Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post

The Law of Attraction is an important life skill that helps us navigate emotions – not just in ourselves, but also in others.

With the global move to holistic living and remote working; The Law of Attraction is of utmost importance in the modern lifestyle.

Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques

In this article, I will be highlighting the fundamentals of The Law of Attraction on personal and professional fronts. 

So if you want to:

  • Understand the Law of Attraction and its components 
  •  Incorporate techniques of manifestation 
  •  Uses of the Law of Attraction, in personal and professional spheres
  •  Learn ways to implement and reinforce the laws of attraction

This article will be of real value to you.

Let’s get right into it!

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Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques

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Chapter 1:

The Basics

The Law of Attraction is a simple yet highly nuanced concept.

Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you out. One step at a time.

Let’s start with the basics.

Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques
Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques

What is the Law of Attraction?

In the New Thought spiritual movement, the Law of Attraction is based on the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

The belief is based on the idea that people, and their thoughts, are made from “pure energy” and that a process of like energy attracts like energy, through which a person can improve their health (stress), wealth (business), and personal relationships. 

A key component of the philosophy is the idea that in order to effectively change one’s negative thinking patterns, one must also “feel” the desired changes.

Manifestation Techniques are at the heart of the Law of Attraction.

Based on the Law of Attraction, you attract into your reality everything that you give thought to.

In other words, like attracts like.

If you cultivate positive thoughts about a certain subject, feel good, and have strong positive emotions about it, then you will attract more of that.

On the contrary, if you cultivate strong negative thoughts about something, then you will end up attracting more of that negativity.

Your attention to something includes that something in your reality, whether it be something positive or negative.

And the best part? It works every time. 

No exception.

What benefits does it serve?

Learning about the Law of Attraction is monumental in shifting your energy. 

By staying cognizant of the power of ‘like attracts like’, one can focus on realigning their thoughts, drive, and influence attributes that are facilitating their journey towards achieving their higher goals.

In fact, a 2015 study by the University of Pennsylvania found that future-oriented affirmations can help break limiting subconscious patterns and create newer, more goal-oriented neural connections.

But that is easier said than done. To aid this process, it is helpful to know the 7 fundamental laws of attraction and the steps to harness them!

Law of Attraction vs. Manifestation

Often used interchangeably, one must understand the difference between the terms. 

With the law of attraction, you are attracting something that already exists in this world.

Manifestation is attributed to something that does not exist. To manifest something, you have to create your own particular circumstance.

Chapter 2:

The 7 Laws of Attraction

This unique concept can be scaffolded by developing an understanding  of the 7 Laws of Attraction.

By doing so, one allows for the development of self-awareness and reflection.

Especially the ability to impact one’s own thought and decision making processes. 

Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques

The Law of Manifestation

Famously synonymous with the larger ‘Law of Attraction’ theory, the Law of Manifestation positions thoughts and feelings as tools to create our reality.

The objective, therefore, is focused on finding a way to generate these wants into our lives.

The Law of Unwavering Desire

What really is desire? What is the motivation behind desire? 

The Law of Unwavering Desire states that the desire that lies behind your attraction to things must be deep-rooted and unyielding, for them to find a way to manifest itself into your life. 

When desires are motivated by weak or not fully-committed feelings, they will fail to attract the desired outcome into one’s life.

The Law of Harmony

The Law of Harmony speaks to the state of peaceful coexistence between the varying factors and influences in your life.

Often overlooked, the Law of Harmony is imperative to the greater goal of Attraction or Manifestation. 

A coordinated interplay of the Universe, the law of Harmony allows for the optimism required to allow the building blocks to fall into place.

The Law of Delicate Balance

The laws of physics declare, ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

Because the Universe is an amalgamation of varying forces, one can only acknowledge that while one primary thing is sorted after, a whole set of secondary actions are set into motion.  

Since human beings are inherently attracted to balance or symmetry, our eternal quest is that of a balanced life. When that balance is achieved, even momentarily, it results in feelings of true peace and joy.

The Law of Magnetism

The Law of Magnetism suggests that the type of energy one puts out is directly influential in the shaping of one’s life. 

Every single thing influencing one’s life – the people, things, opportunities, or even the circumstances in which you find yourself – is a result of who that person is. In short, you attract what you are.

