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Healing Crystals
The Definitive Guide

This guidebook will explain all about Healing Crystals”. The primary goal of this article is to assist those people who are facing any issue in knowing about Healing Crystals. Additionally, those who want to pursue a career as a crystal healer will find this article to be helpful. This article will give details of Healing Crystals from scratch to the deepest level. 

So, if you want to:

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals
  • Get a more profound understanding  of Healing Crystals  
  • Want to resolve all of your psychological, medical, educational, or social issues
  • Want to make you treat with crystals 
  • Want to know the physical, metaphysical, and healing properties of Healing Crystals
  • And most importantly want to start your career as a professional crystal healer!

And many more, then you will love this guide.  

Let’s get started!

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Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals

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Chapter 1:

An Introduction To Healing Crystals

The first chapter of the article will discuss the fundamentals of healing crystals. 

We will begin with discussing the term “Healing Crystals” and then move onto the early history and origin of Healing Crystals. 

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals

What are Healing Crystals?

“Quartz, agate, amethyst, or opal crystals are used in the pseudoscientific alternative medicine practice known as crystal healing.”

Crystal healers assert that their techniques may raise low energy, ward off negative energy, release congealed energy, and alter the aura of a person. One technique involves placing crystals on various body parts, frequently those that correlate to the chakras, or else placing crystals all around the body in an effort to create an energy grid that is said to surround the client with healing energy.

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals

Crystals have been used by healers for thousands of years, and some people think that crystals were among the first medicines ever created by humans. Ailments were treated and health was restored using ground crystals and crystal elixirs. 

Over the years, many crystals have been classed and given unique healing properties. These characteristics influence how humans and animals’ physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual bodies function.

History of Healing Crystals

The healing power of crystals is also described in Plato’s narrative of Atlantis. Plato claimed that the Atlanteans could read minds and send thoughts through crystals. 

The Ancient Sumerians are responsible for the earliest accounts of crystals in human history (c.4500 to c. 2000 BC). Crystals were a component of the Sumerian magic formulas.


History in Egypt

Crystals were mined by the ancient Egyptians, who utilized them to craft jewelry. Due to their mystical qualities, crystals and gemstones were also utilized in actual practice. 

They employed crystals specifically as health and safety aides. They frequently interred their dead with a lapis lazuli scarab in the hope that it would guard them in the afterlife. 

Amulets were additionally employed in Ancient Egypt to guarantee people’s safety. The amulet’s power was determined by its design, inscription, color, composition, and ritual use. In the shape of stones, piercings, rings, necklaces, or other jewelry, amulets were worn or put on the body. 

Amulets, which frequently featured an Egyptian deity and their unique abilities, were utilized by the Egyptians to aid their afterlife. Mummies were also adorned with amulets, which were often larger than those worn by the living and inserted between the bandages of the mummy. 

They also utilized full-size headrests put in tombs to protect the dead as amulets, which depicted the dead rising from the dead and being reborn, as well as the sun rising between two hills, which represented resurrection and rebirth.

History in Ancient Greek

Crystals were given a wide range of attributes by the Ancient Greeks. The Greek word “krystallos,” which means “ice,” is where the English word “crystal” comes from. Clear quartz crystals were thought to be made of water that had frozen to the point of crystallization by the Ancient Greeks. 

In Ancient Greek, the word “amethyst” means “not intoxicate.” They believed wearing amethyst as an amulet would help with hangovers or keep them from getting drunk. A number of cultures have long believed that precious stones can promote health, a concept known as lapidary medicine.

Quartz crystals are used by the Hopi Native Americans of Arizona to help with disease diagnosis. Galen and Pliny the Elder both asserted that some crystals had therapeutic qualities.

History in Europe

The belief in the healing uses of crystals remained throughout the Middle Ages in Europe. Lapidaries, which were widely read in Medieval and Early Modern Europe up to the 17th century, were collections of information about the purported medical capabilities of precious stones as well as other powers they were thought to possess.

Varied stones have different meanings and functions across cultures. Rose quartz is one illustration of this. The Romans used rose quartz as a seal to denote ownership. In the Middle Ages, it was used in healing potions. 

Today, rose quartz is known as the “love stone” and is used to balance emotions, as well as to heal anger and disappointment. In ancient Egypt, it was thought that rose quartz could prevent aging.

