How to Become an Amazing Productivity Coach in 2023?

Productivity plays a very critical role in this competitive world where all are competing to increase productivity. Why? An increase in productivity leads to an increase in output with the same amount of effort. This will reduce the cost of production for the business which can then increase the overall profit of the business.

Who can help businesses or individuals to achieve higher productivity?

A productivity coach is an expert who can guide his clients to achieve higher output with the same efforts.

Are you an efficient manager that believes in increasing the productivity of your teammates?

Are you passionate to increase your productivity levels by using different tools and techniques?

Have you helped your friends and colleagues to maximize their productivity levels?

Yes? Then I believe you can be an expert productivity coach with your expertise and experience.

Let’s find out more in-depth about productivity coaching and see how you can help your clients to maximize their efforts.

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Who Is a Productivity Coach?

A productivity coach is an expert who guides his clients to work smart. As a coach, you can help your clients get better results with the same efforts. How? By using the right coaching tools and techniques.

A productivity coach applies a logical and practical approach to every activity. This approach helps clients to understand the task better and maximize the results.

As a productivity coach, guide your clients to be more organized and teach them to do multitasking. Why? Being organized simplifies the task and reduces obstacles. It helps a person to multitask which in turn leads to an increase in productivity as a person can do more things with the same time and effort. As a coach, you can train your clients in managing time and increase performance.

As a coach, observe the work patterns of your clients. This way you can help your clients understand the loopholes in their work patterns and improve it for better performance. This will help your clients in achieving success and satisfaction. A coach discusses things with his clients without judgement. This helps a coach and his clients to discover solutions that can benefit clients.

A productivity coach can show his clients the right path and can encourage the clients to bring out their full potential. This can help them achieve more with the same efforts.

A productivity coach can use productivity tools which can help increase the strength of clients. Guide your clients to prioritize their tasks. This, in turn, will reduce stress and increase the performance of your clients.

As a coach, your role is to help your clients simplify the daily routine work. This method will help your clients to do more important work. Streamlining the work will improve the productivity of your clients. The other thing which you can share as a productivity coach is technical skills. Technical skills help to simplify the tasks and will enhance the work of your clients.

The role of a productivity coach

  • A coach supports clients in developing plans based on goals. It gives clarity on what is crucial.
  • A coach guides in defining objectives of clients’ goals. This helps in saving time, energy, and money for clients.
  • A coach helps clients in maintaining work-life balance, which helps in gaining peace of mind.
  • A productivity coach can help his clients increase profit by guiding on how one can do follow-up for increasing sales.
  • A coach teaches his clients multitasking which helps in increasing the performance of his clients.

A lot of clients get stressed and frustrated. They are not able to meet deadlines. As a coach, you can provide coaching training for developing better skills that can help them increase productivity.

As a coach, you can provide new ideas to your clients for getting things done. This lowers down the stress of the client and helps him gain confidence and improves his performance.

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How to Write a Coaching Business Plan for Your Productivity Coaching Business?

Are you excited about starting your coaching business?

Is it becoming confusing for you to start?

Do you want to know the secret of the coaching business?

It is a business plan with which you can set up your coaching business. A proper business plan is very important and necessary to start a business.

So do you know what are the steps of a business plan?

I have discussed the major components of a business plan below:


First, you must mention the vision of starting your coaching business. Why did you decide upon starting your coaching business? What is your vision to become a productivity coach? How will it make a difference in the lives of others?

Here you have to mention the farsightedness about your business. This will keep you on track. Also, it will help in giving you direction.

Vision defines your dream of the productivity coaching business. It is the idea which you want to share with people. The vision should be inspiring as this will keep you motivated throughout your coaching journey.


Next, mention the mission of your business. It is the aim with which you are starting your coaching business. It describes what your business does. The mission is a crucial part of a coaching business plan. It includes the goals which you want to achieve through your coaching business.

You must answer the following questions:

What change are you planning to bring through your coaching sessions?

How can your coaching program help the community?

Who are the people benefiting from your program?

Are you eager about bringing the change?

The answers to the above questions can help you in defining the mission.

Description of your coaching business

Here you must describe the niche i.e productivity coaching in detail. It will help in defining the services you will provide. Describe all your coaching products and services in detail.

How will you provide the services- online or offline?

Will you conduct coaching sessions in groups or individually?

What will be the method of payment?

Write down all the details as it will give clarity to start your business.

Target market

The next step is finding the target market and writing about it. For this, you must do proper research. Find out who needs your coaching program? The list of your prospective clients is endless.

Entrepreneurs, celebrities, leaders, educational institutions, multinational companies all need a productivity coach. Find out who you want to train. It will help you in creating marketing ideas accordingly. I have shared the list of prospective clients below. Do check it.

