How to Become a Successful Mindset Coach: Convincing Clients Made Easy!

Are you a mindest coach or planning to become one?


Changes are very common in anyone’s life. Not everyone has the ability to deal with them with ease.

People go through lifestyle changes.

‘Transition’ can take many forms.

It can be switching to a new career direction.

Someone may be beginning a new relationship.

Some others may locate in a new country, etc.

Sometimes people need support during the transitional periods of their lives.

They need clarity. They need someone who can assist them in finding purpose. A buddy who can set the right direction.

Do you think you are that ‘SOMEONE’?

Can you guide clients to kick-start their transformational journey?

Can you increase the client’s productivity and boost energy?



Becoming a mindset coach is the right career option for you.

Now, what should be the next step?

Your clients may not know that they need a mindset coach like you.

It’s your job to make them realize.

And, how would you that?

You need to clarify:

Why should someone hire you?

For this, you must be aware of the benefits of working with a mindset coach.

Along with this, you must also be able to identify your potential clients.

So, what are the signs that a person would need you?

Don’t worry!

This article has covered these points and many more.

By the end of this blog, you will get all your answers.

Bringing a change in mindset is not an easy job. You must be able to think from your client’s perspective.

Patience and careful analysis become vital. You must be able to feel the client’s situation.

Different people have different ideas of mindset coach.

Let’s first discuss who do we call a mindset coach.

What is a Mindset Coach?

A Mindest coach rewires the individual mindset. These coaches make the individual realize his/her full potential. They help people to become the best version of themselves.

You might be thinking:

How does this happen?

What advice do they give?

What solutions do they tell?

This is a very important point.

I need you to focus here:

Mindest coaching doesn’t only involves giving advice or solutions.

It is more than that.

It involves preparing the individual to develop a thought-process. A solid one!

One which can help him/her to embrace changes. Through which difficulties appear a cakewalk.

Mindest coaches build a strong will power in clients. This boosts their energy. It makes them optimistic and realistic.

Advising and giving solutions may complement. Still, the real change comes from within. Mindset coaches strive to bring that by emphasizing self-efficacy.

If you are a mindest coach, you have to make your client realize:

“You are here to do extraordinary things.”

Mindest coaches guide people in various ways.

Someone may be going through career transitions. The coaches prepare such individuals to take their first step.

Others might be facing great lifestyle changes. They might feel difficult to adapt to new surroundings. Mindest coaches help in providing clarity to new directions. They guide on how one can enjoy the new lifestyle.

Some people might feel stuck. They may feel low. They are unsure how they reached here. Now they wish to get back. Mindest coaches help to bring a transition. They can revive energy and make individuals thrive.

There is a lot of noise in the world. Mindest coaches help in cutting it.

They make people realize their true essence.

Remember this famous quote?

How to Become a Successful Mindset Coach: Convincing Clients Made Easy! mindset coach

A mindset coach helps to remove that rust.

Now you know better why people will need you, right?Who can use a mindest coach?

Do you aspire to become a successful mindest coach?

Do this:

Know who to sell your coaching services.

If you don’t know this, someone else will replace you.

You may have great coaching skills.

You may use phenomenal marketing strategies.

Still, you would find that you are not getting clients.

What is the reason?

Not only HITTING the right target is important but KNOWING it is equally vital.

Thus first you should know your target well.

Once you have clarity, you can go and build strategies.


Yeah, strategies to hit them right.

This will include:

For now, let’s come back to our initial question.

Who can use a mindest coach?

I really don’t want to bore you.

Let’s understand this with the help of some examples.

  1. Mack is a senor sales VP of a company. He is going through a crisis. He is not able to perform well. He is losing motivation.
  2. Young has reached high in her career. She needs an extra coaching boost for her next promotion.
  3. Bernard is a fresh entrepreneur. He is new and doesn’t know how should he proceed. At the same time, he requires coaching for self-improvement.
  4. Ken’s image is of a successful salesperson. Now his sales have started decreasing. He is unaware of the reason. He is depressed and anxious. He doesn’t know what to do.

