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Top 10 Best Generation Y / Millennials Coach Certifications

Generation Y is more creative but also tricky to handle. There are many millennials’ options regarding Generation Y coaching and coaches. To become an effective Generation Y coach, you will need to learn some tips and tricks that will help you a lot.

If you want to be an effective millennial coach for Generation Y, then you must go for Millennials Coach Certifications.

Top 10 Best Generation Y / Millennials Coach Certifications Millennials Coach Certifications

We are here to help you get the best certifications that will make you get the generation to learn and get everything you want to. 

In Brief : Top 10 Best Generation Y / Millennials Coach Certifications
  • How To Lead & Coach Millennials & Gen Z Employees – Udemy’s course focuses on enhancing coaching skills for Generation Y and Z, emphasizing creativity in coaching, influencing leader competency, and addressing skill gaps to guide and lead these generations effectively.
  • Gen Z And Millennial Career Coaching: A 5-Step Model | ILCT – ILCT’s course caters to career coaches working with Gen Z and Millennials, providing a structured 5-step model for assisting young adults in developing a suitable career plan, addressing assumptions and guiding through post-secondary decisions.
  • Leading Millennials – Indian Leadership Academy – The Indian Leadership Academy’s course recognizes the generational shift in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of strategies for leaders to harness the talent, drive, and expectations of Millennials, the predominant workforce by 2025.
  • Millennial Career Coaching | Institute For Life Coach Training – Offered by the Institute for Life Coach Training, this career coaching program provides a systematic framework for assisting young adults in developing a fitting career plan, equipped with off-the-shelf techniques for identifying suitable tasks.
  • Mentoring Millennials – Harvard Business Review – Harvard Business Review’s course on mentoring Millennials offers insights into developing and nourishing the next generation of leaders, addressing concerns about leadership roles, employee retention, and guiding Millennials into adulthood.
  • Culture | How To Be A Great Generation Y Coach – The Culture course focuses on becoming an effective Generation Y coach by tapping into their desire for improvement, fostering open-mindedness to new ideas, acknowledging unique working styles, and facilitating professional advancement.
  • How To Become A Generation Y Coach: The Fundamentals – The Fundamentals’ course teaches the basics of becoming a Generation Y coach, offering practical coaching techniques and a structured program broken into short video sections for immediate application in operational roles.
  • Coaching Managers & Leaders For Continuous Improvement – This course concentrates on coaching current leaders and managers for performance improvement, habit development, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, addressing critical team leadership skills and guiding managers on key performance indicators.
  • The Manager’s Guide To Driving High Performance – This course focuses on managing and preserving high-performing talents, addressing the challenges of recruiting quality teams and providing creative approaches to managing high-performance teams.
  • How To Become A Generation Y Coach: Maximising Performance – Geared towards aiding coaches of Generation Y, this course emphasizes understanding how coaching can lead to greater professional success, focusing on maximizing performance and efficiency.

What is generation Y / millennials coaching?

Generation Y that is also commonly known as Millennials is the generation that is born in the internet age. They are also known as net generation. Coaching the Millennials means you have to guide them and teach them according to their ways. 

Generation Y crave development and autonomy, so by teaching them, you will help them self-navigate. One of the effective tools to support Generation Y is coaching them according to the environment in which they are born. 

What are the benefits of generation Y / millennials coaching?

There are many stereotypes about millennials and how they are not working out the way people want to. Even many people do not want to coach the Gen Y as they think that this generation is addicted to social media, and there is no need to guide them or teach them. 

But being a millennial coach can help you in many ways. Generation Y is much more ambitious, smart, and also hard working. They can easily reach their targets by using smart applications or devices. Even the 50% workforce that is currently working comprises Generation Y. They are super talented. By coaching them, you can get a lot of benefits. What are these? Well, we are going to tell you over here in this section:

1. You will learn and gain knowledge from them:

Generation Y is a highly educated and talented one. Currently, Generation Y is the most talented plus educated in the workforce. The majority of them have graduated and also experienced many skills. They do not only rely on only books, but they also search the Internet to find solutions to their problems. 

As a coach of Generation Y, you will gain a lot of knowledge and perspective about technology. Not only this, but they will also give you informational and authentic content from books. 

2. Easy to Train:

Unlike the previous generations or even generation Z, the most flexible generation is Gen Y. The reason is that the previous generations only relied on books, and Gen Z only relied on the Internet and stuff. But when it comes to Gen Y, they have experienced both ages, the age of books and the Internet. This makes their nature flexible. 

As a coach, it is quite easy to guide and teach Gen Y, and you will be relaxed as they will quickly get everything without putting extra effort. You can help them in getting skills quicker and easier.

3. New Perspectives:

By coaching millennials, you can gain new perspectives as they are always bringing new ideas and terms. If you are having young students, they will not only learn but also bring new ideas to you. They always think out of the box, and this quality of them will also make you think out of the box and also you will gain what you exactly want in short mean. 

4. You will learn about technology:

By teaching millennials, you will not only have to teach them using books, but you will also teach them to become internet surfers. You will learn a lot about new technological terms and how to use each platform accurately. By giving them coaching classes, you will be able to cope with what the modern world demands and how you can learn new skills. 

