How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition]

 Sai Blackbyrn/ 15th April 2022

Is there still a need for women empowerment coach in 2021? If women are asking for equality, then why focus on only empowering women through coaching?

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach
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Yes, there is a need and it is urgent.

A lot has been said about gender equality.

Yet, the pay gap remains wide and the glass ceiling definitely exists.

In truth, women have a long way to go. They still need to pay pink tax

despite earning lower salaries. They still grapple with emotional labor. And they lack representation in leadership roles. In 2017, the WEF estimated that it would take 217 years to close the pay gap.

Is there a need for women empowerment coach?

A research shows that women work 10 percent harder than men in today’s offices despite distractions.

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach
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Yet, they are grossly unrepresented in several careers. They are routinely underpaid and remain unappreciated. And in collaborative work cultures they often bear the brunt of the hard work. Yet they enjoy lesser financial and other benefits than men.

Under the circumstances, what do you think women need

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach
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the most? Yes, you are right. Acknowledgement for their contribution and an equal status in every sphere, including their income. While states and companies are grappling with the question of how to ensure gender parity, what can women themselves do? They can help themselves:

  • By believing in themselves and proving their capabilities
  • By recognizing their own strengths and owning their success
  • By establishing themselves as equals and sitting at the board room table

Who do you think can help them with this?

A women empowerment coach!

What is women empowerment coaching?

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach

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Now let us look at what an empowerment coach does.

  • Nurtures a client’s confidence and paves the way for a fulfilling life
  • Teaches clients to identify and tap into inherent strengths
  • Works with clients to overcome any limiting self-beliefs

The expectation is that a women’s empowerment coach will help a woman reach her fullest potential, both in the office and at home.

Why is gender equality so important?

A survey mentioned here shows advances in gender equality can result in a $12 trillion boost to the global GDP by 2025.

The United Nations Population Fund answers the question on why gender equality is important.

Gender equality is intrinsically linked to sustainable development. It is vital to the realization of human rights for all. The overall objective of gender equality is a society in which women and men enjoy the same opportunities, rights and obligations in all spheres of life.

In the United States of America gender differences do persist even now across industries. You will find some interesting statistics in the article Gender Differences in Sectors of Employment by The Institute for Women’s Policy Research. The website provides relevant data from most states.

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach
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How Can Women Empowerment Coaches Help?

First, let us understand why organizations want women in the workplace.

Some of the reasons companies seek to employ women can be understood from here. The reasons cited are:

  1. Diverse perspective and experience. When you experience the world in a certain perspective, you see things that others don’t see.
  2. Open doors to more groups. The inclusion of women may have a domino effect. It may open doors for other groups, such as people of color in the United States.
  3. Improved processes and systems through collaboration More female participation may result in better collaborative brainstorming and problem solving.
  4. Better organization. Studies reveal that women tend to be great multi-taskers.
  5. Stronger community. Reports are also showing that more women than men are on social media. This is because women tend to focus on creating community. Every organization benefits from having a community of supporters.
  6. Better image. Organizations that are ethical are usually favored and respected by society. And this increases an organization’s success.
  7. A better world society. According to this website, women’s political participation results in tangible gains for democracy. This includes greater responsiveness to citizen needs, increased cooperation across party and ethnic lines, and a more sustainable future.

Yet some of the challenges in the workplace that women face are:

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach
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What women want? Is it empowerment coaching?

Are people really looking for women empowerment coaching?

In my blog How To Become A Personal Empowerment Coach: The Definitive Guide, I have answered this.

If you think the world is ready for more agile, powerful leaders, then the answer is YES! Women do need and want women empowerment coaching.

Women are ready for empowerment coaching to help them realize their true potential. Gender diversity will only make firms more productive.

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach
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Why should clients hire you as a women empowerment coach?

Are you starting out in your career as a women empowerment coach? Or are you switching careers to become a women empowerment coach? Do you believe it is your true calling? Either way, some of the concerns are the same. Most coaches ask themselves the following questions.

  1. There are currently fewer women in top leadership positions. How will I get clients? How will I start/sustain my business?
  2. How can I get noticed for my niche coaching services in an overcrowded market?
  3. How will I advertise and promote my women empowerment coaching services?
  4. Will I earn enough to have a good life as a women empowerment coach?
  5. Should I quit my job to become a women empowerment coach?

