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Americans Reveal Their Greatest Fears of Being Killed in These Locations – Survey Finds Out

In a thought-provoking study by the Coach Foundation, 2,000 Americans were surveyed to identify the locations where they feel most at risk of violent crimes, particularly shootings.

This initiative aimed to shed light on public perceptions of safety across various common settings.

Americans Reveal Their Greatest Fears of Being Killed in These Locations - Survey Finds Out Americans

Key Findings

  • A significant 71.3% of the respondents (1,426 out of 2,000) perceive gas stations as the top spot where they feel most likely to be shot. This heightened concern can be attributed to the nature of gas stations being accessible, often open late, and frequented by diverse groups.
  • From the surveyed group, 780 respondents were university students. This subset notably expressed concerns about safety on campuses, including university grounds and dorm rooms, indicating a heightened sense of vulnerability in these areas.

Perceived Danger Zones: Identifying Where Americans Feel Most Vulnerable to Crime

We presented respondents with a list of various public places, including gas stations, universities, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, public parks, and public transportation hubs, asking them to identify where they felt most at risk of being killed. This approach was designed to gauge public perception of safety across a diverse range of everyday environments, highlighting potential areas of concern for Americans. The results, reflecting a broad spectrum of societal fears, offer insight into the locations where people feel their safety is most compromised. Here’s what we found out –

Gas stations, commonly frequented places for refueling and quick stops, have emerged as locations where a significant portion of Americans feel vulnerable. As many as 7 in 10 respondents consider gas stations as the most dangerous place especially during mid-night. 

This perception of danger at gas stations can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, these are accessible locations that often housing valuable items such as cash and cars, making them potential targets. Additionally, the notable absence of security personnel at many gas stations exacerbates this feeling of insecurity among the public.
Turning our focus to higher education institutions, it’s evident that university students, who represent 39% of the survey respondents (780 out of 2000), are increasingly concerned about their safety on campus. Among these 780 students, approximately 310, or 40%, expressed specific concerns about safety in dormitories and isolated parts of the campus. Intriguingly, the data revealed a gender disparity, with a higher percentage of female students (around 60% of the 310) voicing more concerns about campus safety than their male counterparts.

Surprisingly only 11.3% felt that nightclubs and bars are potentially dangerous inspite of factors like large gatherings and alcohol consumption there. Only 3.7% thought malls as unsafe.


The survey conclusively showed that gas stations are considered the most concerning locations by Americans followed by universities regarding the risk of violent incidents. This perception underscores the need for targeted safety enhancements in such areas, including increased security measures and public awareness campaigns about personal safety practices.


The insights presented in this report are based on a survey conducted in February, involving 2,000 Americans.

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