How to Become a Successful Positivity Coach? [2023 Edition]

The positivity coach is an expert who guides his clients to bring positivity to their lives. Positivity is being optimistic and staying away from negative thoughts.

In today’s world, you will come across a lot of people who are tied up with negativity. They need someone who can change their focus.

Who do you think can help them? Yes, you are right a positivity coach is the one who can mentor people to focus on positivity around.

Have you been a positive person throughout your life?

Are you passionate about finding positivity in difficult times too?

Do you inspire people to find positivity in all the small and big experiences?

Are you a ray of hope for the people who are struggling with negativity?

Is your answer positive to all the above questions?

Yes? Then I must say you are a positive person and ready to explore the journey of positivity coaching with me.

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Who Is a Positivity Coach?

A positivity coach is an expert who helps clients to manifest positivity in their lives. A coach guides clients to overcome negativity in their lives. A coach provides guidance and direction to clients to find positivity in all small little things and experiences.

Positivity coaches use positive psychology coaching to mentor clients.

What is positive psychology coaching?

Positive psychology coaching is a scientific approach used by positivity coaches to guide clients to improve performance, achieve personal and professional goals, and enhance well-being. This coaching method is backed by measurable evidence that includes many techniques, tools, assessments, feedback that helps coaches to build customized and structured coaching programs for clients.

Positive psychology coaching is a very important method followed by positivity coaches as it helps coaches to guide their clients to explore their strengths, weaknesses, and values to achieve their goals.

How can you help your clients as a positivity coach?

  • Help identify strength among clients
  • Appreciate your clients’ talents
  • Build awareness
  • Solve problems in a creative way
  • Keep clients on track by checking their progress
  • Help in increasing positivity for the achievement of goals
  • Motivate by asking strong questions
  • Conduct inspirational sessions
  • Train on listening to intuition
  • Motivate towards constructive thinking
  • Work on client’s focus
  • Partner with clients for forming effective plans
  • Provide challenging tasks
  • Share tips if things become tough
  • Celebrate the success of clients

Negative thoughts can make your clients indecisive. As a positivity coach, you can help your clients solve this problem. Your clients may not know the difference between good and bad. This is because they have lost hope. This is where your coaching training can be fruitful to them.

As a positivity coach, keep track of the latest research on social and emotional intelligence. It will help you in motivating clients to let go of their past. As a coach, you can develop positive energy among clients. They will learn that the past is irreversible and help them have a clear picture of their goals.

A lot of people decline things as they are not sure if they can do it. As a coach, you can change this unsure attitude of your clients. Understand this pattern of your clients and guide them to overcome this attitude.

A positivity coach is one who uses positive words or phrases to motivate his clients. He or she brings clients out of their depressing world. As a coach, encourage your clients to create positive thoughts and this will help them move in the right direction. This motivates clients to start looking for positivity in all possible things. This training proves beneficial in the personal and professional lives of clients. Clients can feel a sense of freedom, guilt, anxiety, and low self-esteem all go away. This magic is possible through a positivity coach. A coach empowers clients so that they become their best selves.

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Who Are Your Prospective Clients as a Positivity Coach?

A lot of people want a positivity coach to guide them. A lot of people who are suffering from negative thoughts need them the most. People with low self-esteem or bad experiences go through negativity in their lives and they can be your prospective clients. You can teach them about positivity using different coaching tools. Here are the major groups that you can focus on.

People who are stuck in the past

A lot of people may focus on their past a lot. This can create problems if the past life of a person is not so good. They have negative thoughts inside them which they struggle to overcome. Negative thoughts should not stay for long as it may create hindrance in their growth. Hence, as a coach, you can help them with the right coaching tools. Guide them to forget what went wrong and motivate them to move forward with positivity.

Professionals with low self-confidence

A lot of people like students, professionals from different fields suffer from low self-confidence. They do not know what they can achieve because of which they build a negative attitude. Their interest in any task becomes less and they need someone to motivate them.

As a positivity coach, you can help them and teach them ways of gaining self-confidence. Guide them to focus on their strengths and work on their weaknesses. This will help them to be confident and make them ready to face any challenge.


Entrepreneurs have a fear of failure. This makes them more anxious about things and can slow their growth. As a coach, you can mentor and prepare them for the challenges. You can motivate them to accept failures and learn from them. Help them overcome their emotions. This way they can bring back their passion and achieve their goals.

