The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Millennial Life Coach [2023 Edition]

The millennial life coaching industry is growing at a skyrocketing pace. What’s the reason? In this fast-paced competitive world, the passion-driven millennials need guidance to achieve their dreams.

I feel as a coach, you have to use all the energies of millennials in a positive direction. Sometimes, they are driven to achieve a lot of things in a short span of time. This builds a lot of pressure and problems for them which can misguide and deviate them from their real goals. As a millennial coach, you can mentor them to their best without taking any pressure.

Do millennials turn to you for advice? Have you helped them to achieve their dreams?

Do you want to channelize the energies of millennials in the best way?

Are you a millennial life coach? Do you want to be one?

Yes? Congratulations!! You are at the right place. Welcome to this article and check out the guidelines written by me.

I feel the millennial generation has been taught that they can achieve anything. Yet, many of them do not know where they are going. They are not aware of the reality of the outside market. A coach has the necessary tools for helping such sections.

Hence, this is the major area where I think coaches can focus. They should not only help today’s generation in making career decisions but life decisions as well.

Are you ready to guide them? Are you ready to set a successful coaching venture?

Let us first understand the role of a millennial life coach.

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Who is a millennial life coach?

As per researchers, millennials are the group of people born between 1981-1996. They are ambitious, achievement-oriented and ready to take challenges. A millennial life coach can play an important role in building ambitious millennials. Check out the TED talk- Millennial Leadership: The Key to Your Organization’s Success | Jeff Orr | TEDxGrandCanyonUniversity to make millennial leaders.

A lot of people require a mentor to give them a new perspective. Hence, there is a need for a coach who can guide them. For such groups, a millennial life coach plays a vital role.

These coaches work with young and working professionals. They have difficulty finding a balance between family and career. They are stuck in personal fulfillment. Millennial coaches can show them the right methods for coming out of the challenges. They help you in getting answers for questions like:

How to be financially independent? How to start a venture?

How to contribute to the economy?

How to fight against climate change, terrorism, racism, unemployment?

How to adjust to older generations?

I feel the above questions depict some important problems faced by millennials. Due to these issues, they are unable to reach their full potential. They fear their needs may not be fulfilled in the future.

An experienced millennial life coach can help them fight their insecurities and motivate them to achieve their goals. Millennials have high ambitions but lack experience. An experienced coach like you can give them clarity about their goals. You can make them aware of things that are holding them back.

As a coach, share your experiences which will help them build their self-confidence. A millennial coach does not let the client stuck in their life. You are the one who can help them find their passion and path.

As per my experience, today’s generation is ambitious but lack purpose in life. A millennial life coach knows which tools are required when. Using those tools you can help people in areas of career development, time management, life purpose and more. Guide the millennials to find their calling.

How can a millennial life coach help millennials?

As a millennial life coach, you are responsible to use the passion of today’s generation to build the future.

What can you do?

How can you help millennials?

Do you have a coaching plan?

Do you think you can do it?

Let me help you with this. I have researched and jotted all the points down.

A millennial life coach can build the self-esteem of millennials

A lot of teens today lack self-esteem. They may be ambitious but lack self-confidence and clarity. Youths today have poor vision. Teens are unable to discover their true potential. This, in turn, makes them insecure. But now we don’t have to worry as millennial coaches like you are there to guide them. As a coach, you can help teens in taking charge of their life.

During high school, teens experience a lot of challenges. This results in confusion and stress. They are lost. This is because parents and teachers keep high demands from their children. Thus, teens face a lot of stigmas. They may start fighting for their freedom.

In such situations, comes the need for a professional. Who can be a better professional than a millennial life coach?

They can make teens deal with the complex issues of life. This can be anything from education to making friends. Their role is giving trustworthy support. You as a coach should identify their circumstances and beliefs. Later, you can design the program accordingly.

Empower the millennials by being their role models

When teens are young they absorb things from the environment. They learn from the people around them. During this time you as a millennial life coach can influence them a lot. They will take you as an example and move forward. Hence, you should take action accordingly.

Empowerment is the most important way in which the academic lives of teens can be improved. A millennial life coach uses this tool in the personal lives of teens too. As a coach, you give them the necessary resources which can help them in holistic growth. This improves their personal and professional skills. Teens become more proactive.

Teach stress management techniques through millennial life coaching programs

Good stress management techniques can solve the problems by 50%. These are a must for teens in their overall development. As a coach, you can teach stress management techniques in your coaching programs.

Meditation, yoga, regular exercise, a well-balanced diet, a positive attitude, being grateful are some great stress management techniques that can be taught to the millennials. It helps in bringing the balance between the professional and personal lives of teens.

The above stress management techniques can teach teens to control their emotions. It also helps in physical, as well as mental well-being.

Build problem-solving skills in millennials

Give challenges to millennials in your coaching programs. This will build their problem-solving skill which will help them resolve their issues. Teach them to be independent thinkers. Don’t give them ready solutions.