Did you see?

These are a few examples you can think of many more.

Don’t you?

Common, think for a while. Think of someone who is facing situations where the role of the mind is vital.

Someone who can change situations if he sets a proper mindest.

Maybe negativity and fear of the future is killing him/her.


Maybe he lacks encouragement and a pragmatic attitude.

Could you think of anyone such that?


Great. That’s how you build the set of your target audience.

This will constitute people who can be your potential clients.

Now, you need to convince them why should they hire you.

You need to make them realize why would they benefit from your coaching business.

And that takes us to our next section.

How does a mindset coach help?

You might be thinking:

How should I get my ideal clients fast?

Believe me, it is not at all an easy job.

For some people, the term “mindest coach” may itself feel strange.

Many of them might have lacked support from their own family and friends.

Do you think that they will trust a third person to bring a mindest transformation?

How would they even realize that they need it?

What should you do in this case?

Make your prospects aware of the benefits of the collab.

And what are these?

Let’s consider it.

A mindset coach helps in gaining Self-awareness

Crossed hands
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Who do people turn mostly to learn about themselves?

Family members and friends, right?

Now here comes the problem. Not every time loved ones tell the right things.

Sharing biases becomes a root problem when individuals talk with familiar people.

People must get a different perspective if they want to gain self-awareness.

Who will provide them this?

Mindest coaches like you!

The mindest coach doesn’t have ‘YES’ as the answer to everything. He/She tells you what you NEED to hear rather than what you WANT.

Now it’s your job to make your clients realize how you can help them to gain self-awareness.

Why would they come to you when they have family and friends beside?

Because you will tell them the truth. No biasing. A clear cut reflection of the clients’ weaknesses. You would also highlight the strengths so that change is positive.

If your clients are self-aware, they would become more accountable.

Self-awareness gives a boost to motivation. This results in developing healthy relationships. This furthers fills the environment with positivity. Productivity increases and work becomes fun.

Wouldn’t this result in a healthy mindset?

Wouldn’t it reduce stress and anxiety?

Yes, right?

Thus you see, how vital is self-awareness!

A mindset coach assists in creating accountability

Accountability comes from discipline and a mindest coach sets that.

Your clients may not be responsible enough. They may neglect their duties. They may lack a solid determination and commitment level.

Being accountable is a must to have a robust mindset. You as a mindset coach need to reach out to your clients.

Tell them that they own the responsibility for their actions. The consequences would be a function of their decisions.

This will develop the client’s mindset. It will help him/her to make rational decisions. Realistic thoughts will fill his/her mind.

It sounds great, right?

But now the question is:

“Is building a sense of accountability easy?”

Not at all.

It requires an inner motivation. This takes us to our next point.

A mindset coach increases motivation

No, you don’t need to throw all those motivational quotes. You need to rewire the thinking of your clients.

Your clients should be able to get results. Results that are AUTHENTIC and SUSTAINABLE.

While talking to the coach, the coachee must answer their own mind’s hows and whys.

As a mindset coach, you need to find that inner drive in your clients.

Make them realize that they should not survive in a career but thrive.

Let your clients discover and even redefine their intrinsic values.

Do you think mindset coaches only help to get results?


They help clients to become someone who always gets results.

Ask Yourself:

Do you have the ability to become such a coach?

A mindset coach helps in setting realistic goals

Goals are very important. Without them, people will wander aimlessly.

There are many people for whom goal setting is not an easy task.

A dilemma may kill some. Others may underestimate themselves. Others may be too close to determine whether a goal is achievable.

A mindset coach helps in making the journey much more manageable.

Mindset coaches are aware of the client’s capabilities. They guide the clients on the right path.

They set the client’s routine so that their mind doesn’t wander. This helps the clients to reach closer to their goals.

