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The Top 10 Best Marriage Coach Certifications

Marriage coaching is a growing business day by day. The international coaching Federation revealed the fact that more than 71,000 coaches had been practicing worldwide by 2020. Specialization in specific fields makes a coach more successful.  Different types of coaching specialization include life coaching, grief coaching, fitness coaching, leadership coaching, and many others. 

The Top 10 Best Marriage Coach Certifications Marriage Coach Certifications

This article is going to throw light on marriage coaching. Scrolling down, you can know the benefits of marriage coaching, top marriage coaching certifications, a career in marriage coaching, and necessary skills.  

In Brief : The Top 10 Best Marriage Coach Certifications

What is marriage coaching?

Marriage coaching is the process that helps couples to talk to each other. The goal of a marriage coach is to eliminate conflict between the two and move towards a happier life. 

Social media and technology have separated us from our loved ones. The same is true for the couple’s relationship. Couples have been facing conflicts, resentment, lack of understanding, and lack of intimacy. Poor relationships may also lead to separation or divorce. 

However, couples often wait longer to get the relationship better without any help. A relationship coach can collaborate with the couples and help them resolve relationship matters comfortably.

What are the benefits of marriage coaching?

You might have heard about marriage counseling or couple therapy. Marriage coaching is comparatively a new term that serves the same purpose as marriage counseling. The difference exists in the working style. Coaches require no clinical setting or a specific environment. Marriage coaches can guide you anywhere anytime. We have listed some advantages of marriage coaching. Have a look at:

  • Better understand each other

Marriage coaching lets the couples listen to each other. Many busy bugs do not give time to the relationship and develop conflicts. Marriage coaches give them a suitable environment to talk to each other. Thus, couples can understand each other’s needs and expectations.

  • Resolve conflict

Conflict arises when both partners show different thoughts and emotions. Consequently, it leads to poor relationships. A marriage coach can help the couples to investigate the roots of conflict. Couples can seek a moderate way to collaborate in times of conflict.

  • Increase parenting skills

Sometimes, couples lack parenting skills. It resultantly spoils the partners’ relation as well as the whole family gets disturbed. A marriage coach guides the couples about parenting issues.  

  • Develop intimate relationship

It often happens that couples do not follow the expectations and needs of each other. What is the demand of the partner or what is spoiling the relationship? A coach can help the couples identify barriers in the intimate relationship.

  • Set new life goals

When both partners are angry or bear strains in the relationship, they fear talking to each other. Fear of quarrel keeps them from sharing. A  marriage coach can help couples to set new goals in life. Thus, they can leave all negative emotions and conflicts behind. Thus coaching can lead to a happier and more meaningful life.

Top Ten Coaching Certifications for Becoming a Marriage Coach

Relationship coaching or marriage coaching is a growing field. Therapists, social workers, health professionals, counselors, and life coaches are often interested in increasing their expertise. Marriage or relationship coach training can increase the worth of your job. With this certification, you can start your own relationship coaching business. We have listed out top certified programs that can facilitate you in the home comfort.  

1. MarriageTeam coach training

Marriage Team is a non-Profitable Christian organization that serves to strengthen marital lives. MarriageTeam offers to coach married couples or those soon to be married. The requirements of volunteer marriage coaching include:

  • A strong desire to help the couples
  • Should be married for at least 3 years
  • Should lead a happy marital life with a belief in Christ
  • Regularly attend a Christian Church
  • Should be willing to provide coaching services to 2 couples as a volunteer annually
  • Should complete a couple coaching program with the partner

If you fall into the above criteria, you are ready to become a marriage coach. Marriage Team teaches the techniques to beat anger, bitterness, and conflicts. The coaches learn the ways to communicate, cooperate, forgive, and problem-solving skills. Coaches at the MarriageTeam institute claim that 89% of the couples choose to stay together after coaching services.

2. Fully Accredited Professional Relationship Coach Diploma

Professional Relationship Coach Diploma is a superb coaching course. You need no pre-requirements, qualifications, or experience in couple therapy. This course will teach you all you need to become a professional relationship coach. The course outline includes:

  • The basics of coaching skills and attributes
  • Communication
  • Emotion and conflicts
  • A crisis through change
  • Case studies

This online course offers great learning about coaching techniques and skills. You can get lectures at Udemy and get a certified coach diploma.

