Great Coaching questions You Need to Ask

Great Coaching questions You Need to Ask coaching questions

One thing in life I have learned is this: there is no end to questions. And that is the best thing about living. You should be curious enough to wonder. You should be humble enough to ask questions and want to learn. And you should be sensible enough to analyze (answers). This holds true for … Read more

Best Coaching and Mindset Tips for Being a Successful Coach

Best Coaching and Mindset Tips for Being a Successful Coach coaching questions

It is no secret that the coaching and consulting market is thriving across a wide range of industries. As a result, new and ambitious coaches find it difficult to break through the competition because of the growing saturation point. Quite reasonably, it is essential to make your coaching business stand apart to capture the attention … Read more

What Is The History Of Coaching?

What Is The History Of Coaching? coaching questions

In 1992, the book ‘Coaching for Performance’, written by John Whitmore defined coaching as  “unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their performance. It is helpiWhat Are The Origins Of The Coaching Profession?ng them to learn rather than teaching them.” This was when people began to realise the benefits of the coaching approach beyond sports.  Coaching … Read more

What is Business Coaching?

What is Business Coaching? coaching questions

Business Coaching is enterprise-driven coaching in which Business Coaches aim to help individuals running small and medium-sized companies reach their full potential. A Business Coach is committed to the cause of increasing his client’s efficiency and productivity to leaps and bounds. Business coaching is important for entrepreneurs as business coaches help to guide, assist, mentor, … Read more

What are the Coaching Styles?

What are the Coaching Styles? coaching questions

The coaching styles are categorized into five different varieties including democratic, holistic, autocratic, vision and authoritarian. Different coaches adopt different coaching styles to make learning easier. For example, an authoritarian coach can make learning easier for students by organising their schedules, setting objectives and taking regular revisions while an autocratic coach uses other methods such … Read more