Job seekers

Job seekers are in a transition phase. They are professionals who have completed education or are searching for a better job. What issues do they face? They may find it difficult to find the right job and sometimes low salary packages may bother them. All this makes their mind move into the world of negativity. As a coach, make them believe in themselves. Help them with this phase of transition. Let them know that things are tough in the beginning and they can achieve their goals if they keep working on it.

As a positivity coach, you can be a lifesaver for a lot of people around you. Keep up your good work and keep motivating others on the path of positivity.

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Qualities of a Positivity Coach

Each client is different. As a coach, you must have the ability to understand their requirements. Coaching is an excellent career but for growth, you should have some important qualities.

Experience and knowledge can get clients to you but your qualities will make your clients happy and satisfied. Here are some of the main qualities which you must own.


As a coach, you want your clients to follow your suggestions. But if you are not confident, things may not work. Hence, as a coach, you should be confident and inculcate the same in your clients. A successful coach is confident about his or her decisions. It does not mean you must become over-confident. But some degree of confidence is useful. A client who has lost all hope can gain confidence from you.

Emotional intelligence

A positivity coach deals with psychological coaching techniques. This means he or she connects with people on the emotional front. Through emotional intelligence techniques, a coach can prevent negative emotions. They do not let it affect their decisions with negative thoughts. It helps a coach deal with conflicts. Negative people always fall in some kind of fight. A good coach can help clients handle such conflicts and at the same time understand their clients’ feelings.

Positive attitude

An optimistic nature of a coach is important in coaching. It’s obvious that if you are not positive then you can’t help your clients overcome negativity. As a coach, you can bring a lot of change with a positive approach. This can empower you to help people with less effort. Your clients will also feel positive and do the right things.


As a coach, your positive nature will help you in setting an example. A successful coach is one who can inspire others. Clients will look up to you when they get stuck. Your inspiring stories will motivate them to move ahead. But using only positive words will not work. You must also show it through your actions. This way they will consider you as an expert whom they should follow.


As a coach, you should follow empathy. This helps a coach in connecting with their clients and knowing them well. You can bring more positivity to your client if you show compassion and care to your clients. First, you must feel their pain.

As a coach, you should understand the reasons for your clients’ negative thoughts. What is bothering them? This can make you understand the problem of your clients well. Finding the causes of clients’ negativity can help you provide them with better solutions.

Problem solver

As a positive coach, focus on solutions. Be a problem solver to your clients and guide them to find the root cause of the problem. This is an important quality of a successful coach as this will help you to understand your clients’ situation better.

As a coach, you can keep adding positive qualities to your list as this will help you to be a better version of yourself every day.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for a Positivity Coach to Get Clients Fast

In today’s digital era, digital marketing strategies play a very important role in generation clients. With competition all around, it is not easy for a coach to get the clients. But with the right marketing strategies, you can get your prospective clients. There are various digital tools that you can use and have a good online presence for your coaching practice.

How can you achieve it? Here are some major digital marketing strategies which you must try.

An informative website

All kinds of businesses need a website. It helps your potential client to know more about you. They can discover your coaching work from anywhere around the globe. A website is the best digital marketing strategy for promoting your skills. Also, your clients can approach you through details on the website. You can mention your social media links on your website. This way your contacts can follow your social media pages.

Building a website is not that simple and easy. But there are different software using which you can create one. Your website should look professional. Do not forget the testimonials and reviews. You must specify your past work on the website.

As a coach, you can also hire a professional developer to build your website as this can save your time and energy.


Newsletters are informative letters in the form of Emails. For this, you must collect your target audience’s email addresses. After that, you can send them newsletters. This is for promoting your coaching business and getting in touch with your contacts. These newsletters are for making your prospects aware of the latest trends. Also, you can share your blog posts through this.

Newsletters are a useful marketing strategy as it helps in keeping your business in the minds of readers. Keep your newsletter eye-catching and informative. It will present you as an expert in your field with a lot of information. This will make them approach you for help as they know you can fulfill their coaching requirements.

Coaching podcasts

As a coach, you can get a good amount of traffic through coaching podcasts. Hence, you must create a coaching podcast series. This you can link with your blog posts. The audio equipment should be of good quality. If your speech is effective, you can get a lot of subscribers. They will follow you if you have informative and engaging content.


Blogging is another marketing strategy that can get you, clients, from across the globe. This is a great way of creating an online presence. You can include a blog section on your website. As a coach, you can upload high-quality content daily, weekly, or monthly.