The Law of Right Action

‘Treat others as you’d like to be treated’ is an age-old saying. The Law of Right action has the same underlying philosophy.

According to the Law of Right Action, the actions you are in control of directly inform those that you are not in control of. 

This means that the quality of one’s experiences is derived from the attributes of the words and actions one consciously adopts.

Focusing on the right action will result in more positivity in your life.

The Law of Universal Influence

Most times it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unimportant. 

The Law of Universal Influence states that we are woven into the very fabric of the Universe. This means that one has to believe that they influence the Universe as much as the Universe influences them. 

In order to achieve a symphonic adaptation of these laws, appreciation and gratitude are required. This also extends itself to awareness. Thoughts, feelings, and actions must all be motivated by awareness.

Steps to Use the Law of Attraction

Now that you know about the 7 Laws of Attraction as discussed in Chapter 2, let’s discuss ways to incorporate them. 

Here are 3 key steps which will help you to apply the Law of Attraction in a systematic manner.


Step 1: Ask to Achieve

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Just ask the Universe.

Well, it may not be as straightforward as it seems. Everything that one invests attention in; reinforces and amplifies to the Universe what ones’ desires are. 

Everything from the things you read, to the details you pay attention to, is sending out signals to the Universe. What you invest in, you notify the Universe about, and, hence, you attract.

This is where the inculcation of appreciation and gratitude come into play. 

Gratitude and appreciation make one intentional with their thoughts and actions. With intention comes focus, and, with focus, comes magnetism and, finally, attainability.

Hence, asking the Universe for what you do want to achieve, want to experience, and finally want to accomplish is the very fuel behind achieving them.

Step 2: Say Goodbye to Doubt

To attract abundance, one has to exterminate doubt.

A way of limiting oneself is doubt. The candid optimism of childhood is chipped away slowly by the continual labor of life.

So a way to implement the laws of attraction is to break away from the self-induced ideas of ceilings. Personal ceilings, professional ceilings, and even personal growth ceilings.

To have faith but doubt as well, at the very same time, is a projection of inconsistency. Especially to the Universe. One’s attention and primary focus are colored by opposing forces and, hence, caught in a discrepancy. 

With the limitation of leaning into possibility, the limitation to manifestation is applied, hence, keeping the true depth of potential just out of reach.

Step 3: Graciously Accept

It can be tough to identify responses the Universe sets in motion to your momentums.

The easiest way to accept any form of transformation is to have a transformation-accepting mindset. 

This extends to the formation of positive emotions throughout. Emotions of love, joy, acceptance, and gratitude must guide your actions, even when the situation elicits negative emotions.

An emotional hack to being able to do this is to visualize the feelings that you would experience, once you have already attained what it is that you deserve. This alleviates negative feelings and allows an infusion of positivity in a trying situation.  

If you intend is to integrate the “The Law of Attraction” into your life, you are already curious about the influence your thoughts and emotions have. The key to your own innovative energy lies in your own mindset management.

Now that you have understood the basics of the Law of Attraction, the components of it, and the steps to invoke it into your life, you are now ready to deep dive into the mechanisms of it.

Chapter 3:

3 Main Techniques of the Law of Attraction

The Techniques of the Law of Attraction are the training wheels required to see real plausible results.

A simple example of this is waking up in the morning.

Waking up in a grumpy or tired mood has proved to result in negative repercussions for the rest of one’s day. While waking up with a positive mindset has shown to significantly elevate output.

Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques

Hence learning these techniques can help harness the Law of Attraction for the most positive outcome.

Techniques To Use The Law of Attraction

I have listed out three main manifestation techniques that will help you in applying the Law of Attraction. All these steps have been broken down into chronological order so that you can easily implement them.


Manifestation Technique 1Scripting

Scripting is a sophisticated Law of Attraction technique that requires you to trick your mind into believing that the manifestations you put out into the Universe have already come true.

This then results in a further understanding of how that would change and affect one’s life. 

When scripting, you want to act as if you already had what you wish to manifest.  So, imagine yourself in the future and describe how ‘future you’ would feel at that moment.

This exercise in imagination will require you to script out and describe various scenarios. 

An important nuance while doing so is to use the present tense as much as possible.

An example of this would be : 

Do you want a new job? Describe what your first day at the job feels like. 

Do you want to manifest a six-figure salary? Describe how it feels to be making that sum of money.  What are you doing with all that money? 

