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Coaching Certifications Required To Become A Happiness Coach

No matter which country you travel to, you will find people who are happy and content with their lives and those that are not. It is not just a one nation phenomenon where there are unhappy people going through their daily lives wishing for something better.

Helping people overcome their difficulties and getting them to realize their potential is just one aspect of being a happiness coach. Keep reading to find out more about what a happiness coach does and what certifications you need to become one.

Coaching Certifications Required To Become A Happiness Coach Happiness Coach
In Brief: Coaching Certifications Required To Become A Happiness Coach

What Is Happiness Coaching?

It may be a bit difficult to explain as there are so many facets to this profession that one simple definition does not do it justice. For some, a happiness coach is someone who transforms the lives of others.

Then to other people, a happiness coach is someone who teaches others how to be happy about their lives and circumstances. Finally, there are those who feel that a happiness coach is someone who helps an unhappy person gain a different perspective and enable you to discover your inner self.

What a happiness coach does is use a holistic approach to your issues and help you gain better insight into what is going on around you. The best way to describe this profession is that it is one facet of a counseling profession that holds many facets to it.

You are basically a counselor focusing on specific issues that help the person discover where their true happiness lies.

Are Coaching Certifications Required To Become A Happiness Coach?

Yes, there are some requirements to becoming a professional happiness coach. Some people think that it is a gift and a higher calling, but you still need the training to help you focus on that gift.

Before you get that training there are some key requirements you should already have before you embark on this career. One of those requirements is that you have a good ability to listen to others.

This listening means to listen to what they do say, what they don’t say and being able to read between the lines and understand the message being sent. Another key requirement is to have confidence in your techniques and abilities.

Without that confidence, you may not be able to attract too many clients or be successful in your interaction with them. Then you can use the following training programs to help build that confidence while also gaining more knowledge on how to transform people’s lives through happiness coaching.

1. Transformation Academy – Happiness Life Coach Certification

This is basically the same program that UDEMY uses but it costs a little bit more. The cost of the course is $197 and you get all the same info and material that UDEMY offers its students who enroll in this program. In fact, UDEMY gives you Transformation’s certificate once you have completed the training.

The skills taught to you through this training program include forgiveness, desires, and expectations, how to overcome limiting beliefs, understanding emotions and moods, and more.

Plus, you should develop more confidence in yourself and your coaching skills. The course is done completely online and you can go at your pace.

2. IAP – Happiness Coach Certificate Course Online

If you are working that is okay. This training institute allows you to work part-time on this course. It costs $399 when not on special and at the time of this writing you only have to pay $149.

Once you enroll, you will learn how to become a happiness coach, what you are supposed to do as a professional coach, and the techniques needed to be successful. The training to develop your skills will help build confidence in yourself and teaches you how to succeed in this profession.

You will also get tips on how to start your business as a happiness coach and build a client base.

3. Udemy – Happiness Life Coach Certifications

In this course, you will learn how the techniques and tools you need to help people achieve happiness in their lives. Plus, you will get in-depth training on what is involved in helping others make long-term changes.

With the certificate, you get an increased amount of credibility and show your clients that you are serious about your work and in helping them. You will also be given materials to give to your clients to help them work through their issues.

The cost of the course is normally $100 approx.

4. Happiitude & Berkeley Well-Being Institute, California

Both institutions are working together to create a great course to learn how to be a good happiness coach. They offer a 6-week training program that covers 3 levels with the first level building a foundation in yourself so you can better help others.

Plus, the course is open to all those who truly want to help others. Their track record shows over 2000 students from 50 countries have used the training in successful ways with some even authoring books on  how to be happy.

Over 15 companies have used teachers from this course to help make their work environment better for their employees.

5. Happiness Management Institute

This is a German institution that does not place a lot of information on its website. You have to contact them directly in order to find out all the program details and how much it will cost.

It looks like they have 65 levels of certifications and you can choose the one that fits your mentality and lifestyle the best. Plus, the one that fits your life’s goals. The owner of the institute is one woman who achieved her MBA at Oxford Brookes University

6. Ofcourse – Happiness Life Coaching Certification 

This is a British-based institution that will charge you roughly 100 BP to attend their classes on becoming a happiness coach. You will learn the secrets in unlocking the happiness in yourself and others through the content of this course.

Also, you will learn what it takes to create long-term happiness and change in people. So far over 20,000 students have been trained by the couple who run this school.

7. Happiness Mentor – Certified Happiness Coach

This institution is based in India and it works to help you understand what happiness is and how to answer key questions that plague people’s minds robbing them of happiness. To find out key details, you have to contact the school and ask them for costs, time frame and so on.

How Much Does A Happiness Coaching Certification Cost?

This will depend on the institution offering the courses. Some can be fairly expensive while others only charge a nominal fee. Plus, some institutions put on sales so the cost to you is not as high as it could be.

We listed some of the prices above along with any sales information we could find. others you just have to contact them to get their fee schedule. One school, not listed above, charges almost $8000 for their course.

The best thing to do is make a list of institutions that offer this training and talk to them. Ask them the hard questions including how much they charge then make comparisons.

Is the content they are offering worth the money they are asking or are they charging too little and you are getting too little content to be effective.

Which Is The Best Happiness Coaching Certification?

The best one will be granted from a school that has legitimacy, credentials and offer in-depth training that goes beyond a few weeks of training through online materials. You are looking for those programs that offer solid training by professionals who know their profession and can answer the tough questions to your satisfaction.

There are a lot of cheap courses you can take but it pays to be better trained even though it costs a little more. Look for the certification that provides you with the best training, the best content at a price you can afford.

You can always go back to school and upgrade at the more expensive institutions if you want to. Compare content to make sure you are getting the full training needed to be an effective happiness coach.

Are Happiness Coaching Certifications Worth It?

They are if this is the career you want to spend your life doing. That will be the biggest influence you will have. A coaching certificate brings credibility and people will have more confidence in your abilities if you have the right certificates in this profession.

Training is always valuable as it builds confidence in yourself and tells you that you have the knowledge to work in this career. Check out the different institutions and see if this career is what you have been looking for. Make sure to ask the difficult questions so you get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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