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Top Yoga Coaches

Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches / 16th February 2023

A Yoga Coach is a professional who helps individuals improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health through the practice of yoga. Yoga Coaches are knowledgeable in the practice of yoga, its postures, breathing techniques, and meditation techniques. They help individuals create a personalized practice to meet their individual needs and goals. They provide guidance and support to help individuals stay motivated and on track. 

Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches

A Yoga Coach can also provide advice on nutrition, lifestyle habits, and stress management techniques. Additionally, a Yoga Coach often works with clients to create an individualized yoga plan that is tailored to the individual’s physical and mental health needs.

Each Yoga coach, with their unique style, tries to help the clients and asks them what’s extraordinary about their coaching and what has endorsed their massive success.

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Christine Anderson

Christine is an uplifting yoga instructor, teacher-trainer, and director of operations for an international yoga school whose passion is to hold space for individuals and groups to connect with their breath, body and spirit. She specializes in leading classes that are powerful, alignment- based, breath focused and woven with thought provoking philosophy.

Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches

She loves people and find immense joy in helping others heal, grow and find new strength whether it be 1:1, a public class, a corporate office or in the world of teacher trainings.She has led over a dozen yoga teacher trainings, manage training programs, hosts international retreats, offers sound healings. Her work before yoga was as an art educator at an inner city high school in Chicago.  When not teaching or coaching she is running, swimming laps, biking, cooking, playing with her doggo or traveling.

What do you do differently or how is your coaching different from others?

I have found that with my over decade of work in this field that humans all desire to be  seen, respected and heard. My approach begins with the prior in mind because when one feels seen, respected and heard they feel a trust to open up. When we open up, learning becomes more enjoyable and approachable. When students enter the space, you can see their barriers dissipate and their curiosity to dive deeper becomes more apparent . I teach and guide students from a place of open compassion in order to ignite that curiosity so they can take ownership over their own lives . I develop students into leaders and teachers within 21 day intensive teacher trainings in places like Costa Rica and Bali. My teaching is based on both eastern yoga philosophies and western understandings of biomechanics and injury prevention to foster students into teachers that lead holistic lifestyles and serve mindful yoga classes. This approach empowers them to live their lives with more intention, presence and cultivates more fulfilment in their personal and professional lives.

What according to you has been the single most important thing that has contributed to your success as a coach?

 I have found that the most important  aspect of being an impactful trainer is to be open, compassionate and curious. I find that treating each of my students with genuine warmth and  respect creates an immediate bridge of connection. From here, deep growth and learning is possible and transformation naturally occurs.

Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches

yohanna mannelqvist

I am a previous fashion executive turned Yoga Teacher and Women’s Wellness Coach. My non-stop lifestyle in London and constant pursuit of achievement pushed me into a burnout and eating disorder. I left my career in fashion tech and embarked on a journey of self-discovery across the globe.

Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches

I fell in love with the lifestyle of Tulum and stayed in Mexico for several years to study holistic health and teach yoga & meditation. I recently returned to Sweden after ten years of living abroad as I could see other women longing for healthier and happier lifestyles in the city.

I believe that work and wellness can co-exist with daily practices and supportive tools to manage the challenges women face in their everyday life. I take a holistic, 360-degree approach to wellbeing and align the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.

Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches

Noell Clark

My first yoga teacher wore a spandex unitard, was two dimensional, and taught asana from between the covers of a bargain book called “Yoga”. Following a recommendation from my therapist, I turned to the book looking for relief from the physical discomfort of early addiction recovery. That little book on yoga would change my life forever.

Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches
Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches

Cinthia Rivas

Hi there! I’m Cinthia, an Acupuncturist, Reiki Master Practitioner, Herbalist, certified Yoga instructor , and lover of food, music, mama nature, doggies, my husband, and 3 year old son- Benicio. I’ve been in private practice for 14 years and specialize in Women’s Health, Prenatal and Postpartum support, Digestive Health, Anxiety, Depression, Pain Management, and Trauma.

Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches

I wholeheartedly believe optimal health is rooted in a strong connection between our mind, body, and spirit. My inspiration and motivation stem from my own healing journey along with the experiences my patients have open heartedly shared over the years. My healing journey began over 20 years ago when I stepped into my first yoga class and quickly realized health isn’t something we can compartmentalize. I was a college student at the University of San Francisco and was struggling with anxiety, depression, and a multitude of other health issues. At the time, I believed being socially and academically put together equaled good health and happiness.

Danica Lani

A defining moment in my life was at 5 years old refusing to go into my first dance class and being bribed with sweet biscuits; 17 years old falling in love with my first girlfriend and leaving our country town, terrified; 21 years old bedridden, without a home and doing a beginner’s yoga course that saved my life; 31 years old and believing to my bones.

Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches

I would not outlive my biological father who died at age 32; 40 years old being full-time in my own business. I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of professional life to serving the LGBTQIA+ community and empowering people through the body to live their best life.

Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches
Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches


I began taking yoga classes in 2000 because of an old knee injury. After my first class I felt an immediate improvement and knew there was more to this yoga then “stretching”. After several years of taking class and deepening my own practice I began teacher training. I became a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher in 2002 and have continued to deepen my practice with Advanced Teacher Training and by becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist in 2014.

Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches

Before becoming a yoga teacher I graduated from the University of Pennsylvannia Wharton School of Business in 1983 and worked as a computer programmer. Since I began teaching I have worked at several different studios in metro west Boston and shared Svaroopa® yoga with hundreds of students. Contact me for more information and join me for a class you can be next to experience the benefits of Svaroopa® yoga.

Top Yoga Coaches Yoga Coaches


There you have it, you’ve just read about the industry’s top Yoga coaches.

What has been your biggest takeaway from this?

Let me know in the comment section below.

It’s massively inspiring to see top coaches achieving so much; living a life of abundance and freedom while making a positive contribution in the lives of countless people. 

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