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A LinkedIn coach is someone who helps and guides professionals to take their LinkedIn profile to the next level. There are plenty of professionals and experts who provide LinkedIn coaching, but the first and foremost thing to look for in a LinkedIn coach is experience. The coach must have a good amount of experience in LinkedIn so that he can provide correct guidance to the clients.

The Top LinkedIn Coaches LinkedIn coach

In addition to experience, it is also necessary that the coach should have a good reputation. The reputation of the coach should be visible and trustworthy so that it is easier for the clients to trust him. On the whole, it can be said that a LinkedIn coach is a professional who can provide guidance to clients and help them to enhance their LinkedIn profiles.

Each LinkedIn coaches, each with their distinctive style trying to help the clients improve their LinkedIn profiles, and asked them what’s extraordinary about their coaching and what has endorsed their massive success.

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Linda Kempin

Linda Kempin is a Personal Branding & LinkedIn Coach, laser focused on achieving Visibility for her clients. She launched The Business of Being Visible to deliver personalized guidance to people who are eager to advance their careers and/or their businesses but aren’t getting traction. Clients served include Career Changers, Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs, Transitioning Military, Workforce Re-Entry & Recent Graduates. Linda’s goal? Get Seen By People Who Need YOU! 

The Top LinkedIn Coaches LinkedIn coach

What do you do differently or how is your coaching different from others?

My exposure to SEO when I earned a Masters in Internet Marketing has been integral to my LinkedIn practice. Yet achieving the critical Visibility we need to effectively compete on a digital platform requires both art & science. Keywords alone won’t seal the deal.

I developed a proprietary approach to LinkedIn Optimization that simultaneously satisfies 3 audiences: LinkedIn’s database, the person who needs your expertise but doesn’t know your name, and you, the client. The net result is synergy that moves the client forward with a compelling personal brand that attracts the right opportunities.

What according to you has been the single most important thing that has contributed to your success as a coach?

From my perspective, I believe that the signature Done-with-You service I’ve delivered since Day #1 embodies the listening skills, client collaboration, color commentary narrative, and targeted keyword strategy that generates a shared vision of the client’s full value. Through that process, I help them showcase their expertise and create their unique competitive edge. My clients often call it “Linda’s Secret Sauce.”

Jody Michael

Our team is special. Our advanced training in human behavior, neuroscience, psychology and coaching enables us to provide you with unrivaled guidance to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

In addition, our extensive corporate, entrepreneurial and trading experience allows us to quickly absorb and deeply understand your complex business challenges.

The Top LinkedIn Coaches LinkedIn coach

The coaches at Jody Michael Associates are smart. But that’s not all. They each bring something special to the team. They’re doing what they should be doing. They love the work they do and it shows in every interaction with every client.

Christine Hueber

The Making of LinkedIn Social Selling Phenomenon Christine Hueber
Christine Hueber is the leading voice for LinkedIn Social Selling results.

As founder and CEO of, she has created a dynamic boutique enterprise that is devoted to creating better LinkedIn Social Selling results for business owners, entrepreneurs and LinkedIn members around the world and currently has over 50,000 members.

The Top LinkedIn Coaches LinkedIn coach

Lacey Abbacchi

Coming from humble beginnings, I have an appreciation for building greatness from nothing. This is one reason why I have been so successful as a personal branding coach. Everyone starts with a blank slate, much like I did and from there has the opportunity to establish themselves as a true leader. I’m a total LinkedIn geek, having built a loyal community of over 40 thousand people in a year and I’m beyond blessed to help others do the same.

The Top LinkedIn Coaches LinkedIn coach

Sarah Santacroce

Thanks for the visit, I’m so glad you’re here.
My big mission is to bring more empathy and kindness to the business world.
And to bring the Human(e) Connection back to Marketing.
I do that via my work with Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs & Experts on LinkedIn, through my online Marketing Like We’re Human program as well as on The Gentle Business Revolution podcast and in the Marketing Like We’re Human book.

The Top LinkedIn Coaches LinkedIn coach

In summary, I help my clients be gentle, authentic AND successful in their marketing, business or career.
And yes, I consider myself successful. I can say that in all humility, because I don’t measure success by the number of LinkedIn connections, views or the number of zeros in my revenue. I measure it in impact and the difference I make with my work.

Sandra Clark

I am a LinkedIn specialist who works with individuals, teams, and companies to create and manage their LinkedIn presence for dynamic results. From my teaching background and more than 20 years of training experience in Silicon Valley, I understand the finer points of LinkedIn technology, am able to demystify and break down its concepts into consumable pieces, and to teach steps that can be implemented immediately so my clients get noticed and get results.

The Top LinkedIn Coaches LinkedIn coach

Through individual coaching and customized workshops, I work with busy professionals from a variety of industries, high tech to service businesses, and with any level of social media experience.

Sharon Hamersley

LinkedBiz614 is your resource for creating a powerful LinkedIn presence and growing your business using this influential social media tool.
We provide workshops and one-on- one coaching with the advice, tools, and directions to get what you need – experience proven results!

The Top LinkedIn Coaches LinkedIn coach

Sharon Hamersley, your LinkedIn Coach and Workshop Facilitator, has 6+ years’ experience teaching LinkedIn workshops and coaching individuals and business owners to use LinkedIn as a strategic tool, increase their visibility, and grow their network.
When not working, she enjoys participating in musical ensembles, gardening, birding and anything related to the Buckeyes.

Theresa Merrill

What makes me unique is my sales and marketing background.
We’re selling each time we post content, forge a new connection or inquire about a job. You are the brand. People buy you first, or they buy nothing at all.

The Top LinkedIn Coaches LinkedIn coach

Adrienne Weimer

I’m a Midwest girl at heart who loves traveling (I’ve been to over 20 countries and counting), finding plants that won’t die under my supervision, and serving as an advocate for female entrepreneurs everywhere.
I have 10+ years of experience in sales, coaching, and leadership development. I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders find their unique path to success.

The Top LinkedIn Coaches LinkedIn coach

Teaching female entrepreneurs how to grow their business in a way that feels authentic and true to who they are (while having some serious fun!) is kind of my sweet spot. Women come to me when they are done feeling exhausted by not getting the results they want, and instead want an easy framework to follow to get consistent clients.


There you have it, you’ve just read about the industry’s top LinkedIn coaches.

What has been your biggest takeaway from this?

Let me know in the comment section below.

It’s massively inspiring to see these coaches achieving so much; living a life of abundance and freedom while making a positive contribution in the lives of countless people. 

Although apart from getting inspired by them, there is 1 more valuable takeaway you can gain if you simply observe each of these successful coaches.

And this is the secret to unlocking exponential income from your coaching — to treat it as a business.

We Start Coaching Because We Are Passionate. But The Reason Coaches Last Is They Treat It As A Business.

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