3. Relationship Coaching Institute – Online Coach Certification

Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI) is the ideal place to get certified for your coaching business. RCI offers online relationship coach certification. The coaches at the RCI are more dynamic and work-worthy strategies to secure marriage relationships. Coaches also learn the techniques to satisfy pre-marital clients.

RCI teaches the coaches through weekly phone calls, online classroom sessions, and collaboration with classmates as well. The coaching services of the institute are enough strong that you can start your own set up of marriage coaching. The distinctive feature of the institute is that it offers private mentoring and continuous support. Now you need not worry about studying alone, you can get the services of master coaches during your study period.  The training duration is approximately 18 months. 

4. iPEC’s Couples Coaching Certification Program

iPEC couple coaching program trains the coaches to overcome relationship challenges. iPEC’s program is skillful enough to learn the ways to communicate better and eradicate conflicts and resentment.

With the Couple Coaching program, trainers can learn to uncover deep emotions and thoughts. A certified coach helps couples to change their thought patterns for long life. iPEC’s Couple coaching program enhances the expertise and skills through live sessions, seminars, and client tools. 

5. Christian Marriage Coach Training – Life Breakthrough Academy

Life Breakthrough Academy offers Marriage Coach Training. The duration of this online training is 10-weeks approximately. You can help the couples grow their relationship and enjoy a healthier lifestyle while staying together.

You can get solo training as well as group training. Coaches learn the skills of asking effective questions and self-accountability. It helps the couples to understand where they are at present. Weekly classes include live instructors and live PowerPoint presentations. Furthermore, coaches can get experiential learning by conducting informal sessions, evaluation forms, and practicing coaching skills. 

6. Marriage Coaching – Let’s Live Coaching Training Institute

Let’s Live Coaching Training Institute gives dynamic access to the coach training. Coaches attend the live sessions to get expertise in the coaching techniques. A marriage coach can help the couples to identify the roots of conflicts. Let’s Live Coaching Training Institute is an ideal institute for live coaching training.  The students get textbooks, worksheets, coaching exercises, and resource material. 

7. Certified Relationship Coach (CRC) Training Program

The Institute of Mental health (IMH) offers certified Relationship Coach (CRC) training. The duration of CRC is 12 weeks with 36 credit hours. The course completes in 16 contact sessions. At the end of the training, the coaches need to pass a final examination of 2 hours. To get a certificate, a coach needs to pass through an MCQ or True/ false based Questionnaire. The minimum passing criteria are 70% with an 80% attendance record.    

However, the admission to the program has some prerequisites:

  • BA/BBA/ B.Com./BSc./B.Eng./LLB/MBA/MSc. From a recognized university
  • Certificate/ Diploma in Psychology or counseling
  • Diploma or academic qualification with work experience in a relevant field

After the admission interview, coaches will learn the following niches in the sessions:

  • Coaching techniques
  • When to offer relationship coaching?
  • Relationship basics
  • Becoming a relationship coach
  • Theoretical models of the Relationship Coaching
  • Ethical code of conduct for relationship coaching and much more 

8. Pre-Marital & Marriage Coaching – Professional Christian Coaching

Professional Christian Coaching institute offers an 8-week pre-marital & marriage coaching program. The training completes in 12 credit hours. In 4 weeks, coaches learn premarital coaching skills and marriage coaching skills in the next 4-weeks.

The institute serves the couple coaches to develop effective coaching skills. The goal is to lead the couples to a happier and more satisfying lifestyle. 

9. Marriage Coaching – LIFC 602

Liberty University prepares the premarital and marriage coaches through dynamic lectures. The training program is developed for the coaches who want to help couples to create happier relationships. Furthermore, the course also includes techniques to prepare people to tie in love knots or marriage relationships.  Coaches can learn theoretical perspectives on relationship caching, coaching models, and advanced relationship coaching skills.

