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7 Popular leadership coaching certifications of 2023

Want to learn leadership coaching strategies to help your team navigate business challenges and maximize performance? Do you have questions in mind, what is leadership coaching certification? Benefits of leadership certification courses? How to become a certified leadership coach? Programs that can offer leadership certification courses, and if it is necessary to get leadership certification to become a leadership coach? All the answers to your questions are covered in this article. Here you go. 

7 Popular leadership coaching certifications of 2023 Leadership Coach

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching involves the application of specific-skill sets in order to make leaders/managers more effective in their roles. There are many different types of coaches (performance, executive, etc). Many certifications exist for these different types. Leadership coaching lives at the intersection of these two categories.

Leadership coaching is often confused with management consulting or human resources training; it is very different. Essentially, leadership coaches act as sounding boards and personal motivators for managers or executives under pressure to change behavior or improve performance. 

Leadership coaching is very goal-oriented because leadership success isn’t just about being liked or respected – it’s about achieving results. Leadership coaching focuses on both the “people” side of the business, as well as the metrics/results side.

What is a leadership coaching certification?

Leadership Coaching certification is an award issued by a coaching school upon completion of the training program. Leadership Certification courses allow you to practice as a qualified coach, with the added benefit of working towards your professional development and keeping yourself updated on current theories and practices in leadership coaching.

What are the benefits of getting certified in leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching is a highly sough-after service and individuals who hold leadership certifications courses will be more marketable than those who do not. Leadership coaching will allow business leaders to take advantage of the following benefits of leadership certification courses:

  1. Enhanced communication skills

 Being able to communicate effectively is vital when working with others and also when communicating with members of senior management. With leadership certification courses, individuals will learn how to motivate teams and bring out their best work whilst building healthy relationships which lead to success in the workplace. This often leads to promotions due to effective communication and collaboration with peers and higher-ups alike.

  1. New insights 

Leadership coaches are tasked with helping individuals achieve their personal goals, which can vary from becoming better managers to feeling more confident in the workplace. This requires a deep level of understanding about what makes people tick both at work and outside of it. Learning how to understand why people are motivated by certain things is an important part of leadership coaching that can lead to fresh insights into how your business operates.

  1. Free thinking 

When working with others, it’s important for both parties to feel free to express their thoughts and opinions, regardless of how they’re perceived by others. Leadership coaches will learn techniques on how to encourage this type of open dialogue without ever having the discussion descend into conflict. When employees feel free to voice their concerns, they will be more because issues are addressed immediately instead of being left to fester.

  1. Enhanced productivity 

When employees are encouraged to have these three free, open discussions, they are more likely to be productive in their roles. This is because issues can be resolved efficiently leading to an improvement in the overall workplace culture and environment which leads to greater job satisfaction for everyone involved.

How to become a certified leadership coach?

One of the ways an individual can assess and acquire skills is to seek out a leadership coaching certification. Leadership certification courses are available through many organizations or other private companies. These coaches may assist those who want to coach others in developing their own leadership abilities.

  • The first step toward earning a leadership coaching certification is deciding what level of certification will suit your needs best: certified associate (in either general or executive leadership), certified professional, or certified master coach. 
  • Certified associates possess the fundamentals that every leader should know; certified professionals have mastered these basics and can apply them to business situations; and certified masters use all they’ve learned and demonstrate mastery in the art of leadership coaching. 
  • Once you determine which type of certification would work best for your career, choose the organization you will work with. 
  • After deciding what level of certification you would like, you must then complete that specific program’s requirements: education hours, workshops or courses taken, prerequisites. These requirements vary from organization to organization; it is important to research each company before making any final decisions on which path to take toward becoming certified.
  • When all the other educational requirements are met, you then take part in the certification process with your organization. All coaches must complete a specified number of approved workshops in order to be considered for certification. 
  • Once this is done, they are awarded their leadership coaching certification in addition to their general certification.

7 best programs that offer leadership coaching certification and training

Many organizations are discovering that having high quality coaches can increase employee morale while improving performance levels in the long run. These seven training programs offer coaching certification through various formats including distance learning.

  1. Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge offers professional coaching courses under two categories: general or executive coaching. All coursework is available online with live webcasts featuring guest speakers from industry-leading companies such as KPMG, Shell, and PepsiCo. In addition, the general coaching course focuses on business-relevant personal development while the executive coaching course is more focused on company-specific needs. Both programs include a workbook, online modules, and a certification of completion which is sent to employees’ managers upon successful completion of the program. 

The Global Knowledge program of Leadership Coaching Certification has received positive feedback for its ability to provide students with practical insights into the field. 

  1. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare provides free access to MIT’s courses. These courses offer both audio lectures and video materials for students wishing to study without being tied down by time or place. The leadership section of this site features several coach training courses under three categories: personal, business & team. Under the personal category, “Leading Change” explores how change can be managed effectively in organizations while “Innovation Skills for Technical Leaders” looks at how to innovate in modern organizations. 

The business & team section includes courses such as “Managing Teams” which looks into leadership skills by examining the different types of teams that exist within businesses while also delving into collaborative tools for use within these teams.

  1. Mind Tools

Mind Tools offers several coaching related resources for all levels of experience including an extensive toolkit, blog, and training resources. Executive Leadership course which is a combination of their leadership programs for managers and general management programs. This course requires five days of in-class time to complete with the option of three online sessions via Recorded Webcasts. 

