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I have previously covered a comprehensive guide on Enneagram. In this blog, we’ll move ahead and explore the intricate inner workings of Enneagram Type 8 – The Challenger with this comprehensive guide. These fundamental insights can empower you to better understand yourself and others, as well as foster more satisfying relationships. 


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1. How does the Enneagram figure explain type 8

2. Who are Enneagram type 8

3. If you are an Enneagram type 8 

4. Enneagram type 8 wings

5. Enneagram type 8 levels of development

6. How to identify your Enneagram type

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How does the Enneagram figure explain type 8?


The Enneagram graphic is a symbol that represents the nine different personality types within the Enneagram system. The diagram consists of a circle with nine points around the circumference, each representing one of the personality types. 

The lines connecting the points represent the different relationships between these types, including their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they relate to one another in terms of growth and development.To understand more about reading the Ennegram diagram, you can head to How Do You Read an Enneagram Chart?

Type 8, referred to as the Challenger, is seen as resilient and assertive, yet has a need for self-protection. While good at setting boundaries and being authoritative, they can also manifest emotional intensity and strong opinions that can sometimes alienate others. 

Challengers are said to have an inherent vision of justice – standing up for the oppressed and voicing their opinion even in contentious situations. They typically value freedom and control of their emotions, though this strength can become a point of struggle if the boundary between self-control and recklessness becomes blurred. 

Self-assuredness helps Type 8s remain independent while they persistently pursue their goals with passion.

Who are Enneagram Type 8

Enneagram type 8 individuals are powerful, self-confident, and assertive people. They are the natural leaders of the nine types and often compel others with their strong vision and presence. 


“There’s always a new challenge to keep you motivated.” – Sean Connery

Although they can appear domineering at times, deep down these individuals care about justice, fairness, and taking care of those around them. 

Type 8s are passionate problem solvers who often rise to a challenge due to their courage and strength of character. They have an impressive capacity for getting things done quickly and efficiently, which makes them invaluable assets to any team. 

However, it’s essential that type 8s don’t become too overwhelmed or overwhelmed by their own power so as to maintain balance in their lives and relationships. 

I recently watched this video on Enneagram type 8, I think it’ll help you learn in-depth about this type. 

You’re probably Enneagram type 8 if…

If you’re someone who values independence, fearlessness and isn’t afraid to speak their mind, you might be an Enneagram type 8. 

Enneagram type 8 individuals are driven by a need for control and a desire to protect themselves and others from harm. Here are some signs that you might be an Enneagram type 8:


One of the defining characteristics of Enneagram type 8 individuals is their strong sense of self-reliance. They don’t like feeling dependent on others or vulnerable, so they strive to be self-sufficient in every area of their lives. This can manifest as a reluctance to ask for help or accept assistance from others, even when it’s needed.


Enneagram type 8s are natural leaders who aren’t afraid to take charge in any situation. They have a strong sense of justice and fairness and will fight tirelessly for what they believe is right. This courage can sometimes come across as stubbornness or aggressiveness, but it’s rooted in a deep desire to protect themselves and those they care about.


Enneagram type 8s aren’t afraid of a challenge and are often seen as trail blazers for their unwillingness to bow down. They take pride in being able to express themselves unapologetically, regardless if it means butting heads with those higher up or going against the grain.


Enneagram type 8s have a passionate outlook on life, always eager to explore and experience all the world has to offer. From savoring gourmet meals or buying something exquisite for themselves – these individuals are known for their boldness in pushing limits and indulging without restrictions. Living fearlessly with no regrets – they invite each day as an opportunity full of potential excitement!

Enneagram Type 8 Wings

Enneagram type 8 wings are a powerful representation of the diverse and complex personalities contained within each type. 

Type 8 wings provide insight and understanding into the driving forces behind an individual’s behavior and motivations, offering a more in-depth analysis than just looking at the overall groupings of Enneagram types. 

These wings can add nuance to type 8s, illustrating how even minor differences in attitudes or perspectives can have large implications for how one interacts with their environment. 

Enneagram Type 8 Levels of Development

Type 8s are remarkable people, and the three levels of their development can open a window into who they really are. From growth to integration and actualization, each stage outlines different traits which characterize this fascinating personality type!


When an Enneagram type 8 is operating at peak performance, they let their inner confidence shine through and effortlessly take on the mantle of leader. Not only do they have a powerful presence but also demonstrate receptiveness to others’ opinions and ideas; as such, they are often successful in driving significant progress towards shared objectives.


In an average state, Enneagram type 8s may become more controlling or aggressive in their behavior as they feel threatened or challenged by those around them. They may struggle with vulnerability and have difficulty admitting when they need help or support from others.


When an Enneagram type 8 is in an unhealthy state, they may become tyrannical, using their power and influence to dominate others and get what they want at any cost. They may struggle with anger management issues and lash out at those who challenge them, causing harm to themselves and those around them.

It’s important to note that everyone experiences these levels of development at different times throughout their lives, and it’s possible for someone to move between levels depending on their circumstances. 

How to Identify Your Enneagram Type

Discover more about who you are and what makes you unique with an enneagram test! Uncover your innermost thoughts, beliefs, and motivations to get a better understanding of yourself. This assessment is made up of questions that target key areas in order to identify the type most representative of your personality.

Once you have finished taking the test, it is important to take a few moments to review your results and identify the number associated with your type. Each number represents a unique set of qualities, so do not be surprised if more than one resonates with you equally. 

Although the process can feel overwhelming at first, gathering information on all nine enneagram types will give you valuable insight into yourself and help you become more aware overall. 

Check out this video to learn more about finding your Enneagram type! Who knows? Maybe you will find yourself learning and growing alongside them (hint: Take the Enneagram Test!).


In conclusion, Enneagram type 8 individuals are known for their strength, confidence, and assertiveness. They have a natural ability to lead and make positive changes in the world around them. 

However, they also face their own set of struggles such as excessive control or aggression and difficulty with vulnerability. By understanding the nuances of Enneagram type 8 personalities, we can better support them in achieving a healthy balance between assertiveness and collaboration to build strong relationships and achieve success in all areas of life. 

Whether you are an Enneagram type 8 or know someone who is, taking the time to understand this personality type can lead to greater empathy, understanding, and overall personal growth.

Did this article pique your interest? Or did it miss anything? Share your thoughts in the comments and let me know what you think was done well, or if there’s anything else I should’ve included. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What do Enneagram 8s struggle with?

One common struggle for Enneagram type 8s is their tendency towards excessive control or aggression. This can lead to strained relationships with others who may feel dominated or overwhelmed by the Enneagram type 8’s strong personality. 

2. What Enneagram is the most perfectionist?

When it comes to perfectionism, the one Enneagram that stands out is Type 1, also known as The Reformer. People who are of this type tend to have a strong sense of integrity and ethical standards. 

Type 1s are often very critical of themselves (or at least appear so), and can be hard on themselves if things don’t go as planned. Whether Type 1s often come off as judgmental or simply determined, it’s clear that their quest for excellence will never cease.