The marriage coaching program is well organized and knowledgeable for coaches. In one-hour class sessions, coaches get experiential learning in different scenarios. 

10. The Art & Science of couple Coaching – Erickson International

Erickson International offers a 3-day course to train the couple coaches or marriage coaches. Coaches are trained to help the couples to reinvent their relationship, love bonds, art of forgiveness, and move with new and happier pace of life. Coaches get solution focused training to improve coaching skills. This program require a diploma or certificate fromany coaching school. Furthermore, Erickson International held 20 hours continuing educational sessions for coaches. 

What are the career prospects of someone with a marriage coach certification?

A marriage coach can get jobs at:

  • Non-government organization (NGO)
  • State institutes that need marriage counselors or coaches
  • Socials service organization
  • Private business as a practitioner
  • Can run a marriage counseling business with a whole team

Skills needed for becoming a marriage coach

Couples may seek help when their relationship is on the extreme edge. People often contact a marriage coach:

  • When there is no flexibility in the relationship
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Divorce issues
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Getting apart

Dealing with relationships is a sensitive part of coaching. Non-experienced coaches may give rise to new conflicts while providing a conciliation environment. So, a coach dealing with couples should have mastery of marriage coaching techniques. Skills needed to become a marriage coach may include:

  • Problem-solving skills

Couples often face problems that are too complicated to solve. That is why they seek no way to live together except divorce. A marriage coach should have the instant problem-solving ability. Thus, a coach can root out the conflicts and present a better solution.   

  • Creativity

Effective coaching requires creativity in the profession. Every couple has unique problems. So, successful coaching requires addressing the conflict on the spot and providing a solution. How does one partner need to react in different situations when another partner is furious?  How to understand the emotions and feelings of each other? It is the creativity of a coach that leads the couples in the correct direction.

  • Empathy

When your relationship is harder to reconcile, it is the most depressing and disturbing phase. A marriage coach shows empathy towards the client. An empathetic coach can understand that people face different problems with unique solutions.

  • Listening ability

A coach should have the ability to listen to the clients. Listening to others with patience helps to understand the severity of the problem.

  • Leadership quality

A marriage coach works in collaboration with the clients. Couples know that the coach can guide them to the best solution. The coach understands the power to lead the sessions in the desired direction.

Questions to consider when looking for a marriage coaching certification

People often require help in relationships or marital life. With the advancement in our lifestyle, people have been facing difficulty in relationships. So, the marriage coach certification is trending and demanding program. It is better to clarify before proceeding to any certified marriage coaching program.

Are you passionate about a “marriage coaching career?” Do you understand the difference between coaching and counseling? Many of you may choose the wrong profession when concepts are ambiguous. What are your life goals? Does your chosen profession match your life goals? 


Marriage coaches are the individuals that offer help in developing a better relationship with your partner. Top marriage coaching programs make marriage coaches more skillful and practical. If you have been seeking the assistance of a marriage coach, check out the accreditation of the marriage coach to proceed.
To conclude relationship coaches are experts in problem-solving and moving towards a meaningful life. How to avoid resentment? How to behave when one partner is not showing compatibility? What are the roots of the conflict in a specific couple’s relationship? You can learn all these skills to help your clients.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the benefits of getting a marriage coach certification?

A marriage coach certification can provide you with expertise. A certified marriage coaching program can improve the techniques to resolve conflicts, identify the issues, and develop an intimate relationship with the partner. You can learn strategies to convince people to live together. Furthermore, a certified program can give you successful coaching techniques. 

2. How much does a marriage coach certification cost?

A marriage coach certification cost varies as per the duration of the course, mode of the study (online/offline), location, and authentication of the certified institute. However, top marriage coach certification may cost you from ,000 to $ 7,000. 

3. How do you choose the right marriage coach certification for you and your needs?

You can find the marriage coach certification that suits your needs. If you are a beginner in marriage coaching or couple treatments, you may require a detailed and longer certification program. For instance, a certified program that prolongs up to 6 months or more can provide more detailed information and study time comparatively. Similarly, an online or shorter course can limit your exploration and research in the field. However, online or a short certified training is enough for couples therapy professionals or relationship coaching.  

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