In this way, the clients can focus on what matters. They can cut the rest of the noise.

This gives rise to a strong mindset. One which is devoid of distraction. Which has clarity and will-power for the goals.

A mindset coach boosts self-reflection

As a mindset coach, you help clients to reflect.

Reflect on what?

On Successes and failures.

On what went wrong and what went right and WHY?

You can’t get at the top without putting effort. More than the success, the process matters.

This is the reason why we say:

mountain climbing and not mountain sitting-at-the-peak.

The coach helps you to reflect on your goals. He/she also helps in tracking and reflecting on your progress.

Even after the client achieves a goal, the coach can still help. He/she helps in drafting new goals and achieving them. This way the journey goes on.

You see such are the great benefits of mindset coach.

Do you think it would be difficult for you to convince clients now?

Absolutely not.

Just be prepared with great coaching questions. This will help you to assess your clients well.

How to plan your coaching sessions?

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Are you finding it difficult to bundle all of these into fruitful sessions?

Are you confused regarding the order and content of the session?

Don’t worry.

I have something for you.

This is a rough plan which you may follow. This is just to give you an idea. Revamp and augment the same as per your needs and wish.

Let’s see.

Week 1

Understand your client.

The initial step should be to understand your clients. Your client should also build an understanding of himself/herself. This will help to make objectives clear.

Focus on where is the need for the change.

Think about how you can bring it. This will help in making decisions from a feel-good place.

Week 2

Till now you must be clear about the goal of your client.

Does your client want to make more money?

Think of how you can double or triple the income of your client.

Does your client want to build an easy career?

Make the client realize his/her potential. Tell why your client can add great value to the world. Define steps so that your client can make a thriving career.

There can be various such cases. Everyone faces difficulties in life. The reason that some people get through easily is that they have that mindset.

You must ask your client to get clear on his/her true desires. After this, he/she may give himself/herself permission to go for it.

Week 3

Create a clear vision.

Build a clear vision. Help your clients to visualize the bright picture. Fill them with the greed to get to the destination.

Describe how your client will be able to find fulfillment in every area. Be it career, relationships, lifestyle, etc.

Connect it with every day. Encourage your client to achieve the goal. Make your client clear about what’s fun for him/her and what’s not.

Make your clients ditch excuses. Replace “I cannot” with “I will”. Make the client realize his/her immense potential.

Make an action plan for your client. As your client to follow it rigorously. Your client must remove the parts which no longer serve him/her. This may include old-family patterns, self-judgment or unsupportive behaviors.

Week 4

Make it easy for your client to embody the new HIM/HER. Make it easy for your client to claim desires. Push your client to take consistent action. Track the progress. Eliminate reasons that act as hurdles. Don’t forget to have fun along the way.

Build habits. Make your client build some small shifts in the day that will bring more ease.

Uplevel your clients’ physical health. Only when the body is healthy the mind can be healthy.

Physical health helps to keep your momentum going strong.

Tap on your client’s creative potential. Release old stuck emotions. Make your clients embody a high level of energy and inspiration. Let there be a constant flow of ideas and emotions.

After the sessions your client must achieve the following:

  • Clarity- no more hiding from the truth (i.e. freedom).
  • A mindest practice that claims your client’s true desire.
  • A clear vision that fills your client with excitement. Fear and anxiousness vanish.
  • Transformation tools to help support your clients every day.
  • A deeper and clearer connection with intuition.
  • Realization of self-worth. This must involve overcoming procrastination and resistance.
  • No more excuse and complaining. The art to focus on the positives.
  • Committed daily mindest. Clarity on goals. If your client desires income then how much? By when? How will the client reach there? What if the client cannot? What is plan B?
  • Development of consistent habits to get closer to the dream.
  • Feeling of motivation, fun, inspiration, and confidence.
  • Ability to visualize the BIG picture. No more caging one’s thoughts and dreams.