Mentor them but don’t spoon-feed them. How can you do that? Ask your millennials coachees to analyze the problems first. Have a discussion and see what they can do to change them. Let them come up with possible solutions. Acknowledge them and give your feedback. This will build their confidence and make them independent thinkers.

As a millennial life coach teach them that problems are temporary. A coach helps them maintain composure. You can ask them to focus on their next plan and forget the past.

Develop conflict management skills in millennials

Conflict management skills can bring holistic development to millennials. As a coach, teach them 5 techniques of conflict management skills-

  • Accommodation
  • Avoidance
  • Collaboration
  • Compromise
  • Competition

The above 5 techniques are useful and can benefit millennial’s. As a coach, use the above techniques and see the difference.

Who are your prospective clients as a millennial life coach?

Prospective clients- what do you think? Have you done your research? Do you think only millennials can be your clients? Yes? You are wrong. As per my experience, millennials are not the only clients for you, but all the people and organizations working with millennials can be your prospective clients.

Are you still thinking? Check out the list to know your prospective clients.

Millennials are the most important clients for millennial life coaches

As a coach, you can mentor and guide millennials in holistic development. You can teach them stress and conflict management skills. You can help them build confidence and achieve their dreams. You can guide them in professional and personal matters. Also, give direction to their passions. Check the article Why Millennials Make The Perfect “Life Coaching” Clients to understand them.

Parents of millennials also need the help of millennial life coach

Parents of millennials want to understand and support their kids in the best way. So, who do you think can help them? Yes, millennial life coach. A coach can make the parents understand their kids’ potential and capabilities. As a coach, you can build a strong equation between millennials and their parents.

Institutes where millennials study can also benefit from coaching programs

Teachers, supporting staff, counselors who work with millennials can also be your prospective clients. Are you thinking about how? The people who work with millennials may not understand their mindset. Because of this millennials face various issues and can be a problem.

As a coach, you have to bridge the gap between education providers and millennials.

Companies who work with millennials can be your prospective clients too

Companies also need millennial life coaches to motivate millennials in their careers. As a coach, you can coach employers to deal with millennials. Show the employers how they can achieve the best from each millennial employee.

Check the TED talk Chip Conley: What baby boomers can learn from millennials at work — and vice versa to understand how you can help them.

Do you need certification to be a Millennial life coach?

It is not legally necessary for a millennial life coach to get a certificate. But for credibility and professional training, you can go for it. Still, many practices without certification. This is because you can be an expert in coaching after years of experience.

In fact, prospective clients approach more by checking experience and less by certification. For example, when selecting a photographer, you look for their work on the website and not the certification. Hence, people will look for a millennial life coach in the same way.

Most successful and well-known coaches like don’t have certification. He has been successful with his coaching skills. This is possible for anyone. All you need is knowledge and guidance.

So, don’t hesitate and start your coaching venture today.

How much can a millennial life coach earn in 2021?

The hourly rate of a millennial life coach ranges between USD 75 and USD 200. It depends on what kind of challenge your young client is facing. Hence, the number of sessions may vary accordingly. You may get results after 4 to 10 sessions. Many coaches charge higher rates ranging between USD 300 and USD 2,000 per session. Your skills and expertise matter a lot for deciding your earnings. So work on your coaching skills and then you can earn high revenue.

Check the article- Aspiring Millennial Coaches: This Mistake Is Keeping Your Business From Taking Off to understand your mistakes.

Top qualities you should own to be a millennial life coach

Stay humble as a millennial life coach

As a millennial coach, stay humble and acknowledge the suggestions given by your clients. Sometimes parents learn from their child likewise teachers from students. In the same way, you can learn from your clients.

Be authentic to your coaching clients

Don’t fake your experience or skills. Be authentic to your clients as this will build long term relationships with the clients. Focus on long term relations than short term and high profit.

Charge a fee that is authentic as per the coaching program. Don’t charge a high fee just to follow the crowd. The client may ask about your background and past. Be open to answering all the questions.

Develop new skills and be a curious learner

As a coach, you have to constantly work on your craft. Learn new skills and keep yourself updated about millennials’ interests, choices, career paths, etc.

Study the behavior of your clients to understand them better.

Network and build connection

A millennial coach should meet people regularly. It is seen that millennials require constant communication. Therefore, you should build a great connection with them. Your information-sharing skills should be transparent. You should get into the roots of the matter.

Be sensitive and non-judgemental as a millennial life coach

Be a good listener to your clients and be sensitive to their problems. Have an open heart and mind when you listen to your clients. This makes you non-judgemental and clients build trust in you.

I am sure you will have the above qualities as a coach. If not, then you can work on it and see the difference in your coaching career.

Top marketing strategies to get coaching clients fast as a millennial life coach

Parents want their teens to get a good coach. But they do not know how they will react. You may find some millennials excited for getting your support. Still, some may be reluctant. They may show some resistance. How can you get hold of such clients?

If you are aware of the personality of your clients then things become easy. Here are some strategies to get your clients on board.

Present your millennial life coaching program as a gift

A good coaching program can be the best gift for your clients, as it can change their life for the better. Present your coaching program as a gift. This way millennials, parents, companies will be excited to try out your services.