Do you want to manifest your soul-mate? Describe what life with them looks like.

The goal of scripting is to break down whole scenarios for yourself as if you had already manifested your desire.

Hence, the more in-depth you are with the details surrounding your manifestations the more powerfully it will attract you!

To do so requires one to dig deep, and feel emotionally vulnerable while doing so!

To try Scripting, all one needs is a pen, a piece of paper, and a limitless imagination.

Once done, the reading and re-reading of these manifestations help keep them fresh in your mind!

Manifestation Technique 2 – Dimension Jumping

The dimension jumping method is an advanced manifestation technique that relies on a concept called “the multiverse” also known as the “many-worlds theory”.

It, also,  relies heavily on visualization and emotional cues.

According to the many-worlds interpretation (MWI) all possible quantum measurements are realized “somewhere”. Hence, all possible outcomes are realized in some world/dimension or Universe. 

Famously, Schrödinger’s cat paradox speaks to this very notion. Every quantum event is a possibility; the cat is both alive and dead while the box is assumed to be shut, but the “alive” and “dead” cats are indifferent parallels of the Universe. Both possibilities are equally real and equally tangible. 

If everything can, and is happening, then there is a parallel Universe somewhere where you have achieved the goal you have set out to manifest.

Everything that could happen, is happening, simultaneously and concretely. 

Even though there is no binding evidence for this theory, one can use it to redirect one’s thoughts and mindset toward attaining one’s goal. 


Start by placing two post-its in front of you. 

On one of the post-its, write “present situation” and on the other, “ideal situation”.

Then go ahead and describe each situation in as much detail as possible. Once done, stick each post-it on a separate glass.


Each glass now acts as a “physical vessel” for each situation.  

Pour water into the “present situation” glass, and revisit all that you wrote on your post-it.

As is always the case with visualization, one should be as precise as can be. Spare no detail. Especially by acknowledging its emotional journey. 


Next, take your “present situation” cup and pour it into the “ideal situation” glass.

Again, place your hand around the cup and revisit all the details associated with the ideal situation.

See yourself having manifested the desired outcome and imagine how it all feels to have finally come together. 

Think of the feelings of upliftment and achievement one would feel.  


At last, as an act of symbolic gesture, drink the water to the very last drop. 

Tell yourself that you have shifted dimensions and are now set on a course that will lead you to your ideal situation. 


Cross out the word “ideal” on the previous post it and replace it with the word “present”

Recognize and embrace the feeling you have while doing so. 

Remember that your future really does rest in your hands.

Manifestation Technique 3 – 5X55 Method

The 5×55 Method is a method used to restructure systems for the subconscious mind.

Through the 55×5 manifestation method, you will be effective in changing your subconscious thought patterns over a 5-day period.

This powerful yet undemanding technique limits the negative thought patterns that are so deeply ingrained in our subconscious minds.

So before we end up sabotaging our chances with preventive thoughts, this manifestation technique helps turn those thoughts around.

Here’s how to do the 55×5 manifestation method:

  • STEP 1

Choose an affirmation that speaks to you. One that also aligns with the goal you would like to manifest. It should be detail-specific yet not vague or long to take away from the specific manifestation.

It should be easy to come to mind and effortless to recollect.

Most people use the term “I AM” before such an affirmation when focusing on personal progress.

  • STEP 2

The next step is to write the affirmation down 55 times consecutively for 5 consecutive days. It is important to remember to stay fully invested in the present while engaging in this technique. Another useful concentration is to focus on all the feelings associated with the affirmation and the hurdles required to navigate through.

For example, if you are working on manifesting a work-life balance, engage with strong and positive emotions like love, tenderness, warmth, etc.

Involving your emotions will only make this exercise more powerful.

  • STEP 3

At the end of a period of 5 days, and after the concentrated writing down of affirmations and the engaging of a spectrum of feelings, one has to finally let it all be left to the Universe to deliver on.  

While letting go is not the easiest, it can be helped by accepting it as part of the greater process.

Or by hiding the pages that contain the affirmations.

Put it away somewhere and only come back to it once you’ve manifested your desire.

With the 55×5 method, your desires are just a page away!

Chapter 4:

Methods to Enhance Manifestation

As we have discussed the main techniques of the Law of Attraction in Chapter 3, it is evident that while the ways of manifestation may differ, there are consistent techniques to enhance your manifestation.