Can you relate to these concerns? If these are some of the questions you have asked yourself, then you are in the right place. Throughout this blog, I will answer each of the queries listed above.

Women empowerment coaching: Identify your target audience

First, let us start by examining who is looking for a women empowerment coach?

What does your target audience profile look like? And what are they looking for in you?

Most clients who hire women empowerment coaches are looking for:

  • An understanding of what could be stopping them from achieving true success
  • Believing in themselves and learning to value their self worth
  • Someone to hold them accountable for achieving their goals

Your client could be anyone from an entrepreneur to a well-established business person.

On the other hand it could be someone in a leadership position in a corporate house. It could also be an organization that is keen to establish a gender-equal workplace.

Once you have identified your target audience, look at what you have to offer to them. What is your unique selling point? Are you offering something that the competition does not have? If so, how will you price your services as a women empowerment coach?

Read my earlier blog on Is Marketing Crucial to my Coaching Business. This will help you answer some of the questions.

This brings me to the second question.

Since there are so many coaches in the market, how will you get noticed?

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach

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Women empowerment coaching: Build your brand carefully

As a women empowerment coach, you are already catering to a niche audience. So your struggle in identifying the needs of a target audience has already been solved.

In this context you may want to read why I always focus on finding a niche. I have earlier lost $10,000 before realizing the mistakes I was making. Since then, I have managed to run a successful business. How I wish I knew then what I know now!

How can your women empowerment coaching services make the impact in an overcrowded market?

First, look at the brand you are building. In this case, your brand is you! People love to identify with a brand that believes in the things that they can empathize with. Are you passionate about a cause related to women empowerment? Have you ever worked with a company that supported any such issue? If so, build it into your brand identity.

Second, look at your marketing strategy. I have written a blog specifically addressing this, 50 marketing tips for coaches.

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach

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This brings me to the third question I had posed above. Can you make enough money as a women empowerment coach?

How much can a women empowerment coach earn?

As a women empowerment coach, how much can you expect to earn? And do women pay less than men when it comes to hiring coaches?

Salaries largely differ when it comes to coaching. For example, this website reports that on average life coaches make $160 per hour. Executive coaches make $325 per hour and business coaches make $235 per hour.

According to, the average salary of an executive coach in the United States is $98,264. But this website states that the average salary ranges from $15.96 (Career Coach) to $81.58 (Agile Coach) per hour.

This vast difference is more evident in

The website states that the range of executive coach salary is quite large. This is because these coaches work with leaders such as CEOs, CMOs. Salaries start at $150 and can go up to $350 for most coaches. Executive coaches can also charge $1,000 per session. Such coaches offer life coaching, strategic sound-boarding and other support.

This vast difference in salaries is partly due to the unregulated industry. There is not enough information on salaries that women empowerment coaches earn. However, a study suggests that women CEOs may be lesser in numbers. But the salaries they draw are higher than their male counterparts.

Hopefully, this also means that you can have a decent income while coaching some of these clients.

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach
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And in certain places like Kansas City, Missouri, women earn 102% of what men earn for the same tech job. Read this article for more details.

Is there a market for women empowerment coaches?

Coaching is a growing industry.

Let us look at some market realities. I have mentioned these statistics in my earlier blog posts as well. But this sets the context in terms of what you can expect to earn as a coach.

This post claims that the life coaching industry has crossed the $1 billion dollar mark.

  • The International Coach Federation boasts 53,300 members. It has a steady growth trend.
  • Average income for life coaches ranges from $27,100 to $73,100. Specialty coaches can charge more than $100,000 annually.
  • Growth projections for the life coaching industry are an estimated 6.7%. This would take revenues to $1.34 billion by 2022.
  • 92% of life coaches remain active in the field.
  • In Asia, there were around 3,700 coaches. They contributed $113 million in total annual revenue.
  • More and more corporations are hiring life coaches instead of mental health counsellors to work with employees (no stigma).
  • Life coaches remain unregulated. There are no state licensing requirements. This suggests freedom of practice, but also raises concerns about quality.
  • Executive coaches can earn a handsome salary too. Salaries start at $150 and can go up to $350 for most coaches. Executive coaches can also charge $1,000 per session.

