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Difference Between Presentation Coach And Public Speaking Coach

Coaching is a very innovative way of making people learn to improve their skills. A coach is someone who helps you identify the problem and become a problem solver for you. Coach aims to ensure a better present so you can live in the moment and do your best to make it desirable.

Difference Between Presentation Coach And Public Speaking Coach Presentation And Public Speaking

There are multiple types of coaching, including leadership, career, business, etc. You can explore and choose a coach according to your desire. Set a budget, look for possible options and choose the best coach that can change your life for good. Some people do not understand the difference between motivational speakers, business advisors, or coaches. Coaching focuses on improving your today and believes tomorrow will become significant with today’s efforts. 

A coach is an expert but operates more like a facilitator. You work more personally with a coach if you choose physical coaching instead of online. No matter if you do a job or own a business, or are about to start a venture, coaching is for everyone. With coaching, you get more clarity in your vision which helps you set realistic goals. 

What Is a Presentation Coach?

Having a great skillset is one thing but conveying and properly convincing your target audience is another challenge. If you cannot present your ideas properly, you fail as a businessman. A presentation coach adds to your confidence in yourself and your ideas. Presentation coaching is a compilation of three aspects:

  • Quality and Relevance of the Content
  • Tone and Expression while presenting to the client
  • Factors that make the presentation more interactive and engaging

You must be very specific and clear about the idea you will share with the world. Sometimes your idea is excellent, but you cannot lock a deal just because you did not present it well. Ensure that the idea is fully structured and you understand what you are promising to deliver. The following important factor is how convincing your tone and style are. A businessman needs to connect with the client and audience emotionally. Last but not least, you have to plan and execute the idea by engaging more people in it. Finalizing a deal is never a one-man show; you have to build a connection by making stakeholders and the audience involved.

What Is A Public Speaking Coach?

If you have a job or own a business where you need to address groups and teams at different levels, you need a public speaking coach. The coach targets improving your speaking skills and how you can create an impact with the words you speak. Public speaking is not an easy skill, and not everyone can do this. Having confidence is not enough; you have to be very determined with a mindset to bear criticism and backlash. Public speaking coaches mostly take 1-to-1 sessions because everyone has a different personality and business model. 

The public speaking coach will indulge you in activities where you will train people and practically learn how to address larger audiences. The coach focuses on your storytelling skills more than any other skill. You must have a brand story and know how to engage people with what you are telling them. A public speaking coach must be very well-versed with great interpersonal skills. Being a coach, you need to know how to convey the right message and how to convince people of what you are saying. 

What Are the Skills Required to Become a Presentation Coach?

A presentation coach should be someone whose every word impacts the client. If you want to become a presentation coach, don’t treat it like a profession. You have to be more relevant and less practical to connect with your target audience on an emotional level. A presentation coach must have the following skills: 

  • Enthusiasm and Consistency create a fun-filled vibe for the audience, so they enjoy the process of learning. 
  • Unconventional & Innovative Strategies are essential for a presentation coach to help him stand out among all the competitors in the industry.
  • Knowing and understanding your audience is essential for a coach to stay relatable. You must ensure your audience’s involvement in what you are trying to convey.
  • Keep your coaching approach simple and easy to understand. The client can be of any age group, a professional, or a job holder, so your expertise should be flexible for everyone. 
  • The Presentation Coach must have a grip on their body language. They should be sure about what they are delivering to the client. Confident and sharp body language is everything.

What Are The Skills Required To Become A Public Speaking Coach?

Public speaking seems simple, but it’s a very complex idea. There are a lot of factors you need to ensure when you plan to become a Public Speaking Coach. Here are some skills you must possess to become a public speaking coach that can ensure a successful 

  • Having confidence and clarity of words coming out of your mouth is essential. Faith in what you share with others is essential for a public speaking coach. 
  • A public speaking coach must have a keen knowledge of the relevant industry. It is a must that you have worked for years and gained experience being part of an industry. 
  • Your speaking style needs to be very professional yet empathetic towards your audience. It should be like you are telling your own story, and others can learn from it. 
  • Do not repeat the same set of stories and incidents in every session. Make sure you have new and fun ideas to interact with your audience.
  • A public speaking coach must have undivided attention toward the audience and the story he’s sharing. You need to be very focused and to the point while addressing a larger group of people.

How To Become A Presentation Coach?

