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Would You Fall in Love with an AI – 3 In 5 AMERICANS SAY YES

The Coach Foundation recently conducted a fascinating survey, reaching out to 2,000 single Americans with a rather intriguing question: Would they consider dating an Artificial Intelligence?  

In an age where websites like Romantic AI are gaining popularity for their ability to craft the ‘perfect partner,’ the concept is no longer just a sci-fi fantasy.

Would You Fall in Love with an AI - 3 In 5 AMERICANS SAY YES AI

Key Findings

  • A striking 6 in 10 (63.3%) of respondents are open to the idea of dating AI.
  • Among these, a higher percentage of men (71.73%) showed interest compared to women (51.22%)
  • 65% of participants aged between 18-30 are more likely to date an AI, compared to 55% of those aged 31-45.
  • Diverse motivations for considering AI relationships: 41.2% of respondents are attracted to the idea of customizing their ideal AI partner, 33% value the fidelity and trust AI offers, around 12.1% are intrigued by the novelty of dating AI, 11.3% appreciate the absence of typical relationship problems, and the remaining believe an AI could better understand and respond to their emotional needs.

6 in 10 Americans Embrace AI Romance

The Coach Foundation’s survey shed light on the evolving perspective towards AI relationships, revealing that 6 in 10 respondents, a substantial 63.3%, are open to the idea of dating an AI. This significant majority reflects a growing trend of acceptance and curiosity about integrating technology into intimate aspects of life. 

Would You Fall in Love with an AI - 3 In 5 AMERICANS SAY YES AI

Among these, there is a notable gender difference: while 71.73% of men are intrigued by the idea, just about half of the women, precisely 51.22% (5 in 10), showed interest in dating an AI. This statistic suggests a more cautious or discerning approach among women when it comes to embracing AI in a romantic context. 

Furthermore, the survey highlighted a distinct age-related trend: 65% of younger participants, specifically those aged between 18-30, are more open to AI relationships compared to 55% of individuals aged 31-45. This generational gap underscores the role that familiarity with technology and openness to innovation play in shaping attitudes towards AI-assisted romance.

Why People Want to Date AI: The Top 5 Reasons

We asked people to pick reasons for wanting to date AI.

Would You Fall in Love with an AI - 3 In 5 AMERICANS SAY YES AI

Customizing the Perfect Partner

41.3% of those interested in AI relationships are excited by the chance to tailor-make their AI partner. They love the idea of picking out everything from looks to personality traits, making sure their AI partner is just right for them. It’s like having a relationship where you get to design your dream partner, ensuring they match exactly what you’re looking for.

Trustworthy and Loyal AI

A big draw for 33% of people is that AI partners can’t cheat. This gives them a feeling of security and trust in the relationship. In a world where trust can be hard to come by, knowing their AI partner is always loyal is a huge plus. It’s like having a guarantee that your partner will always be faithful.

The Excitement of Dating AI

About 12.1 of the survey takers are simply curious about what it’s like to date an AI. They find the idea new and exciting, something completely different from usual relationships. It’s like stepping into a new world of dating, full of possibilities they’ve never experienced before.

No Typical Relationship Problems

11.3% of people see dating an AI as a way to avoid the usual problems that come with relationships, like misunderstandings or wanting different things in life. With an AI, these issues don’t exist. It’s like having a smooth-sailing relationship without the usual bumps along the way.

Emotionally Attuned AI Partners

The remaining think an AI can understand and respond to their emotional needs better than a human might. They believe AI can learn and adapt to their feelings, offering support and empathy. It’s like having a partner who always knows just what to say and do to make you feel understood and cared for.


The Coach Foundation’s survey on Americans’ willingness to engage in AI relationships provides a window into the evolving dynamics of love and technology. The results indicate a significant openness towards AI romance, with 63.3% of respondents showing interest. This trend is especially pronounced among men and younger adults, reflecting broader societal shifts in technology acceptance and the desire for innovative romantic experiences. The motivations for considering AI relationships range from the allure of customizing an ideal partner to seeking trust, novelty, problem-free interactions, and emotional understanding. These findings suggest a future where AI and human relationships may coexist more seamlessly, challenging traditional notions of love and companionship.


The survey reached out to a diverse group of 2,000 single Americans, encompassing various ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Participants were asked a series of questions to gauge their interest in and attitudes towards dating AI. The methodology was designed to ensure a comprehensive overview of current perceptions, providing valuable insights into how AI is reshaping the landscape of personal relationships.

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