This news report reported from the 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study. The research was also conducted by PwC Research. It stated:

  • 89% people in India are aware of life coaching
  • 59% have partnered with a life coach at some time
  • 97% expressed satisfaction with the experience

Since women empowerment coaches have a very specific niche, tap into this enormous market.

Now, you may be wondering how you will you get your brand name noticed? The market is evolving and growing. But the competition is also getting tougher. You may want to refer to my blog How to promote your life coaching business? for tips.

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach
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How is women empowerment coaching beneficial?

What is holding women back?

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach

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According to this website, some of the factors that stop women from pursuing careers in STEM are social and financial.

Those include:

  • Lack of mentors.
  • Lack of female role models in the same field.
  • Gender bias and derogatory behavior in the workplace.
  • Unequal growth opportunities with male coworkers.
  • The lesser wage for the same position.
How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach
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In the above scenario how can a women empowerment coach help the client?

Women empowerment coaches do not just tell clients what to do. Their main role is to bring about deeper change. They help bring about behavior change in clients. And this can only happen when there is self-understanding.

Primarily, she/he does these three things:

  • Helps the client identify goals that matter
  • Works with client to develop a plan to achieve the goals
  • Motivates and supports the client to execute the plan

It is important to know what you do exactly. This is because clients often come with requests that may be beyond your scope. I will talk about this later.

Women empowerment coaches help their clients to do the following things.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in self
  • Analyze and understand limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Work towards a higher version of self that is aligned with their goals

What are the qualities of a good women empowerment coach?

What kind of a coach are you? Or, what kind of coach do you aspire to be?

According to this article, good coaches have the following characteristics. They typically:

  • Are non-authoritative
  • Are active listeners
  • Ask powerful questions
  • Have no hidden agendas
  • Provide direction

Although this sums up some of the main qualities, these are not all.

There are several other traits that are intrinsic in all good coaches.

I have listed several of these in earlier blogs. In my blog Top 10 Coaching Skills You Must Have as a Life Coach, I have mentioned a number of qualities.

  • Listening skills. This is the most basic and most important skill to have. Active listening does not mean problem solving. It means you are listening out for patterns of behavior reflected through words and body language. Stay focused when the client is expressing her needs or emotions. Tune out your own thoughts or judgment. Remain curious and show genuine interest. Keep interruptions to a bare minimum. The following is an image from a learning center that sums this up.
How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach
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  • Use the practice of reflecting to build bonds. Paraphrase or restate the main points discussed. Summarize the main message in short action-focused sentences. Repeat meaningful words. This organizes the train of thought and builds built rapport by mirroring the client’s speech.
  • Question. Ask powerful questions throughout the course of your engagement. Keep questions open-ended and encourage conversation. Your job as a women empowerment coach is to keep the client focussed. Question your client on what she is doing to achieve goals. What she is feeling at every given turn?
  • Be the accountability partner. Let your client know that you are in the same team. Challenge her by questioning her motives and agree upon a set of goals. Then, help her achieve these. Clients may be held back by limiting self-belief. Challenge these mindsets constantly. Ensure that client walks out of your office not with a solution to a problem but with a changed mindset and confidence to solve his problem.
  • Confidentiality is key. It is your job to assure the client that she is safe with you. Agree with your client on what information you can share before you begin!

There are several other qualities that make for a good coach. You may read my whole blog for more.

You may also want to refer to my blog on 21 Coaching Skills Every Successful Coach Needs and Top Qualities Of A Successful Coach.

These qualities mentioned are helpful for all coaches, including women empowerment coaches.

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach

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Top qualifications required in a women empowerment coach

Are there certain specific things that your client is looking for in a women empowerment coach?

Besides a willingness to help people, the traits that make for a good coach are common to all coaches.

However, clients who look for a women empowerment coach usually trust those who have worked with other women leaders. This is because women have different perspectives than men. So, a women empowerment coach will have a better understanding of what challenges women face.

Do not worry if you do not have such experience. If you are just starting out as a women empowerment coach, try and build a portfolio of women clients. Look at upcoming women entrepreneurs and offer your services. Work for free if you need to, on a few cases. Collect good references. Your free work will ultimately pay off through strong client referrals and experience.

Do you need certification to be a women empowerment coach?

No, you do not!

The coaching industry is still unregulated. This means everyone can claim to be a women empowerment coach.