Marketing plan

Which marketing tools will prove useful? How can you attract clients towards your business?

How will you do marketing? What strategies will you use for reaching the clients?

Add answers to these questions in this section. You can use offline and online tools. The marketing tools can help in scaling up your operations. Few marketing strategies are discussed in detail later in this article.


As a coach, you must identify the level of competition in the productivity coaching field. How can you set your business different from your competitors? What are their strengths? What fees other coaches charge?

You can do a complete analysis of competitors. This can help you in developing your plans. Here you have to concentrate on your unique selling points.

Organizational planning

This step involves points about the management structure of your business.

Your coaching business plan should have a definite organizational structure. This further includes the functions of people involved in your business. It is better if there are few people in the starting. You can later make it big. It becomes simple if you make the structure beforehand.

You must note about the partners and other people who you need to hire. This step also includes the material or infrastructure required for your business.

Financial planning

The last step is the budget plan. This is important as without it you cannot develop your business.

What are your financial projections?

Are you planning about leasing an office space?

Will you get funding through investors?

How much funding do you need?

As a coach, you must decide your fees for your target audience. This way you can know how much investment you must do.

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Who Are Your Prospective Clients as a Productivity Coach?

Productivity coaches are in high demand because everyone wants to increase their productivity personally and professionally. A lot of people are looking for support to increase their actual output. As a coach, your right coaching tool can give your clients the right direction.

Here are a few prospective clients whom you can help.


Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time on different tasks of their business. There are chances of losing focus on work and this can reduce output. With the help of a productivity coach, they can manage their time better. As a coach, you can help them get clarity about how to streamline their work and increase productivity.

Entrepreneurs are also constantly looking for better returns on investments. Your coaching tools can help them in implementing the right plans and strategies which can help them earn a better profit.

Multinational companies

Employees in multinational companies are always in the pressure of showing productivity. MNC’s need great results but with a proper plan. Hence, it is good for them to approach a coach. As a coach, you can support them in finding solutions and achieve better sales results. Share ideas that can improve follow-up which will help them increase the sales.

As a coach, you can provide them with coaching tools that can develop different skills of their employees. This will help them reduce time and improve their productivity.

Educational institutions

Educational institutions want to improve the productivity of their teaching staff and students. Institutes want good results from their students and want to know how effective the teaching methods are. As a coach, you can guide them to analyze the teaching methods. You can also train the teachers in new skills and methods that can help the students achieve better results.

Celebrities and leaders

It is not easy for celebrities and leaders to always perform their best. They have a lot of commitment and need proper guidance on time management. As a coach, you can provide training on how they can perform their best in limited time.

A lot of people need your guidance and can benefit from your coaching training. As a coach, you can make a difference in the lives of people personally and professionally.

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Qualities of a Productivity Coach

A productivity coach must have certain qualities to understand his clients and improve productivity in their lives. Here are some important qualities of a successful coach.

Client assessment

The first thing you should do as a coach is to know your clients better. As a coach, you can start with a friendly discussion. This discussion will give you details about the client’s thought process and help you assess your clients. As a coach, use SWOT analysis to find the strengths and weaknesses of your clients. This will help you to guide them in improving their productivity.

Build a good relationship

The assessment helps in establishing the foundation of the coaching relationship. Well-planned coaching sessions can build your clients’ trust and confidence in your coaching training. This can help you develop good relationships with your clients and help them achieve their goals.

Ask the right questions

Well-worded questions are short and to the point. As a coach, ask the right questions to your clients, as this can help you find out the real loopholes of your clients’ performance. It is very important to understand your clients’ situation as this will help you find out the correct ways to improve their productivity. The right questions can help you in motivating your clients towards the desired goal.

Give constructive and correct feedback

Always start with honest praise of your clients. As a productivity coach, give a clear perspective on how good your clients are performing. Identify key areas of your clients that may need improvement and motivate your clients to work on those areas.

As a coach, avoid being judgemental. Also, use a sincere tone of voice while giving feedback as this will help to communicate the message well to your clients. This will help in strengthening the performance and give better results.

Motivate your clients to find alternative solutions

As a productivity coach, you can provide alternative solutions for solving the issues. Also, motivate your clients to find alternative answers for improvement. The aim is to encourage the employee to identify alternative solutions. The goal here is to help clients to think out of the box to improve their performance.

The quality of a successful coach is to engage and follow up with clients at regular intervals. This will help you keep a check on your clients’ performance and motivate them to perform better.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for a Productivity Coach to Get Clients Fast

In today’s digital era, businesses require correct digital marketing strategies to gain clients. If marketing strategies are in place things can become easy. Businesses need exposure to online platforms to get their target audience.