How could this be?

Well, the underlying principle of the “Law of Attraction” is not just the focus on a positive mindset, but also a very conscious removal of negativity.

Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques

Here are 7 helpful ways to begin to do so:

7 Effective Ways to Enhance Manifestation

From journaling your thoughts to celebrating the little wins, these are some simple but effective means through which you can enhance manifestation. Let’s discuss these methods in-depth.


Journal your Thoughts

Thoughts often reveal a pattern. That pattern directs you to where your focus lies. Identifying an instinctive focus pattern can help you identify triggers, obstacles, and challenges that begin from primary thought processes. 

Once pinpointed, one can then take steps to mediate them.

Interval Breathing

Negativity can often lead to a cognitive spiral. 

To break that pattern, concentration on one’s breathing can prove to be especially helpful. Interval breathing of inhaling and exhaling can calm down the body and the mind.

Include Movement

A body that moves, is a body that allows the passage of emotion through it. Yoga, dance, running or even a simple walk is a great visceral outlet of stored up/built-up energy.

Quiet the Mind

Meditation is the best way to quiet the white noise. 

Akin to blinders for racehorses, meditation for quieting the mind can allow visualization for the easier achievement of your end goal.

Have a Clear Sense of your Goals

Having goals is great, but if one is unable to keep in mind why those goals are important, it becomes easier to fall prey to distractive forces.

Document how Long your Brain Worries

Keeping tabs on how long your mind spends worrying about things can help realign the energy one spends on all this worrying! 

Sometimes, just knowing can make all the difference.

Appreciate the Little Wins

Human behinds scientifically have a negative bias. 

As a result, we often forget to congratulate ourselves on the steps that need to be taken for positive effects.

Chapter 5:

Daily Uses of the Law of Attraction

Emotion is the natural precursor to thought.

In fact, neuroscientists have revealed complex levels of interdependence between cognition and emotion (Phelps et al., 2014).

Hence, leading the scientific community to discover that emotions and cognitive processes such as memory, decision making, and even attention display correlations (Lerner et al., 2015).

Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques

Hence the law of attraction has found itself to be incredibly helpful in areas like stress management and anxiety. 

The most important part of manifesting is letting it all go. By doing so, you free yourself from the worry of whether or not it will appear in your life, and open yourself up to the possibility that it might. 

One way to combat frustrations is done by using positive self-talk, visualizing the life you want each day, working on your plan of action, spreading kindness, and doing gooddeeds. Another way to do so is via guided imagery.

Simple Ways to Incorporate the Law of Attraction Into Your Daily Life

The Law of Attraction can seem extremely tedious and overwhelming.

But, that can be chalked up to the unrestrained potential it holds.

That is why an inculcation into one’s daily life and routine helps anchor these shifts in perspectives. 

Here are simple ways for you to begin to do so :


Accept What is

Avoid focusing only on what you dislike about your life, or spending all your time wishing things were different. 

Accepting things for what they are, does not mean one is unwilling to make positive change. It is a mechanism to stay away from negativity.

Follow your Thoughts

It is important to consider how your perspectives – both conscious and unconscious – control your thought process. 

Pay specific attention to the patterns one can pick up on and the ways they show up in your behavior.


Frame your thoughts the same way you would create positive affirmations: Focus on

what you want rather than what frustrates you. 

This helps create positivity and perspective.

Chapter 6:

Uses of the Law of Attraction in Business

The rules of business are essentially the rules of primal survival.

A healthy mind is a responsive mind. It is singularly focus-driven and is able to distinguish between things that should have energy poured into it, as opposed to things that do not.

Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques

Warren Buffett once said, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

A proven way of keeping the mind agile is by using the principles of the Law of Attraction in everyday life; including in business settings. 

By visualizing goals, feeling the attainment of those goals, and by emphasizing the drive for these goals, one is forced to keep a cool head while navigating the workforce.


Here are a few ways to consciously bring the Law of Attraction to a place of business.

Two-fold Accountability

Accountability does not have to be top-down. 

The most seamless of teams are unique for their ability to hold all members accountable. A missed deadline, a forgotten email, or a miscommunicated response should be tackled as a group failure. 