What will set you apart is your expertise as a good coach, marketing yourself smartly and getting good client recommendations. Learn more about these in my blog Is Marketing Crucial to my Coaching Business?

A women empowerment coach focuses on helping a client reach her highest potential. For doing this it is not important to get a certification. However, it is important to get training as I mentioned in my blog Can you be a Life Coach without Certification.

As I always say, you should invest in yourself before asking clients to invest in you. You may begin by signing up for my free webinar. The details are mentioned in the last segment of this blog.

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach

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Resources to help your career as a women empowerment coach

A simple Google search will show you several resources, books and podcasts online. As a women empowerment coach, you may want to look up some of these.

Here is a list of Top 30 Women Empowerment Blogs and Websites for Women in 2021. You may also want to look at this list of Top 20 female career coaches to follow right now. The reason is that following these careers will give you the much needed boost to pursue your own calling.

You may also want to read my blog on Best Executive Coaches to Follow in 2021.

Books to read as a women empowerment coach

Type the words “Books + women empowerment coaching” into the search button on Google. What do you see? A number of other relevant links are there but there is no definitive list of empowerment coaching by/for women?

Surprised? Yes, so was I.

But if you have read my blog this far, let me give you a tip right now. Why don’t you write a book on women empowerment coaching? You can thank me later for this business idea related to coaching model!

What I did come across was a list on 13 Motivational Books By Women To Read If You Need A Little Bit Of Life Coaching.

Some of the other related books on are For Everything Woman: 21 Life Lessons to Help You Unlock Your Full Potential A Woman’s Empowerment Coaching Guide Paperback by Coach Lady. A slightly different but related book on sports coaching is Was It Something I Said? A Guide to Coaching Female Athletes by Vanessa Sullivan and Mike Tully.

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach
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Podcasts to listen to as a women empowerment coach

There are several YouTube videos and podcasts on women empowerment coaching online.

You will find a list of popular podcasts for women empowerment coaches here and here. A popular podcast series for women empowerment coaching is also linked here. A generic podcast on women coaches is here.

There are several videos on women empowerment available on TED talks. Some are here and here. You may also want to look at these TedX videos here and here.

How to Become a Women Empowerment Coach [2022 Edition] Women Empowerment Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is a women empowerment coach?

A women empowerment coach is a coach who works with businesses, organisations and individuals who want to learn how to attract, empower and retain the best women talent in their organisations. One of the primary tasks of a women empowerment coach is to help businesses and organisations create cultures that are conducive to women reaching their potential.

What does a women empowerment coach do?

A women empowerment coach is a professional that works with women. The coach teaches them how to increase their confidence, how to manage their time, how to stick to their goals, how to apply healthy lifestyles and exercises, how to overcome their limiting beliefs, how to take proper care of their body and the list goes on. This is a booming business and the market out there is huge.

What are the qualities of a good women empowerment coach?

A good women empowerment coach should have a good knowledge about various women empowerment programs. She should have the ability to build a good rapport with her clients. She should be friendly and have a good listening ear for clients. She should have good communication skills. She should be good at handling stress. She must be able to motivate and encourage women to achieve their goals. Lastly, she should be good at responding to clients in a timely manner and using positive language in all her communications.

Why should clients hire you as a women empowerment coach?

Clients should hire a woman empowerment coach because they help women to achieve success. The world is a hard place for women, but a coach helps them stand up for themselves. Women empowerment is not about telling women what to do. It is about giving them a strong voice to speak their minds. They empower women to be themselves.

How Can Women Empowerment Coaches Help?

Women Empowerment Coaches can help women to understand how they can improve their relationship, family life, wealth and career through their personal development and business acumen. A women empowerment coach can help women to live their dreams and build a life of purpose and meaning by becoming a “4 time winner.”

How do you become a women empowerment coach?

Women empowerment coach is a profession, where you earn money helping women in achieving their dreams. Just like other professions, you have to have a specific skill set to become a women empowerment coach. It is not easy to become a women empowerment coach, but you can definitely do it with hard work and passion. Certifications aren’t necessary, only skills are required.

How much can a women empowerment coach earn?

A women empowerment coach can earn around $150/hour. However, it highly depends upon the skills of the coach. A women empowerment coach should have a way of expression and presentation, guidance and ability to motivate the women. This is a very wide term with a lot of scope to earn.



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