Now I will take you to the next chapter which will discuss how does a Healing Crystal work?

Chapter 2:

How does a healing crystal work?

This is the second and one of the most important chapters of this article.

In this section, we will discuss how healing crystals work, and delve into their methods.

Crystal Healing is thought to have an impact on a person either through vibration or mindset.

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals


The frequency at which a crystal vibrates depends on the chemical makeup of the crystal. Entrainment is the scientific term for how our bodies will attempt to vibrate at the same frequency as the crystal. 

Crystals touch and calm our Subtle Energy Body in this way, affecting us on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Numerous more uses for crystals include chakra balance, organ healing, aiding in recovery from trauma, and meditation. 

Through the ages, healers have developed their skills in employing particular crystals in particular ways to treat the body, mind, and spirit.

Crystals are perfect geometric structures made up of particular periodic table elements. Crystals are made up of distinctive and creative frequency combinations since each element resonates at a different frequency. 

By way of entertainment, your body will attempt to match the adjacent crystal’s flawless, constant frequency with its fluctuating but flowing frequency. 

The process of one set of frequencies influencing another set of frequencies until they eventually match and produce harmony is known as entrainment. Therefore, the fluctuating frequency of your energetic field will be influenced by the crystal’s consistent frequency. 

Information can also be stored in crystals. Since many years ago, significant research has been carried out in this direction, most notably by Dr. Marcel Vogel, a former research scientist with IBM. Thoughts, aspirations, and even the frequency of sound may all be stored in crystals.


The power of the mind can be harnessed through crystal healing in a way that may be even more effective than increases in vibrational energy.

Crystals have long been regarded as representations of perfection, purity, joy, and faith by poets and religious figures. 

Crystals were a source of creativity, dedication, and inspiration for them. Researchers at Stanford University concur that thinking has a big impact on health and recovery. 

The intention-based perspective of crystal healing, similar to that fostered in mindfulness meditation, is thought by practitioners to support immunity, attention, emotional processing, stress reduction, and nervous system regulation.

We see improvements in our mental and physical health because we already believe that crystals should have these effects, even when they don’t. Any positive changes we experience are quickly attributed to the crystals’ presence. 

Subjects would claim benefits that would probably be inflated because of their preconceived notion that the “medication” they are taking is meant to work; it is comparable to accidentally taking a sugar pill in a scientific trial.
The next chapter will discuss the Benefits of Healing Crystals.

Chapter 3:

Benefits of Healing Crystals

At the end of this chapter, you will see why Healing Crystals are definitely at the top of the list when discussing alternative therapies.

For those who are unaware, crystals are thought to have a number of healing powers. The list seemed to go on forever, ranging from promoting mental calmness to battling depression. 

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals

Advantages of Healing Crystals

Many famous people have used Healing Crystals and attested to their effectiveness. They have also been employed by priests to align the bodily chakras and in traditional types of treatment. 

These days using crystals is a powerful method of self-care and is gaining enormous popularity. They have the following advantages:


1. Placebo Effect

Nearly 20 years have passed since one of the more thorough studies on the effects of crystal treatment was conducted. It involved 80 participants and was presented in 2001 by psychologist Christopher French and his team at the British Psychological Society Centenary Annual Conference in Glasgow. 

Two sets of these individuals received information about the feelings they could anticipate while holding crystals, such as an increase in energy and focus. To assess the impact of real crystals, one group was given real crystals while the other received plastic imitations.

The team discovered that both groups had an equal likelihood of reporting experiencing the sensations that had previously been explained to them. The scientists came to a logical conclusion. People were helped by the power of suggestion, not by crystals.

Because those results haven’t been duplicated in larger studies and because a lot more research may be required to fully understand this, it’s difficult to draw general conclusions from them alone. 

However, the conversation surrounding crystal treatment changed as a result of this effort. According to some researchers, it’s possible that crystals don’t immediately address our psychological and physical problems. Perhaps, they might also have unintended advantages, which the idea of the “placebo effect” could help to explain.

Beneficial Effect of Placebo

Some people may benefit from a placebo effect brought on by crystal therapy. Although crystals may not have a direct impact on how a health issue develops, they may enhance a person’s mood and quality of life.

That’s especially true given that crystal healers and other practitioners of alternative medicine frequently exhibit a high degree of empathy and place a strong emphasis on talking with patients, which can create the perfect therapeutic atmosphere.

