message in a way that is relevant to them and their needs.

Don’t be scared to give away free content on your coaching blog

Many coaches that I meet believe that if they would provide much valuable free content to their clients then they won’t land up to their coaching sessions. Actually this is a very short-term vision.

Reading an article and working with a coach one on one is not the same thing. In fact, the more valuable content you publish the more people will know, like and trust you. This way they would be more likely to directly work with you.

Your prospects don’t only want the theoretical knowledge but they want access to you. They want someone to be beside them and answer their questions directly rather than interpreting a post. They want specific answers that are tailored to their situations which they can apply to their lives.

Your blog can provide them with help on a surface level but for deeper support, they will approach you.

They want and need YOU and your blog is the way of attracting them to you!

A coaching blog is a must to showcase your expertise, build authority, connect with your audience and convert prospects into clients. If you want to build a solid presence for yourself then blogging regularly is inevitable. You might not realize it now but your coaching blog will be a treasure for your coaching business.

So, what’s the holdup? Start blogging today! Unveil the secret of skyrocketing the growth of your coaching business.

So, why think more? Get ready, steady, go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can readers do on blogs?

There are many things a blog reader can do on a blog. On a blog, a reader can read posts from the writer or other followers of the blog. They can comment on posts to show their opinion, share their own experiences, or ask the writer questions.

Why is a coaching blog a must for your coaching business?

A coaching blog is a must for your coach business as it is the perfect way to give your prospective clients an inside look at your expertise. This blog can show them exactly what they can expect for their clients, with helpful advice and insightful tips on self-growth.

How to write a blog?

Writing a blog is a relatively simple procedure and can be done in minutes with the easy-to-follow steps below. 1. Register for a free website such as WordPress. com or Blogger. com.
2. Create a text file, such as “myblog. txt.”
3. Copy and paste all of your blogging post content into this text file, such as the text you see in the box to the right .
4. Publish your blog.

How to create a blog for free and make money?

In order to create a blog for free and make money you must first follow these 5 steps: 
1. Launch a site with a domain name.
2. Get a site up and running on a platform like WordPress.
3. Decide what type of content you want on your site. 4. Sign up for a Google AdSense account.
5. Run ads and make money.



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