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Life coach jobs sins #1: Not using Facebook.


Life coach jobs: How Jan saved her coaching business via Facebook.

Say HI to Jan Cross.

Jan is the creator of the “Extraordinary Mind Project” which aims at unlocking your hidden creative potential and to unleash the artist inside you.

She is crushing her life coach jobs right now but that was not always the case.

Even though she had a pretty innovative and cool program she wasn’t filling up her seminars at all.

In fact, I am being generous here…her seminars were usually, always empty.

The moment she told me that…I sympathized with her because I was facing the exact same problem with my previous life coach jobs, namely, Saifai Dating.

Our coaching programs were good BUT we weren’t filling up seminars or making any sales at all.

Why was that?


Nobody knew that we existed!

Sigh..I know I know.. on the hindsight it sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it?

But it’s just one of those things that you, subconsciously, always take for granted.

Anyway..  when I realized the problem, it was like a jolt of electricity going through my spine.

It completely changed the way I approached any life coach jobs..

Now I started actively working and studying on getting as many clients as I can.

I tried getting some clients through paid traffic in google but that was totally useless….they weren’t interested in any life coach jobs.

Plus the “clients” that I did manage to get were all duds.

One fateful day I sat down with a good friend of mine….and after a few too many glasses of wine we started having one of those “conversations” about life coach jobs.

You know…one of those drunk and “intellectual” conversations? We have all had one of those!!

Anyway so this is what we concluded with.

Which medium gives you the most convenient way to connect with anyone in the world?

What is one of the first place that a person scopes out for life coach jobs?

Where will you find all the best life coach companies?

Where is that one common place where everyone goes, regardless of who they are and where they are from?


Now here is some mind-boggling information for you.

In early 2014 Facebook crossed 1.23 BILLION USERS!!

That’s more than 1/7th of the world’s population.

And all these people could be your potential clients!!

Even if you attract .0001% of the Facebook users to be your clients you will still get 1230 unique clients knocking down your door!!

Try to wrap your head around that!!

See…who says drunk conversations are useless!!?? 😀


You are probably wondering: “But Sai, how is Facebook going to give me clients? How am I going to get life coach jobs through FB? How does it matter how many “likes” my page has?”

It matters, it definitely does.

Want to know why?

The number of “likes” that a page has doesn’t indicate how much money you will make (not directly at least).

Neither does it directly indicate how good your product is.

But what it does show is: CREDIBILITY.

How important is credibility?

Now before I answer that question let me tell you a little bit about this wonderful place that I recently visited in Bali, it’s called The Green School.

It’s one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in my life.

Ok close your eyes and picturize this:

A HUGE building 3 storey tall which is SURROUNDED by huge amounts of greenery.

There is LITERALLY greenery everywhere as far as your eyes could see.

And between all this, lies this beautiful building.


Now what’s really cool about the Green School, apart from the way it looks, is that they are teaching underprivileged kids in an extremely fun and sustainable environment.

You can donate to the school and their incredible cause in a pretty interesting way.

Basically you buy one of the bamboos in the main hut and get your name carved in it. One of the names carved in the bamboos was of this particular gentleman…you may have heard of him:


Seeing this my friend joked (or at least attempted to joke) that if Branson ever decided to cut up this bamboo into little pieces and sell it..he would probably make another billion dollars as well!

Now this got me thinking.

Suppose tomorrow an average Joe and Sir Richard Branson separately, by some co-incidence, release the same product.

Whose products do you think the public will buy?

Unless you are a hipster who hates everything mainstream you will probably say “Sir Richard Branson”.

Now…why is that?

Is Average Joe’s product inferior to Branson’s?

No. In fact it could be superior as well.

But then why will Branson easily outsell Average Joe?

Because people trust Branson, his name has value.

Even if they have never purchased any of his products, EVEN THEN they will go with him.

Because… Richard Branson has, going back to where we left things off earlier, credibility.

life coach jobs

(And an incredible platinum blonde mane…but mostly credibility)

That’s all there is to it.

Those who have bulletproof credibility will get the heavy hitting life coach jobs…simple as that.

Facebook is a proper gold mine and learning how to use its incredible resources has helped me live my dream and work from wherever I want to work!

So….  you still remember my friend Jan who I introduced to you in the beginning of this article?

She understood how important it was to bring the power of social media..and especially Facebook into her business.

Well… she put in that wee bit of extra effort…and I am very happy to inform you that nowadays her seminars get filled up in a matter of minutes!!

The devil is in the details…which template should you use for your page…how should you design it…what kinda posts and images should you use…

Facebook can significantly boost your life coach jobs salary.

It truly is astounding to see someone’s business getting a turnaround like that!!

Good for you Jan! SO proud of you :)!!

AND…..that’s it.


Not really.

I would like to say that that’s all that she had to do… but Jan had to do this one other thing.

You see, as ridiculous as it sounds, getting the clients is the easy part.

You have to take some steps to keep them as well.

Now that’s a whole other topic altogether. And I will cover it in the next article.

I know I know.. I don’t like being the tease either.

But as they say..the best pleasure is the one that’s delayed ;).

See you on the next edition of the Life Coach Jobs sins series.

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