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Coaching CRM: Coachmetrix

Are you a coach looking to maximize your efficiency? Does the idea of having all of your client data centralized sound like a dream come true? With Coachmetrix, the leading coaching CRM in the market, it has never been more accessible. Coachmetrix is designed to help coaches land more clients, organize their time and resources better than ever before, and lead meaningful engagements with those clients.

Coaching CRM: Coachmetrix Coachmetrix Coaching CRM

This blog post will explore precisely why Coachmetrix stands head-and-shoulders above its competitors as one of the most comprehensive CRMs for coaches available today.

What is Coachmetrix?

Coachmetrix is transforming the coaching industry with its Coaching CRM system. It is developed to allow coaches and mentors to take their businesses to new heights. 

With Coachmetrix Coaching CRM, users can access a powerful suite of tools designed to streamline booking and admin processes and manage client engagements and relationships while leveraging modern technologies like AI, automation, intelligence-driven insights, and cloud technologies. These features enable coaches to create an exceptional experience for their clients and help them build their practice in ways that weren’t possible before.

How Coachmetrix works?

Coachmetrix is a cloud-based resource management system that helps coaches simplify managing their coaching practice. It allows them to store client information, collect payments, track progress on goals, set meaningful tasks and reminders, and get a comprehensive client analytics report in one place. 

Coachmetrix allows coaches to stay organized and make informed decisions while keeping up with the demand of their client roster. Coaches can efficiently manage ongoing projects or sessions with its intuitive interface while staying connected to their network via data integrations with Google Calendar, Stripe, and other APIs. 

With an easy-to-navigate dashboard and powerful features, Coachmetrix offers everything a coach needs to streamline operations without needing extra resources.

Key Features

Coachmetrix is an innovative cloud-based software to help Coaches achieve maximum efficiency, organization, and growth. 

It streamlines operations by centralizing client/coachee data, managing and automating intake processes, organizing calendars, and scheduling appointments with clients and team members. It is apt for tracking sessions and coach/coachee activities and interactions, creating customizable invoices and payment plans, and generating contracts and terms of agreement documents in seconds.

Moreover, Coachmetrix provides multi-platform access for Coaches. Coachmetrix provides all the necessary tools Coaches need to provide exceptional coaching services without all the extra headaches that go along with it.


Coachmetrix is a cloud-based software that helps coaches manage their business to deliver improved service for their clients. It provides a tangible return on investment (ROI) through efficiency and cost savings. It offers free startup plans for small businesses, with mid to large-scale Coaches enjoying competitive rates based on their specific requirements. 

Coaches can also access regular updates, analytics tools, and reliable customer support when setting up or running Coachemetrix programs. Coachemetrix is easy to use and saves Coaches time and money managing their business. 

Implementing the Coachemetrix platform into any Coaching business is an efficient and effective way to boost productivity, leaving more time for Coaches to focus on providing improved Coaching sessions for existing and new clients.


Pros and cons of Coachmetrix are described below.

Increased Customer Retention

One of the primary benefits of using a coaching CRM is that it can help to increase customer retention rates. A coaching CRM system helps businesses keep track of their customers’ progress and ensure they receive the support and guidance they need. This, in turn, can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved Customer Engagement

Another benefit of using a coaching CRM is that it can help to improve customer engagement levels. A coaching CRM system helps businesses stay in touch with their customers and provide timely updates on their progress. 

This can help to keep customers engaged with the coaching process and more likely to continue using the service.

Greater Efficiency

A coaching CRM system can also help businesses to become more efficient in their operations. By automating tasks such as customer tracking and progress reporting, businesses can free up time that would otherwise be spent on these tasks. 

This can allow businesses to focus on other areas of their operation, such as providing quality coaching services.