Crystal therapy is not a cure that can cure all illnesses. It’s crucial to emphasize that neither it nor conventional healthcare should be used to treat ailments. But because the placebo effect and the power of suggestion can be so significant for some people, it is impossible to completely rule out the possibility of crystal therapy.

2. Cross-Cultural Significance

Since ancient times, people have used crystals for a variety of ritual and healing purposes. Over the millennia, a wide range of groups from many places and cultures have used crystals and gemstones to meet a variety of needs. 

While the earliest stories of crystal magic claim that the inhabitants of the legendary Atlantean continent utilized crystals for telepathic contact, it is thought that these rituals persisted for ages in Egypt, South America, and Tibet. In recent decades, there has been a resurgence of interest in crystals and gemstones in both New Age and mainstream contexts.

The first stories of crystal magic are said to have originated on the lost continent of Atlantis. Some followers of new-age religions think that South America, Tibet, and Egypt have all preserved Atlantean crystal traditions. Ancient Indian kings gathered the finest stones to shield themselves from harm. 

The first astrological writings, which date back to 400 B.C. and were originally written in Sanskrit, included observations about the abilities of these stones. A specific gem would be required to “counteract the negative effect” of a trauma. 

Many ancient cultures used talismans and amulets as a form of preventative medicine by wearing them around their necks. To achieve a given result, particular stones are employed.

The history of crystal therapy is extensive and mysterious. Crystals have historically had a significant impact on healing in many cultures, including many more not included in this study such as British Pagan, Indian, and Native American societies. 

Many of the meanings and uses of the stones are the same across various civilizations, despite the differences in customs. The universe of crystal healing is significant to research for cultural anthropologists, archaeologists, biologists, doctors, sociologists, psychologists, and doctors of religious studies, regardless of how this common knowledge was transmitted physically or by the divine.

3. The Piezoelectric Effect

A wide range of typical consumer, commercial, and industrial items use piezoelectric crystals. Among many other uses, these crystals are found in clocks, ultrasonic devices, microphones, cigarette lighters, inkjet printers, speakers, and a variety of sensors and motors.

What is a Piezoelectric Crystal?

The ability of a substance to produce an electric charge when subjected to pressure is known as the piezoelectric effect.

Piezoelectric crystals have this capability. Both natural and artificial materials have this capability. Although Pierre and Jacques Curie discovered this effect in 1880, it took a long time for it to be used in real-world settings. The development of sonar during World War I aroused curiosity in the possibility of more technical advancements utilizing the piezoelectric effect.

The Mechanism of Piezoelectric Crystals

The material’s structure determines its potential for conducting electricity. Piezoelectric crystals contain an asymmetric atomic structure and a balanced charge. The structure deforms when mechanical pressure is applied, pushing the positive charge and the negative charge apart. 

The direct piezoelectric effect is what is meant by this. Symmetric crystals are not affected in this way by pressure and are not piezoelectric. The opposite of this reaction is also true: when electricity is passed through piezoelectric crystals, it is transformed into sound waves. The inverse piezoelectric effect is what gave rise to the invention of sonar.

How to Use Piezoelectric Crystals to Create Electricity

A rather straightforward piezoelectric crystal can be used to generate electricity. Metal plates are utilized to squeeze the crystal, converting mechanical energy (the indirect piezoelectric effect) into electrical energy. 

The plates capture the electrical charge produced when the pressure affects the atomic structure. More electrical power corresponds to more pressure.

When the balanced crystal, once more positioned between two metal plates, is electrically charged, the inverse piezoelectric action is produced. This effectively squeezes the crystal against itself, changing its structure and causing a sound wave to be released.

Which Crystal Types and Materials Show Piezoelectricity?

The most well-known piezoelectric crystal is undoubtedly quartz, maybe as a result of its use in quartz watches and clocks. Other substances (such as crystals and others) having this characteristic can be found in nature, though:

  • Topaz
  • Tourmaline
  • Rochelle salt
  • Tourmaline
  • Bone
  • Enamel
  • Collagen
  • DNA

Natural crystals are frequently replaced by artificial materials such as langasite, lithium niobate, barium titanate, potassium niobate, sodium tungstate, lead zirconate titanate (PZT), and others since they are typically more cost-effective than naturally occurring ones. 

Additionally, the piezoelectric potential of these synthetic choices is typically higher.