By letting your colleagues know what it is you’re working to attract, you will find that the support you receive will be mindful of your goals. It also keeps communication across teams directional and clear.

Intentional Communication

A language that is driven with an outcome in mind affirms positive endings. 

Looking to attract positivity, regardless of variables, allows for an immersion into a task. Rather than being a spectator, the Law of Attraction permits you to be a stakeholder.

Staying Thankful

Think about the number of times you criticize yourself or grimace in a day. 

The micro-aggressive behavior towards yourself or your colleagues compounds itself and works against your own confidence or that of others. 

Choosing the emotion for one’s internal monologue has a direct influence on what motivates behavior towards goals and people.

Know What You Truly Want

To achieve a specific goal, one has to be clear about what one wants to focus on. 

Hyper-focusing on a specific outcome and the route you need to take to get there will consciously and subconsciously attract things accordingly. The outcome, as well as the steps to get there, must be the epicenter of energy.

Visualize Success

Visualization is a great tool to get oneself out of one’s own mind. 

Breaking down the steps into as much detail as possible allows for an agile mind. This ensures that one’s mind is best suited to successfully navigate challenges and opportunities, both accounted for, and unforeseen. 

Chapter 7:

Common Mistakes Made While Using The Law of Attraction

Even though the Law of Attraction has been recommended and tested by people across the globe, there is still some skepticism that surrounds it.

Since there is no ceiling to what one can achieve in their lifetime, there is no ceiling to the extent one can place their belief.

Herein comes the requirement to be able to have a clear vision and objectives.  

Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques

The transcendence to clarity is a difficult one. It is constantly challenging and requires a perennial effort. Intention and behavior must work together for success.

And even after following all the rules, sometimes things do not work in our favor. And that gives rise to a constant feeling of frustration.

This results in disheartened thoughts like : “Maybe, my desires are just not meant to be…”


Letting Go of “The Feeling”

That feeling of the rush of emotions when you first realize a goal is exhilarating. And fleeting. 

It is this exact feeling that one must hold onto when thinking about the goal. 

For example, When you pass by the car of your dreams, notice it, feel love for it, and know that your thoughts of that car will bring it to you.

Condemning “Negative” Feelings

Negative feelings are as natural a reaction as positive ones are. 

Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to believe that negative emotions are to be condemned. Instead, if we allow for a healthy dealing of those emotions one can then focus, in an undiluted manner, on the positives to come.

Unresolved Beliefs

Most of us have deep limiting beliefs on love and worthiness.

This proves to be an immense hurdle when it comes to the Laws of Attraction since one may be self-sabotaging their own manifestations without even realizing it. 

Being aware of the things that hold us back is just as important as the steps we take to combat them.

Goal-centric Clarity

Details. Details. Details. 

While most people have a sense of their overall goals, details are often overlooked or skipped by them. 

While most may have life plans chartered out, as soon as we start to dig a little deeper, things may not be as crystal clear.

Goal Obsession

A goal-obsessed manifestation can be tricky. 

The very fear of extreme failure is what drives the need to be a classic control freak. Thus reinforcing the want, but also the baseline fears with every move. 

On the other hand, a frantic work-oriented disposition also results in high levels of burnout. While professional goals are imperative, holistic balance is what human beings strive for.

You Don’t Accept a Solution Different than Yours

Spending all this time and energy on attracting an outcome can result in blinders.

This, in turn, results in the blockage of energy and limits all the ways and possibilities out there that might come together to deliver your goal to you. 

A humbling reminder of just how limited our minds are when it comes to “things working out”

Timeline Obsession

Most people tend to have a timeline or an age-bound list. 

Be married by 27.  Or Have 400k in savings by 30. 

Buy an ultimate dog house for the family dog by the end of the summer! 

Society tells us that to be productive, we should set down self-imposed timelines. 

But by giving into the Universe’s timing, and believing that the universe’s timing is perfect, the feeling of age dictated goals is completely taken away.

The Responsibility to “Make it Work.”

Carrying all the weight of manifestation can be daunting. And discouragement can result in making things seem impossible. 

The responsibility of making it work despite the odds is a very human feeling. But it is also very limiting.  

Instead one must learn to work from a place of Divine Inspiration. This means that one must believe that the Universe is constantly working to aid in the achievement of your goals. 

Now that we know all the rules and have a better understanding of the common pitfalls in the journey of using the Law of Attraction, there is only one thing left to do….