As a coach, you need to explore a few digital marketing strategies and see which are the ones that fit your business requirements. Check out a few strategies given below:

Have an attractive website

As a coach, you must have a creative and attractive website for your coaching business. This will help you attract online audiences from around the globe. The website presentation is very important, it should be simple and have good navigation features. This is because a website is the face of the business to online clients.

In case you are not an expert in building a website then it is better to hire a professional website developer. He can help you build a professional website as per your requirements.

Blog creation or guest blogging

After an interactive website, you can create blogs for your website. Interesting and engaging blogs on varied topics can attract clients from different fields and countries. As a coach, you can write about your different coaching products and services. This is a great market strategy to inform your clients about different coaching products and services.

Your blogs can help in attracting new clients. Also, you can create an image of an expert through your blogs. You can also take the help of professional content writers. They are experts in revamping blogs. Keep the topics interesting to connect with the readers. This will prompt them to ask questions.

As a coach, you can also try guest blogging on other famous platforms. This is an effective strategy to get clients from other platforms. For example, you can join hands with management gurus and successful motivational speakers. As a coach, you can collaborate and publish guest blogs on their website. This will increase traffic on your website too.

Create podcasts for your coaching venture

A lot of people are moving from reading blogs to listening to podcasts because they don’t have time to read. As a coach, you can attract these listeners by creating interesting and engaging coaching podcasts. This is one strategy to enhance your coaching business image on different platforms.

After the success of your podcasts, you can be seen as an expert in productivity coaching. You can also collaborate with other shows as a guest speaker. This way people will know you more. There are options for payable podcasts too. You can get more clients using such plans.

Video tutorials through YouTube channels

As a coach, you can start creating YouTube videos for improving productivity. YouTube audiences can subscribe and follow your content. They can even share it. This can help in generating more leads. The purpose is to create meaningful videos. Hence, more people can get engaged. Once you start, the results will not be great. But with the time you will improve and increase the reach.

Video quality should be good with clarity in the presentation of your video content. Make sure the content is useful and informative which can encourage YouTube audiences to be your clients.

Email informative newsletters to your prospective clients

Email marketing is a great strategy for creating impressions. Find the email addresses of prospective clients and list them down. Share informative newsletters with your prospective clients. This way you can develop connections with them.

Newsletters can create curiosity among your clients and they will try to know more about your sessions. It can increase the chances of buying your coaching products and services.

Social media marketing

Social media audiences are increasing massively every day. As a coach, you need to attract social media audiences to your coaching business. How? Create your business page on different social media platforms and share informative posts, surveys, competitions to attract social media audiences. This strategy can help you gain visibility on social media platforms with an increase in online clients.

As a coach, have a mix of different digital marketing strategies as this will help you gain clients from different sources.

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How Much Can You Earn as a Productivity Coach?

As a coach, your income will vary depending on your experience, expertise, and productivity. Income will also depend on how well you promote your coaching services. As a coach, you can earn thousands of dollars per hour.

Productivity coaches can make around $325 per hour. If you are working with a company, earnings can be around $250 per hour. In the case of a personal client, you can earn around $160 per hour. But these earnings depend upon your coaching skills.

At the initial stage, you can charge around $100 – 200 per hour. If you have a good experience, the charges can be around $250 – 600 per hour. This difference can occur because of your skills and knowledge.

Payscale reports show that a productivity coach can earn between $77,000 – $280,000 per year. This range is wide as it depends on a lot of factors. The type of client, the style of coaching, and coaching products can define your earnings.

A lot of coaches who have coaching certification earn great. You can choose the ICF coaching programs. It has designed three coaching levels. These are Professional and Master Certified Coach.

Also, it depends on the coaching hours which you are following. The average fee for a 1-hour coaching session of a productivity coach is between $250 to $350.

As a coach, promote your coaching skills online too as this will increase your clients drastically and will help you earn better.

A productivity coach can find huge opportunities. The above guide is useful for starting a new venture. The skills mentioned can help in growing your coaching business. You can use the right digital strategies. There is huge growth in this field. Hence, keep pushing yourself hard and get ready to be successful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a productivity coach?

A productivity coach is an expert who can guide his clients to achieve higher output with the same efforts.

How do you become a productivity coach?

Certifications are not mandatory to become a productivity coach since coaching is an unregulated industry. You can still enroll in courses to broaden your knowledge.

How does coaching increase productivity?

A lot of clients get stressed and frustrated. They are not able to meet deadlines. As a coach, you can provide coaching training for developing better skills that can help them increase productivity.

How do you become productive?

You can become productive by prioritizing your tasks in a strategic manner where instead of getting overwhelmed by the magnitude of work, you maintain a work-life balance.

How much do productivity coaches make?

Productivity coaches can make around $325 per hour. If you are working with a company, earnings can be around $250 per hour. In the case of a personal client, you can earn around $160 per hour. But these earnings depend upon your coaching skills.

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