Much like the other training courses offered by this university, this executive leadership certification course explores concepts including effective delegation, managing change within an organization, and developing your own personal style as a leader. Students are also encouraged to explore how they can use their new leadership skills to fulfill organizational needs through their work on Strategic Business Units (SBUs).

  1. OpenUniversity

The OpenUniversity offers online resources for distance learners wishing to study Leadership Coaching Skills. This free resource includes video modules that cover topics such as coaching skills, motivating employees, and preparing for coaching sessions. Each module contains exercises or activities that reinforce the skills learned during this course.

  1. Skillsoft

Skillsoft is a provider of e-learning training solutions that include content developed by third-party vendors. They offer several certifications in coaching including Certified Coaching Professional (CCP) and Certified Master Coach (CMC). The CCP program consists of seven courses that students must complete within six months while the CMC program has four modules to complete within 12 months while also completing one coaching assignment. Both programs also require the completion of an application form while ensuring prerequisites are met before applying.

  1. Dale Carnegie Training

Dale Carnegie Training has offered leadership training through their Speak Up! This leadership development course provides certification in coaching and is mandatory for their leadership development consultants. 

The Speak Up! Leadership program aims to develop leaders in organizations through teaching them how to be more effective in face-to-face communication . This course requires successful completion of an application form which requires a resume, two references from former supervisors or co-workers, and a current photograph taken against a plain background.

  1. Open Learn

Free tutorials on e-learning and training topics are offered at OpenLearn which is part of the Open University. Their Leadership & Management category includes several resources developed by academics from several different universities. These free online courses offer students self-paced modules that cover topics such as developing your management style , key challenges managers face today, good practice in supervision and effective team working skills.

What skills are taught in leadership coaching certification programs?

There are some core areas that leaders must develop to achieve success. The essential skills needed for any management position include critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making abilities, and effective communication.

  • Critical thinking

Critical thinking is a primary skill for any leader, coach or manager. Leaders need to be able to think critically about their own actions and decisions as well as those involving their employees’ performance. Critical thinking skills are taught in certification programs, although they may also be learned through experience. A leader can engage in self-study by reading books that promote critical thinking to further develop his or her own thinking processes. 

  • Decision making

Decision making is a related skill that leaders have to learn through training and practice . Many leadership coaching certification programs help their graduates by teaching specific decision making models such as the seven steps to a quality decision and the six levels of competence  for making decisions . Management and leadership coaching certification programs also cover some of the different theories for decision making models such as cost-benefit and risk/opportunity analysis.

  • Negotiation

Negotiation is another important skill for leaders to develop because it requires them to engage in dialogue with employees, customers, or stakeholders. Leadership coaching certifications teach their students how to negotiate effectively by helping them learn the four basic elements of negotiation: opening offers, closing offers, positioning statements, and concessions.

  • Implementation planning

Implementation planning is also a key skill for leaders. They are responsible for deciding what steps are necessary in order to achieve their goals, which requires strategic thinking. Implementation planning is taught in many leadership coaching certification programs through classes that focus on specific areas where implementation can be improved.

How to pick a top leadership training certification program for yourself?

Leadership certification courses give an idea of how to appreciate people, make them feel important & inspire others. There are various leadership training programs all over the world that can help any individual develop strong leadership skills. And when you are looking for a program then pick up the best one. It’s not that difficult that it seems when you follow these steps:

  1. Evaluation of self – This is the first step you should take before selecting a leadership training program.  It is important to know yourself and your skills. You can find out about yourself through different methods like giving certain exams, group discussion or interaction with people around you. So once you are done evaluating yourself it will be very easy for you to select the right course that can help you achieve what you want.
  1. Selection criteria for the program – When you start looking for leadership certification courses, first form a list of your requirements. You should know what you want and how much you can spend on it. You can select any course that fulfills all or at least most of your requirements.
  1. Comparison of programs on selection criteria points – Now after deciding the criteria there are many online portals where you can compare various courses and find out which one is best suited to meet your requirement. This will save a lot of time as well as effort spent in finding the right program.
  1. Final selection – After considering the above-mentioned factors, a final comparison among different courses gives you an idea about the program that’s right for your needs. And once you are done with it, you can start your certification process.

Is certification mandatory to become a leadership coach?

Leadership certification courses are not mandatory to become a leadership coach. While some certifications are available, most people who work as leadership coaches do not have any formal training or certification for the job. Instead, they may have experience leading others in some capacity and/or receive ongoing coaching themselves.

Many individuals find it useful to take workshops or attend conferences to the profession so they can stay current on new developments and explore different coaching techniques. Leadership coaching is a form of personal development that aims at helping leaders learn how to succeed in business by improving their skills and knowledge through training and other learning experiences. By building up leadership ability through intensive guidance, leadership coaching plays an important role in today’s management system. But for this purpose, certification is not mandatory.


Coaching with the aim of developing leadership skills of your own and ensuring a coaching culture within an organization is what leadership coaching is intended to do. There’s no doubt that the course is an excellent way for those who are struggling with leadership to gain support. While there are a variety of coaching programs available today, each with its own degree of success, there is also a wide range of prices as well. Starting with the credentials of the coach, this article has outlined the most essential components of effective coaching programs.

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