Test it out! 

Chapter 8:

Easy Experimentations with the Law of Attraction

Don’t just read about the Law of Attraction, begin implementing! And there is no time like the present!

Hence, below you will find easy experiments that one can build on as they strengthen and navigate the journey of using the Law of Attraction.

Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques


The first experiment is taken from Pam Grout’s explanation of a field of endless possibilities. She explains that all beings have an energy field that needs to be harnessed. 

What is missing for most people is the conscious decision to look for it.

The aim of this exercise is to devote 48 hours to looking for a manifestation. By devoting time, energy, and redirecting energy and mind space to this manifestation, the idea is that movement towards this goal takes place. 

However, one has to be open to the ways that might appear or present itself.

People often start with smaller goals like, “I hope to be asleep by 9 p.m.,” or “I will cook dinner tonight.”


Grout further explains that the second experiment is a level up from the previous one. 

Instead of having short investment goals, one then concentrates on larger goals like patterns, behaviors, and triggers. 

To catch these patterns requires a renewed perspective, one that is often hard to stimulate in regular life structures. 

Larger goals take longer to present themselves, so the patience and attentiveness required for it will be greater. 

While there is no way to have a standardized set of outcomes that come from these experiments, the very shift of mindset is often found to be helpful, if not epiphanic. 

Since it is only human to fall off the wagon, people use different ways to reinforce the Law of Attraction. A popular example of this is Vision boards.

Chapter 9:

Ways to Create a Vision board

Proving the Law of Attraction to be ‘real’ is something you must do for yourself.

One needs to trust that in their ability to have made the right decision.

The continuity of  growth  requires one to use their creative energy positively.

And hence here comes in the utility of The Vision Board!

Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collage of visual cues that specifically signify certain goals and intentions for the future. Think of it as a visual representation of what you envision your future to look like. Once it has been collated, you have to put it up somewhere that it can be easily viewed.


Easy Steps to Create a Vision Board

The Law of Attraction only gives you what you already believe, so creating a vision board is a seamless aid towards consistently visualizing your goal (in as much detail as you like). 

Here are the steps towards creating a comprehensive vision board : 

Step 1: Faith in the Process

One of the most important parts of creating a vision board is to pour genuine faith and hope into the process. 

A main tenet of the process is to set the intention out, and then have faith that the Universe is conspiring to aid you towards it. So before you begin, it does help to research the effectiveness of vision boards.

Step 2: Make it Special

The process of creating a vision board seems pretty straightforward. 

The magic lies in making the process your own! The important thing is to do things that make you feel good (e.g. putting on some music or some mood lighting) and puts your mind at ease.

Step 3: Clarity

Vision boards can be used for many different purposes. 

It can be used to manifest a specific thing or a wider goal. One shouldn’t worry about the judgment, just let your imagination run wild; but one must be clear about the desired outcome.

Step 4: Get Crafting

When sitting down to craft your vision board, don’t get caught up in the details or the aesthetics. 

Just put down what speaks to your heart, and let the Universe handle the details. By doing so, you surrender yourself, and become open to all possibilities! And that just allows things to come to you easily.

The key is to have fun with it! When you allow yourself to be happy from the inside, the Law of Attraction finds its way to manifest that happiness in the outside world.


As I mentioned earlier, the Law of Attraction can prove to be highly effective if incorporated correctly. 

With that in mind, in this chapter, here are some of the resources I drew from for this article that might help you delve deeper into understanding it.

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  1. Dr. Joe Dispenza on the Law of Attraction 

Dr. Joe Dispenza on always being mindful and careful about what you think. A motivation to be intentional today!!

  1. Law of Attraction: No BS Guide

This video is for the skeptics and the newbies as Clark Kegley explains the basics of the Law of Attraction

  1. Oprah Winfrey on Manifestation

Receive expert advice on why we are all seeking the same thing, understanding the next right move, seizing your opportunity and forgiving mistakes 

  1. Proctor Gallagher Institute

Bob Proctor discusses how to let the Law of Attraction, which is always operating, work for you rather than against you.

  1. Law of Attraction simplified by Sadhguru

From the very pioneer himself, understand what the Law of Attraction entails and what this means for humanity and their desires.



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Law Of Attraction Techniques: Expanded List Post Law Of Attraction Techniques

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