Now I will take you to the next chapter which will discuss the Side-effects of Crystal Healing.

Chapter 4:

Side-effects of Crystal healing

In the previous chapter, we discussed the benefits of Crustal Healing.

In this one, we will go over some of the side effects of Crystal Healing Sessions. 

I will also walk you through the basic purpose of Art Therapy. 

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals

Adverse Effects linked with Healing Crystals

Crystal energy is genuine, and for some people, coming into contact with it or working with its energies may cause some unwanted effects. Quartz crystals (SiO2) are regarded as one of the most potent metaphysical energy conductors in the mineral realm. Crystals may come with some adverse effects, quartz crystals being the most pronounced.

You should familiarize yourself with and be ready for any potential negative effects of working with crystals, whether they are experienced by others or you personally. 

1. Diarrhea

Overexposure to crystals can occasionally cause diarrhea or an upset stomach. It’s possible that the person isn’t yet prepared to withstand the rush of quartz energy. 

Use a smaller crystal or use it less frequently during the day if you believe the crystal is too big. The issue may occasionally result from a crystal healing setup that caused an excess of incoming energy or from employing too much conductive metal, such as is found in crystal jewelry.

2. Energy Tingles

You might experience energy tingles that feel like tiny “pins and needles” during crystal healing at different locations throughout your body. Additionally, you can experience hot and cold flushes that alternate. 

These are all indications that the body is going through energy fluxes and attempting to close any gaps in the etheric body that need to mesh. Remove the crystal(s) till the following time if the experiences become too much to handle.

3. Headaches

Because the energy from the crystal interacts with the brain energies that have their seat in the pineal gland, headaches are sometimes experienced as a side effect. 

The Third Eye, the sixth sense that is being stimulated by the crystal energies going through it, is powered by the pituitary and pineal glands together. If your Third Eye has been dormant for some time, a crystal’s abrupt stimulation could give you a headache. 

Prudence is suggested, although it should be interpreted positively to mean that the brain’s energies are now, at last, being stimulated. Of course, the offending crystal(s) should be eliminated until tolerance has been developed by gradual assimilation.

4. Emotional Swings

Crystals have the potential to elicit erratic emotional responses. People receiving crystal therapy have been seen to experience a range of emotional responses, including laughing, crying, and euphoria. 

This is because crystal energy is suddenly addressing the bad emotional baggage that many of us hold from our early years. People frequently describe experiencing emotional swings as they are dissolving.

5. Dizziness

Feeling faint or dizzy is another response, especially after a crystal healing treatment. If the patient has been lying down the entire session, slowly raise them to their feet and avoid standing until the dizziness has subsided.

Additionally, you can experience heightened sensitivity to specific outside stimuli like music or TV shows. Certain images, sounds, or odors in the media or in sounds, smells, or photographs may bring back unwelcome childhood memories. 

As a result, caution must always be taken to guarantee that the healing process is gradual and bearable. Never rush a healing process.

Now, I will take you to the next chapter which will discuss how to become a professional crystal healer.

Chapter 5:

How does one become a professional crystal healer?

This chapter will discuss how one becomes a professional crystal healer.

It will discuss the certificates required to become a Crystal Healer.

In the end, I will also inform you all about the various online courses available to become a Crystal Healer.

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals

IEHA and IICT Courses

You must succeed in the certification program to become a certified crystal healer. There are recognized local and online colleges that can give professional crystal healer certificates. 

The International Energetic Healing Association (IEHA) and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) are the two internationally renowned online certification accreditors. Different services are included in the practitioner courses’ package. Before selecting a course, you should analyze the specifics of the packages offered by various institutions and their standing in the real professional world. 

There are many handy online programs for obtaining a healing certification. Simply enroll in a course, finish the required number of hours, and you’ll receive a certificate. For the convenience of a practitioner, they offer online tutorials, liver classes, and many forms of learning materials.


Courses on Udemy

Since most online crystal healing courses are self-paced, you can do them on your own schedule and at your own pace. You can access them from anywhere in the world because they are available online. Here are some of the top recommendations for online courses on crystal healing:

1. Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification

The online esoteric practice course Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification is provided by Udemy. Students study crystal reiki through this course, learning about the history of the practice as well as several methods that can be used to advance health and well-being. 

