10 Positive Psychology Coaching Certification and Training Programs

Are you a student of psychology wanting to enhance your skills? Are you an individual who wants to learn psychology? Or, you might simply want to clear your ideas. Perhaps, you need some motivation and a push to kick start your career. If you are looking for the best positive psychology certification or training programs, then you are at the right place!

10 Positive Psychology Coaching Certification and Training Programs Psychology Coaching

This article is a complete guide for those who wish to pursue their career in psychology. The article explains the key concepts. We have discussed the ‘All you need to know” about positive psychology coaching certification and training programs for you. So without wasting any time, let us dive into the vast ocean associated with the universe enfolded in the human brain.

What Is a Positive Psychology Coaching Certification and Training Program?

A question may arise: What good does a positive psychology certification program do? But even before that, what is positive psychology coaching?

The answer is simple. Positive psychology coaching is a mental healing program that encourages potential development in people. 

The psychologist is meant to motivate individuals, helping them in boosting self-esteem, increase strengths, and overcome weaknesses. Consequently, it enhances the live performances of clients.

Therefore, the positive psychology coaching certification and training programs create such experts. 

The programs are designed to develop understanding and teach the right concepts, tools, methods, and practices. These practices are needed to become a professional in this field.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Certified in Positive Psychology Coaching?

Positive psychology coaching is a professional field. If you want to be recognized as a coach in this field, then certification is a requirement. Certification is responsible for building profiles, increasing worth, and consequently attracting clients. These are essential aspects for a career to flourish.

Nevertheless, the certification programs also teach significant theories and concepts. This knowledge is essential for you to know. The certification and training programs shall increase your command and grip on the subjects. You may learn both theoretically and practically before entering the professional field.  

Moreover, choosing to get certified in this field has its own merits. It is a good choice in case of the following reasons:

1. You wish to increase your people managing skills.

2. You would love to heal people.

3. You want to manage human resources at the existing workplace.

4. You wish to enhance your integrity and reputation.

5. You prefer self-development.

If this inspires you, you may want to know the procedure of becoming a positive psychology coach.

How to Become a Certified Positive Psychology Coach?

If you wish to become a positive psychology coach, there are specific options available for you. There are online websites that offer such courses you can continue with. If you are deciding to build a career path, then you would like to know some details regarding it.

It starts from earning a bachelor’s degree in basic psychological fields. Then you may be required to select a field of psychology to earn a Master’s degree. Today many institutes offer positive psychology as post-graduate programs. 

However, requirements may vary depending on your region. You might have to opt for a master’s degree in another relevant field before selecting the desired one. You may then earn your doctoral degree in this very field.

During many masters and PhD programs, students are also required to take internships and training programs. Several institutes around the world offer such programs.

10 Best Programs That Offer Positive Psychology Coaching Certification and Training

  • The Penn Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology

The University of Pennsylvania offers certification programs in positive psychology. These certifications are online programs that are available on the university website.

The program offers six courses. Applicants are required to complete any four courses. The order of the courses’ completion is according to the free choice of learners. Completing them earns a basic certificate. To pursue the advanced one, students are required to complete the additional two courses as well.

You can easily apply through the university website.

Moreover, this certification is also a part of the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree offered by the university. Further, the university offers a Master’s program in Applied Positive Psychology.  

Fee Structure

Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology

The fee structure of the courses is divided according to course units (four semester hours). Each course unit is further divided into tuition and online general fee. The former and latter cost $2,342 and $140 respectively. Therefore, each course unit costs a total of $2,482.


The fees structure costs $33,034, $30,904, and $7,724 for fall, spring, and summer sessions, respectively.


The institute is a good choice due to:

1. program’s ease of access

2. well-defined structure of courses

3. reasonable costs.

  • The Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Positive Psychology

Wellspring Institute is a non-profit organization. They are a community of experts in neurology and psychology. The institute targets the promotion of this scientific knowledge combined with traditional religious norms. The platform offers numerous online resources. You can avail and study them and start the self-learning process.

The material and information offered by the website sure are worth your time. It includes:

1. Your Skillful Means Website. This website is an asset for those who are searching for free education. The methods explained are well elaborated and helpful.

2. Wise Brain Bulletin bimonthly. You can subscribe to this magazine.

3. Other online resources such as videos, articles, slides, and scientific papers.

Consequently, this platform is a very useful tool for those who wish to study positive psychology coaching.


• Free of cost.

• Resourceful.

• Easily accessible.

Registering at ICF training programs for learning Positive Psychology Coaching is one of the best options. The institute provides and assists in a well-defined career path. To start, you have to fill up a form. The platform offers three main training programs. These are:

1. Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP): It covers 125 hours, where you can learn through sessions and participate in a final exam.

2. Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH): A thirty hours program with training sessions.

3. Continuing Coach Education (CCE). This is the advanced coaching program offered by ICF.

After completing training, you will finally be ready to join the organization. You will also receive credentials and recognition.

  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach with Mentor Coach LLC

Mentor Coach LLC is a recognized and reputable organization that teaches Positive Psychology Coaching. You can earn a Mentor Coach Certificate easily. If you wish to learn completely through the Mentor Coach platform, you have to start with four basic courses. Then you may proceed towards the Master’s classes offered by the institute.