SEO works best for blogging as it helps the page rank high on Google. People will signify you as a knowledgeable coaching expert. As a coach, you can write on how one can inculcate positive thoughts. Spend 20% of your blogging time on writing. Remaining 80% you must give for promoting your blogs on different platforms. There are channels like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can post or share your blogs on these platforms.

Blogging is simple if you love sharing your thoughts through articles. It can be stories or tips. The most important thing is people should interact on your blogging page. Hence, keep the content interesting.

Apart from the above marketing strategies, you can use social media to get clients fast. Keep your Facebook and Instagram page updated. Also, some people love watching YouTube videos. Those who do not love reading can subscribe to your youtube channel. You can also have paid webinars. This is possible once you get a good number of clients. Thus, keep trying the marketing strategies to see which one works for you.

Difference Between Traditional Coaching and Positivity Coaching Style

You can find different kinds of coaches. Some of them use traditional styles. In traditional style, the coach is present but does not have active engagement. On the other side positivity coaching deals with inspiring people. They have aggressive methods.

In the case of a positive coaching model clients give responses to positive interactions. The approach of this method is proactive. It results in good performance. The traditional methods are reactive. Hence, performance may not be good. Also, the response of a coach is negative. This is because, negative feedback can result in better outcomes. But clients face anxiety issues and this can result in disengagement.

A positivity coaching style is more preferable as it helps in sustaining long-term performance. This does not mean a coach should avoid tough talks but they should apply a positive mindset.

Traditional coaching methods look for records. Hence, a coach and client relationship are not so free. Positivity coaching is full of commitment. Here the clients are themselves ready for bringing change. All they need is some motivation. There is less wastage of mental or physical energy as both coaches and clients focus on efforts.

In positivity coaching reactions of coach and clients are real whereas, the traditional methods are much more scripted. Hence, a positivity coach gives a feeling of appreciation.

The traditional method of coaching addresses the weaknesses of clients. The positivity coaching is about empowerment and as a coach, you optimize the strengths of your clients.

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How Much Can You Earn as a Positivity Coach?

Research suggests that a positivity coach can earn approximately $50,000 a year. But this keeps on varying. This is because various factors affect earnings. As a coach, you can earn a high amount or even less, depending on many factors. It is your experiences and expertise which decides the earnings.

As a coach, your earnings depend upon the number of clients you cater to. You can charge high fees for good earnings. Also, coaches try to add more skills in their profile for high income. For example, you can become both a positivity coach and a management coach. It will help you by increasing your client base.

Positivity coaches who have expertise in training can earn good money. If you have coaching certifications, your earnings can also increase. These certifications provide you with marketing skills and can help you in gaining more business.

As a coach, you can also work with companies. This will help you get extra earnings and experiences. The best part is you can get a high-level job and you can work with corporates on a contract basis.

The other beneficial option is starting your own coaching business. With your expertise and skills, you can earn more from your coaching business. It will take time but it is possible. There are a lot of coaches earning between $30 to over $200 an hour approximately. The pricing may not remain the same. In starting you can charge low. But after you get more recognition, you can charge more.

There are different coaching models that you can select. As a coach, you can charge an extra fee for an online personal coaching session. For group sessions, you can have membership packages. As a coach, you can keep different prices for different coaching products and services.

Courses for a Positivity Coach

As per my experience, certifications are not mandatory but it is always good to keep learning. As a coach, it is very important to keep ourselves updated in the coaching industry. You can take up online courses to learn new skills that can help you in your coaching business.

I have shared a few courses below for positivity coaching certifications. Have a look and if you find it interesting then you can enroll for it.

Certified Positive Psychology Coach

It is under Mentor Coach LLC. This course is online with a duration of 52 hours. An exam is also conducted at the end of the course.

Positive Psychology Practitioner Training

The school of Positive Transformation provides this course. It teaches you about positive emotions and mindfulness. The course contains 12 modules. The length of the course is 12 months. You can take the sessions online.

Certified Positive Psychology Coach Program

The School of Coaching Mastery provides this course online. It has two parts. The first part is introductory and the other is in-depth. Hence, the duration of this course varies from 12 to 18 months.

You can research the above courses in detail and see which one is best for you.

As a positivity coach, you have been doing a great job and hope with your experience and skills you attain more success. I am sure the article will help you in your journey of positivity coaching.

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