The first step is knowing and identifying your niche and area of interest. Different industries have different requirements from a presentation coach. To become a presentation coach, first, you need to take coaching from some international coaching institute. You must be qualified and experienced enough in a relevant industry to step forward as a presentation coach. Ensure that when you choose to become a career coach, people know you, your work, and your progress over the years. It would help you excel in your profession if you hold multiple certifications and awards to build yourself as a presentation coach globally. 

How To Become A Public Speaking Coach?

Being a public speaking coach, you must have experience in a specific field where you have served as a leader. To become a recognized public speaking coach, you must have proven experience in speaking at more prominent forums professionally. International certifications and awards are also significant for highlighting your name as a brand. You start by providing online foundation courses and training. After gaining enough experience, you can claim to be a global public speaking coach. The coaches in their respective fields demand high salaries because they have experience in the field. 

Certifications Required To Become A Presentation Coach and Public Speaking Coach

There is no specific certification or award to become a professional coach. Countless authentic platforms have been operating for decades now, training to be a coach. It depends on where you lie and in what region you choose to start coaching. Udemy, Coursera, SkillShare, LinkedIn Learning, Noomi, Jay Abraham, and many other well-known coaching institutes are located around the globe. These coaching courses have different timelines and locations, so you can visit the website, register yourself and see what suits you. The International Coaching Federation is one of the most reliable sources for coaching certification. 

A coach’s credibility lies in the number and quality of certifications they have. These certifications are expensive, so it’s up to you to make the best of them. Try to define your focus and pay attention to one industry or niche. If you jump into multiple disciplines, you can never get a grip on any aspect. Your earnings depend on how authentic your certifications are and how you use them to make a difference.

Salary of A Presentation Coach And A Public Speaking Coach

The average salary of a presentation or a public speaking coach is somewhere between $35500 to $55500 annually. In developed countries like USA, UK, or Canada, Public Speaking Coaches earn equally as any technical skilled professional. These coaches are primarily people who own global businesses and have many years of experience in a field. They get paid according to their demand among the clients. Learning and getting certifications in coaching is expensive, so the investment you make to learn the skill pays off well soon. 

Major Differences Between A Presentation Coach And A Public Speaking Coach

There are a few similar aspects in presentation and public speaking coaching, but there are many differences. Before hiring a coach for a specific plan, ensure that you get what you are looking for. Both are critical coaching types but have different ways of conveying them to the audience. 

  1. Presentation Coaching is specific to an industry and does not cover details. Whereas public speaking coaching is more generalized and covers multiple aspects at a time.
  2. The target audience for a presentation coach is a comparatively smaller group. On the other hand, public speaking coaching has a larger audience.
  3. The topics for presentation coaching are more practical and corporate. Whereas public speaking is more about storytelling to make it more relatable for the people. 
  4. The expected impact or outcome of presentation coaching is measurable, but in public speaking, you have no evaluation or accountability of the impact it makes.


Coaching is a great idea to enhance your skillset and make more profit in less time. If you want to opt for coaching as a career, it will take you a few years, but you will not regret your choice. Coaching is not a boring profession, but a coach has a lot of responsibility. As a coach, you influence people’s personal and professional choices a lot. You must have a flexible yet critical thought process to become a great coach. You can only make a difference in other’s life if your own vision is bigger. 

Before hiring a coach or choosing coaching as a profession, you need to know your objective. Identify the pros and cons of being a coach and how people have faith in your skills. Being a coach is not an easy task. You will be stressing about the stress of your clients as well. A coach needs to be passionate about their profession. We hope that this writeup has given you some clarity on how presentation coaching is different from public speaking coaching. But it cannot change the fact that both have their significance.

Frequently asked questions

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Presentation And Public Speaking Coach?

Becoming a presentation or public speaking coach will help you see the world from different perspectives. Also, you will get a chance to influence many lives as people will learn from you. The ability to transform someone’s life empowers you and helps you perform better. Coaching as a profession is very rewarding. The trust, love, and empathy you give to people help in your personal growth. 

Resources To Improve The Presentation And Public Speaking Skills

The Internet is flooded with platforms from which you can outsource a coach per your requirements. Here are a few free resources from which you get a presentation or public speaking coach:
1.TED Talks
2.Toastmasters International
3.Mind Tools
7.American Rhetoric
8.Six Minutes

Who Hires A Presentation And A Public Speaking Coach?

Hiring a coach can be tricky but a significant investment. When you plan to hire a coach, ensure that he has authentic certifications and that his achievements are globally recognized. Most corporate firms, universities, and international schools hire presentation and public speaking coaches. These coaches help the target group to set some bigger goals in their personal and professional lives.

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