5. Give lifetime loyalty:

If you want your students to help you in the future or work as a team with you. Then giving coaching classes to Generation Y can help you a lot. They are not only smart and hard working. But they are also loyal and dedicated to their business or any individual. 

You can teach them and then link them with you if you need the best aspirant in the future.

Not only this but you will also be paid heavy amounts if you teach them, as most Gen Y individuals are already in their professional life and can easily afford a fee for coaching classes or training.

Top Ten Coaching Certifications for Becoming a Generation Y / Millennials Coach:

Education or a degree is not the only important thing that you must go for. But you will need some skills and certifications so you can become a perfect coach or a trainer. To become a millennial coach, you will need to get certifications. Below are the top ten certifications that you may go for:

1. How to Lead & Coach Millennials & Gen Z Employees:

How to Lead & Coach Millennials & Gen Z Employees is offered by Udemy. You can become more influenced and get more teaching skills by taking this course. The main thing that you will learn over here is how to add creativity to your coaching skills. 

There are different things that you will learn from this training. Below are some of them:

  • You will learn how you can become an effective coach for Generation Y and how to add them to your team.
  • Another thing that you will learn from this course is that you will know exactly what Gen Y and Gen Z want to learn from their leaders. 
  • You can increase the influence level and leader competency. 
  • You will also learn about the skill gaps that will help you guide Gen Y and Gen Z.

2. Gen Z and Millennial Career Coaching: A 5-Step Model | ILCT:

This course is designed for career coaches who work with or would like to work with secondary and also post-secondary students. You can also work as well as recent college graduates. It will also encompass Gen Z and Gen Y clients.  

During the coaching engagement, you will gain knowledge of a structured process for assisting young adults in developing a good-fit career plan. You will start understanding a process for guiding clients through the process of testing their assumptions about numerous career options. You will also conduct the necessary research to make better-informed decisions about post-secondary prospects, internships, and first jobs. 

You will also leave with a set of tools to use with clients to help them identify where in the world of work they might be able to find a suitable fit task at a self-sustaining salary.

3. Leading Millennials – Indian Leadership Academy:

The modern workplace is going through a generational shift. As this generation has become more prevalent in businesses and positions of leadership, it is becoming increasingly important for leaders to devise appropriate strategies to harness this generation’s talent, drive, and expectations.

The current workforce is going through a generational shift. According to the most recent Deloitte research, Millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce by 2025, making it the biggest generational group in the working sector. As this generation has become more prevalent in businesses and positions of leadership, it has become increasingly essential for an organization to devise appropriate strategies to harness this generation’s talent, drive, and expectations.

4. Millennial Career Coaching | Institute for Life Coach Training:

Millennial Career Coaching offered by Institute for Life Coach Training is also the best and most perfect training for anyone who wants to pursue a coaching career for generation Y. It is perfect for every person who wants to work with Gen Y and wants to teach them. 

During the coaching engagement, you will learn a systematic framework for assisting young adults in developing a good-fit career plan. You will also leave with a set of off-the-shelf techniques to use with clients to help them identify where in the world of work they might be able to find a decent fit task at a self-sufficient wage.

5. Mentoring Millennials – Harvard Business Review:

Mentoring Millennials by Harvard Business Review is another suggestion for what you can go for. It is a full review that is recommended for Gen Z and Gen Y coaches. If you’re concerned about who will lead your company in the next decade, this Featured collection on how to develop and nourish your next generation of leaders is required reading.

You will find the answers to questions like How do you keep your best employees? Are Gen X and Gen Y ready to take on leadership roles? And also, how do you guide Millennials as they reach adulthood?

6. Culture | How to be a Great Generation Y Coach :

You can become a coach certification through Culture and play an important part in rooting the Gen Y. You can tap into their natural desire to improve their work and make it more effective by being open to new ideas.

This coaching will help you become an effective coach. It will help you use the ability to think outside the box to generate new ideas. Explain how your work will fit into the bigger picture. Coach and guide you to help them advance professionally. Acknowledge and capitalize on one‘s distinct working style. Give you the opportunities to learn about age differences.

7. How to Become a Generation Y Coach: The Fundamentals:

The Basics of Becoming a Generation Y Coach will be taught to you in this course by The Fundamentals. This course can help you understand the fundamentals of coaching while also providing you with practical coaching techniques which you can immediately apply in your operational role. The program is broken up into short video sections. 

This course will enable and help anyone who wants to learn how to use the power of coaching and mentorship. It can also help those Managers who wish to adopt a coaching approach for Generation Y. It is also very beneficial for all those people who want to develop deeper and also more meaningful interactions with students. 

8. Coaching Managers & Leaders for Continuous Improvement:

This course focuses on coaching current leaders or managers to improve performance, develop new habits, and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement. Every great athlete has a coach. Every great musician has a coach. Every manager has a coach. You can become an effective coach of Gen Y and Gen Z through this course. 

Coaching leaders and executives to develop critical team leadership skills. To coach employees and managers on key performance indicators. To guide and support leaders and managers in the development of habit patterns that result in a high-performing organization.