Students who have already successfully completed Reiki Level I and II training are not eligible to enroll in the course. There is no prerequisite education in crystal healing. 

Two hours of on-demand video instruction are included in the $94.99 course and may be accessed on a computer, smartphone, or television. Additionally, students receive five supplementary articles and 23 digital resources. During the class lectures, the teacher assigns graded homework.

2. Crystal Healing Practitioner Course – Professional Training

A course in esoteric practices is available online through Udemy called Crystal Healing Practitioner Course – Professional Training. The course presents the idea of crystal healing and is designed for people with no prior training or expertise. 

The Energy Unblocker, the Body and Mind Balancers, the Chakra Balancer, and the Seal of Solomon are just a few of the nine forms of the crystal healing that students will be able to do at the end of the course. The course costs $119.99 and comes with 11 downloaded resources, 10 extra articles, and 2.5 hours of online video training.

At the conclusion of each class, the students take a quiz. At the conclusion of the course, those who successfully complete all of the quizzes will be awarded a certificate.

3. Crystal Healing: The Complete Certified Practitioners Course

Udemy provides an online esoteric practice course called Crystal Healing: The Complete Certified Practitioners Course. The course enables students to acquire the information and abilities required to start working as certified crystal healers even if they have no prior experience with alternative medicine.

The course covers the following topics: Crystal Healing Basics, Crystal Healing Properties, Crystal Healing Methods, How to Build Your Crystal Healing Business, and How to Spot Fake Crystals. 

It is taught via five hours of online video training. Additionally, students receive 23 digital tools, such as a chakra chart, an encyclopedia of crystals, a shopping guide for crystals, and an audio track for guided meditation. The course costs $99.99.

4. Crystal Healing Certificate Course – Energy Healing Stones

An online course in esoteric practices is available through Udemy called Crystal Healing Certificate Course – Energy Healing Stones. Without any prior energy healing training, people can acquire the procedures necessary to start using crystals for various treatments for just $94.99. 

A certified certificate of completion is given to students who successfully finish the course. One hour of on-demand video teaching and additional MP3-based audio courses are used to convey information. 

The science behind crystal healing, the fundamentals of crystal healing, chakras, and crystals, choosing and setting crystals, caring for crystals, and working with others are some of the subjects covered in the course.

5. Crystal Master Certification

A course in esoteric practices is available online through Udemy called Crystal Master Certification. All experience levels are welcome to enroll in the course if they want to get certified as crystal healing masters. 

Students get a certificate from the instructor when the course is over. 2.5 hours of online video instruction that may be viewed on a computer, smartphone, or television are included in the $124.99 course.2.5 hours of online video instruction that may be viewed on a computer, smartphone, or television are included in the $124.99 course. 

Eight downloadable resources are also provided to students for use as reference tools when selecting and applying crystals for healing.
Now I will take you to the final chapter of the article which will discuss some commonly used Healing Crystals.

Chapter 6:

Commonly used Healing Crystals

This chapter will define common Healing Crystals, and their psychical, metaphysical, and healing properties.

There are many different crystals and stones that are thought to have various qualities or provide various advantages.

Here are a few of the most typical and well-liked choices.

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a pink form of quartz.  It also goes by the name Hyaline Quartz. It features a translucent transparency, a vitreous sheen, and a light pink hue. 

What does Rose Quartz symbolize?

“Rose Quartz belongs to the quartz mineral class and similarly has a hexagonal crystal structure. Rose quartz symbolizes compassion and love.”

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals

Rose Quartz, a Stunning Crystal

  1. Connected to the throat and heart chakras.
  2. Conveys various forms of love and self-care.
  3. Originates in the USA, Brazil, Madagascar, Japan, and Brazil.
  4. Adonis and Aphrodite are connected.

Everybody’s heartstrings appear to be tugged by Rose Quartz’s blushing tint. Something about this delicate, feminine gem just screams love at you. It should come as no surprise that the rose quartz symbol represents unconditional love. 

You will always want this crystal close by, or at the very least in a location, you can access it frequently. It is so ripe with healing powers, so saturated in harmony, and so gentle.

The heart chakra and the throat chakra are both closely related to the rose quartz stone. However, it’s not a stone that just rests in love. Rose quartz gently addresses all forms of love, from strengthening relationships with partners and friends to bringing sweeter undertones of self-care into your own life.

The Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz’s healing qualities come thick and fast, especially given the challenging times the globe is currently experiencing. They include loving energy, abundance, and joy.

  1. Physical Healing Qualities
  • Helps to increase blood flow and heart health
  • Ideal for pregnancy

Rose Quartz not only has wonderful physical healing capabilities but also works wonders for soulful healing. Rose Quartz can assist to prevent thrombosis and heart attacks, enhance the circulation system, and make sure that your heart muscles are as smooth and powerful as possible, all of which are in keeping with its theme of being a heart healer.

  1. Healing Properties for the Mind & Emotions:
  • Aids in mending emotional wounds
  • Encourages greater kindness and concern

Rose quartz also goes by the moniker “The Heart Stone.” Rose Quartz is frequently utilized to aid the heart in recovering from the agony or trauma left by severe emotional traumas since, as was previously noted, it is integrally linked to the heart chakra. 

For individuals who yearn for more love in their life, rose quartz is frequently utilized as a calling card. 

Finding a genuine sense of compassion and concern for others, especially if it comes from one of the most significant sources, such as oneself, is more vital than romantic love all the time.

  1. Metaphysical Properties:
  • Fosters connection
  • Tuning into the goddess’ energies

When your heart chakra feels blocked, you could exhibit unhealthy conduct in romantic relationships. 

You might have a tendency toward codependence, be easily envious, have little faith in either yourself or other people, and frequently feel unable or unworthy of receiving the gift of love. 

The capacity of Rose Quartz to crack open the heart and bring you back into balance, leaving you feeling connected, reassured, and open to all the possibilities that a joyful existence can bring, is one of its most amazing therapeutic qualities.


A purple form of quartz is called Amethyst. It belongs to the system of hexagonal crystals. A semiprecious stone having a vitreous or glassy sheen is amethyst.

What does Amethyst symbolize?

“ Amethyst frequently occurs in violet and purple hues. Amethyst symbolism spiritual healing, serenity, and knowledge.”

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals

Benefits of Amethyst Stones

The Amethyst crystal sparkles in a variety of tones; this purplish stone can be as deep and violet as a dream or as delicate pink in color. 

One stone can include a wide range of different hues of the mineral quartz, which is why it is regarded as one of the most beautiful crystals in the world. 

Numerous Amethyst stone advantages exist for the mind, body, and spirit, ranging from the basic to the sublime. Keeping Amethyst nearby is beneficial for the following reasons.

  1. Physical Healing Properties
  • Encourages rest and sleep
  • Mental sharpness
  • Strengthens the immune system

Amethyst is linked to healthy cell regeneration on a physical level, calming sleep and rest, and improving hormonal equilibrium. 

The body finds its inner peace and doesn’t overproduce cortisol as a result of amethyst’s good effects on the endocrine system and metabolism, which significantly reduces stress and tension.

In addition to all of this, Amethyst’s purplish color guarantees that the body, mind, and soul are kept clean and detoxified. Amethyst can also help dispel the clouds for folks who get migraines or a cloudy head.

Amethyst enables the wearer to maintain a sober attitude for people who find it difficult to reduce their drinking.

It’s a stone that acts as a prompt to remember that clear thinking and a level head are necessary for making the right decisions in life and that when the mind is clouded, it can be challenging to perceive the way that makes the most sense.

The Amethyst gemstone is known for its stunning capacity to assist the body become fighting fit and to ward off illnesses and diseases that wreak havoc on a person’s health and welfare. 

It also gives the immune system a lovely purple boost. The immune system is strengthened by giving the blood a purifying quality and successfully lowering stress and anxiety levels, which results in increased healing potential for everything from the respiratory system to the skin.

  1. Emotional Healing Properties:
  • Optimism and peace
  • Removes negativity
  • Aids in choosing decisions

Amethyst is known for fundamentally giving clarity and tranquility to our chaotic world. Those that keep amethyst close will discover that they experience a wonderfully uplifting sense of solace, stability, and calmness. 

Amethyst has the ability to concentrate the emotions, making it a wonderful assist in healing for people experiencing the intense emotions that come with grief, loss, and all shades of melancholy. 

It’s an excellent stone for reminding people not to fear the unknown because of its divine spirituality. 

While there is always sadness in saying goodbye to a loved one, there is also life to be celebrated and memories to be most treasured. Death could be seen as a shift, a change, and a step into a higher realm. 

