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ENNEAGRAM TYPE 9: The Peacemaker

ENNEAGRAM TYPE 9: The Peacemaker

I have previously covered a comprehensive guide on Enneagram. In this blog, we’ll move ahead and explore the intricate inner workings of Enneagram Type 9 – The Peacemaker with this comprehensive guide. These fundamental insights can empower you to better understand yourself and others, as well as foster more satisfying relationships. 


Read on if you want to learn about:

1. How does the Enneagram figure explain type 9

2. Who are Enneagram type 9

3. If you are an Enneagram type 9 

4. Enneagram type 9 wings

5. Enneagram type 9 levels of development

6. How to identify your Enneagram type

Then let’s get started!

How does the Enneagram figure explain type 9?


The Enneagram graphic is an elegant way to visualize the nine distinct personalities that make up this popular system. Taking the form of a circle featuring nine points around its circumference, each one corresponding with a different type of person – it’s like looking at humanity itself!

The lines connecting the points represent the different relationships between these types, including their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they relate to one another in terms of growth and development.

The Enneagram figure explains that type 9 people are always the ones to let others take the charge or lead and prefer to stay in the background. They often resonate with calm and reassuring nature. 

Who are Enneagram Type 9

As you already know, the Enneagram figure system helps us understand personality type and precisely, understand people more. Talking about the Enneagram type 9, you will always find these people resolving conflicts with peace, no doubt they are known as the “Peacemaker”!


The Enneagram type 9 or the Peacemakers are generally the people who find comfort in peace and harmony. They often accept things as they are and prefer an easygoing life. Even in the toughest situations, type 9 always try to avoid any kind of conflicts or altercations.  

People of this type are patient, tolerant, agreeable and supportive—the perfect mediator. They are often calm and non-confrontational in their interactions with others.

People who identify as Enneagram type 9 tend to be gentle, warm-hearted, forgiving and generous. They enjoy helping others find solutions to problems without intruding on or becoming too involved in the process. They are typically creative thinkers who come up with creative solutions to difficult situations while keeping an eye out for what everyone wants at the same time. 

I recently watched this video on Enneagram type 9, I think it’ll help you learn in-depth about this type: 

Enneagram Type 9s Explained – A Complete Guide

You’re probably Enneagram type 9 if…

Does this Enneagram type interest you? Well, then you must want to know if you are an Enneagram type 9 or not. We have so far discussed the main characteristics of Enneagram type 9s – calm, peacemaker and warm-hearted. These characteristics make it quite easy to determine your Enneagram type. 

So, you are probably Enneagram type 9 if you are…


Are you someone who always takes care of things gently? If so, you are probably an Enneagram type 9. Yeah, Enneagram type 9 always identifies as a gentle person because of their calm yet mindful nature. They always try to handle situations with utmost ease and gentleness. 


Are you always the one to agree to any plan that your friends or family make so that you can avoid any conflict of interest? If yes, you are an Enneagram type 9 most likely. Enneagram type 9 always tends to agree with most decisions of other people so that there can be peace. In a scenario of argument, “peacemakers” always try to be diplomatic and willing to compromise in order to avoid conflict. 


As already said, calmness is the core characteristic of Enneagram type 9 people. So, even in the toughest of situations, if you easily maintain your calm and handle things peacefully, you are an Enneagram type 9. Well, after all, a peacemaker should always be calm in nature.


Humbleness is a big trait of Enneagram type 9. If you stay humble all the time and treat everyone with pure respect, you are an Enneagram type 9. Peacemakers don’t show off their abilities even if they are a master of any skill. Moreover, they tend to let others shine while themselves being in the background.

Enneagram type 9 wings

Wing 8 and wing 1 are the two core personalities that correlate with the Enneagram type 9 wings. FYI: Enneagram wings refer to personality types that relate the most with the main personality type and share basic traits. 

Enneagram type 9 wings are 8 (the Challenger) and 1 (the Reformer). The 8 wing brings out more assertiveness in type 9s while the 1 wing gives them a greater sense of discipline. Type 8, referred to as the Challenger, is seen as resilient and assertive, yet has a need for self-protection. While good at setting boundaries and being authoritative, they can also manifest emotional intensity and strong opinions that can sometimes alienate others. 

It’s important to note that you don’t have to identify strongly with either wing in order to be an Enneagram type 9 – both wings bring different aspects into the mix but neither one has greater significance than the other.

Enneagram type 9 levels of Development

Everyone has their own level of calmness, but it can be divided into three stages: healthy, average and unhealthy. By understanding the nuances between these levels of development we gain greater insight into our own calmness as well as those around us – giving us an extra tool to navigate daily interactions in life!


Enneagram type 9 in a healthy state of development is the perfect and ideal “peacemaker”. They have all the traits that we have discussed so far – calm, harmonious, peace-loving, gentle, humble, etc. A healthy state means type 9 doesn’t lack any of these traits and resonates with complete peacemaker characteristics. 


At the average level of development, Enneagram Type 9 individuals may become overly dependent on others and rely too much on others to make decisions and take action. They may become too passive and avoid conflict and difficult conversations. They may also become overly attached to others and be unable to let go of relationships that no longer serve them


At the unhealthy level of development, Enneagram Type 9 individuals may become completely disconnected from their true inner selves and needs. They may become completely dependent on others and lose the ability to make decisions or take action on their own. They may become apathetic and depressed and unable to find joy in anything. They may also become easily manipulated and taken advantage of.

How to Identify Your Enneagram Type

Taking the time to complete an enneagram test is the best way to dive into this subject. The enneagram test typically consists of a series of questions that will assess your personality traits, philosophies and behaviors. 

Once you have finished taking the test, it is important to take a few moments to review your results and identify the number associated with your type. Each number represents a unique set of qualities, so do not be surprised if more than one resonates with you equally. 

Although the process can feel overwhelming at first, gathering information on all nine enneagram types will give you valuable insight into yourself and help you become more aware overall. 

Check out this video to learn more about finding your Enneagram type! Who knows? Maybe you will find yourself learning and growing alongside them (hint: Take the Enneagram Test!).


In conclusion, Enneagram type 9 individuals are known as “The Peacemaker” due to their calm and peace-loving nature. While these traits help them to be gentle and maintain peace around them, it sometimes also leads to them being oppressed or under the shadow. 

By attaining a healthy level of development of Enneagram type 9, they can overcome their weakness of being too agreeable and under the shadow. 

Ultimately, embracing the positive aspects of their personality while acknowledging areas for improvement can lead to a more fulfilling and balanced life. 

Did this article pique your interest? Or did it miss anything? Share your thoughts in the comments and let me know what you think was done well, or if there’s anything else I should’ve included

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What do Enneagram 9s struggle with?

A major struggle that Enneagram 9s have to deal with is the habit of accepting everything. As we know, in order to avoid conflicts, Enneagram type 9 always tends to accept what others say. Consequently, it leads to a struggle with making decisions and forming an opinion.

2. What Enneagram is the most perfectionist?

When it comes to perfectionism, the one Enneagram that stands out is Type 1, also known as The Reformer. People who are of this type tend to have a strong sense of integrity and ethical standards. 

Type 1s are often very critical of themselves (or at least appear so), and can be hard on themselves if things don’t go as planned. Whether Type 1s often come off as judgmental or simply determined, it’s clear that their quest for excellence will never cease.