9. The Manager’s Guide to Driving High Performance:

This course can help you become the best coach, and a manager for Gen Y. Recruiting and methods of quality teams are difficult tasks in and of themselves. However, the ability to manage and preserve such talents is a much more difficult task. To manage high-performing individuals and groups, this course is best for you. It will bring an organization to its toes. This course will also teach you about some creative approaches to managing high-performance teams.

10. How to Become a Generation Y Coach: Maximising Performance:

This course is basically intended to aid the coaches of Gen Y to understand better how to perform more efficiently. While there will probably be no direct benefit to attendees, there may be indirect benefits. 

This course has benefits in that it enables a good understanding of how Coaching Generation “Y” professionals could lead to greater professional success. 

What are the career prospects of someone with a generation Y / millennials coach certification?

By getting a generation Y certification, you can excel in many fields. You will not be only able to teach and guide Gen Y, but you can also pursue several fields. What are these? We will tell you about the careers you can choose after getting certification:

1. Become a teacher:

You can become a teacher by doing these certifications. If you are a master in any subject, you can teach Gen Y about that. Because many Gen Y people are still studying. You can also teach them any skill that is required for the future. 

2. Use Digital Platforms to Earn:

Gen Y and Gen Z both rely mostly on digital platforms. By taking coaching certifications, you will know how to teach them. So, you can use the digital platforms and guide them by virtual means. In this way, you will not be only paid by students, but your views will also pay you. 

3. Go for mentorship:

You can become a mentor for Gen Y and can earn a lot through this. Gen Y is that generation who knows both about past times and future times. So, they mostly look up to mentors that guide them on how they can cope with technology and stay connected with the world. You can become a lifetime mentor and guide them with every new change that is coming and every way possible through which they can earn. 

4. Side Hustle:

You can also make coaching a side hustle and can earn through it. How? Well, you can give the classes to Gen Y about the skill they want to learn or the course you want to do. As a result, you can earn a lot by doing a part-time job.

Skills needed for becoming a generation Y / millennials coach:

Getting a certification or training is not the only thing that you will have to do. You will also need to practice some skills. Below are the skills:

1. Adaptable:

You must be adaptable as Gen Y has an adaptable nature. They quickly adapt to the changes and aspect others to be like them. As a coach, you must know about changes occurring in the world, and you must adapt to the changes as soon as you may. 

2. Professional:

Millennials are hardworking and smart. So, they always look up to professional people. By becoming professional, we mean that you must be on time, talk to the point, and must be dedicated while doing your work. In this way, your coaching can be effective.  

3. Patience:

Millennials whose age is above 32 will take some time to learn something new or get a new skill. The reason behind this is that the progressive changes in technology have created a huge generation gap in people from 25 to 40. 

The people above 32 will still need more focus to learn and adapt to new changes as compared to millennials who are above 25 and below 31. So, you must be more patient towards them and teach them just like you are teaching a completely new person. But as soon as they get the point, they will excel in the field for sure.

4. Flexibility:

You must be flexible as you will be a coach of the generation who relies on books as well as the Internet. So it would help if you had the flexibility to switch to books from technology and switch back from the Internet to books. You will have to take both things together when teaching them. 

5. Smartness:

You must be smart. You must know how to figure out solutions to any problems that your students will face. It can be a real-life problem or a problem related to a modern device. So make sure to bring out smart solutions.

Questions to consider when looking for a Generation Y / millennials coaching certification:

If you want to take any certification or coaching, you will need to ask several important questions from your coachee. Below are the questions you must ask before enrolling:

  1. What are the skills that you will learn?
  2. What will be the time and budget?
  3. Will you become a perfect Gen Y coach?


Generation Y is no doubt a balanced generation that knows both books and technology. Giving them classes or guiding them is not easy if you do not know about tactics and tricks to teach them. By taking a perfect coaching certification, you will be able to deal with generation Y and teach them the way they will be more comfortable. 

Frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to the questions that most people ask about Gen Y and how to coach or guide them:

1. What are the benefits of getting a generation Y / millennials coach certification?

Generation Y comprises almost 50% of the workforce, and many of them are still studying advanced levels. There are a lot of benefits to teaching and coaching them. These benefits include:
You will earn more.
They will catch everything quicker.
You will also learn from them about different things. 
Additionally, they are loyal and will work with you for long terms.

2. How much does a generation Y / millennials coach certification cost?

The cost of the certification of coaching Gen Y depends upon what you want to take. There are courses offered on multiple platforms. If you want to take the best courses from a recognized institute, it will charge you almost $200 or more. Similarly, many other certifications are offered in the range of $100 to $200 approximately. If you will go to advanced level learning, you will need to pay more. 

3. How do you choose the right generation Y / millennials coach certification for you and your needs?

To choose the right certification for you and your needs, you will need to answer the following questions. After answering these questions, you will know where you are currently lying and what things you will need to choose a perfect question. The questions are:
Why do I want to take certification as a Gen Y coach?
What are the skills I need to learn to become a millennial coach?
Do I want to manage the Gen Y workforce, or Do I have to become a coach only?
Will this course return me more amount that I am spending on it, or is there nothing?

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