Amethyst serves as a reminder that there is balance in spirituality. It’s not just about avoiding the negative and believing that spiritual awakening results in solely positive thoughts. It’s also about acknowledging the darkness and honoring it without holding it in your heart permanently.

Amethyst also works incredibly well for people who have a tendency to become angry easily since it stops the rage from growing and replaces it with a halo of tranquility that is challenging to penetrate.

  1. Metaphysical Properties
  • Ties together with the crown chakra
  • Promotes opening of the third eye
  • Keeps the mind safe from evil magic

Amethyst is one of the most significant healing stones for people seeking to advance further in their spiritual enlightenment. It has a strong connection to the head chakra and is even claimed to close the chasm between the material and spiritual worlds.

One of the most potent tools in the arsenal for developing intuition is the third eye chakra. Everyone possesses the gift of intuition; the key is to learn how to use it. Amethyst allows the sixth sense to blossom into existence as it awakens the third eye. According to eastern philosophy, a person’s third eye serves as the spiritual core of their being. 

It also determines how people view reality and how willing they are to knock on the door of spiritual enlightenment. Indigo, which is linked to the color of amethyst, is the hue connected with the third eye chakra. 

People who experience third eye chakra blockages may suffer from emotions of worry and sadness as well as possibly feeling the weight of cynicism pressing down on their souls. One can reawaken intuition, allow inner wisdom to flow, and rekindle their imagination by opening the third eye.

It should come as no surprise that amethyst works to combat the negative energy of outside environments given its long history as a protective amulet. 

Amethyst can guard off physical assaults and provide protection from bad luck. On a spiritual level, it also aids in defending the mind from emotional manipulation and black magic.


The mineral class of quartz includes moonstone. It has an opalescent, pearly appearance and is constructed of sodium potassium aluminum silicate. 

What does Moonstone symbolize?

“Translucent moonstone is available in white, gray, orange, green, blue, pink, brown, and a rainbow of other colors. Moonstone represents feminine vitality and fresh starts.”

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals

Moonstone Healing Properties

With the help of the Moonstone’s healing abilities, celebrate the divine feminine, uncover your fortune, and say yes to more profound crystal healing.

Check out all the ways this pearly stone may restore equilibrium as evidence of the Moonstone’s healing abilities, which extend from the spiritual to the physical:

  1. Physical Healing Properties
  • Aids with hormonal balance and PMS
  •  Helps with reproductive problems

It should come as no surprise that the Moonstone, which is so closely associated with the Goddess energy and the divine feminine, could be your key to fewer symptoms and improved hormonal balance if you suffer from PMS. The moonstone has a strong receptive influence and helps your body into its natural cycle. The moonstone can also assist folks who are having fertility problems to have these problems come to a healthier conclusion. Parents-to-be will also find courage and strength in the moonstone because it can soothe the various bodily aches and pains frequently connected with pregnancy and childbirth.

  1. Mental & Emotional Healing Properties
  • Comfort at times of transition
  •  Promotes peace and balance

This only serves as a suggestion as to how much the moon impacts our emotional equilibrium if you’ve ever felt as if you were going crazy during a full moon. 

The Moonstone is here to dispel the gloom and to amplify all those emotions. You may intuitively connect to the cosmos and bring all those crazy hormones under control by carrying a sign of the moon with you or keeping it in your life. 

This will ensure that you are moving in harmony with the environment outside your window. The moonstone is sometimes referred to as the stone of fresh stars.

Everything changes and passes away, and the moonstone serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to accept the seasonal cycle and not hold a grudge against the possibility of new chapters. 

Through the harmony of its inherent healing abilities, the Moonstone assists you in processing and accepting rather than succumbing to overwhelm.

  1. Metaphysical Properties
  • Ties with the crown and third eye chakras
  • Increases mental capacity

The Moonstone is cosmological and endearing, full of psychic skills, and an excellent chakra link. 

This shimmering stone has a highly spiritual quality to it that makes us feel awestruck and at peace, much like seeing the moonbeams dance across the midnight ocean.

The Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra are three chakras that the moonstone harmoniously aligns with. The Heart and Third Eye chakras call us to search within so that we can see far beyond the boundaries of our own peripheral vision. 

When these two chakras are open and in sync, they aid us in discovering our position in the cosmos and make us feel like a piece of the vast cosmic jigsaw puzzle swirling over our heads.