These classes offer five main courses. These subjects are:

1. Positive Psychology Coaching and Flourishing Master Class.

2. Positive Potentials Master Class:  Coaching for Performance, Habits, and Goals.

3. Positivity Intelligence Master Class: Holding Darkness and Light in Coaching.

4. Coaching Toward Positive Relationships Master Class.

5. Diving Deep into Coaching with Strengths Master Class.

Upon completing the target, the institute offers Mentor Coach Certification, and You become eligible for ICF certification as well.

You may also go the other way around and acquire an ICF credential first. Then you may proceed with Mentor Coach requirements and earn a certificate.

  • The Santa Clara University Institute of Applied Positive Development 

Santa Clara University offers the Master of Arts program in Counseling Psychology. The program teaches various psychological aspects, including a course, namely, Positive psychology and health. You can take this program full-time or part-time. 

The full-time program completes in 3 years of duration. The institute entertains online as well as onsite learning.


• It is a professional degree in psychology.

• Scholarships are also available.

Fee Structure

The tuition fee of the program is $681 per course unit.

Saybrook University’s Graduate School Of Mindfulness And Integrative Health.

  • Saybrook University offers a certificate in mindfulness-based positive psychology. 

The program is structured to develop the relevant skills of the students. These skills include leadership and social system management. It is the best choice for you if you wish to implement positive psychology practices in an organizational environment. The skills developed may help in enhancing the company environment and boosting productivity.

Prerequisite: A degree in the residential conference.

Course Duration: approximately 1-2 years depending on student’s progress.

Fee Structure

The fee structure of the certificates changes with time. Currently, for 2021-2022, the fee structure is $1,233. Moreover, a semester enrolment fee of $100 is charged for every semester.

  • Institute of Positive Psychology Coaching

The institute of positive psychology coaching (IPPC) offers an Applied Positive Psychology Coaching certification. The program covers 132 credit hours. The program is efficiently designed and structured. It allows distance learning where you can take lessons from experts all over the world.


• Various training methods (individual, mentorship, and group learning.)

• Qualified international instructors.

• No binding regarding commencement. You can join anytime and start learning.

• Learn from home. No matter at which point in the world you are.

Fee Structure

You can either pay the complete program payment of USD 6,500 or apply for a payment plan. The payment plan includes monthly instalments of $583 USD.

  • California Institute of Integral Studies

The California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) offers an Integrative Health Studies program. The certificates offered by the institute include:

1. Certificate in Transformative Imagery

2. Certificate in Patient Navigation

3. Certificate in Health Coaching

These programs are deeply associated with positive psychology coaching. They are designed to teach elements of human flourishing and well-being. After completion of the courses, students are required to take an exam at NBHWC. These certified courses are taken in addition to the Master’s program. It is a two-year program.

You can apply online at the university website. You are required to have a graduate degree of BS, BA, or an equivalent as a prerequisite. Moreover, the students must have a 3 GPA or above. However, the institute provides relaxation as well. Students with GPAs of 2 and above can contact the admission office to know about their options. Other admission requirements include transcripts, personal goal statement, autobiographical statement, resume, and two letters of recommendation.

  • Positive Psychology Practitioner Training with the School of Positive Transformation

The school of positive transformation offers a distinctive and innovatively designed certified program. This program is designed for all the individuals who wish to learn the skills. The curriculum includes 39 sessions with 150 learning hours. There are no prerequisites for enrolment.


• Internationally recognized certification.

• Reasonable fee structure.

• No bindings concerning when and where to study.

• Development of expert skills.

• Ease of access.

Fee Structure

The module payment is $1450. The website offers a timely discount. You can expect at least up to 40 per cent.

  • Positive Psychology Coaching Fundamentals with the Wholebeing Institute

The positive psychology coaching fundamentals course is offered by the Wholebeing Institute. The program includes ten webinar sessions. These are live sessions that cover the following topics:

1. Understanding the need for coaching to the situation at hand.

2. Techniques of positive psychology coaching.

Apart from this course, the institute offers four more courses in their respective fields.

Duration of the course:

Two months or ten weeks.

Fee Structure

You are required to pay $895.

How to choose the right positive psychology coaching certification program for you?

So far we have seen several courses that are offered. There are numerous other courses available as well. The precondition is to recognize and select the course that is right for you. To make a correct choice, you must look at what suits you the best. If you are a graduate degree holder and wish to continue with higher studies, then Master’s programs are a sensible choice.

If you are an HR manager or a leader, then degree programs are not your cup of tea. You require relevant certification that also covers the organizational structure and relative psychological education. Similarly, you might want to opt for certified studies if you wish to further enhance your skills in your current field.

How long does it require to become a certified positive psychology coach?

To become a certified positive psychology coach, the time constraint is various. As discussed above, different platforms offer unique learning programs with a wide range of course durations. Accredited courses are designed to cover a lesser period than the graduate or master’s programs. Moreover, some certifications do not follow bindings of time and offer you a free time scale. You are allowed to view lectures according to your pace.

Is certification mandatory to become a positive psychology coach/practitioner?

Certification is an essential asset when it comes to career development. It is a source of recognition. You can gain credibility and acceptance through certification. It opens the doors of opportunities for you. Since institutions and customers judge and trust you based on your expertise. Certification and experience are two factors that form the basis for others to evaluate your qualification.


Positive Psychology Coaching allows healing on an emotional and mental level. It helps people develop an optimistic view of life. This mentorship may be provided in any area of life. Nevertheless, there are certain programs that are globally available. You may learn and carry on with your career as Positive Psychology Coach through the programs discussed above. Happy Coaching! 


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