As a coach, share with the teens that they will get something special from the program. This way they may feel more excited about coaching.

Market your coaching program through your website and social media

These days teens are more on the internet rather than books. In fact, they also study online. Their reading materials, classes, everything is online. For gaining more clients, all you need is sharing your work on social media.

You can use Google Ads with your website link on different websites. This will make people visit your coaching webpage. Many of them may review your website. Have a chat option on your website. Clients may have questions which if you answer can start the conversation. This way they can turn your clients.

Conduct free interesting workshops

As a coach, conduct free workshops to attract new clients. Keep the workshop interesting and interactive. Stay enthusiastic. This will encourage the audience. They will love knowing more about you and your coaching.

Be innovative in marketing your millennial life coaching programs

As a coach, don’t just focus on free workshops. Look for other creative options. A millennial coach can succeed if he or she has new ideas. Thus, you need to build marketing strategies. For example, you can have a webinar every week. This can be on different topics. It should be attractive enough for getting clients. This is because such tools are preferred by millennials. You can also have customized coaching sessions.

Take feedback from your clients

As a coach, you can conduct a survey with your existing as well as new clients. In this, you can ask about their views on your strategies. This way you can get connected with them. They will also learn about your coaching. This can help you increase your client base.

Conduct contest for your clients

This is the best way for making millennials know where they lack. You can challenge them. You can have some brainstorming activities. In this whole process, you are winning their trust. They will ask you questions and you will help them out. As a coach, conduct such engaging activities as it attracts new clients.

Share the testimonials of clients who gained from your coaching

This strategy does not involve cost. Also, it is the most powerful tool. You can share the reviews on brochures or websites. It displays your credibility and experience. Testimonials encourage new clients to trust you.

These are the few marketing strategies that I have added. Check out which all can help you gain more clients.

To know more marketing strategies check out the article 50 marketing tips for coaches.

What is the impact of a millennial life coach?

After all the efforts you may feel what impact your coaching does. Let us look at the results.

Millennial life coaching programs help millennials gain identity

You have seen how self-confident millennials are. They have an attitude for doing something different. All they need is a great coach who can inspire them. Thus, your coaching skills help them contribute to society. They start doing meaningful things. As a coach, you can help them gain their identity.

Millennials become more focused

Millennials do not prioritize things so fast. They do not make schedules. They work spontaneously. As a coach, you can guide them to define their boundaries. Mentor them to form the proper structure in which they can plan things. This enables them to focus on every task. They stay flexible and still achieve their long-term goals. Your coaching can help them make things organized.

As a coach, become their role model. This makes them follow what they do. Hence, they do not deviate from the task.

Improves personal skills of millennials

Millennials face a high level of insecurities. When they begin their career, there is a lot of job uncertainty. There is less stability in their professional front. This makes them move towards personal development.

Millennials start improving if you give them ongoing feedback. This will make them focus on their strengths. This is because millennials are the generation that is always trying to “find themselves”. To give their best, they need the right performance reviews. As a millennial life coach, you can help them in this area.

Millennials are empowered by millennial life coaching programs

Millennials are a major portion of the workforce. As a coach, encourage them to move towards success. Build hopes and desires in them. This is because millennials are innovative but need direction. If you give them the reason, they will work towards it. A millennial coach should include them in decision making. This brings in a lot of difference in the life of a millennial.

Millennial coaching programs can give clarity to millennials

Millennials form a high belief for different things. This is developed by peers, family, schools. Their beliefs do not match their parents’ thoughts. They don’t have clarity.

As a coach, you can mentor them to understand things better and bring clarity in the thought process.

Millennials need coaching to grow. They are eager to become great leaders. The holistic development process through coaching will help them find their identity. As a millennial life coach, you can create that environment. This is where they learn and excel. Successful millennial life coaches can make the journey smooth for millennials. All it requires is your expertise and skill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Millennial Life Coach?

A Millennial Life Coach helps Millennial/Gen Z individuals to reach their full potential in all aspects of life. Millennials are now (or will soon be) entering the work force, getting married, and having children. As such, they are looking for a companion to help them become the best versions of themselves that they possibly can be. A Millennial Life Coach acts as a teacher, mentor, and sometimes even a therapist. The Millennial Life Coach is the bridge between the Millennial/Gen Z individual, and the success they desire.

Do you need certification to be a Millennial life coach?

No. Certification is not necessary. In fact, there is no industry-wide certification or licensing procedure for life coaches. However, there are certifications from independent organizations that provide coaching training, such as IACP, NCC, and CCI. We advise to choose an organization which is a member of ICF, as it is the most recognized and respected professional coaching organization in the world.

How much can a millennial life coach earn?

According to Glassdoor, the average pay for a millennial life coach with a bachelors degree or higher is $43,811 a year. A millennial life coach with a masters degree can expect to make $51,870 a year. The top 10% of earners made $92,898 or more a year. The bottom 10% of earners made $28,115 a year or less.


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