Obsidian has a glossy surface when tumbled or carved. In its raw state, it can have sharp edges and is extremely hard and polished. 

What does Obsidian symbolize?

“Due to its striking beauty and potent qualities, it is highly employed in jewelry,  and home decor. It symbolizes protection.”

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals

  1. Physical Healing Properties
  • Maintains circulation
  • Assists with stomach problems
  • Encourages deep tissue healing

Obsidian is a very defensive stone that works to maintain your entire body detoxified and always ready for action. 

Obsidian is first-rate when it comes to maintaining a strong and healthy flow of blood in your body. Obsidian is also fantastic for people with gallbladder disorders and can be quite helpful for those who have digestive problems.

 In actuality, the Obsidian Stone only desires for you to reach the pinnacle of your health.

It is a crystal that keeps your heart pumping strong, loud, and in good health. It is also a crystal that activates deep tissue healing, allowing your body to regenerate and feel young, vibrant, and full of fire.

  1. Mental & Emotional Healing Properties
  • Removes Negative energy
  • A stone of truth-seeking
  • Provides courage

The Obsidian Stone is well known for keeping you safe from negative emotions and negative energy. It is also perfectly positioned to aid in your deep healing. 

Obsidian will attempt to drape its cloak of safety over your shoulders, guaranteeing that no matter what—you aren’t dragged down into a pit of despair. Your bad luck may come from within you or from outside causes. It is a companion stone that genuinely enhances your sense of security.

While some people would prefer something that adds brighter colors to the celebration rather than the deeper hues of the Obsidian Stone, it’s vital to keep in mind that everything in life revolves around balance. Without the night, there is no day, just as there is no light without the darkness. 

Obsidian steps in to help you in this situation. It is a truth-seeker stone, so rather than urging you to live in deception, it encourages you to discover methods to confront all the different sides of yourself.  It aids you to become complete, prepared, and impervious when the time comes for you to enter the light.

Obsidian essentially offers you the confidence you require to embrace who you truly are, explore the unknown, heal from past traumas, and cease clinging to things that are no longer beneficial to you.

  1. Metaphysical Properties
  • Clears the root chakra
  • Removes obstructions from the solar plexus chakra
  • Has the ability to glimpse into other realms like a mirror.

Your Obsidian Stone’s capacity to boost your root chakra is one of the strongest connections you might anticipate from it. This chakra is among the most significant ones because it is responsible for keeping us grounded no matter what is happening in the outside world. 

When the root chakra is blocked, we experience a sense of being unmoored and incredibly unstable, as if danger or negativity is just around the corner. 

You may stand strong and secure without having to worry about being the target of any sort of psychic attack thanks to Obsidian, which directs its healing energy where it is most needed.

Sages and healers have used the power of obsidian for millennia to aid in opening the third eye chakra.

They thought that Obsidian’s mirror-like properties could offer a window into another world and point the way to greater understanding and cosmic consciousness. 

The Black Obsidian Stone is renowned for assisting with the solar plexus chakra. Our third chakra in the body is well known for being the source of our sense of worth and of self-worth. 

When the solar plexus is obstructed, we may feel off-balance, bewildered, fumbling, or even self-conscious. By using the Obsidian mirror, you can look inside yourself and remove the obstruction preventing you from living your best life free from fear.



You’ve completed this guidebook admirably, and you now have all the information about Healing Crystals. Now you have a path to start your career as a Crystal Healer. I hope that this article will be useful to you for your better health and bright future.

For a healthy life free of tensions and a bright future, this guidebook will help you a lot in the true sense! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Healing Crystals used for?

Crystal healers assert that their techniques may raise low energy, ward off negative energy, release congealed energy, and alter the aura of a person.

What type of crystal is for healing?

Clear quartz, Some people believe that this white stone is a master healer. It supposedly amplifies energy. aid in memory and focus.

How do I know if a crystal is real?

Real natural crystals are cooler to the touch, less likely to scratch, have flaws, and are typically heavier than imitations. Crystals that have been heated and those made artificially are not entirely phony; they can still be utilized for healing, meditation, and manifestation.

How do you connect with crystals?

Crystal and energy and vibrations. When our energy matches with a certain crystal we connect with the crystal.

Healing Crystals: The Definitive Guide Healing Crystals

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