Reduced Costs

Another benefit of using a coaching CRM is that it can help businesses reduce costs. A coaching CRM system helps businesses to automate tasks that would otherwise be performed manually. This can lead to reduced labor costs and increased operational efficiency. Additionally, a coaching CRM system can help businesses to save money on marketing and advertising expenses by providing them with tools for tracking customer engagement and progress.

Increased Sales

Finally, a coaching CRM system can also help businesses to increase their sales. A coaching CRM system can help businesses identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling products and services by providing tools for tracking customer engagement and progress. 

Additionally, a coaching CRM system can help businesses to generate leads by providing them with data on potential customers who may be interested in their services.


High Price Point

One of the biggest cons of Coachmetrix is its high price point. The software starts at $149 per month for the basic plan, which is more expensive than many other coaching CRMs on the market. Additionally, the price increases to $199 per month for the premium plan, which can be a deterrent for coaches who are on a tight budget.

Limited Functionality

Another con of Coachmetrix is its limited functionality. The software only offers basic features like contact management and appointment scheduling. While this may be sufficient for some coaches, others may need more robust features, such as goal setting and task management. As a result, Coachmetrix may not be the best option for coaches with complex needs.

Lack of Integration

Another downside of Coachmetrix is its lack of integration with other software platforms. The software does not currently integrate with any email marketing platforms, which can make it difficult to send automated emails to clients. 

Additionally, the software does not integrate with any payment processors, so coaches must use a separate platform to accept client payments.

No Mobile App

Another con of Coachmetrix is that it does not offer a mobile app. This can be problematic for coaches who need to access their accounts while on the go. Additionally, it can make it difficult to stay organized and keep track of client appointments if there is no mobile app available.

Poor Customer Support

Finally, another big con of Coachmetrix is its poor customer support. The company does not offer live chat or phone support, so coaches must submit a ticket if they need help with the software. 

Additionally, the company has a minimal FAQ section on its website, so finding answers to common questions about the software can be challenging.


I believe that the CRM system benefits sales teams, as it gives managers a complete overview of their employee’s activity and performance. With this information, they can provide better feedback and coaching to help improve their team’s close rate. In addition, the CRM Coachmetrix provides easy-to-use tools that make it simple for sales teams to follow up with leads and customers.

 If you are looking for a well-rounded CRM system that offers features specifically for coaching your sales team, I recommend checking out Coachmetrix.

Frequently asked questions

What is Coachmetrix used for?

Coachmetrix is a tool designed to streamline the coach-client relationship. It offers a suite of features that enhance this professional dynamic, including tracking client progress and coaching notes, enabling the ability to build comprehensive client profiles, and facilitating effortless scheduling of sessions.
 Moreover, this application also serves as a powerful resource for marketing through its integrated CRM, which allows for automated follow-ups and newsletters. Coaches can use Coachmetrix to showcase their skills and services to attract more potential clients, making it an essential tool for any modern-day coach setting out to empower and grow their business.

Is Coachmetrix free?

Coachmetrix is an essential tool for a successful career in coaching – but is it free? Coachmetrix has released a comprehensive suite of features, such as automated client intake, a private payment system, data-driven engagement insights, and more. While this wide array of features comes with a price tag, some basic versions are available for no cost. 
The free version of Coachmetrix allows you to manage your client database, track conversations with clients and keep their records up to date. By utilizing the basic functionalities offered by the free version’s Coaching System and Coaching Dashboard, you can easily get an efficient start on your coaching journey.

Who is Coachmetrix best for?

Coachmetrix is a powerful Coaching CRM designed to provide life coaches with the ultimate customer relationship management experience. Coachmetrix streamlines day-to-day operations for coaching sessions, client contact, scheduling, and management.
 It helps take the worry out of customer relationship management, making it easier to find clients, help them schedule sessions, and store key details about their progress. Coachmetrix provides a turnkey solution that eliminates the hassle of tracking clients or staying organized while you focus on improving your customers’ lives. 
In short, Coachmetrix is a must-have tool for any coach looking to take their business to the next level.

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