What else you can include supporting your coaching sessions?

You can bind your coaching package in many ways.

I suggest that you include the following elements:

  • Fixed hour monthly coaching sessions.
  • Mail and message support
  • Additional coaching resources- Videos, reading material, etc.

You can package your coaching services differently according to the needs. You can have a CAREER package, LIFESTYLE package or RELATIONSHIP package.

You can also add a bonus package. You can frame the same to target high end-paying clints. Learn how to sell high-end coaching packages.

How to build yourself as a mindset coach?

This is very important.

Successful coaches have some common coaching skills irrespective of the niche.

First, you should imbibe them.

Next, you need to have skills that are specific to your coaching niche.

What do you think would be most important?


Yeah. You must practice what you preach.

You must imbibe all those qualities that you want your client to have. Build the ability to tackle different types of clients.

Read this if you want to understand the different types of clients that you may get.

If you are new to the niche I recommend this book.

It emphasizes that the barrier is not about what coaches DO but what they THINK.

Contemplating woman
Image taken from

You can also go for one of these three psychology books. This will build your insights into clients’ thinking patterns.

The next step is to study get aware of your market needs.

What type of clients can surge your business?

What type of pain points will you like to address?

Will you narrow down your clients to address specific problems?


Would you keep your coaching doors open for a variety of clients?

The best way to answer these is to look for competitors.

Visit their websites and social media accounts.

Study what coaching business plans and coaching models they are the following.

Study the way they are packaging their coaching services.

Do a comparative analysis. After that fix your USP. Craft an engaging messaging way to reach out to clients.

Consider having a look at the following website.

  1. Kate Crocco
  2. The Sales Mindset Coach– For helping small business to grow
  3. Bulldog mindest

Final Thoughts

Once you prepare yourself, it gets easier to get clients.

Your clients will pay you for TRANSFORMATION in their mindest.

It is difficult to bring that, believe me.

It is an art. It will only come when you face different types of people. People who have different personalities and priorities.

A deep insight into human psychology is a must.

Only then you would understand where you need to put effort.

Remember that your advice won’t work. If the client is not able to feel a change, you will get nothing but negative feedback. This will hurt your business. Be very careful.

Are there thoughts that you want to share?

Why not place them in the comment section?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Mindset Coach?

A mindset coach is someone who helps people change the way they think and feel about themselves in order to achieve their goals. They teach their clients how to shift their focus from negative to positive thoughts, and how to stay motivated even when things get tough.

What can a mindset coach do?

A mindset coach helps their clients to –
a) Recognize and change self-defeating thoughts and behaviours.
b) Identify their goals and create a plan to achieve them.
c) Stay motivated and focused on their goals.
d) Deal with setbacks and difficulties.
e) Develop a positive self-image.

What do mindset coaches teach?

A mindset coach can teach a variety of different techniques and strategies, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), positive psychology, the law of attraction, goal setting, mindfulness, and stress management.

How do I become a mindset mentor?

To become a mindset mentor, you need to first understand what mindset coaching is and what it can do for people. You also need to be able to identify the different mindsets that people can have. Once you have a good understanding of both of those things, you need to learn how to help people change their mindset.

How do you structure a mindset coaching session?

The structure of a mindset coaching session can vary, but there are some basic steps that are usually followed. The coach and client will typically start by discussing the client’s goals for the session. The coach will then help the client identify any thoughts or beliefs that might be getting in the way of achieving those goals. The coach will then work with the client to come up with a plan to address those thoughts or beliefs. Finally, the coach and client will review the progress made at the end of the session.

How to build yourself as a mindset coach?

If you are looking to build a career as a mindset coach, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success. First, make sure you have a strong understanding of psychology and human behavior. Next, develop your own personal growth and self-awareness practices, so you can help your clients do the same. Finally, build a network of other professionals who share your values and commitment to helping others grow and thrive.




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